were never talking again

Anger levels

Aries mars:


Taurus mars:

  1. Who the fuck are you? Stay silent please.
  2. Okay you’re not listening to me and that’s making me a bit nervous.
  3. .
  4. .
  5. .

Gemini mars:

  1. hahahahahaahaha you’re so angry
  2. Well let’s see, you’re so wrong bc *throw away all his arguments* that’s it, buddy. Go home, enjoy life.
  3. *Still isn’t angry*

Cancer mars:

  1. You’re angry? Well I can’t understand what I’ve done to make you angry, literally I’m not like that in fact I should be angry with you for making all this drama.
  2. How???? YOu’re hurting me and you fucking like it, You are always hurting me and throwing all your problems onto me can you stop please I DON’T DESERVE THIS.
  3. You’re the worst person that I’ve known. I hate u *hates them until they ask for forgiveness* Okay let’s hang out, I know a cool place we could go :)

Leo mars:

  1. How u dare
  4. *Gets bored*
  5. I still hate u but I have better things to do ;*.

Virgo mars:

  1. I don’t find interesting fighting you.
  2. Don’t you have something better to do than yelling to a wall?
  3. You’re kinda idiot, aren’t you? Let’s see, you’re yelling inside a room (that, metaphorically, can be your own head) to someone that isn’t understanding and, furthermore, doesn’t care about the problem itself. Don’t you catch the uselessness of this situation? Plus, you gotta check your arguments. They’re too weak and poorly presented.
  4. Go and sleep for some hours. You’ll be cool and tomorrow we’ll be able to debate this thing.

Libra mars:

  1. Why are you so angry? 
  2. You’re killing my vibe.
  3. Okay I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.
  4. Okay shut up you’re right *changes subject abruptly*.

Scorpio mars:

  1. I will hunt you down till the day I die.

Sagittarius mars:

  1. Okay your arguments are totally messed up let me explain it to you, little.
  2. Haven’t you listened to me?? WHY ARE YOU CONTRADICTING ME? Okay you should be respectful of others opinions *five minutes later*  You need some fucking education. I’m never talking to you again!
  3. .
  4. Wait we were fighting? When?

Capricorn mars:

  1. You’re not worth my time.
  2. I won’t stoop to your level.
  3. .
  4. .
  5. .
  6. Fucking run.

Aquarius mars:

  1. You look so silly! Ow, look at these short-minded, their stupidity makes them adorable…
  2. Your arguments are sooo uninteresting. I’ve heard this like 2 times before *rolls eyes*.
  3. Ow, they’re so angry, I can’t stop laughing… oh, wait, what have you said?
  4. OKAY YOU WANTED IT BITCH *starts throwing away all his arguments while trying to look confident and so over it*.

Pisces mars:

  1. Your anger makes me angry. Stop being angry. I don’t want to fight okay
  2. I don’t want to fight please I’ll be all messed up aND I HATE U
  3. *sobbing* I’m sorry can’t we be friends again?

Thanks @phantasticforfob for helping me writing this shit.

Slytherin Secrets no outsider will ever know.

1. The nights get ridiculously cold in the dungeons during the winter, you see. Sometimes not even the warming charms seem to cut it, so if everyone brings their blankets down to the common room and they sleep next to each other for body heat, no one needs to know that.

2. Horror stories told by the bloody baron under candlelight are a tradition during stormy nights. He even promises that one day, he might tell them just how he got bloody.

3. Slytherins don’t play ‘muggle’ games, absolutely not, specially not on Saturdays with a bottle of fire whiskey. So if you ever see empty bottles that you think might have been used to truth or dare or spin the bottle, or if you ever see a monopoly or dungeons and dragons box, you are imagining things, obviously.

4. Sometimes, if you ask nicely enough, the mermaids will agree to make small ‘theatrical plays’ for you and your friends. So be kind to them and enjoy funny and dramatic ‘pirate’ stories.

5. One particular night that they’ll never, ever talk about again, is when they were drinking fire whiskey and drank past “having a good time” straight into “getting emotional” and then proceeded to talk about how sad it made them that all houses seemed to think they’re evil.

6. “Guys… am I the only one who doesn’t like Professor Snape?” “oh thank fuck it’s not just me.”

7. “The half-blood fifth year brought muggle sweets.” “Muggle sweets?” “Try them. These Reese’s are the best thing I’ve ever had.”

8. “Let’s make a bet on what stunt Potter will pull at the end of the year.”

9. Someone once suggested that every Slytherin should take a shot whenever Draco complained about Harry. No amount of hangover potion could make 17+ Slytherins get out of bed the next morning.

10. A few boys and girls found out about an LGBT+ meeting club the Hufflepuffs were holding. So ever since then, Hufflepuff and Slytherin LGBT+ members meet up every Thursday at 6 o'clock.

11. The Slytherin common room always smells incredible. The Hufflepuffs give them ‘scented candles’, you see.

12. Planning trips together all over Europe. Fulfilling those plans during the winter and summer holidays.

13. Slytherins don’t prank you with moldy cheese or explosive artifacts. Oh no. You make a fellow Slytherin mad and you won’t find your robes or your skirts next morning. Someone will pull on your feet while you sleep.

(Some are modern, some aren’t) Feel free to continue!
Baby Girl

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

Summary: Reader avoids a night of trouble thanks to Sam…

Pairing: student!Sam x reader

Word Count: 2,000ish

Warnings: implied drugging, smut, language

A/N: This was just a general request for some frat boy Sam and I ran with it…

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Requested by: @calpalkenzie

Can you do an imagine where Jughead breaks up with the reader and the gang takes his side, so being alone and in despair, the reader goes to the lake and tries to kill herself ( like what Cheryl did ) but jughead saves her?

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Description: Lately Jughead had been acting distant, causing you to get a bit worried, only to find out he was going to break up with you.

Warnings: Small amount of swearing, acts of suicide

Word Count: 2,094

A/N: This is my first imagine so bare with me :-))

Originally posted by bugheader

It had been days since you and Jughead had last spoken, recently things between the both of you wern’t going so well.

Whenever you tried to talk to him he’d reply with vauge answers or simply brush you off. Recently, he’d just been avoiding you, spending more time with Archie, Betty, and Veronica.

To say that didn’t hurt you would be and understatement, mostly because he used to bring you along to hang out with his friends.

You were recently going through a lot back at home, Jughead knew you had family issues, he used to go to Pop’s late at night whenever you needed to get out of the house.

Now, you sat alone in that diner, waiting to see if he’d magically show up and make everything better.

You ordered a strawberry milkshake, and a side of fries, trying to find a way to make time go by faster.

You heard the bell ring, signaling someone had come in only to see Jughead walking towards you.

“Hey Y/N, we need to talk..” He sat down in the booth across from you. You gave him a look, not liking where this was going.

“Listen.. You’re a great girl, and I love you, but I don’t think we’re working out.. we’re just both so different and I just don’t think it would be alright continuing something that isn’t there.” He spoke slowly, watching to see your response.

Your strawberry milkshake and fries arrived, leaving you to pick at them.

“I don’t understand.. everything was fine.. what happened?” You questioned, your eyes getting watery.

“Nothing happened Y/N, it’s just not working out.” He sighed, scratching the back of his neck, signaling he was hiding something.

“No.. you’re lying.. you always mess with your neck when you don’t want to tell me something.” You choked out, a tear falling down your face.

Jughead looked at you, seeing how distraught you already were, killing him on the inside.

“Archie told me he saw you flirting it up with some guys on the football team.. and Betty and Veronica said they saw you too.” He rubbed his chin, his jaw clenched at the memory.

You felt your heart ache as he spoke, none of that ever happened.

“Juggie, that’s not true at all! I would never do that, I love you.” You protested, more tears falling down your face.

“Listen Y/N, I know I’m not the richest guy in Riverdale but you don’t have to lie to me.” He huffed, now getting annoyed at you.

You couldn’t believe this was happening, your whole life was falling apart right before your very eyes.

