were never ever getting back together

Camila, being nostalgic as she introduces OT4 on Radio Disney
  • C: and here are my girls, Fifth -- or wait, fourth? Umm, Harmony!
  • N: girl, I wanna like you but it's better if you just don't speak..
  • D: *mumbles* yeah, shut up.
  • C: I know you don't want me anymore, by the look on your face...
  • A: Mila, we could have reached the top, as high as a Skyscraper, but you left us. We were hurt..
  • C: won't you give me a chance? No no no, no no nooooo oh oh oh!?
  • L: sorry Camzzi, but We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.
  • C: Anything Could Happen..
  • L: Impossible!
  • C: I miss you, Lauren.
  • L: Give My Heart A Break.
  • C: *sighs* Let it be... Let it be let it be let it be...

You can categorize the type of breakups Taylor has written about into four categories for a helpful listening chart when you get your heartbroken:

  • Someone won’t commit (or you didn’t commit)
    • All You Had To Do Was Stay
    • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    • Forever & Always
    • The Moment I Knew
    • The Last Time
    • Back to December 
    • Clean
    • A Perfectly Good Heart
  • You got cheated on/left for someone else
    • White Horse
    • Should’ve Said No
    • Picture to Burn
    • I Knew You Were Trouble
    • Better Than Revenge
  • They were mean/emotionally abusive/not a nice person
    • Dear John
    • Better Man
    • Tell Me Why
    • You’re Not Sorry
    • Cold As You
  • Communication Problems
    • Out of the Woods
    • All Too Well
    • Sad Beautiful Tragic
    • The Story of Us
    • Haunted
    • Last Kiss
    • I Almost Do
    • If This Was A Movie
    • Come In With the Rain
    • Wonderland

we didn’t get the show wrong, we got it completely right, much more right than the creators ever did. our version is so much better.

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: I love you Kels.


Character / Person: Cassian Andor
Premise: First kiss with Cassian!
1st Person Perspective

Cassian Andor and I had been partners since I joined the Rebellion eight months ago. According to multiple sources, we were “the best pair of fighters the Rebellion had ever seen.” In a way, I suppose they were right; we never stopped arguing. 
We were friends, of course, good friends. It just happened that sometimes, one would get too overprotective of the other, and a screaming match would ensue. I usually won, though Cassian would deny it.
We did, in fact, work well together though. We had each other’s backs.

