were jaguar


it was kind of odd, being in the chimera pack. the dynamic was… off to say the least.

you were a bad ass were jaguar, but certain pack members (Tracy and Theo) coddled you like you were a flower.

“i just dont get it.” you sighed, sitting next to Corey, “its like they think i cant handle myself or something.”

“no. they’re just in love with you.” Corey stated absentmindedly. then he froze, slowly looking at you, “forget i said that. god. Theo is going to kill me… if Tracy doesnt get to me first.”


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it was specified to be for a bi girl but i think it can be read by pan people as well. i dunno. im going to add some sexuality terms to the tags and maybe it will help people navigate.

hope i get more like this in the future! love you guys <3 <3 <3


BRPD- The Wendigo and the Were-Jaguar

Two creatures unrelated in myth, one being Native american in nature, the other of Asian origin, nonetheless come together to fight in the comic BPRD, a spin-off (but strong title in its own right) of the Hellboy franchise. The Wendigo is a malevolent spirit that possesses those it kills, turning them into the next incarnation of it (the most recent being the friendly Daryl, a family man) while the Jaguar is a little more vague, a curse inflicted upon the dead on the shores of Bolivia. The final confrontation between these two came in the comic “the Killing Ground”, and was one of the best fight scenes I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. 


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REQUEST:could you do an imagine with liam dunbar, where you are the new girl in the pack and a werejaguar and you two went to his home after a lacrosse game and you two start kissing and stuff, please very dirty and then on the next morning scott and stiles are suddenly coming and very suprised yeah i hope there werent too many details

“Alright, Y/N, since you’re a were jaguar, we would like to offer you something. A chance to be in our pack. It gives you the advantage of being well-protected and gives you some new friends since you’re new here and all…” Stiles came to the end of his speech, looking a bit uncomfortable and awkward towards the end. You pondered his proposition, new friends would be helpful; not to mention that you would get to that cute guy in your Biology class, Liam. “Well, I would love yo join your pack! It seems like a good idea and frankly, I would like to have as many friends as possible,” you added laughing at the end. Stiles smiled in response and asked, “Hey, you’re coming to the lacrosse game tomorrow night right? My friend Liam was kinda hoping I could convince you if you said you joined the pack,” he said smirking at the end. Blushing profusely, you nodded your head and cocked your head to the ceiling, listening to the warning bell. “Well, I’d better get to class! See ya Stiles!” you both part ways, your heart about to beat out of your chest. 


You arrived at the lacrosse game, just as it was about to begin. As you watched Liam, you couldn’t help but notice his amazing technique. You waited out the rest of the game and once the game, you raced down to go see Liam. “Hey! Y/N! You made it!” Liam shouted, making you blush. “Yeah haha Stiles told me you were expecting me…” You said with a sly smile. He immediately put his eyes down and looked at the ground, making you feel bad. “Well, did you want to hang out?” You immediately want to make things better and it seemed as though you had, hearing you, Liam lifted his head and smiled. “Sure! Let’s hang out at my house. Maybe a movie?” he seemed nervous so you laughed to listen the mood. You nodded and the beamed in response. 

As you two made your way to Liam’s living room to watch the movie, you couldn’t help that no one seemed to be home. Score! Alone time with Liam and no parental supervision… The two of you settled on the couch and in time had your hands and mouths all over one another. You kissed passionately and without any boundaries. It was as if you two had met in another life and were just now being reunited. His hands clutched at your breath and passed over your bottom, you bucking your hips into response and letting out a little moan. You pressed your hands into his bare back and slowly drew your nails up and down his back, marking your territory. His mouth sucked harshly and frequently on your neck, marking his territory. The clothes kept diminishing until his length was pressed against your slit, sliding up against in every so often. You moaned and groaned, hoping he could just fuck you senseless already. Finally, he got up the courage and positioned himself at your entrance, he thrust into you, hard and fast, giving you no time to adjust to his size. You screamed in pleasure, egging him on. He went faster still and reached down to finger your nub to get you to climax faster. It worked, in no time at all, you were cumin all over him, and him inside of you. Thankfully, since you were bitten, you couldn’t get pregnant so more sex with Liam for you! 

As you both rode off your highs, the two of you snuggled up and feel asleep on the couch, listening to each other’s heartbeats. 


You woke up the next morning Scott and Stiles staring at the two of you. “Well, now we know why Liam wanted you to be at the lacrosse game. That went zero to one hundred real quick.”

Tezcatlipoca as a were-jaguar.

The Magic and Mysteries of Mexico; or, The Arcane Secrets and Occult Lore of the Ancient Mexicans and Maya

Lewis Spence, patriotic Scotsman
London: Rider & Co., 1943.

Just a Little More Time

Requested: hi, i really love your imagines (: i was wondering if you could do a Teen Wolf pack imagine where you’ve always been an important part of the pack (you’re a were-jaguar) and always risked your life to protect them. You were Scott and Stiles’ best friend since ever, and one day you went too far to protect someone and you end up in the hospital. When you wake up you have amnesia and they have to remind you of everything? (happy ending and possibly Stiles’ girlfriend?)

A/N: Hi, and aw, thank you so much - I’m glad that you like them! I’ve written this in the third person following Stiles because it seemed like the easiest way of following amnesia. And I, um, yeah - I got very carried away with this it would appear so it’s kind of long, hope all that’s all right!

