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On the MEA Discourse (Possible slight spoilers)

Cuz I feel like I should say something about the recent chatter surrounding Mass Effect Andromeda:

mlm are allowed to be worried that there are no announced mlm squad romances and strong hints there may not be.

wlw are allowed to be worried that there are no announced wlw squad romances and strong hints there may not be.

queer people are allowed to be a bit miffed that we’ve seen 2 m/f romances confirmed but no m/m or f/f romances.

mlm and wlw are allowed to be a bit miffed that the shipside romances they are rumored to get have character models that were obviously made using the standard human character generator rather than specially rendered like squad members.

black people are allowed to be worried that Liam will be mistreated and miswritten the same way Jacob was, especially since they appear to share a writer. 

women are allowed to be miffed that male ryder has dominated the trailers and press previews of the game.

people of color are allowed to be disappointed that we have seen no signs of any Ryders of color and no indication whether the custom character creation will allow them to make Ryders that look reasonably like them.

If you want to attack or police the reaction of any of the above, please consider why they might be concerned. Please consider that marginalized people treasure what little representation that get in mainstream games, and that if Bioware backslides on it, they are left with even less.

And seriously, please consider that most of y’all didn’t make a peep when the complaints were mostly gamer dudes complaining about graphics and mechanics, but you’re suddenly out here crusading for Bioware when marginalized people start worrying that the story won’t reflect them. Consider why one you let slide and the other you’re finger wagging like all get out.

Let marginalized people be worried about representation, because 9 times out of 10, it turns out they were right to be worried. 


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The new season of America’s Next Top Model premiered on VH1 last night with a fresh panel of judges, including supermodel Ashley Graham. Graham has also been a major advocate of body positivity, stating, “There is no one standard of beauty anymore.” However, some don’t feel this was reflected in last night’s episode of ANTM were perplexed when none of the 14 finalists chosen to compete on America’s Next Top Model were plus-size.

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Arashi’s medley started well enough.  And then…

There seems to be someone who keeps looking down or away from the camera.

It’s so clear he’s trying hard to hold it in…

And I start breaking a little when Riida goes to support him…

And his eyes are already red by now.

And it’s Sho-kun’s turn to reach out to our middle child…

And then Neens…

… and it’s Jun’s hand going towards Masaki in the right-hand corner.

Why are you crying Masaki~~~ Your members are rooting for you Masaki-kun, so take heart.  Even if the results didn’t turn out as hoped, we appreciate your efforts.

*stands and claps wildly even as tears drip down her face*

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└  Model pair: カッコイイ〜 可愛い〜 (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

And cos I couldn’t resist a super-competitive Jun looking adorkably cute~~

and the teasing~~

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This hugely popular mobile fashion game is investing big bucks in body positivity

  • Before Tuesday, users of the popular mobile fashion game Covet Fashion, which has 500,000 users daily, were tasked with outfitting their models, who were always thin with typically mannequin-esque proportions. Think of it like a paper doll, but more 3D. 
  • This upgrade also sets a new precedent for video games to begin to be as diverse as the people who play them. 
  • Starting on Tuesday, Covet users will now have the ability to choose from 50 different models with various different body types (up from just one) and seven different skin colors to choose from as well. Read more

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