Our newest assignment had sent us along to Alderaan. The planet had played a large part in the founding of the Rebel Alliance, and that put it in immense danger. Imperial presence grew every day. Alderaan was in a very fragile position.
Cassian and I had been sent to retrieve some vital information that could not - under any circumstances - fall into the hands of the enemy. A Rebellion ally, Ari Takome, was hiding it in his house.
As we wove our way through the twisting city streets, a battalion of StormTroopers passed. We tried to look interested in a street vendor’s rugs. “Cassian,” I asked, “What do we do if this goes south?”
Cassian shot me a nervous glance, and I could tell he was leaving something out from his reply: “If it does,, we give our last breaths to protecting the Rebellion.”
I narrowed my eyes. “What aren’t you telling me?”
His eyes flickered over the crowd as he claimed, “Nothing!”
“Cassian Andor, I know when you’re lying.”
Cassian pulled me sideways into an alley as another group of StormTroopers went by. His big brown eyes searched mine, and he sighed. “There is no evacuation plan.”
What?” I hissed. A Trooper stopped nearby, and Cassian hushed me by placing his hand over my mouth.
In the narrow space between the two buildings around us, Cassian and I were completely pressed together. I could hear his rapid breathing close to my ear. His hand was warm, especially compared to the chill of Alderaan’s winter.
I considered the fact that we could die here. At least we would be together. It’s not like I had anything else. Cassian was it. 
I knew why there wasn’t an extraction. With so many Imperial forces around, it would increase the chance of more Alliance officers dying, or possibly being traced back to the base. This was something we had to do alone.
Cassian lowered his hand and checked to make sure we were clear. “Let’s go.”
I followed him into the marketplace. We were looking for a young girl begging for money; she was our guide. With all the hustle and bustle, it was hard to see, but eventually I spotted her off to our left and pointed it out to Cassian. 
Fishing around in his pocket, Cassian found a note and dropped it inside her can. She read over it twice before nodding; then, scurrying to her feet, she led Cassian and I down a deserted road. 
Cassian’s hand found mine as we walked and he gave it a gentle squeeze. I smiled at him. I wanted to think that everything would be fine, but I had a bad feeling about the whole situation.
The girl slipped into a house, so Cassian and I entered as well. The door opened at the foot of a staircase, and we froze as Ari Takome addressed us from the top. “You’ve come.”
Cassian nodded. “You have the files?”
Ari gestured for us to come upstairs, then turned his back and disappeared. Cassian went first, subconsciously fingering his blaster.
At the top of the stairs was a huge room filled with books, scrolls, holos, and just about everything else. A telescope sat beside the window, which faced the mountains. “Wow,” I breathed.
Cassian looked at me with a face that clearly said, “Don’t get too attached.”
“Sit, sit!” Ari said, taking his place in a worn armchair. Neither Cassian nor I moved. “Or don’t,” he laughed anxiously.
Actually, everything he did seemed anxious. The way he chewed his lip, the way he tapped his foot, the way his hand shook…
Cassian noticed it too. “Takome,” he said. “We just need the files, and we’ll be on our way.”
Ari swallowed. “The files. Yes. Of course. I - I’ll get those.” He stood and crossed to one of the bookshelves. Cassian and I exchanged worried glances. I went towards the window to check the perimeter, but Ari caught my wrist viciously. Cassian drew his blaster. “Please don’t,” Ari breathed. It sounded like he was pleading with me not to. His eyes begged me as well.
Just then, the window exploded.
I yelled and jumped backwards as shattered glass rained down on me and Ari. We heard the front door burst open, and Cassian rushed to the edge of the stairs. “Get the files!” He instructed me.
Ari looked as though he was about to faint. “I’m sorry,” he choked, “but they were hurting my daughter…”
I grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him slightly. “We need the files, Ari!”
He pointed to a glass ball on one of the shelves. I snatched it; it was a computer compacted into a chip so small it was hardly visible in the center of the globe. The glass served as a magnifier.
Cassian was firing round after round down the stairs at someone I couldn’t see, but they were returning fire.
The front door was no longer an exit option. I checked out the window again - it was two stories up, but the street below was clear.