“I’m not lying to you. What they saw didn’t happen.” You spoke slowly, trying to calm your breathing.

“Whatever Y/N, my friends wouldn’t lie to me. Unlike you, so now you can go slut around with whoever you want.” He spat, getting out of the booth and exiting the diner.

What happened next was all a blur, one second you were sitting in the booth, feeling your heart being ripped out of you and then the next you were out the door.

You saw Jughead walking away from you. “How could you be such a coward!” You shouted, your voice cracking making him stop in his tracks.

He turned around slowly to see your small figure standing in front of the diner.

“Me? A coward? How in the hell am I a coward?” He retorted, walking up to you. You let out a sarcastic laugh and crossed your arms.

“You didn’t even have the audacity to ask me if what they saw was true or not. You just assumed they were right, you chose to be on their side, not mine.” You spoke angrily, glaring at him.

Jughead rolled his eyes, standing in front of you now. “And guess what, they were obviously right. Man I can’t believe I actually trusted you! I spent five months of my time being with you when all this time you were just using me.” He spat, glaring down at your small figure.

“I wasn’t using you! For the love of god I wasn’t cheating on you!” You shouted, your hands moving in all sorts of motions. Jughead let out a snort and shook his head while rubbing his hands over his face.

“They warned me about you, and they were right. Never talk to me again Y/N.” He sighed, turning and walking away from you. In that moment you felt your heart shatter into pieces.

How did all of this happen? Why would he take their side and not yours? You felt defeated after that, you decided to go back home by sneaking into your bedroom window.

You laid awake for hours that night, replaying the moment that happened in your head. You wanted to call him, you wanted to talk everything out, but you couldn’t. You wanted to call Archie, Betty, and Veronica, but you couldn’t. They were all on his side.

You were alone, once again. You didn’t sleep at all that night, the sun rose and you were still wide awake, except emotionless. You didn’t feel anything, you just felt numb.

Your parents had already left for work, leaving you money behind to buy lunch at school. Today however, you decided you didn’t need it. You grabbed the car keys and walked outside, getting in and driving off to your location.

You just wanted to be happy again.

Back at school Jughead was with Archie, Betty, and Veronica.

“Well don’t you just look dandy.” Veronica smirked, making Jughead groan and roll his eyes.

“Y/N and I got into a huge fight last night, it was really bad.” He groaned again, rubbing his forehead.

“Did you two–” Archie rose his eyebrows, making a face when Jughead nodded.

“I’m gathering that’s what the fight was about?” Betty questioned, crossing her arms. Jughead only nodded, looking around before looking back at them.

“Speaking of Y/N, have you seen her at all this morning? I want to talk to her.” Jughead asked, looking around the halls a bit more frantically this time.

“I haven’t seen her, why?” Betty questioned, looking at Jughead worriedly.

“No.. something is wrong, she would of been here by now. She’s never late to school.” Jughead messed with his beanie, looking down the hallway.

“I’m sure she’s okay bud.” Archie placed a hand on Jughead’s shoulder.

“I just have a bad feeling. I left her in such a vulnerable state..” He trailed off, feeling his pocket vibrate. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to see a text from you.

“Thanks for the nice five months we’ve had. I’m going to cherish them forever, I’m going to be happy again now.” The message said. Jughead read it aloud, looking at Archie, Betty, and Veronica with a confused look.

“Oh my god. Oh my god!” Veronica shouted, her eyes wide with panick. “Where is some place Y/N would go to be happy?” Veronica asked quickly, looking at Jughead. He stared at her a minute before his eyes became wide.

“The river. She always used to go there to clear her head when she would get down.” Jughead spoke fast, his body beginning to shake.

“We need to go. Now.” Betty spoke fast, as they all sprinted out the door.

You were already out across the frozen river, getting frostbite the longer you were in the frigid weather. You bent down on the ice, hitting your fists against it to break it apart, using all the energy you had left in your body.

Out of nowhere y ou heard shouting from across the river.

“Y/N!” You heard them all shout. “Oh my god, over there!” Betty pointed out across the frozen river.

“Y/N!” “Y/N stop!” They all shouted again, about to run out to you when the river started to break.

“We all can’t go out there at once or we’ll all go under.” Jughead spoke, panick in his voice.

“Y/N please come back to the shore and we can figure everything out.” Veronica shouted, her face filled with worry.

You slowly stood up, turning around, your lips quivering with makeup smeared from your tears underneathe your eyes.

It was as if time was going in slow motion, nobody knew what would happen next.

They all watched you from the shore, hoping you’d come back.

You just stood there, and then the ice gave away, consuming you into the frigid water below. 

“No!” They all screamed, not caring anymore about all the weight on the ice.

“Y/N!” They all shouted, rushing to the open spot in the ice.

“The current has her!” Archie yelled, “Spread out!” He shouted, as they all rushed around, kicking snow out of their way.

“Over here!” Archie shouted, brushing away the snow before him as Jughead beat away at the ice to break it.

You started to lose consciousness, fading into the darkness of the water.

Jughead and Archie continued to beat away at the ice from above, the water turning bloody from their hands.

“Come on!” Jughead shouted, punching at the ice one last time before breaking it and pulling you out.

Jughead laid you down quickly, seeing if you were still breathing or not and quickly started to give you CPR.

Archie, Betty, and Veronica were all screaming for help.

After Jughead gave you CPR again you coughed up the water from your lungs, making him very relieved.

He gently picked you up as they all ran back to the shoreline. Once you made it back into town, they took you to Veronica’s where she made you some hot chocolate.

You gave a small smile, thanking her for it when Jughead came over.

“Y/N you had me so worried, please never do that again.” He wrapped his arm around you, pulling you into his side.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered, resting your head against his shoulder.

“No, I’m sorry, for everything. I should have come to you first and I didn’t. Maybe if I had none of this would have happened.” He sighed, kissing your forehead.

You let out a small sigh, staring into the fireplace.

“Promise me you’ll never do that again.” He spoke quietly, looking down at you. “I promise.” You whispered, sipping your hot chocolate once more.

From that day on you two were inseparable once again, and everything was once again, happy.

school reunion - nick robinson

Originally posted by nixkrobinsxn

Words: 1360

Requested: nope

Rating: all readers

you weren’t sure what to expect as you walked into place you’d be met with all the faces you had once known 10 years ago. Now being 28 you had maybe one or two close friends from high school, the rest you never talked to again or were just Facebook friends.

One of the faces you are about to see include your high school sweetheart, your first love. Yes all that cliche stuff that happened in high school, that you constantly tried to forget about. Let’s just say the last week of school a fight broke you up and you ended up sitting all by yourself at prom, while he danced with one of the cheerleaders that he knew you didn’t like.

28 years old and you were still single and had only had a few boyfriends the past 10 years and the longest of that was 6 months. For the most part of you being an independent woman, you just spent the past 10 years working as a

As you walked down the hallways the memories that you tried to push away all these years came rushing back to, the quick make outs along the walls when teacher wouldn’t be watching, the girls looking at you with envy because they wanted to date Nick. Now they wouldn’t have to envy you, he was probably happy with some other girl.

You inhaled a breath of air as you opened the door to the room, already being ten minutes late. “Y/F/N we thought you weren’t coming” You heard the voice of one of your old classmates that you barely remembered the name of as you just nodded before finding your way to your only good friends now Alissa and Rose.

“How come I have to go through a full day of work and then I’m forced to come visit people who I knew ten years ago” You sighed as you sat down beside the girls resting your head on Alissa’s shoulder. They gave you a fake offended look as you reassured them that they were the only ones you wanted to see.

“So y/n still going out with Josh” Rose asked referring to an idiot of a guy that you ended up dumping two months ago because let’s just say he was a self-absorbed guy who ended up cheating on you with your co-worker who you once classified as a friend.

“Dumped his sorry ass when he cheated on me with Sarah” You muttered as you looked around to find where the wine was served that Alissa held in her hand, as you spotted the table of drinks you noticed no other than your old boyfriend standing right beside it chatting to one of his old mates that he was on the soccer team with.

