were not even trying anymore are we


Only in a world this shitty could you even try to say these were innocent people and keep a straight face. But that’s the point. We see a deadly sin on every street corner, in every home, and we tolerate it. We tolerate it because it’s common, it’s trivial. We tolerate it morning, noon, and night. Well, not anymore. I’m setting the example. What I’ve done is going to be puzzled over and studied and followed… forever.

At some point we need to address the self sabotage of the community. We constantly lose cafes, bars, festivals, communities, websites. There’s nothing for lesbians anymore. Until a couple of years ago I didn’t even know lesbian communities were even a thing. Lesbians (women in general) always have to be accommodating. We have to include bi women. We have to include transwomen. We have to include men. We have to include asexuals. And now we have nothing. There are so few bars even left open for women. I’ve never been to a lesbian bookstore or cafe in my life. I’ve only been to a full time women’s community once. Some lesbians are speaking up and trying to show you what’s going on and it’s met with accusations of bigotry. White women telling Black women we’re not intersectional enough (oh the irony). Yet what we’re telling you is true. These communities that women put their entire lives into are being destroyed, bought out, rebranded. Lexington is a hipster bro bar now. Afterellen is just an archive. Where’s the lesbian cafe in your city? When will y'all wake up to your own erasure and stop accommodating everyone else?

tell me again how we drowned ourselves in the community pool
last august. filled ourselves with crimes and sank like sorrow
to the bottom. remember? even when our bodies broke themselves
trying to float, our hearts were paperweights. tell me about
how we caught rays of sunlight and tangled them in our skins,
kissed the sins out of each other until we were holy once more.
tell me how we pretended the chlorine water was angel tears,
rinsed our corpses with shaking fingers and abandoned them
when we were clean. we wouldn’t need them anymore.
—  but the ache of living never fades | a.c. for @svcredstars | want one?
Am I that easy to forget? Pt 2

A/N: Okay, start here. Then at the end there will be a link that you choose which brother is going to make everything better.

25 Days of Holiday Tales Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader

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Your dad made both boys run to the store while he sat with you in the family room talking about everything that was bothering you; how Sam never wanted to be around you anymore, how Dean ignored your calls and texts, you even told him about Alec breaking up with you. By the time you finished talking you were sobbing in his arms, causing his heart to break even more.

“Babygirl, you know your brothers aren’t trying to hurt you on purpose right?” He asked you.

“I know,” You told him, wiping your eyes, “Doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt any less. They’re moving on and leaving me in the dust. Soon we’ll just turn into those siblings who never see each other, except they’ll still see each other and continue to ignore me.”

“They aren’t ignoring you Y/N.” John said, wiping a tear that was falling down your cheek, “They’re both just growing up. Soon you’ll be applying to college and running away from this place.” He said, trying to lighten the mood.

You let out a bitter laugh, “Yeah right, I’ll be lucky to get into any school. I’m not like Sam and Dean, they’re ridiculously smart and I’m just me. Dean got into one of the top programs for criminal justice in the country and Sam got into freaking Stanford, Dad. Standford! I’ll be living in my room until I’m forty while Sam and Dean go off and do amazing things. Just like always. I’ll just be the disappointing kid as usual.”

“Y/N. You know none of that is true.” John said, looking you straight in the eye.

You didn’t say anything, you just looked at your dad’s chin, unable to look him in the eye. You opened your mouth to say something when Sam and Dean arrived home from the store.

“Hey guys.” Sam said as he walked into the room, “We got some snacks, figured we could binge some Netflix, what do you say Y/N?”

“I even got some licorice.” Dean added, waving the bag next to his face.

You looked at your dad before shaking your head and leaving the room, you made a b-line for the stairs and a few moments later the sound of your door slamming could be heard throughout the house.

The Winchester men all stared at each other before Mary entered the room, tears in her eyes. “Does she really think all of that?” She asked as John gave her a hug.

“She’s just going through a tough time.” John said, rubbing her back, “I think maybe having Sam or Dean talking to her will help.” He added, looking at his sons, “I think right now they might be the only ones that’ll help.”

The brothers shared a look, “What’d she say?” Dean asked, worried about what the response was going to be.