Quickly, I ripped Ari’s long, flowing curtains from the wall and tied them together securely. “Attach this to the chair,” I commanded Ari, and I went to help Cassian. “Got the files,” I said, shooting a StormTrooper in the head. “We can go through the window.”
Cassian glanced behind us at my makeshift escape route. “You have the plans, you go.” I waved to Ari to go. He grabbed his daughter - the little girl from before, who had come running when the shooting began - and climbed out the window. “What are you waiting for? Go!”
I slapped the glass ball into his hand and pushed him aside. “You’re the captain. They need you. You go.”
“Y/N - “ Cassian yelled, but a shot blew out the lights above us and showered us with sparks. 
“Go, Cassian!”
Without further argument, Cassian leapt out the window and slid down the curtains. I followed immediately after. As I scaled down the side of the building, a squadron of StormTroopers marched around the corner. They immediately began firing in my direction, and it only took a couple of grazing shots for the curtains to tear apart.
I fell the last ten feet and landed in Cassian’s arms. He set me down as we fired at the Troopers, retreating behind the building. Ari and his daughter were there, and Ari said, “I can get you out of here.”
“You betrayed us! How do we know you won’t hand us over to the Empire?” Cassian demanded.
“I didn’t want to!” Ari cried. “They were hurting my little girl!”
I looked at them from my position where I was keeping watch; the little girl was hiding behind Ari, clutching desperately at his pant leg. I could see from the fear in her eyes that Ari was telling the truth.
“Cassian,” I said. “We don’t know the terrain. He’s our best way out.”
“He called the Empire on us, Y/N! He tried to kill us!”
“Surely that’s not the first time that’s happened,” I replied. “Ari, lead the way.”
Cassian glared at me as I dragged him along after me.
Ari rushed through the streets, carrying his daughter. It was a maze, filled with dead-ends and alternate paths. If we hadn’t had Ari, Cassian and I wouldn’t have made it.
Then we turned into a huge common area, and I knew what was going to happen. “Ari, stick to the sides!” I yelled as he sprinted through the middle. He spun to look at me as a red laserbeam struck his chest.
The little girl screamed as he tumbled forward, bringing her down with him. “Ari!” I screamed, trying to help.
Cassian held me back. “We don’t have time, we have to leave!”
“Then leave, Cassian!” I yanked my arm out of his grasp and hurried to Ari’s side. I helped him roll over; he was a dead man, and he knew it.
“Take Noble!” He gasped. “Get her to the Rebellion. Keep her safe.”
“Daddy!” His daughter, Noble, sobbed. “Don’t go!”
Troopers stormed the area. “Y/N!” Cassian called.
“Run!” Ari bellowed.
I swung Noble up into my arms and took off towards Cas. He covered me as the two of us ran down the final path to his ship. I dropped Noble in one of the seats and ran to start the engine. It was then that I noticed an intense burning in my side, but I ignored it.
Cassian slammed the U-Wing’s door shut and helped me. We shot into the air and away from the Empire.
Once we made sure we weren’t being followed, Cassian jumped us into hyperspeed and turned to face me. “What was that?” He asked angrily.
“Why the hell did you stop for him? He sold us out! You could have died!”
“He didn’t have a choice, Cassian! Did you see the look on his face? He didn’t want to!”
Cassian stood and paced back into the ship. “I don’t care, you could have died!”
Cassian, you’re not listening!” I said exasperatedly, following him.
But he interrupted: “Y/N, don’t you ever stop to think about your actions? Or do you just do whatever you want all the time?”
“Cassian - “
“You can’t leave me, Y/N, you’re all I have! But you keep trying to sacrifice yourself for these people who don’t deserve you!”
Noble started crying. “Cas!” I said.
“I need you! I can’t have you running off to be a hero every chance you get, I can’t deal with the thought of you dying! I’m sorry, but I - “
I shut him up by kissing him. He made a surprised noise, but he melted into my touch instantly. I never realized how much I needed him, how badly I needed his lips on mine. My hand was reaching to brush through his hair when he pulled back unexpectedly. His face was concerned. “You’re bleeding,” he said.
“Oh, yeah. I think I got shot.”
Cassian threw his hands in the air. “This is exactly what I was talking about! Jesus, Y/N, if you don’t start being more careful…” He shook his head and pulled me against him again and kissed me. “I’m gonna kill you,” he whispered.
“If I die, you’re going to kill me?” I giggled.
He smiled. “Yep.” He traced his hand along my jaw as he kissed me. Finally, he said, “Let’s go fix you up.”