After a few minutes of contemplating if the wine was worth it, you stood up and walked towards the table, knowing you wouldn’t be able to get through this night without a couple glasses of wine.

A few faces glanced at you with curiousness, as you were well aware that it probably looked like you were walking towards Nick. As you finally reached the table Nick looked at you before doing a double take, yet all you did was ignore him and grabbed the wine, grabbing the biggest glass you could find and pouring enough that would get you through the first hour.

As Nick’s friend left he turned towards you leaning his arm against the table, his signature smirk adoring his face, as he started speaking. “Why if it isn’t miss y/l/n, how have you been beautiful?” He asked, the look on his face making it seem genuine.

Already having enough of his presence you scoffed and turned to walk away the glass of wine held firmly in your hand, as your attitude made it seem as if you were in your teen years again.

You saw eyes following your movements as you walked away from Nick and back to your friends, him making no more efforts to talk to you.

Throughout the night people kept asking what had happened with Nick and why he went to the prom with Bethany way back 10 years ago.


As you were sat alone at one of the nicely decorated tables, you were questioning why your prom had to end like this. You knew it was too good to be true to have a nice boyfriend that you dated for the most of high school with no mishaps , now the day before graduation you were sad and just wanted to be finished with school.

Your friends all had dates that they were dancing with, hell even Nick had somehow found himself a date in the short time that our breakup was.

Which was only three days, it had taken him three days to get over me. I guess you could say that was probably what hurt the most right now. You looked away from Nick as a slow song came on and they began to slowly dance.

Over the course of the night teachers came up to you asking if you were alright and questioning why you were sat alone at prom by yourself, resulting in feeling self pity and sadness as you attempted to hold back all the tears. But you had already told yourself no crying, not tonight and in front of all these people.

As You saw Nick kiss Bethany you rushed to the bathroom, already feeling the tears spilling from your eyes, as you sobbed in the bathroom stall you questioned why you had even decided to come tonight.

Deciding you had enough you walked out of the bathroom and straight to the exit of the room you were in, your dressed crinkled and your face probably smudged with mascara.

*Flashback ended*

Graduation wasn’t as special as it should’ve been as you didn’t feel one bit excited and got off the stage as soon as you could, leaving at the first possible chance you had gotten.

As you were stood talking to one of your old teacher you were grabbed by the hand and heard Nick’s voice as he apologised to the teacher telling her how he had to speak to you.

“I’m sorry” He sighed after you had both left the classroom and were standing out in the hallways, it was weird how it was so quiet. Back in high school you were used to the constant chatter of students.

“For what” You asked quietly as you looked towards him and saw how much he had changed, his features had matured and he looked just as hot as he did when he was eighteen. But now was not the time to be checking out your ex boyfriend.

“For being such a fucking ass, at prom” He said as he explained that he saw how you looked that night and never did anything to make you feel better.

“I mean you did just go off with some other girl three days after we broke up” You stated attempting to add some humour, but you both knew you weren’t being humorous on bit. That was probably the thing that hurt the most with the whole break up.

“Y/N I’m such a fucking idiot and I know this probably is a weird time to ask, as we haven’t seen each other in 10 years, but since we broke up I haven’t had a proper relationship and seeing you tonight made me realise how I’m still in love with your beautiful self, so what I’m saying is can I take you out on a date” He blurted out all that he said as you giggled at him.

Deciding to be a little spontaneous you grabbed his hand and pushed him against the lockers playfully as you kissed his lips for the first time in 10 year and as you felt the sparks you knew that this could work out again.

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anonymous asked:

“I love you.” “Take it back. I was going to say it first, for god’s sake. Not again.” for Analogical please?

Title: Confessions

Pairing: analogical (Anxiety/Logic)

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 460


“I love you.” “Take it back. I was going to say it first, for god’s sake. Not again.”

Anxiety shifted uneasily. In theory, confessing your love was simple – just spew out those three words, get rejected, be sad, pine for the rest of your life. Or, if you’re an optimist, be unoriginal and say “I love you,” be happy, inevitably break up, be sad, move on. Needless to say, Anxiety usually wouldn’t think that the outcome of his confession would be the latter, but…

Logan had been teaching him recently to not think so negatively about things. And, well, the logical side seemed to be acting more affectionately to him. Maybe it was Anxiety’s hope making him have creating delusions. That was likely… However, he didn’t think he’d be able to go without knowing.

Sure, his motto had always been “don’t try and you’ll never fail”, but Logan was something he was willing to take a risk for. He had been taking up Anxiety’s mind, making it impossible to function. As cheesy as it sounded, he thought that if he was forced to keep these dumb feelings hidden any longer, he might actually explode.

So that was how he had ended up in Logic’s room, looking for the words to finally tell him. Although, all thought had flown out the window and now he was opening his mouth uselessly, trying to work up the nerve.

“Anxiety? Are you alright?” Logan touched his arm in concern. His friend had been acting weirdly lately, and he was worried.

“Yeah, just, uh…” Anxiety swallowed and took a deep breath. “I-I… This is stupid, it should be so easy to just say it.” He was muttering to himself, and suddenly Logan knew.

He smiled softly. “I love you.”

Anxiety’s head whipped up in surprise. “Wait- ugh, take it back!”

Okay, maybe he didn’t know. “I’m sorry, I thought that- I’m sorry,” Logan murmured, pulling away. “You should go. I’m sorry, forget I said that.”

“No, that’s not what I meant. I was going to say it first, for god’s sake. I messed this up, I can’t believe I messed this up! Not again.” Anxiety saw that Logan was still confused. “I meant, um, I love you too. It’s just, I had this all planned out. I was going to say it, you were either going to reject me, never talk to me again or date me out of pity until you finally realise you don’t love me and then-“

“Can I kiss you?”

“I- what?! I’m a mess… Uh, yes.” As an afterthought, he added, “please.”

And Logan did, not hesitating to after he got the greenlight. When they pulled apart, he whispered, “I love you so much. I’d be honoured if we could have a romantic relationship.”

Anxiety scoffed, but grinned nonetheless. “Just ask me out, idiot. And yes, I’d love to.”

Title: Older Man

Code: LB0003

Requested by: @jez-zolnierz

Words: 1,281

Note: Cute cute cute idea! Thank you!

“…and that’s it.” You were shaking like a leaf in front of your boss. You had just finally confessed your feelings for him. The feelings you had been holding in for months. You were standing in his living room, pacing back and forth while he calmly relaxed on the couch. You sighed, “I don’t expect reciprocation, I just had to get it off of my chest.”

He looked at you. To your horror, he cracked a smile and let out a small chuckle.

Your brow furrowed. “What’s funny?”

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She’s Perfect

Request: Hey!! Can you do a Bellamy imagine where Bellamy is super infatuated with you and you’re really good friends so he doesn’t think anything could ever happen and one day you overhear him talking about you with someone and he’s basically just raving about you and you eventually tell him you heard him and they get together in the end!!! Thank you so much!

Requested by: anonymous

A/N: aweh! This idea is so cute, I had no problem writing it for you. Thank you for requesting.

Warnings: fluff.

Originally posted by bellamyblake-imagine

Ever since landing on ground, things had become exceptionally better. Sure you were hunted by grounders and everyday was a struggle for survival, but you had made a family. Things hadn’t originally been so well, and everyone got in arguments but now you could stand back and watch as everyone got along and everyone cared for each other.

The Ark had been terrible for you. You’d never found someone up there who truly cared for you and your family had been floated. You hated it up there. But now, on ground where you could feel the sun on your face and relish in the fresh air instead of filtered air through the Ark, you finally felt happy.

You’d met amazing people but one truly stuck out. Bellamy Blake. He wasn’t actually part of the 100 like you were, and you’d knew he’s done some terrible things but you also knew that he did it all for his sister. Which swarmed your heart. He was undoubtedly attractive and sweet and ever since you’ve started talking to him, he always knew how to make you laugh.