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Dean talks to the Reader

Sam talks to the Reader

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25 Days of Christmas

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Am I that easy to forget?

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Hi Lou! I loved your very long response about not borrowing trouble. I think the issue since 4B is fans don't trust the writers now. Even the ultra positive fans are tempering expectations (I saw jbuffy respond to a blog comment on how S wears red on their dates with "well F doesn't own the color red" - even though she's written metas on that color!). I think the trick is to follow your advice: don't borrow trouble, don't think you write the show, but don't be afraid to call it out when it's bad

Well, I don’t think @jbuffyangel was backing away from her certainty about Olicity with that comment, anymore than I am, Nonnie. I don’t think Jen and I could be more sold on an Olicity reunion if we were holding the script in our hands. But some people do pick up thematic things she points out and then try to apply it with a teeth grinding zeal that it isn’t really meant to be. Like the colour thing. It’s fun to notice little things and put together a thread of thought around it, but some people then take it as some kind of code of practice that Arrow is using to drive their narrative. 

It happens to me as well with some of the stuff I say. People want to turn observations and generalisations into some kind of system for working out exactly how everything is going to go down. That’s what Jen was trying to back away from. Again, I’m not a fan of speaking for others, but I don’t see Jen tempering anything other than the pacing of everything, which we always temper because, you know, it’s Arrow. It’s more like don’t let colours overtake the actual narrative. Or timing of events in episodes. Or directors. The best indication of what is going on with the show is the actual show. 

Which circles me back round to what you were saying about what I was saying, Nonnie. lol Trying to get ahead of the writers is not to be recommended if you can’t have fun with it. If all your specs are horrible and negative and it makes you feel hopeless, then perhaps that’s not the best use of your time. If speccing isn’t fun, then stop. That’s my motto. Whether you spec or not, the same things will happen on Arrow. And definitely, if you’re not enjoying the show, then take the right actions for you to sort that out. :)

I can’t stress this enough. Enjoy being young. We are always wishing that were older because we think certain things will happen at a certain age. Which most the time, nothing works out like you think it will. Go out with your friends a lot, go date boys that aren’t right for you, try something new, try something, even if you’re scared to do it. Because those things get tougher the older you get. You start having all these adult things you need to do and you don’t really get the chance to do that stuff anymore. If I could go back I would defiantly tell myself those things and to appreciate everything I have in the moment because it can all be ripped away in an instant. And that its okay to not be at the same speed as everyone else. Just enjoy being young, try to be happy, make mistakes, be yourself. That’s the time to do all those things.
—  Chapters from my life
"make love to me" - l.r.h

you and luke weren’t exactly on good terms in your relationship and all you two would really do now was just argue over something so pathetic. and you were honestly getting tired of repeating the same old thing but none of you ever made the move to break things off. yeah, that’s how attached you two were to each other. and today, it was just one of those argument days. nothing new ever happens it’s just the same old thing but in a different day. “honestly luke, i’m so fed up with your shit that i can’t stand it anymore! all we ever do is argue so what’s the whole point in trying to fix things in this relationship? it’s already broken anyway.” luke looked at you shocked and you even surprised yourself after what you’ve said. “if you’re so fed up with my shit and if you think this relationship is broken and we can’t fix things, why don’t you have the confidence to walk out? no one’s stopping you. i’m not going to stop you.” he stood beside the door. “now’s your chance.” was he serious? was he really letting you walk out? “i’m not going to walk out. not now. not ever.” you walked closer to him and wrapped your arms around his waist before looking up into his beautiful blue eyes. “i can’t leave the person that i love.” your eyes began to water as you still looked into his eyes. you really did love luke and nothing could ever stop making you love this dork. “i love you too, y/n.” he put his hand on your cheek and wiped your tears away. “then if you love me, make love to me luke. prove to me that you love me. prove to me that you’ll always love me.” he smiled, “gladly.” he pulled you up into his arms and began kissing you passionately as he walked into your shared bedroom. he gently put you down on the bed and began to undress you, then himself. as he admired your body he smiled. “goddamn you’re beautiful.” you blushed before pulling him down and connecting your lips again. “tonight’s all about you, baby girl.” he began kissing down your neck as he thrusted into you at a slow pace. “oh.my.gosh.” you moaned as you threw your head back against the pillows. “that feels so good luke. please don’t stop, baby.” you continued to moan. and as you neared your high, his thrusts began to get faster making the headboard bang against the wall and his moans to get louder. “oh you feel so good, y/n.” he moaned as he released into you, you following after. he collapsed next to you and breathed heavily as you just laid there completely satisfied and happy. “i’m sorry for all our arguments. i will keep trying to make things work out. just, don’t leave me.” he begged. you cuddled into his chest “i could never leave you, baby boy.”