True story

Mike and I were in the same fraternity back in college and always ran with the same crowd, though we weren’t exactly friends. We’d partied together many times through the years and were part of a group that gets together for boys weekends once or twice a year. He’s always been a stud and I’d heard plenty of stories about the way his fat dick makes the bitches go crazy, but he never gave any indication that he knew anything about my slut side. Now that he’s a married dad, I had given up on anything ever happening with mike.

This weekend was one of these boys trips. About 8 of use met up for a weekend of football, baseball, drinking and bullshit. Found myself hanging with mike more and more through the weekend, especially around the hotel pool. Dude has always been hot, but his hairy chest and emerging dad bod were making my fantasies run wild. I was working hard to keep my newfound lust for him in check.

Most of the guys headed out Sunday, but I was staying in town for business and mikes flight got delayed. Next thing I knew, mike was asking to crash at my hotel ahead of a flight out this morning. I jumped at the chance. We stayed up too late watching football and drinking and when he passed out in my king sized bed fully dressed, I figured fantasizing about mike was as good as it was going to get. I thought about stroking off or maybe trying to cop a feel of his bulge while he slept, but decided to be good and go to sleep.

Somewhere in the night, I was vaguely aware that mike woke up. I heard him taking a piss, heard a belt hit the floor, and felt the bed shift as he climbed back in, but went back to sleep without much more thought.

I’m not sure how much later it was that I awoke to a moan. Mike and I were spooning and he was pushing a massive, rock hard dick against my ass. He was grabbing my ass through my boxers with one hand and pulling me back into him with the other, grinding against me. Then I heard the moan again. It was me. And then I heard the deep manly laugh in my ear as he pulled my boxers down below my bubble ass.

As I lifted my ass to let him get my boxers off, he rolled me over face down and climbed on top in one move. His massive dick was buried between my ass cheeks, grinding and searching for my tight pucker. Some spit in his hand and one smooth move later, and his dick head was pressing, trying to fight its way into my tight hole. Unconsciously, I lifted my ass to meet his thrust. He laughed again and said “say please”. I could barely form the words with his weight pressing me into the mattress, but I managed to whisper “please, bro” just as he sunk into me all the way to the balls.

I screamed out in pleasure and pain as I was stretched to my limit with nothing but spit to ease his entry. In no time, he’d worked up to an incredible rhythm as my hole gripped his massive cock. He pulled my ass up and back so that he was pummeling my prostate. It was clear that mine was not the first ass mike had fucked–he knew exactly how to make my pussy sing for him. As I felt him on top of me, chest heaving, biting my neck and saying fuck yes in my ear over and over, I couldn’t help but cum. I didnt even have the words to warn him, but he felt my ass contract and grip him even tighter. Two more massive plunges right into my prostate and I felt my reward as his dick swelled and coated my insides with his incredible load.

I lay there panting in a puddle of my own fag cum as he fell asleep on top of me, dick inside me and his hand on my ass. He was gone when I woke up, but I’ve got three faint bite marks on my neck and back that will remind me what a slut I am all week. Just hope they fade before I head home on Wednesday.


Anonymous asked: May you do an imagine where the reader is a big fan of Criminal Minds and she has a crush on Spencer and she and Matthew are dating now, and she never told him about knowing and crushing on him. After dating for a while he, somehow, finds out and gets really angry about it, but a happy ending 

I never meant for him to find out.

Not necessarily that it was a bad thing, but I just had never wanted it to color our relationship. 

Except there was just one little detail that I didn’t account for. 


I had written Spencer Reid fanfiction before I ever met Matthew, and it was hidden away in a discreet binder, tucked among all my other writing. Now, he and I have been dating for two years and we were moving in together. I had gone out to get some things from the store and when I came back into the house, Matthew was sitting on the floor with my writing spread out around him. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the blue and white binder open next to him, with the pages out of it, several in his long-fingered hand. 

“(Y/N)?” he said, his tone questioning. 


“What is this?” he asked, and I felt panic begin to rise up within me, noticing the harsh edge to his normally kind voice. 

“I don’t…um…”

“You knew? You knew who I was when we met?” he asked. 

“I did,” I said, “But-”

“You acted like you didn’t.” He sounded angry. 

“I never said-” I began. 

“You never said?” he repeated. “You didn’t say at all! You should have said. You kept this from me on purpose.”

“Matthew, please don’t be mad,” I pleaded. 

“Look at these,” he said. “Look at them, they’re awful.”

“Awful?” I whispered. 

“This…You should have told me.”

I just backed away and sat down on the couch. Not only was he angry, he thought they were awful on top of that. It was a double sucker-punch. 