He was protective of you, which you still haven’t completely figured out why but you didn’t let it bother you.

Even right now, you let your eyes wander on his as he sat by Raven. It was dinner time and you’d just finished all your work so you’d come out to grab some dinner. Only to see him chatting with Raven, you weren’t jealous only caught up by his smile as he talked fondly about something. You couldn’t hear what he was talking about but you could tell he was animatedly talking about something.

You blinked, luckily no one had caught you just staring at him. You turned to the pit of fire, grabbing some dinner. “Evening, Y/N.” Turning your head you looked up to see Clarke already holding a piece of meat out for you. You smiled, straightening out as you gently grabbed the stick out of her hand.

“Thank you.” You nodded at her. You wanted to go to Bellamy but you couldn’t be rude.

“Go to him.” Clarke said and turning your head up from looking at Bellamy, you saw her smile knowingly at you. Nodding appreciatively at her, you let your hand fall on her shoulder before walking towards Bellamy.

You smiled, happy to engage in a conversation with him before your words caught in your throat and you heard what he was saying. Quickly to be undetected, you turned and went by another group of people. Pretending to mingle but you let your ears drop on Raven and Bellamy’s conversation.

“I mean, she’s so beautiful.” Bellamy gushed and you felt a pang in your heart as to who he could be talking about. Was he talking about Clarke? Those two have become really close recently.

“Maybe you should just talk to her about it, Bellamy.” Raven suggested, putting her hand on Bellamy’s shoulder. You narrowed your eyes, who were they talking about.

“I couldn’t. She strictly thinks of me as a friend, Raven.” Bellamy sighed, resting his head in his hands and he shook his head. You wanted to go over there and console him but you were too embarrassed now.

“I don’t know, Bellamy. Y/N seems to really enjoy spending time with you.” Your mouth fell open and your hands went slack. They… were talking about you? You would’ve never thought. Shaking your head again, you refocused on Bellamy as he smiled, proudly almost as if he was thinking fondly of a memory.

“She’s just perfect.”

You’d avoided Bellamy for days. You had to think over what you heard. You truthfully had always liked him but never dwelled on it, you never thought he would like you back but now. Now… apparently he did and you had no idea if you should tell him that you heard everything he said or go back as if nothing had happened.

When you caught sight of him today, he was staring at you worriedly. Over the past few days you’ve been ignoring him, he’s been worried sick. He’d always try to talk to you but you would make some excuse as to why you couldn’t talk right now,

But now looking at him and seeing how worried and upset he truly was, you realized you didn’t want to keep ignoring him. 

So, you marched over to him, your heart beating and your palms sweaty as you thought of what you could say. Truthfully you had no idea but your feet carried you and on instinct you reached him.

He smiled, happy to see you actually paying attention to you. And when he turned to say, you acted on impulse. Pulling him down, you pressed your lips against his ignoring the way he gasped and made a noise of surprise. Instead you focused on kissing him and making sure he understood everything you were trying to tell him.

He finally relaxed after a few moments, enough to place his arms around you waist as you pulled back from the kiss. “I, uh…” You stuttered, looking up to see his baffled and confused expression. You smiled softly at the cuteness behind the smile. “I heard you.”

“What?” He asked, still in shock from the kiss. His eyes were dazed and you giggled at his lovestruck expression.

“I heard that night with Raven.” You said wrapping your arms around his neck. You bent at the lower back, leaning into him as you smiled shyly up at him. You watched as his face grew red and he panicked at something to say.

“Oh…” Was all he said, and you shook your head. Leaning up to peck his cheeks.

“It’s okay.” You reassured, stroking his cheek with your thumb. “I… feel the same.”

He instantly smiled, the biggest grin growing over his face and he hugged you tighter to himself. “I love you.” He confessed, staring down at you lovingly. You gasped, now going red in the face as you felt your own grin coming.

“I love you too, I have for a while.”

“Me too.” He confused and suddenly remembering what he said that night, you smirked.

“So i’m perfect huh?” You joked, looking up at him slyly.

“Oh shut up.” He feigned being annoyed but you could see the smile growing on his face as he kissed you on your forehead. You closed your eyes at the warmth, relishing in the feeling of finally being able to hold him this close.

“Hey, you’re not too bad yourself.”

Hope you enjoyed!

When Lightning Strikes - Part III

(1) (2)

Word Count: 1691

Player: Auston Matthews (Toronto Maple Leafs)

feat. Mitchell Marner

Warning/s: swearing

Originally posted by mapleloafs

“Mitchell Marner I will fucking end you!”, you yelled when you slammed the front door shut behind you. 

Your brother was going to beg for his life when you were done. Why the hell did you even think that it was possible to share a car with him? Sure, you usually managed to do that but Mitch had the habit of forgetting you. Normally you would call him and he would be ten minutes late, but this time he didn’t answer his damn phone. 

Which meant you had to walk from Campus, all the way to your house. And it had to happen in the exact week the temperatures dropped again, leaving you a shivering mess of clattering teeth. Sure you were wearing a coat but after twenty minutes in the freezing cold, trying not to sliü on the sidewalk, your sight invaded by snowflakes, the coat was, useless. Your hair was dripping because you didn’t think that you needed a toque, your fingers were frozen. Your lips had turned into a healthy blue color.

Oh, you would punch Mitch. You never did before but this time your twin brother wouldn’t get out of this without a really good apology.
But when you made your way into the living room, not Mitch but Auston looked up from his phone.

“Y/n?”, he asked.

He jumped up when he noticed the violent shaking of your body, coming over to you in a matter of seconds.

“Where the hell is Mitch?”, you pressed out, arms wrapped around yourself for some warmth. 

“He went to get food. Why would you- Oh no, he didn’t. He forgot you again?”

“He did. And he’s not answering his phone.”

“He left it here.”, Auston muttered. 

You rolled your eyes at the mere thought of your brother. Never, he never left without his phone but the one time you needed him to have it? You put your bag in the corner, still under Auston’s concerned eyes.

Ever since that incident, you hadn’t really talked to each other. You were trying so hard to act normal, that you often found yourself trying to avoid anything that included him. He found himself doing the same, so you had reached a level of mutual ignorance to each other. You knew Mitch was aware that something was up, but you didn’t know what he thought it was. And now, being angry at him, you didn’t care that you were alone with Auston.

“Y/n, did you hear what I say?”, Auston questioned. 

You looked up at him, to notice he was looking at you as if he was waiting for a reply. You must have zoned out, or you were finally passing out because of hypothermia.

“What? Sorry, I didn’t listen.”

“I said let’s get you warmed up before you’re getting sick.”, Auston repeated. 

You nodded. Why didn’t you think of that? Gosh, you really needed to focus. But it was really hard to focus around him.

Auston noticed you still weren’t moving, so he put his hand on the small of your back and led you into the downstairs bathroom. He got you to sit down on the side of the bathtub, as he busied himself by scavenging the cupboards and drawers for towels. 

“Top left.”, you said, not sure how loud because you couldn’t hear yourself speaking, the sound of your teeth hitting against each other too loud.

Auston pulled out a soft towel and gave it to you. But as you took it he saw your fingers that were white and on the verge of turning as blue as your lips. You won’t need gloves, he said, I’m picking you up it’s unnecessary. You held back a frustrated groan.

“Let’s take care of that first.”, he instructed. 

He pulled you up, his warm hands barely touching your cold skin. He led you over to the sink, putting your fingers under the water while he steadily increased the temperature. Your hands were vibrating, but sure enough, you got the feeling in your fingertips back after a couple of minutes. Your fingers were red now and still didn’t stop vibrating. 

The warmth of the bathroom was helping with your shivering, but you were still ice cold, as you took the towel and rubbed your hair to dry it. It didn’t work fully, but it was a lot better when you reached for your brush and smoothed your hair down.

“Come on.”, Auston said, this time leading you back into the living room. 

He noticed you were still shivering. In a lack of better ideas, he pulled off his hoodie, making you take a step back in confusion.

“Woah, wait. What are you doing?”, you asked. 

