were lizard

There was a lizard with an absurdly round head in my room. I had to get him out before the larger animals found him but every time I tried to pick him up, he threw his head back and growled like a dog.  When I could finally pick him up, he would shiver in my arms.  I took him outside and asked my mom where I should put him and she told me to leave him where the lily pads grew.  I said “You…want me to throw him in the pool?” and she rolled her eyes and said “Very funny.  You know where the lily pads are.”

So, I take him to the lilypads which were growing out of the ground at the base of the pool and set the lizard down.  His right eye kept falling out and regenerating really quickly.  There were about five little lizard eyeballs on the ground before I told him to keep his eye sockets closed until the tissues holding his eye in his skull could regenerate too, to hold his eye in place again.

The Frog Saga

So in a nearby college’s science building, a geologist had set up a very interesting display. 

It was his collection of gemstone frogs.

There was a derpy frog!

A judgy orange sunny frog!

A simple frog!

A short frog!

A bumpy toad!

A salty, taunting, tongue-out frog!

And there were even two lizards who had somehow made their way into the collection…here is one of them…

Reminds me of some @orochihigh​ things going down right now…..

There was a super shiny opal frog!

But I took a liking to 2  frogs in particular. 

who is she




I’ve never really had an OTP until now.


He has a 99.99% chance of stealing yo girl


                           His crown lit up the way as we moved slowly
                 Past the wondering eyes of the ones that were left behind

florida gothic
  • you enter your local publix. lining an entire wall is carton after carton of orange juice. “50% off blood oranges, grown fresh in state!” says a smiling employee. he gives you a sample. you try to ignore the metallic taste now lining your tongue.
  • you cross lake jessup as you have every day for the past three years. you can’t help but notice a distinct lack of alligators in the waters below. your windshield is black with splattered bugs. splattered bugs, and also large chunks of green, scaly flesh.
  • you near the exit of walt disney world’s magic kingdom with your family. a smiling employee scans the chip embedded in your forearm and allows you to leave. your daughter was not so lucky. “the most magical place on earth,” you chant in unison, tears streaming down your cheeks.
  • the temperature is 64 fahrenheit. you don a thin sweater and comment, “it’s a bit chilly, isn’t it?” everyone within a ten mile vicinity snaps their head around to face you and chants together, “you dont know cold. you have never seen cold. i used to live in new york. you have not lived cold.”
  • there are no mountains for miles. the ground has no undulations, no bumps, no imperfections. your house is perfectly flat. you are perfectly flat. the world is perfectly, wonderfully flat. you laugh at globes.
  • “mosquitos are big this year!” someone laughs from deep within the bunker. you do not laugh, but instead paint another protection sigil onto the door with extra strength bug spray. perhaps it will help you this year. if not, the joker will make excellent bait.
  • the rain comes down in sheets at exactly 4:00 every summer afternoon. the rain stops at exactly 4:10 every summer afternoon. at exactly 4:11 every summer afternoon, you have forgotten it. the grass is parched, the asphalt baking. you do not remember the last time it has rained. 
  • a small boy from michigan standing near you points excitedly towards a wall. “look, mommy, a dinosaur!” she does not look, only says, “dear, there’s lizards in this state, don’t you know?” you do know. but you don’t remember them being so big, or having such large teeth.


a brief list of misunderstandings about the past by one RJ MacCready:
  • “the president of the United States, Lex Luthor”
  • yeah, I fought a vampire once. it’s too bad garlic isn’t a real food, but cutting off his head worked fine. 
  • [thinks godzilla was a real animal]
  • [thinks lizard men were real]
  • [doesn’t believe a frog was a real animal.]
  • people used to voluntarily go swimming??
  • i read that gmo’s turn you into a super mutant. bet it was easier to deal with them back when you could just fly away in your car. 
  • i’m not stupid, Leigh, I know there are seven continents. the united states, canada, europe, china, mexico, and thailand. (his knowledge of different countries comes mainly from clothing labels.)
  • [disbelief in frog intensifies.] oh, sure, it just grows legs. next you’ll be telling me there was an animal that could talk. 
  • [disbelief in parrots intensifies.]
  • of course aliens are real, I saw a documentary about how will smith defeated the invading force. 
  • ACDC, a group of mercenaries who wrote songs about their favorite jobs. why’s it called greatest hits if it’s not about assassinations, Leigh????
  • what the fuck is a child labor law

childhood favs
(please listen to this while looking cuz I had it on freaking repeat the entire time)


bunch of sketches I haven’t published, bc I forgot about them, and the last one I’ve sketched yesterday :)

warm ups (from the stream last year): Ed with man bun, angry Ed (someone called him shorty again???), OC Edmund requested by @hitantenshi (baby), Winry, Nina Tucker requested by @ninatucker :D

Edward Elric: inspired by 3rd opening from FMA03 :3

Lizard Ed: from Lizard Chimera AU - bc Ed is such a cutie in this AU (at least he looks like cutie)

Xerxian ED: from Alkimia Shop AU - so cool! I love his piercings so much?! I need to draw more of him, bc it’s what I love the most - unusual clothing and a lot of piercings and tattoos 

both Eds are for @obersten bc you’re awesome man! Stay cool and keep up fantastic work :)

Seems like the Kyilns are interesting you guys too. Thank you so much qwq. For those of you who are interested, I roughly sketched their body. Bear in mind that it may change, because I feel like it’s too simple yet…that it’s missing something. So I’ll work on it. I still can’t find a good texture…because I see them kinda smooth, like their skin is wet or something. Ekh I don’t know how to explain it.

(I don’t know bout the paws though…I’ll try to make them more precise as I go, because they were supposed to be lizard like, with claws)

Also, when I’m done, I’ll be adding more infos on them…and if you really want it, I could always do a long text post explaining a lot more on them. Would you like it?