“(Y/N), I don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell me.” 

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want it to color what we could possibly have, and then later because I didn’t want it to color what we already did have. I didn’t want to ruin anything. I didn’t want you to be mad at me or think I was tricking you. I didn’t want this to happen!” 

By this time, I was sobbing, and I wasn’t even sure my words were intelligible. 

“I didn’t want to make you think I was a groupie and it’s how I started writing, you were my inspiration and I was worried you would hate them and think they were horrible and you do.”

“Wait, hold on,” Matthew said. His voice was softer than it had been, but I didn’t dare look up. I just cried. 

“You said they were awful,” I whispered. 

“Oh, that’s not…I didn’t mean the writing was awful. I…(Y/N), look at me.” 

I forced myself to glance up and meet his eyes, but I couldn’t hold his gaze. I dropped my head, and his footsteps approached, then he knelt in front of me. 

“I’m sorry I yelled at you, (Y/N),” he said quietly, brushing a lock of hair behind my ear. 

“I didn’t mean that at all,” he said. 

“Then why did you say it? You know how sensitive I am and I can be really insecure and I was so worried you would hate me and then you started yelling and I was worried you would leave me and I’m really sorry, Matthew,” I sobbed. 

“Hey, hey, come here,” he said, taking me into his arms. 

“I don’t hate you, love,” he assured me, holding me close. “I love you so much, and this doesn’t change that.”

“It doesn’t?” I asked. He shook his head. 

“No, of course not,” he replied. “I was upset that you didn’t tell me, but I just wanted an explanation. I really just wanted to know why, and now you’ve told me and it’s okay. It’s okay, I promise.”

“But you said they were awful.”

“I didn’t mean the writing was awful,” he explained. “I just…did that thing I do, where I just said what I felt, I felt awful, and I took it out the wrong way.” He shook his head. 

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

“It’s okay,” I replied. 

“I’m sorry, too.” 

Matthew gave me a sweet, small smile.

“They’re very good,” he said. “You captured Spencer perfectly.”

“Thanks,” I said shyly. 

“But,” he continued, reaching his long arms around me and hugging me close. “You captured me even more easily.”

Genocide, together: Ch 2


KillerSans and the idea for this comes from @rahafwabas

Chara knew it wasn’t going to be easy turning Sans away from what is right. But that didn’t stop them. They wanted a new partner; Frisk was gone now, Chara can’t get them back now. It’s never fun on their own. When has doing something alone ever been for anybody?

Sans wasn’t giving in, but there were a few things that Chara noticed, broke him a bit. Speaking of the resets, speaking of the erased memories, how he cared less and less of the world as the resets continued on. Chara just had to use the right words in the right places to make him snap.

They just had to keep going. Convince him, turn him.

B R E A K  H I M.

They stayed determined. Ha! It wouldn’t be long now, there will be results; there were many before, many where Sans hesitated to attack, or even show somewhat of an interest of what they were saying. At one reset, he even cried.

Chara loved seeing this pun-loving skeleton break under their words, it was fun to hurt him. Fun to see the abyss staring back at them through his empty eyes. There was a reason, of why; Chara wanted him out of everyone else in the underground to join them to erase it all.

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‘Red, we might be stranded behind enemy lines, left behind by our ship on this Garbage planet of Extra Despair, wounded, without weapons, and followed by those Tracker-animal-guard Enemy-people… But I found this…this little tiny robot arm-digit- and I’m going to make this into the MEANEST most HORRIBLE killer destroyer robot…thingy EVER. And we are going to make them PAY.’
'Purple, when we get back and we’re the Tallest, I’m letting you name every operation, just so you know.’

Okay, I read the transcript of the unaired episode; “The Trial” and it features the Tallest when they were little. I never before thought about them that way, and now that I pictured them alongside Zim, in training, I had to draw them on a DOOMED mission together. They’re probably in trouble because of Zim.