Was he trying to make a move on you again? If yes, he would get one hell of a tirade. In case he didn’t notice, your mood wasn’t the best. But Auston shook his head with a chuckle.

“Just take off your hoodie so I can put it on the heater to warm it up.”, he demanded. 

You looked at him hesitantly, before you sighed and just did as he said, pulling your almost frozen hoodie over your head to leave you only in your T-Shirt. Auston gulped, his eyes scanning over the thin fabric for a moment. His gaze snapped up to your eyes, and when he noticed that you were watching him he quickly looked away and handed you his own hoodie, his face turning a faint shade of pink. 

You didn’t have the body temperature to make a sarcastic comment just yet, though.

You slipped into the hoodie, struggling to get your arms through. But when you did, the oversized sweater was going down until your mid thighs, the sleeves too long for your arms. It was warm, as Auston had worn it the whole time, almost instantly making you feel better. If only it wouldn’t have that familiar scent. 

Because the scent was making you more comfortable than you should be, showing you just how much you missed Auston in the time that you didn’t talk. 

“Let’s get you on the couch. You’re still cold.”, Auston said, motioning to the couch in your living room. 

You followed him and sat down, while Auston took the blanket from the armchair and draped it over your shoulders.

“Thank you.”, you muttered shyly.

Auston didn’t say anything. He just silently kept his eyes on your trembling stature as he sat down close to you, trying not to let his mind wander. Seeing you in his shirt almost made him smile. He liked seeing you in his clothes, although he wasn’t sure why.

“Come here.”, he muttered when you didn’t stop shivering. 

Without waiting for any kind of reaction from you, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his chest, adjusting the blankets. 

And you completely relaxed in a matter of seconds. Both of you felt it, the tension around you still thick in the air. The touch you had yearned for, for weeks, was now finally existent, although not in the way you might’ve thought.

“Sorry for avoiding you.”, you muttered, with your eyes closed and head rested against his chest. 

“Same.”, Auston chuckled, hands trailing fictional patterns on your sides.

“Damn, finally.”

Auston and you jumped up and brought a good two meters between the two of you, staring at Mitch in shock. Your brother stood in the living room, a shit-eating grin on his face and two bags of takeout in his hands.

“Mitchell”, you stuttered.

“Marns, this is not-”, Auston started.

This is what you had feared.

“What? Not what I think?”, Mitch asked, arching an eyebrow at him, voice dripping with sarcasm. But there was something off. Something in your brother’s eyes that you couldn’t quite asses. Or did- No!

“Wait a second! You little shit!”, you exclaimed, causing Auston to look between you and Mitch in confusion.

“Huh?”, he asked.

“He knew the whole time!”, you explained, staring at Mitch. Mitch looked a little guilty, but he kept his grin.

“What?”, Auston asked, turning around to his best friend.

“I knew you liked each other. And you’ve been both acting weird after the storm so I just figured. But then I got confused because you stopped talking.”

“We stopped talking because of you, dumbass! We met up and we were both scared shitless that you would never talk to us again!”, you called out in frustration.

“Jeez, why so complicated? If I had anything against it I would’ve said something.”, Mitch said, putting his arms up in surrender. “I know you wouldn’t hurt her, Mats. And I know I’ve been keeping you away from hockey players since I started juniors, Y/n, but this is Matts we’re talking about. If you’re happy I am, alright?”

“You’re okay with it if we would start dating?”, you asked faintly.

“Yeah, as long as I don’t have to third wheel all the time. And keep kissing or making out to a minimum, please. I really don’t need to see that.”, he said, scrunching up his face in disgust. “Anyways, I’m getting the plates out of the kitchen. Feel like I forgot something though.”

“You forgot me at college asshole!”, you called after him when he disappeared into the kitchen. 

You turned to look at Auston, but you couldn’t see anything but a blur of his shirt and hands as he put his arms around you and pulled you in for a kiss.
The feeling of electricity returned to your body, making you smile into the heated sign of affection. Auston’s hands trailed down your sides before they rested on your hips, and you buried your hands in his dark hair, feeling even better than when you had kissed before. 

And the tension - goddamn the tension - you really had to work on that.

Boyf Riends CisSwap; Pad Shopping in Hell

“We will never talk about that again.”
“Agreed.” The two were now in Michael’s car after an embarrassing few minutes of trying to figure out how to use the bathroom.
“So what happened? I mean last night I went to bed and I was completely normal but now I have boobs! Michael, I’m not supposed to have boobs.”
“We’re here.” Looking out the window Jeremy groaned.
“They have the cheapest pads.”
“But there’s so many people there, what if somebody we know see’s me?”
“You’re wearing a hoodie, I don’t think anyone will see them. Even if they see us together they’ll just think the pads are for me.” Getting out of the car Jeremy felt awkward, trying to hide as much as physically possible in the old jacket. Heading straight to the “feminine products” isle they looked through the packaging and Jeremy was left confused.
“Nighttime? Daytime? Extra Strength? They all look the same.”
“Extra Strength, you don’t have to change those as much.”
“Oh, great.” The two were heading over to the pharmacy when Jeremy immediately stopped, pulling Michael with him behind the cardboard display for Mountain Dew.
“Ow, why’d you do that?”
“Shh, look.” Poking his head out Michael saw Rich and Jake walk by without seeing them.
“So? It’s just Rich and Jake.”
“I can’t let them see me like this!”
“Jer, you’re worrying about this way to much. Rich and Jake aren’t the worst to that could happen to us right now.”
“We’re what now?”


Gold, part II

Read part I here

Summary: Reader is selectively mute, but she can only watch Dean suffer for so long before speaking up.

Pairing: Dean/Reader

Warnings: Mentions of the murder of reader’s parents.

AN: You guys asked for a second part! Well here it is! I’ll write a part 3 too, hopefully!


That night you barely got any sleep. As you laid on your bed you thought about it what happened at the war room. You spoke for the first time in 5 years. You were so sure you would never talk again. And if you did, it wouldn’t be that easy. Well, it wasn’t exactly easy, but it wasn’t hard as you thought it would. You imagined the first thing to come out of your mouth would be an incoherent noise, not a speech about beauty and a Chinese tradition!

You were selectively mute, after all. You could talk, you just chose not to. But the trauma, the memories of the demons holding you down and telling you to keep quiet or your family would die still haunted you. They became your inner demons, killing your words before they reached your mouth. What good did it do? Your family was dead anyway.

But it cheered up Dean, which was the only thing that mattered. Dean was worth it…

You weren’t about to fool yourself. Nothing would ever happen between you and Dean. You were too broken, and you knew him too well to get your hopes up. He was flirty, hitting on every pretty girl that crossed paths with him, and you knew he would never settle down. He mentioned more than once how his life would end at the edge of a blade or barrel of a gun. He just wasn’t meant to have a partner.

Still, you hated seeing him sad. You had to say something! You knew it wasn’t much, but you hoped your words would bring him some peace.

With a silent sigh, you got up and changed. It was morning already and you were sure you weren’t about to get any more sleep.

You were surprised to see Dean in the kitchen. The night before he drank so much you expected him to sleep in late and have a hangover the rest of the morning. Instead you found him standing by the stove making breakfast and sipping his coffee.

He noticed your presence as you walked to the cupboard to get your favorite cup.

“Morning sweetheart!” He said in an awfully happy voice. You smiled softly at him, like you did every time someone greeted you, and then proceeded to pour some coffee in your mug. “Would you like some bacon and eggs with your coffee?” Dean asked and you nodded your head. You watched something change in Dean’s face. “How did you sleep?” He asked. As a reply, you just shrugged, letting him know you didn’t get much sleep.

Dean’s shoulders dropped, as if he was giving something up. He shook his head and went back to checking the bacon on the pan, his good mood completely gone.

You were slipping your coffee slowly, welcoming the caffeine, when Dean placed your plate on the table. You were about to pull it closer to you, when suddenly he took it back.

“What do we say?” He asked like you were a child. She frowned and then mouthed a “Thank you”, like you always did.