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"I don't wanna be THAT guy. I don't wanna be your first anything"

We were doing good until he found out I was a virgin, and said this. Now he thinks I’m just trying to use him to lose my vcard, little does he know I just lost it to another guy a few nights ago. I don’t even know what I’m doing or want anymore.

In case any of y'all needed anymore proof that the silly little antis trying to upset people with their ridiculous claims via anon messages were based on absolutely nothing.

We know which fandom is likely trying to spread such nonsense rumors. And let’s all remember that their ship is based entirely on stuff they make up in their head and try to pass OF as existing in canon. Convoluted, nonsense theories are all they are capable of.

We, however, have a confirmed-TL endgame ship that is cherished by writers, cast, fans and GA alike. CS isn’t going anywhere. Even if we deal with something not-so-great for a few episodes, we’ve weathered worse.

That said, can we please put to bed this theory now? And can we please stop giving silly antis the attention they crave so much? Let’s enjoy our canon ship and their TL, and focus on theories that are actually plausible and not discounted by the showrunners. Let’s focus on CD and/or LD fanfic tropes possibly becoming reality. Let’s focus on the positives. Because we have SO much to look forward to with these two.

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I won't be against SVTFOE having a fourth season, but honestly it would probably start having more episodes looking like Fetch and Banagic. This isn't inherently bad but you'll have a situation where people will see the canon ending to be where the creator intended and then the rest existing just because (like in Spongebob).

Fortunately, Disney is apparently more “lenient” towards artistic integrity, at least with their TV shows: even if they’re clearly trying to push SVTFOE a little more than other XD shows, I don’t think they’d try to milk it, even more if Daron and the rest of the writers didn’t want it to go on anymore. Ultimately, we can only hope for the best, and for the show to always keep the consistency it had so far, without getting to those weird seasons were you can’t tell anymore what episodes are canon, and what are “canon but not really”.

I just scared myself.

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I really enjoy your metas and I've followed your blog before TFP. I can't even bring myself to read the beautiful ones you've current authored. How can you be confident in your readings and analysis now after this specific season? I'm really trying to reconcile how this is what we got after all that time waiting. I feel like I can't trust the writers and I can't trust my own interpretations anymore. Almost like everything I thought I knew about the show hasn't been correct.

Aww, thank you for this lovely message, friend.  I’m really not confident, at all.  Like not. at. all.  I don’t know what the fun is going to happen.  My reaction to series 4 has been one of confusion and waiting to see what happens.  Since it seems like TFP was not concerned with explaining what happened, I suppose I’m still waiting.

I was definitely disappointed that TFP did not show canon Johnlock is a textual way BEYOND what we’ve already seen.  We’ve already seen that they’re, ‘like’, a couple, literally since ASiP, so why, now, just go back to that?  That seems to negate the whole plot of the show.

But, I knew that there was tons of really heavy subtext in TFP.  It’s just that I didn’t want more subtext at this juncture, I wanted well, text.  I saw all the circles and all I felt was anger: I didn’t want just the show to become like death by subtext, i thought the subtext was ready to graduate to text.

But, sometimes, despite my trepidations, narratives emerge in my mind.  I’ve been thinking about these themes and symbols for so long now that my brain is fertile ground on which my previous understanding on the show can continue to expand.

Now, if, big if, this is all a trick/not a trick because it’s a plan, then, we will see if they’ve played their cards right or not.  The plan could still fall flat because of its execution.