Skam 30 day challenge

Day 18 - Saddest scene 

I’ll answer this by saying everytime Isak cried

  • yes, even that time he cried for a movie...
  • do I say anything about this? I can still feel the pain..

Originally posted by imaliitledeath

  • and yes even that time he cried for his mother’s answer. I know these were tears of happiness..but he cried..I know I’m too dramatic, sue me…

Originally posted by thelovelylights

  • (╥_╥) my sweet son  (╥_╥) 
  • but the saddest scene of all of them was this.. I..I was so shocked when this clip came up. Just like an idiot, I thought Isak will be drunk and call Even and I was thinking that they will be get back together. Instead of my extremely pollyanna thoughts, he saw Even kissing Sonja and God…I’ve never ever felt so sorry for anyone before. He fought with Mahdi. He kicked bushes.. He kneeled to the ground and he cried.. That moment my heart broke to million pieces.. I’ve never thought this episode end like that and they let us live with that pain for a week without knowing how Isak was.. This is the saddest scene in all three season of skam for me..I hate seeing him devastated,hopeless and broken… And eventhough I’m literally in love with Even, I’ll never forget how Isak felt, how I felt in this episode…

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Getting back together with Eric? :)

You and Eric have been broken up for almost a month and it’s been the hardest month of your life. The two of you were so close and you had shared all of your firsts together. You thought nothing could ever break you apart, but it happened. You were having some meaningless argument and it turned into a screaming match. Eric had shouted that he hated you and you told him you never wanted to see him again. Of course, you’ve still been seeing him at school every day, so it’s like pouring salt into the wound. There’s been a lot of sleeping more, eating less, and crying to friends for both of you.

One day you arrive at school, walking to your locker to get a book out. You stumble as a jock nearly knocks you over and and he laughs. You suddenly hear a familiar, protective yell, “Hey! Leave her alone.” The jocks laugh and roll their eyes as they walk away. You close your locker, seeing Eric standing a few lockers down from you. “Thanks,” you say quietly as you walk past him. “Yeah,” he mumbles, turning around to watch you go sadly. You turn the corner and Eric punches a locker, more angry at himself than ever. You get to class and sit down, taking a deep breath as you try to make your heart stop racing. He still wants to protect you.

You’re in the class you share with Eric when the fire alarm goes off. They start announcing a fire drill and everyone files outside. You end up in line behind Eric as they count everyone, biting your lip as you look at the back of his neck. You always used to sneak up from behind and give him a kiss there because it drove him crazy. Eric can feel your breath on the back of his neck and he’s doing everything he can not to shiver. He scratches his head and his baseball cap accidentally slips off the back of his head. “Oh,” you both say as you catch it and he glances back at you. You gently put it back on his head and give his shoulder a small squeeze before you move your hands back to yourself. “Thanks,” he mumbles, facing forward again as he bites his lip. That’s the first time you’ve touched him in a month. “Yeah,” you say softly, looking down at your hands, I just want to hug him.

You walk back to the building and Eric holds the door open for you. Following you inside, he catches a whiff of your perfume. He’s momentarily distracted and a couple people run into him. He quickly apologizes and goes back to the classroom, sitting in his seat behind you. You look at your notes as your teacher starts talking again and try to focus. Now that things have calmed down between the two of you, you’re feeling more lonely than ever. You start writing when your pen runs out of ink. After shaking it a few times, you start to look though your things to find another one. You feel a gentle tap on your shoulder and a pen appears from behind you. You take it, accidentally brushing your fingers against Eric’s before starting to write again. Eric leans back in his seat, watching you with a hint of a smile. You end up doodling later in class- a few small hearts and the letter R.


#if cas were a woman blah blah blah #like ppl would still ship it #as two of the ships on here are still super popular #but lbfr if cas were a woman way more ppl would recognize how toxic and abusive their relationship is #and wouldn’t ship it #not to mention how critics and reviewers would be calling that shit out too