Why was he acting so weird?

He rolled his eyes and placed the plate in front of you. You smiled and took the fork, ready to dig in as he sat across from you.

“So you’re back to being silent.” He said making you stop the fork in mid air. “I mean, I know I was drunk last night, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t dreaming. You talked to me.”

You blinked, confused, and then nodded your head slowly.

“Then why won’t you talk to me now?”

His answer met only silence. You looked down ashamed. You wished you could talk to him, but for some reason your voice was gone again.

“Do I have to be drunk for you to talk to me?” He asked. “’Coz let me tell you, I have a bottle of whiskey with my name on it. I just think it’s a little bit early in the morning.”

You put your fork down and shook your head.

“Then… what?” He pressed. You looked up and across the table, and you wish you didn’t. He looked so upset, giving you those puppy dog eyes that you thought were only reserved for his brother and his best friend.

In that moment Sam walked in. He looked like he had just stepped out of the shower, so you guessed he was back from his morning run.

“Hey guys.” He said on his way to the coffee machine. “I know we’re after Lucifer right now, but since we have no leads I was thinking we could work a case.” He suggested.

Dean rubbed his face, clearly annoyed by the interruption, and turned to his brother.

“Did you find anything?”

“Yeah, I think it could be vampires.” Sam replied before sitting next to you. “Victims were drained of blood, wounds on the necks. Usual vampire stuff.”

“Where?” Dean asked.

“Boulder, Colorado.” Sam replied.

“That’s just six hours away.” Dean said. “Alright I’m in.”

Sam looked at you, as if he was expecting a reply. You just nodded your head, letting him know you would tag along.

When you finished your breakfast, you walked to the sink to wash your cup and plate, as usual. But being your clumsy self, you dropped your mug and watched as it hit the ground and broke in many little pieces. How you survived all these years as a hunter was beyond you! It made you sad, knowing this was your favorite cup.

“Everything okay?” Dean asked from the table as he heard the mug smash the ground. You nodded your head and went to get a broom.

“Don’t worry Y/N, we’ll get you a new one.” Sam said to cheer you up. But you knew they wouldn’t. It was a really old mug and you were pretty sure those were sold out. Besides, you were just sentimental about it.

You cleaned up the floor and threw the pieces in the trash bin as quickly as you could, so you could go to your room and pack your bag. As you walked out of the kitchen, Dean glanced at the trash bin, an idea forming in his head.


Like Dean predicted, Boulder was only six hours away, and Baby didn’t disappoint. After arriving there and booking a couple of motel rooms, you went straight to work.

While the boys inspected the victims’ bodies, you got all the newspaper articles and files you could get, and marked on a map all the places were the victims were found. Eventually you managed to find a pattern and define a common ground.

The vampires would go to a random bar, pick a victim and kill them on their way to their nest, which you suspected it to be a new neighborhood that was being built. The vampires must’ve occupied an empty house.

One of the victims was also a worker there. Maybe he found the vampires occupying one of the finished houses and found his own demise.

You weren’t 100% sure, but it was a start. With just a few signals, the brothers got the message, and the packed their machetes.


The sun was up, but it was still very early in the morning, which brought you some tranquility. You feared that the vampires would still be up, or that the workers would show up for work and find you there, but you had yet to find the right house.

“Dean.” Sam called out softly before pointing out something.


Right on the perfect white picket fence around one of the houses.

“This must be the one. You ready?” Dean asked you. You simply nodded your head and poured some dead man’s blood on your blade. “Attagirl.” Dean said with a smirk before walking towards the house.

You wanted to smack him in the head. Why did he have to go and make your heart beat faster, especially when you’re so close to vampires? Sometimes you hated how much power he had on you.

Once inside the house you felt like a parent putting the presents under the Christmas tree. You tiptoed around, being a quiet as possible in the dark. At first you thought the place was empty, but while checking the second floor, you found the vampires sleeping.

Taking out the first and second vampire was always easy, but eventually the others would wake up and fight you. And today was no exception.

You kicked, you swung your machete and threw punches to everything that came near you until the floor was covered with beheaded bodies and you could feel the Winchesters and you were the only ones in the room.

“You okay?” You heard Dean say. You turned to him, your eyes adjusted to the dark enough to see him, and you could tell he could see you too by the way his eyes shined to you, so you nodded your head.

A big shadow moved behind Dean, and your eyes opened wide in fear.

“BEHIND YOU!” You yelled. Dean quickly turned around and managed to block the vampire’s attack as he lunged for the hunter’s neck.

The vampire landed close enough to Sam for him to hold him by his jacket, giving Dean enough time to cut its head off.

Suddenly the air felt thick and quiet. Both hunters turned to look at you in surprised.

“You spoke.” Sam said confused.

“Yeah…” Dean added with one of his usual smirks. “She does that from time to time.”



You opened your eyes and groaned.

Ugh… what now?… I need sleep… yeah… sleep…

Rolling on the bed you realized your phone just beeped, announcing a text. No use on going back to sleep now.

[text] From: Sam

Just letting you know we’re going out for breakfast to the diner across the road, in case you wanna come.

You smiled and kicked away the covers, only to groan as you noticed how sore you were.

I’m too old to fight vampires…

After brushing your hair and throwing some fresh clothes on, you made your way to the diner. You were surprised to see Sam sitting by himself on a booth. Your confusion must’ve been noticeable, because when you walked closer to the table and Sam looked up and smiled.

“Dean said he had something to do, but he should be here soon.” He said. “Meanwhile I ordered some coffee and pancakes for you.”

Bless his soul! You smiled widely and sat across from him.

As Sam said, Dean walked in shortly after that, holding a brown paper bag. But he didn’t bring it up. He just sat down, ordered his breakfast and ate it.

You all agreed on going back to the bunker that day. So you had to pack bag and meet them by the Impala once you’re ready. But while you were collecting your things, someone knocked on your door.

When you opened the door, you found Dean bouncing a leg and biting his lower lip. He looked troubled.

“Hey! Can I come in?” He asked, and you quickly stepped aside to let him on.

He walked nervously into your room and looked around awkwardly before handing you the same brown paper bag he had with him that morning.

“I…uh… got you something.” He said. You tilted your head and took it carefully. “I’m sorry I didn’t wrap it appropriately. Glittery paper and I don’t mix.” He joked.

You took the content out and stared at it surprised.

It was an old cup with golden stripes. The gold held together the pieces that one time broke apart.

It was simply beautiful and you were deeply touched by the gesture.

“I saw it at an antique store and I thought of you…” Dean said softly, making your heart skip a beat. “… of what you said that night.” He continued. “You know, you’re gold to me too. Mute or not. I just wish you would talk to me, but I understand if you won’t. It only makes it more meaning full when you actually do talk.” Dean explained. “Besides, I know you dropped yours, so I thought you could use a new-.”

He was silenced by you as you threw your arms around his torso and held him tight. You felt his hand move around your back and hold you against him.

Looking up at him, you smiled softly, and for a second there you thought you could see him swallow nervously.

“Thank you.” You whispered.

The two of you stood there in silence for a moment before Dean smiled and tuck a lock of your hair behind your ear, which made your knees go weak.

“See? Meaningful.” He said.

“Make me”

Request: Number 3 for John when he gets jealous? Thanks a lot!

Prompt:  #3 “ Make me”

Originally posted by thepeakywalkers

The Garrison seemed more alive at this time at night, crowded with people and smoke in the air. John thought you looked lovely, of course he’d never say it in front of anyone. 

He wanted to keep you two a secret, maybe because he doesn’t want anyone looking at you differently, you were respected around here, everyone looked up to you. John’s eyes followed you, he couldn’t take his eyes off you. 

He wanted to come see you, dance with you, but the night before prevented him from this. You were mad at him, mad enough to tell him to never talk to you again, He knew you were just throwing your fits like usual, and he’d apologize in a few days when you cooled down.