The thing about me is: I don’t really engage with the material in any other way.  I look for these symbols and this meaning because it’s what I’m naturally prone to doing.  Just like how a Sherlock fan artist might make some art at this strange time in fandom history, I’m out here still doing my meta, because it’s just what I do.

I’ve never been sure about any of my theories (well, I *feel* sure but nothing can be certain, for me, because I can’t *prove* Mofftiss’ intentions with certainty, I can only take what I think is an educated guess, basically).  I always try to let people know that they’re just a tenuous web of ideas that I’m weaving.  Sometimes reweaving, sometimes abandoning. 

To me it’s about this process.  The process of weaving.  Of seeing things for myself.  To me, it’s like art.  Everything is a different piece, a sketch, some things go together, themes emerge.  It’s like photography, this is my angle, how I see it, an illustrated bit of my perception.

I know for a lot of us the idea of writing meta at this stressful time may seem frivolous or even irresponsible: why spread what could be false hope to others?  But to me it’s not about hope, it’s about possibility.  And it’s about interpreting what’s there as best as I can.  To do that work, to do that exercise.

I write things just like how fan artists have already created new parentlock art, despite our uncertainly.  I mean, did we get parentlock?  Did we get subtext of parentlock?  Is that enough?  Is that foreshadowing or queerbaiting?  At this time I feel like I still don’t know.  I’m still trying to process this.  But the fan art is out there and it seems to freeze this idea in time: enjoy the parentlock that we got, whatever it was.  Maybe that seems confident to people but maybe it’s just the artist processing things, too.  Neither imparting nor abandoning hope but just, you know, watching.  Trying to understand what’s there.  Trying to feel and think and just take it all in.

Two night ago all I felt was sadness and disappointment.  It was what it was and it was shit.  Now, I don’t feel more hopeful but I feel more engaged.  I’m doing something to understand and I like it.  But, I did not like it when I was sad, I was angry at more and more and more subtext, more symbolism.  But, that Iron Maiden song got under my skin.  Why a reference to the devil?  Again?  So, yeah, I guess the devil pulled me back in.  

If meta makes you sad then take a break, be sad for a while.  I listened to one of the saddest songs I know on repeat on Sunday night.  I was heartbroken.  Now, my heart’s a bit better.  We all process in our own way.  That’s what you’re doing, too, right?  Sending me this beautiful message.  It’s so nice to talk to you and to share this uncertainty with you now.  To tell you about what this means to me.  This has made me feel good.  I hope it’s been a good experience for you, too.  <3  We’ll all get through this in our different ways, chatting, writing, arting, logging off: it’s all good.  ^_^  

It wasn’t the last message between us but that was the last best prefect time we had three months ago. Now we’re not even friends. Yes you were right we both fucked up. I miss you so much and I realise how mean I was, I hurt you I didn’t even try to be nice to you. I do regret but I know you will never come back. You won’t be with me anymore. I’m very sorry for everything I have done. I should have told you how I’m feeling right now but I can’t let you know as you despised me in the end I guess. Goodbye Nathan.

Shipping shenanigans

Nightmare: (keeps walking into things) uASHJDhlkj

Cross: geez man you all right

Nightmare: NO

Nightmare: why the frick do I only have one eye


Geno: join the club


Geno: sorry buddy I’m a lone wolf

Nightmare: a lone wolf trying to start a club apparently

Geno: both of those were expressions okay

Nightmare: wait who the frick are you again and why are you in my castle

Nightmare: wait why is CROSS IN MY CASTLE

Cross: uh



Cross: come on man it’s not that bad

Geno: gotta go, by the way I know about you two

Geno: I know lots of things

(Geno teleports away, laughing maniacally.)



Cross: that was Geno Sans from Aftertale


Cross: but you just


Cross: how was I supposed to know that


(Killer Sans walks in.)

Killer Sans: sup lovebirds


Killer Sans: geez man I just walked in

Cross: Nightmare is really angry right now cuz everyone ships me and him

Killer Sans: why? I honestly think it’s a good thing that there’s still hope for his love life




Cross: what does that even mean


Nightmare: ONE

Cross: wait no seriously I at least want to know

Nightmare: TWO

Killer Sans: I have a feeling we should leave

Nightmare: THREE

(Killer Sans teleports himself and Cross to the other side of the castle right before Nightmare shoots his tendrils at them.)

Cross: seriously what does that word he used mean

Killer Sans: I have no idea let’s find out

(He takes out his phone.)

Cross: wait dude

Cross: what the frick

Killer Sans: what

Cross: did you set that picture you took of me and Nightmare as your lock screen

Killer Sans: uh

Cross: wait didn’t Nightmare break your phone

Killer Sans: I got a new one

Killer Sans: … and the picture was already online so

Cross: you put it online

Cross: you literally put it online

Killer Sans: yeah

Cross: so you’re responsible

Cross: for everyone shipping us

Killer Sans: yep

Cross: I suppose you’re in this club for a reason

Killer Sans: you bet I am

(Now how many people are going to look up the word ‘defenestrate’?)

Killer Sans took the picture here: http://rahafwabas.tumblr.com/post/147040691990/nightmare-x-cross

Falling for the Lunatic - Dean Ambrose Fanfic - Part 7

Part 6 and Part 8 - @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch, @actualamyautopsy, @awesome-ambrose-world, @fearlessambrose

A/N: I am so sorry that it took me so long to update. I promise to try my hardest to update sooner. Thank you so much for being patient with me!!

Quite some time has past since my little slip up with slapping Dean, and man have some things changed. Dean and I are way closer than ever, and I mean like close. To the WWE universe, we were still a couple even though we don’t go out to each others matches as much as we use to. But to the locker room, they’re secretly waiting for us to officially come out. Dean and Renee are barely seeing each other anymore, but they haven’t exactly called it quits. Even though Dean and I act like a couple, we aren’t and I wish we were.

I was sitting at an empty catering watching the screen as Dean ran out of ring and suicide dive into Dolph Ziggler. I smiled to myself, knowing that Dean had the upper hand and was gonna win soon.

“Hey Elena.” I turned my head was greeted by Seth Rollins.

“Oh. Hey Seth. What’s up?” I smiled at him as he came around and sat fairly close to me. I brushed it off as I watched Dolph give Dean a mean powerslam.

“Not much, just waiting for my dark match.”

“Who you up against?” My voice crackled at the end when I turned my face towards him and saw that he was less than an inch away from me. I cleared my throat and tried to move back into my own space.

“Cena.” I made an O shape with my mouth and nodded at him.

I continued to watch the end of the match as I felt Seth put his hand on my thigh and move it up and down slowly. “Um, Seth? What are you doing?”

“Nothing, just causally putting my hand on my girl.” He said giving me a weird smirk.

“Your girl? I don’t think so Seth. We’re just friends.” I moved his hand back onto his lap.

“Oh come on (Y/N)! You’re like the hottest woman on Smackdown, I’m obviously the hottest guy in this entire company. We’d be cute.”

He started to move closer and closer to me until I put my hand on his chest and pushed him away. “Seth, as nice as that sounds, I already said no. You’re friendzoned dude. I don’t like you like that.”

He said playing with my hair and saying “You can’t knock it until you try it” as Dean came through. When he saw Dean, he let go of my hair. Dean grabbed my hand and moved me away from Seth’s grasp behind him.

“Seth, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Dean said, still fired up from the match he just won.

“Calm down there Deanie. It’s not like she’s your girlfriend or anything.”

“That’s true but I did hear her tell you to back off. So just back off man.”

I grabbed Dean’s hand and started to lead him away until Seth called back. “You really need to keep your girls in check bro.”

“What did you just say?” Dean shimmed out of my hold and walked back towards Seth.

“Do you not know where Renee has really been going when she says she’s going out with the girls? Huh?” Dean stayed quiet staring Seth down. “Because in reality, she’s under me screaming my name.”

Right as Seth said that, Renee walked into the room. Dean looked at Renee with so much anger in his eyes. I quickly made my way to Dean and grabbed his hand again. “Dean, come on. Just leave it.” After a few tugs, Dean was finally turning around but Seth said, “Might want to keep a close watch on that one Dean. You know how sex crazy southern girls can be.”