“You look lovely.” He mumbles, resting a hand against your waist. You look at him rolling your eyes only making him chuckle, “Is John Shelby actually touching me in public?” You mumble, shaking his hand off you. 

“Oi, babe. I told you, It’s to protect you.” You laugh with no humor. “Or you’re just to embarrassed to be with someone like me.” John sits on to stool next to you, asking the bartender for two drinks of irish. “Why would I be shy about you?”

You took the shot, and downed it quickly. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to find someone who will actually dance with me.” John rolled his eyes, ordering another shot, By now he thought he’d be used to your lip, but you always surprised him. 

Heat grew inside his chest, and coursed his body with adrenaline, the anger concentrated on the male touching your rear, and caressing your bare shoulder, and cheek. John stood, alcohol coursing through his ivory veins, giving him even more balls then normal as he walked towards you, his hands wrapping around your waist, dragging you to the nearest door in the pub.

“John what is wrong with you? I was dancing.” His jackets off, folded nicely on the chair. John just gives you his smug, drunken smirk. “I meant it when I said you looked lovely, dove.” 

“John move.” You growl, John’s palm laid flat against the door. “Make me.” John’s lips met with your cheek. You push on his chest, creating distance between yous. “Why are you so mad at me, love?” He mumbles, his hand sliding from your forearm to your hands, playing with your fingers.

“I have no business with someone who won’t even tell his own family about me.” John sighs, “I don’t need my family, to show my love.” 

You sigh, giving up on leaving. and sit down on the chairs, empty along with the room. “I just can’t do it anymore John.” John’s fingers slip underneath your chin, his other hand dancing across your cheek, he lifts your face to look at him. “I’ll do it.”

You didn’t believe you were hearing John right, as he looked into your eyes. “I will do anything for you love, anything. If you want to be official we’ll be official.” John’s lips softly met with yours, his lips like silk. “I love you.” You smile, your hand rubbing shoulder softly, “I love you too.”

I can just see one of them having an ‘oh’ moment

I’m thinking Jane because maybe Petra already knows but she’s being respectful (and also Jane is her only real female friend because those other PTA moms are just catty and cling to any strong-willed person)

So Jane is having a conversation with Xiomara and Alba about dating. They’re saying you can take as much time as you want, because they get it (especially Alba) dating after your husband, your soulmate, dies is tough. It took Alba like 30 years to date again. But Xiomara says, maybe not actual dating, maybe you meet people, platonically or whatever, and see if anything develops from that. You never know.

And Jane’s talking about how if she were to date again (big if!) it would have to be somebody who is good with Mateo and who knows her well, someone who balances her out

Alba says, “Rafael?”

But Jane shakes her head and says that they didn’t work and she likes being friends with him. But it’s not a big deal because she’s not even sure she wants to date.

So she goes to her weekly brunch with Petra and Rafael, except Rafael can’t make it. So Jane and Petra hang out, play with the kids. Petra-I hate singing and being silly-Solano starts up a little singing and clapping game with the kids and all three kids are loving it and Mateo isn’t hitting anyone.

And Jane is watching Petra who has a huge smile on her face while she sings and Jane feels this flutter in her chest




Title: Bluebell

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2 420

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: A few swear words, reader doesn’t think she’s good enough for Sam, some angst, implied smut (But everything leading up to it is quite tame, I assure you, it’s all PG).

Request from Anonymous: Hi! Can you do a Sam x Reader where the Reader gets hit with a truth spell and Dean keeps asking them embarrassing things and Sam tells him to stop? The reader ends up saying all the things they love about Sam because of the spell as well. Also, the spell really freaks the reader out because they don’t want Sam to know how they feel about him because they think they’re not good enough. Thank you!!

Author’s note: I hope you like this Anon! I tried to keep it as close to the request as possible, but you didn’t specify how you wanted it to end, so I hope what I did was okay! And on another note, I’m sorry I didn’t post anything last week, I decided to take a little break from writing after I finished Angel Rising, I hope you guys can forgive me! –xoxo Katie

If you want to read any more of my stories check out my Masterlist!

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

       You could feel the subtle vibrations of the Impala’s powerful engine as the car flew down the road, its speeds far exceeding the legal limits, and you were sitting in the back seat as you and the boys drove to the bunker - after a week away on a witch hunt - when you’d first noticed something was wrong.

       “Hey Y/N, are ya sure you’re okay?” Dean asked as his eyes caught yours in the rear-view mirror, before he leisurely returned them to the stretch of asphalt in front of him. “That bitch threw something at you -”

       “Which you still have in your hair, by the way,” Sam cut in gently, causing you to feel a surge of embarrassment.

        Your hands flew self-consciously to your head, trying to shake out the remains of the blue powder the witch had doused you with in her last ditch attempt to get away. Sam always made you nervous. Ever since the day you’d met him you’d had a crush on him, and the more you’d gotten to know him the bigger it got, if it could even be called a crush anymore…

       Dean gave Sam an irritated grunt in response to being interrupted, but repeated himself and kept talking anyway. “She threw something at you, are you sure you’re okay? We don’t know what she was trying to do.”

       You thought about it for a second, and then said something surprisingly honest, “No, I’m not sure.” There was a pause. No, I’m not sure? Why would I say that? you thought. Sam and Dean seemed equally surprised. Yeah, it was true, you weren’t sure that the witches spell didn’t affect you. But the boys worried about you enough as it is and you usually didn’t like to give them more reason to, unless, of course, there was actually something to be worried about.

        For the rest of the ride home nobody really talked much, that is, after you’d all had a slightly-too-long conversation about what the spell might have been and the various dusty books that were going to be checked once you got back to the bunker. Why hadn’t you just said you were okay? You felt fine, the witch was dead, she probably didn’t even finish her spell. Right?

       You were bouncing impatiently on the balls of your feet as you stood behind Dean, waiting for him to unlock the heavy bunker door when it happened again: you were just a little too honest.

       “Whoa, why are you in such a hurry, Y/N?” Dean asked as he took in your nervously moving form.

       You were in a hurry because you just got back from a hunt, and you wanted to have a shower before the image of you covered in blood and mysterious blue powder was seared into Sam’s mind forever. The types of girls he usually talked to were always so prim and perfect, and then here you were, with ripped jeans, messy hair, and usually covered in some variety of monster guts. Really, you just wanted Sam to think you were pretty like those other girls, but you weren’t going to tell Dean that.

       “Because, I don’t want Sam to see me like this any longer than he has too.” Or maybe you were.

       What?! Why the hell did I say that?  you thought anxiously, avoiding Dean’s eyes at all costs.

      “Um, okay…” he said slowly, drawing out the last word. You didn’t dare turn around to look at Sam.

      “Uh, I gotta go,” you said hastily, pushing past Dean and barreling down the bunker’s metal steps. You faintly heard someone call your name but you ignored it and had the door to the bathroom locked a second later. What was happening to you?

      It had been almost an hour now since you’d come into the bathroom and your hand was hovering over the doorknob, but you couldn’t make it move.

      You still couldn’t believe you’d said, “I don’t want Sam to see me like this,” why would you say that? Wouldn’t, “I want to have a shower,” have been good enough? Sure it would’ve, but for some reason you couldn’t say it, like the words had just poured out of your mouth without permission.

      Suddenly there was a knock on the door and you were pulled from your anxious introspection, a familiar voice piercing the wooden barricade. “Y/N?” the voice asked. It was Sam.

      It was Sam! What were you supposed to do? Your first thought was to run, but you didn’t really have anywhere to run too. Your second thought was to pretend you weren’t there, but you would be forced to leave eventually and he would know you’d ignored him. So finally you were left with only one option: suck it up, open the door, and hope against hope that you don’t say anything stupid.

      “Y/N? Are you okay?” he called again. You drew in a deep breath.

      Yes, I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, you said over and over in your head, ready with you answer this time. Then you forced your hand to move, flung open the door, gave him a composed smile and said, “No, not really.” Damn it!

      Your cheeks flushed hot, “yes, I’m fine,” that’s what you were going to say! You were ready! What happened!?