And that’s when Dean lost it, he pushed me back and jumped Seth. They were throwing punches left and right as the roster slowly filled the small room. Seth threw Dean against the table full of glasses and eating utensils. Dean was quick to get straight back up and punch Seth across the face so hard, it was definitely going to leave a mark.

“Oh my God! He’s bleeding! Pull them apart!” Someone screamed and then the roster divided, some pulling Seth away and some pulling Dean.

I ran up to Dean and saw he ran a cut along his eyebrow and his nose was bleeding. “Holy shit Dean! Oh my God! You are coming with me now!” When I tried to pull, he wouldn’t move. “Dean I said NOW!” He finally looked me in the eyes and slowly nodded.

I lead him into his locker room and told him to sit as I grabbed a towel from the shower and put some water on it. I came back to see him sitting with his head back. I sat down next to him and tapped him so he could look at me. I started to slowly wipe away the already dry blood.

“Thank you but you don’t have to wipe my blood off.” He said softly. I tried really hard not to look back at his piercing blue eye as he stared down at me.

“No, I don’t but I’m doing it anyway.” I finished wiping all the blood away and threw the towel to the floor. When I looked back at him, I saw a little blood on the side of his lip. I slowly brought my thumb up and wiped it away. His lips were soft to my touch. I bite my lip as I finally looked up into his eyes. Dean brushed a piece of my hair behind my ear and slowly brought his lips down to meet mine. I instantly melted at his soft touch. I moved my hand to the back of his neck as he kissed me with so much care and passion, nothing I ever felt before.

When we broke apart for air, I rested my forehead against his and whispered, “I love you.”

He looked at me and smiled, bringing out his dimples and kissed my again. He leaned me back so he was laying on top of me and whispered, “I’ve always loved you.”


Axl Rose imagine (requested)

It was friday night and you knew exactly what lay ahead of you: going out with the guys to get drunk and eventually one of them would try to pick up a girl. After so many times you were tired of the usual routine and decided to bring up an idea what to do with the evening instead.

“We’re not twelve anymore, (Y/N)” Slash said and shook his head chuckling. “Hey, we’re not going to play it the way kids do” you protested. “We’re always going out. Why don’t we stay home once and do something fun instead?” Duff sighed. “Alright. As long as you got some vodka at home I’m fine with it.” You grinned. “Ha! I knew it would be easy to convince you, Duffy.” “I guess it could actually be fun… let’s give it a try” Izzy said. “I’m not in the mood to go out anyways.” You gave Steven a pleading look. “Please say yes! I’m sure it’s gonna be fun!” Steven sighed. “I couldn’t say no to those puppy dog eyes.” With a winning smile you turned to Slash and Axl who still didn’t look very happy about tonight’s plans. “I’ve played truth or dare when I was ten the last time, I think” Axl murmured. “Time to refresh your memory then” you grinned. Slash shrugged. “You know what? Let’s play this game. Everything can be fun when you’re drunk.” “That’s the spirit” Duff agreed.