      Sam looked slightly uncomfortable – though you weren’t sure if it was from what you’d said earlier or because of the deep shade of red you were no doubt turning – and ran his hand through his hair. “Y/N, listen, um, we think we figured out what that spell was,” Sam said as he jerked his head towards the library, motioning for you to follow him. You did.

      “We were looking through some of The Men of Letters’ spell books and we found a page on these flowers - Bluebells – the powder she threw at you, it was blue, right?” you nodded your head yes. “Well, these flowers,” he said as he took a step into the library, where Dean was waiting with an oddly wide grin. “According to the lore they can compel people to tell the truth.” He handed you the book.  “It says that you have to wear a wreath of them for it to work, but we think that whatever spell she used allowed her to use a powdered version and made the effects more … permanent.”


      Your head was spinning.

      Truth spell. Permanent. Sam.

      Sam! If you were under a truth spell, Sam could find out how you felt about him! You’d already slipped up once – which totally made sense now – and who knows what other innocent questions your brain could twist into secret-spilling opportunities about your long-time crush on the youngest Winchester! Though, you supposed it would help if you weren’t thinking about him all the time…

      “Look, Y/N, don’t panic,” Sam said in his attractively deep voice. You dropped the book on the table and took a step back, you couldn’t let yourself think about such things right now. “We’ve already found a cure, and Cas is out getting the ingredients now, you’ll just have to wait a few more hours.”

      Your feet stopped moving, your heart beat slowed. “A few hours?” you said quietly, looking at the ground as if eye contact alone would compel you to spill your guts for all to hear.

      “Yeah, a few hours,” he said calmly. “Cas should be back soon and then we’ll start making it right away.”

      Okay, a few hours, you thought, I can do that, I just have to stay in my room and-

      “Do you think I’m attractive?” Dean suddenly asked, his smile only growing as he watched your eyes widen.

      “Of course I do,” you said automatically, then clamped your hands over your mouth in horror. Why did he ask you that? What would Sam think? Sure you thought Dean was attractive, anyone with eyes could see that Dean was attractive, but he was not the brother you were interested in. You had to get out of here before Dean asked you anything more embarrassing.

      Dean now wore an unbelievably smug face, grinning to himself as you backed away, and you could practically see his brain running through all the things he could do with this opportunity.

      “Would you ever hook up with me?” Dean asked quickly, seeing that he was losing his window.

      “No,” you shot back, still stumbling backwards. You were unbelievably relieved the answer came so easily.

      Dean looked off-put, but pressed forwards anyway. “Fine, so you wouldn’t pick me first, but out of the two of us,” he motioned between Sam and himself, “who would you pick?”

      You froze.

      Not that, anything but that! you thought, desperately trying to fight the spell.

      “Come on, Man, leave her alone,” you faintly heard Sam say, but it was too late. You’d been asked a question, and now you had to answer it. So after pressing your lips together in a pathetic attempt to stop the inevitable, you finally said, “Sam,” through gritted teeth.

      Sam looked shocked, Dean, once again, looked dejected, and you were mortified. Sam knew, he had to! Sam knew how you felt about him and now things were going to be awkward, he might never talk to you again!

      And then, as if he hadn’t done enough damage already, Dean asked one more question. He hammered the final nail in the coffin of your friendship with Sam. He asked why.


      Why, why, why, did he have to ask why? You knew he didn’t do it in a mean way, or a jealous one, he seemed to be genuinely curious. But he still asked. Why him? What does Sam have that he doesn’t? And you told him.

      You told him all the things you love about Sam. You told him how funny and smart his little brother was, you told him how he was an amazing hunter and the kindest man you’d ever met, you even told him how much you loved Sam’s hair in the morning, when it was tousled and he would run his fingers through it. You told him everything, and once you had finally exhausted your truth-spell-induced list of everything you loved about Sam, you all just stood there in silence.

      Dean looked guilty, clearly understanding that he had asked you something that he shouldn’t have. Sam looked confused, and overwhelmed, completely at a loss for words. And you looked – even though you couldn’t technically see yourself – terrified, and on the brink of tears.

      You didn’t want to run away, and you tried not to, but after 10 seconds of silence, then 20, you couldn’t take it anymore. You turned and ran down the hall, practically tripping on the steps, and made a beeline for your bedroom.

      I took a few seconds after you’d shut your door for you to hear it, but once you’d flopped yourself down on the bed you heard the familiar sound of Sam’s heavy boots coming towards your room – no, running towards your room. Then you quickly shot up when you heard a knock at your door.

      “Y/N, can I come in?” Sam’s muffled voice asked. He sounded nervous, and there was a sense of urgency in his tone.

      You wanted to say no, you really did, but you couldn’t. You could never say no to Sam, even if you had just completely embarrassed yourself. So you attempted to wipe the now free-flowing tears from under your eyes and said, “Yes.” You heard a sigh of relief from behind the door.

      “I’m, uh, I’m really sorry about Dean,” Sam said slowly, as he took a few steps into the room. “He shouldn’t have asked you that.”

      You wanted to cry and scream, you wanted to accuse Dean of being insensitive and taking advantage, you wanted to say no he shouldn’t have! But that wouldn’t help matters now, so you simply nodded and looked at the floor.

      More silence.

      “Listen, um, about what you said…”

      “No, please,” you said quickly, desperate to stop this conversation before it began, “you don’t have to say anything, I know you don’t feel the same way. And I’m sorry if I made things awkward between us,” you were rambling now, “and I understand if you want me to move out, and -”

      “Y/N!” Sam yelled, and you slammed your mouth shut. Now what had you done? “None of those things are true,” he said softly, “things aren’t awkward, and I don’t want you to move out, that’s the opposite of what I want!”

      You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, he wasn’t freaked out? He wanted you to stay? You were so confused, and then you did something you weren’t expecting.

      “What do you want?” you whispered, afraid to look him in the eyes. You saw his feet shuffle forward.

      “I want you.”

      Your breath caught.

      He liked you? Why would he like you? He was smart, attractive, funny, he could have any girl he wanted, but he wanted you? This didn’t make sense.

      “Y/N,” he said quietly, moving as close to you as he could get without physically touching you. “I like you, ever since the day I met you I’ve liked you.” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “You’re brilliant, and you’re gorgeous, and you’re caring, and if you left the bunker, I don’t know what I’d do.” Your heart was pounding, “In fact, I don’t just like you,” you looked up, “I’m in love with you.”

      Your world exploded.

      Sam Winchester was in love with you. The man you’d been pining after for years, the man who never failed to make your day brighter, the man who made you feel like maybe this messed up world wasn’t such a bad place after all, was in love with you, and you had no idea what to say.

      You should really say something.

      “Uh, Y/N? Sam asked cautiously, “I don’t want to pressure you or anything, but, uh, it would be nice if you said something, I’m kind of freaking out here.” Sam looked anxious. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I thought -”

      He started to back away, but you grabbed his arm. “I love you too.”

      Sam stopped. “What?”

      “I said, I love you, too.” You were louder this time and you brought your eyes up to meet his. Sam broke into a wide grin. Then without warning, he had his arms wrapped around your waist, your feet off of the ground, and his lips pressed against yours.

      “Maybe that truth spell wasn’t so bad,” Sam said breathlessly, once he finally set you back on the ground.

      “Yeah, maybe not,” you grinned, and then kicked your foot out to shut your bedroom door.

      The antidote would have to wait.

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Happiness - Part 2

Originally posted by nct-johnny-seo

Part 1 | Part 2

Genre: angst, smut

Pairing: Johnny x Reader, Ten x Reader

Word Count: 2k

*REQUESTED* “could I request a nct johnny scenario where he founds you cheating with Ten ? angst please ?”

Summary: Johnny thought you were happy in your relationship until he finds out that you’ve been cheating on him.

When Johnny got home, you weren’t there. Had you gone out or something? Before he could text you and ask if you would be back soon, the front door opened. You came in. Johnny smiled at you, as he usually did when he saw you.

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