You all sat down on the floor in a round and Duff placed the first already empty vodka bottle in the middle. “Who starts?” Izzy asked. “Always the one asking” you said. By now Axl was the only one who still didn’t want to play truth or dare, the other ones seemed to be getting into it already. Izzy spinned the bottle and the cap eventually pointed in Slash’s direction. “Oh, are you fucking kidding me?!” he exclaimed, which caused everyone to chuckle. He took a mouthful of vodka before deciding for truth. “Alright” Izzy said “How ‘bout that one: did you ever have a threesome with a girl and one of your snakes?” Duff and Steven looked at each other and burst into laughter, you couldn’t help but giggle. “What a way to start!” you cheered. Slash groaned. “That has nothing to do with a kink, I swear.” “Is that a yes then?” you asked, only to tease him. “I advise you not to be that cheeky, maybe you’re next.” “Stuff I’ve always wanted to know” Axl commented. Before you continued playing the game everyone took a swig of vodka and you could feel yourself already getting drunk. Duff was the next one and for the enjoyment of everyone he chose dare. “I was hoping for that” Slash said with an evil grin. “Alright, I got one for ya Duffy; you’ll knock at the neighbor’s door and you tell them you’d like to have sex with them - no matter who opens the door.” Steven, Axl, Izzy and you grinned when Duff got up immediately without any doubt. “That’s an easy one” he claimed. Of course you followed him to the door to see if he would actually do it. Duff knocked right next door and you tried real hard not to laugh since you knew that a family lived there. Soon the door opened and of all things the husband stood in front of Duff now. “Good evening, Sir” Duff slurred “Sorry for disturbing you at such a late time but I was wondering… I’d really like to have sex with you.” The second he had said those words out loud the door was shut and we all held our sides from laughing. Duff got back inside, laughing as well. “You should have seen his face! Ha!” “I’m proud of you” Slash said and patted his back. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it.” We sat down again. Duff spinned the bottle and you laughed when it pointed at Axl who still didn’t seem like he enjoyed the game. He covered his face with his hands, groaning. “Fuck you” he said. “I’ll take truth.” Duff smirked. “Oh-oh. Bad choice, Ax boy” he warned. “What happened last time you tried to pick up a girl?” Duff and Axl seemed to share a secret story because Axl’s face turned bright red and he shook his head. “Okay. Once again, fuck you” he spat. Duff chuckled, too drunk to care about Axl’s attitude. “I ain’t gonna tell that story to anyone.” “You have to, killjoy” you said “Or you decide for a dare.” Axl rolled his eyes. “I’d rather take dare then.” Steven handed him the bottle of vodka. “You could use some of that.” Axl whipped it out of his hand. Everyone else was already drunk, Axl was only tipsy but that would change soon since he swallowed everything that was left in the bottle.

Duff looked at you and back at Axl. “Oh god, I’m scared” you giggled. “I think you’ll be anything but scared soon” Duff predicted. “Axl, I dare you to do a lap dance for (Y/N).” It was silent for a second before everyone burst into laughter except for Axl and you. You stared at Duff, partly amused and partly shocked. “You gotta be kidding me!” you exclaimed. “I’m leaving. I’m not doing this.” Axl got up but he staggered a bit and sat back down again. “Come on guys, it’s all just for fun!” Steven said. You nodded slowly. “Steven is right” you agreed and smirked at Axl. “If any guy in this room could pull of a lapdance, it’s Axl” Slash claimed. “I doubt that. I don’t think Axl could move like that” you countered and gave Axl a challenging look “But I understand that you’re afraid to do it, Axl.” Duff raised his eyebrows. “Well. Then you gotta tell us your funny story instead.” Izzy and Steven still couldn’t stop laughing. Axl looked at you, then he pointed to one of the chairs around your kitchen table. “Take a chair and sit down” he ordered. “Ooh, bossy” you said giggling whilst you did as Axl had told you. All of the sudden the situation was not funny to you anymore. You have seen Axl on stage many times and you knew he could move his hips like no other guy. “Wait!” Slash got up and walked over to the stereo system. He searched a bit through your CDs. “We need some music.” Eventually he inserted the only Alice Cooper CD you owned. “You ready?” Slash asked. Axl didn’t avert his eyes from yours once. A few seconds ago you thought the joke was on Axl but now the tables had turned and the way Axl looked at you got you all nervous. “Fuckin’ ready” he said. When ‘You’re my temptation’ started playing, Axl strutted around the chair with slow steps just in accordance with the rhythm of the music, placing his hands on your shoulders. The little bit of body contact was enough to send shivers down your spine. He slowly lowered himself to the ground when he was back in front of you, biting his bottom lip and gripping your thighs, making your skin prickle. Your heart was racing by now. You heard the other guys wolf-whistle but you only paid attention to Axl who now got back up, moving his hips in a circle and letting one hand glide down his body until he lightly started touching himself. He looked up at you and smirked when he noticed how turned on you were by this sight. “I know you want me, baby” he whispered so only you could hear him. Slowly, so slowly you wanted to do it yourself, he pulled up his shirt and eventually took it off completely, showing off his perfect, well-toned body. In the next second he placed himself on your lap and wrapped his legs around the chair whilst putting his arms around your neck. The weight on your lap didn’t bother you at all; not as long as Axl would continue moving up and down, almost rubbing his bare chest against yours. He brought his face closer to yours until there was hardly any space left between your lips. Just when you thought he would kiss you the song came to an end and Axl pulled back to get up from your lap. “Sorry, honey.”

“See? I knew Axl could do it!” Slash exclaimed, the other guys applauded and started laughing as well as Axl who sat back down on the floor. Only you were left completely baffled on the chair. You were confused by the effect Axl had on you, his lapdance got you turned on so much you wished you could be alone with Axl for a while.

“I think (Y/N) wants more, Axl” Duff said and smirked. “She’s horny as fuck.” You rolled your eyes. “As if.” Your cheeks were burning and you were sure you just blushed madly. “I need something to drink” you said, Duff held up the empty bottle. “Sorry, (Y/N), it’s empty.” You knew that already, all you needed was an excuse to leave the room and have some privacy. You didn’t want to admit to yourself how horny Axl’s lap dance actually got you.

When you opened the fridge you suddenly felt someone’s hands on your hips. You turned your head back to see that i was Axl. “I think this has gotten a bit more serious than we actually intended” he spoke under his breath. “Maybe” you simply said, still feeling nervous around him. He pressed his body closer to yours and you could feel that he popped a boner. “I don’t wanna go back. Let’s play a game in your bedroom instead” he whispered seductively. You turned around to him with a smirk. “Sounds fun. Let’s go”

walks with EXO #8: krisho
  • kris: what are you doing? making your life a shit again?
  • suho: kris, i know we are not married anymore, but for our kids, we should try a healthy relationship, where we can speak ourselves out and be friends without being afraid of anything.
  • kris: i know where baekhyun learned this things to say to sehun now. i don't wanna be friends anymore.
  • suho: what? not even for the kids?
  • kris: i wanna get back. to you.
  • suho:
  • suho:
  • suho:
  • suho:
  • suho:
  • exo: *appears out of nowhere. kai appears from teleport with bags from china. they all go away with judging looks towards kris. luhan is strangely with a fish and seaweed in his hair. sehun apologizes countless for him*
  • kris: what the fuck i just wanted to back to make music with exo. she has Always been crazy


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Only in a world this shitty could you even try to say these were innocent people and keep a straight face. But that’s the point. We see a deadly sin on every street corner, in every home, and we tolerate it. We tolerate it because it’s common, it’s trivial. We tolerate it morning, noon, and night. Well, not anymore.

My Spark,

It was over. We were over and it felt like we both agreed this time. But Story of Another Us was playing and all I could think of was you. How I felt like our story never really finished. It was always “almost” completed. And I realized that I couldn’t let you go until I remembered everything, and reminded you too. So I’m going to write you letters and tell our story, but you’ll never see them. And when they are over, I’m going to let you go.

When we first saw you come in to the class, we were blown away. You were the new boy and you were so damn good looking. Me and C were trying to get you to look at us and it was so funny. Then you talked and you sounded like Calum. But then you weren’t new anymore and we learned that you were a player. I didn’t even think about you again for a while.

Do you remember how we met? You probably do, it was so funny and so stupid and I can’t get over how dirty minded I was. You were sitting right behind me and you had a gum with a package in your hand. The ones that looked like a condom. I was turning around and thought you were holding a condom and me being me, I said “What are you holding?!” without thinking. You had that funny look on your face and you said it was a gum. I probably blushed and went “oh”. You asked me what I thought it was and i said nothing until you said “I can’t believe you” and started laughing.

After that, you started looking at me in the lessons. You started showing me pictures of babies and asked my instagram username. C and B told me you had a crush on me but i didn’t believe them. Then one day you sent me a message and we stayed up late talking and you asked me if i had a boyfriend. I said no. You asked me if i had a crush, and i said yes. That was how it all began.

Your “Curls”

And before I could even realize what was happening, you stopped calling me to talk for hours. Your texts weren’t as detailed and it took longer for you to reply. You didn’t hug me when we had to go separate ways during the day. And you didn’t leave your friends to talk to me anymore. We were best friends. I was in love, and I was too blind to see you trying to leave me slowly. Everyone leaves and I swore you wouldn’t. Our friendship is fading and I can’t do anything about it. Why does everyone leave me?
—  m.a \ 12:10am