Just a little more time. They were the five words everyone kept telling Stiles, as if that was going to make things better. It seemed to be the only thing anyone could tell him to try and reassure him that things were going to be all right.

‘Oh, just give her a little more time, then everything’ll be back to normal,’ his father had told him, clapping him on the shoulder as they made their way back home after another evening of Stiles sitting outside (Y/n)’s hospital room. He’d heard the waver behind his dad’s voice though, knowing that he was trying to convince himself as much as he was trying to reassure Stiles.

‘Surely she only needs just a little more time, given the whole… well, you know,’ had been Scott’s attempt to quell his own worry. Stiles knew deep down that Scott cared about her as well – they’d been inseparable, the three musketeers since kindergarten – but the whole uncertainty surrounding her were-jaguar powers were beginning to worry him as well. Were they the same as werewolves? Did they heal at the same rate? What if the doctors noticed something peculiar about her recovery?

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Psycho (3) ||Theo Raeken 🌸 ||

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Part 1 : http://p3rks-ofbeing-the-benefactor.tumblr.com/post/124192422026/psycho-theo-raeken Part two :

http://p3rks-ofbeing-the-benefactor.tumblr.com/post/124210140466/psycho-2-theo-raeken _____🌸_____

After turning into a were jaguar it was evident that whoever these doctors were has figured out a way to create supernaturals without being born / bitten .

Not only were they creating problems for the pack and endangering everyone , but Theo was somehow involved . (y/n) had always sort of had her suspicions about the whole ‘a lone wolf can’t survive on its own’ and about a lot of things Theo had done but she let it slip because he was too darn cute .

Stiles was happy that someone had understood his suspicions , even though he was utterly annoyed that she found him cute . That all changed however when he turned out to be insanely psycho and allowed those Doctors to almost kill her .

Now, she swore that if she ever saw him again she would probably rip him to shreds, but being the good guy he is , Scott thought there were better ways of punishing him .. Stiles obliged .

So , since Theo hadn’t shown up since the incident , Scott along with his friends due to experience have been trying to teach (Y/N) everything she needed to know , although , she knew everything from always being around.


Tonight was the big game , Beacon Hills against Devenford so everyone was out to support . Of course you, Lydia and Malia were out on the bleachers to support Scott and Liam and maybe Stiles if they allowed him to play . You also supported Brett even though he was on the opposing team .

You were laughing at something Malia had said when you turned to your right and saw someone familiar . Theo. As much as you knew this was the worst possible decision , you needed to get him alone , so you excused yourself from the two girls and nodded towards the school mouthing the word ‘gym’.

He disappeared and you followed , making sure no one realized . “What the hell Theo” you growled claws extending your eyes glowing as you entered the gym and saw him standing in the middle waiting on you. You struck at his face but he grabbed your hand and twisted you around so that your back was towards him .

“Easy there (Y/N) ” he chuckled “I must say the power looks good on you” he let you go and turned to face you “enjoying?”

“Enjoying?” You scoffed phasing to normal “Theo I almost died . Do you have any idea what your putting my brother through? Scott and his friends have always had some shit to deal with ever since he became a wolf endangering his life many times . Whatever the hell your creating or trying to do just stop wasting your time because it’s not going to end well” you spat looking at him dead in the eye .

“(y/n)!” You heard Scott yell and you looked behind Theo who turned to see your friends “Scott? How’d you know I was here?” “Liam saw you leave . Theo back away from her” He spat his Alpha eyes glowing red .

The lights dimmed and you heard the footsteps and heavy breathing. It was happening again. They grabbed your arms and tilted your neck “I’m sorry dear (Y/N) but I’m afraid your Condition is Terminal ” The middle one spoke

“NO!” Scott , Stiles and Theo yelled . They were about to inject you when Theo pushed you away causing them to inject his arm instead and then they vanished as he fell to the floor clutching it . Scott rushed over as you kneeled to his side “You saved me ” you gasped “why..”
“Because that’s not what I wanted . They said they’d give you power, they wouldn’t hurt you. (y/n) I’m sorry… They said they had a way to create new life .. That they would bring her back..” He groaned “bring who back?” You whispered “My sister ..” And then it hit. That’s why he did all this . He thought he was getting his sister back “it’s okay..” You whispered clutching his hand in yours . He brought your hand to his mouth and placed a kiss “I love you (Y/n) ” he said with a soft smile “ I love you too …” You replied as his breathing slowed “Thank you for saving me ..” “Thank you for forgiving me ” he murmured as his eyes closed. You sighed and rest his hand on his chest and looked to Scott who gave you a soft smile “he’s gone..” Scott nodded and gave you a small hug leaving you for a few seconds with his body as he called Melissa .

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The man in the cave ((private rp))


For many years people wonder what animals thought during the times they are around them…what they would say or how they could comunicate with them….for a while there has been secrets in the jungle and well….a man…a man left by his family when he was young as his parents were killed by a jaguar…he talks to the animals with perfect english but to people he h3 cant really

Where were all these pedophile complaints when

Kate Argent repeatedly seduced a fifteen year old when she was like 21? And then again when she was like 28. Like HOLD UP. A nearly 30 year old sociopathic were-jaguar seduced a 15 year old boy. She was almost twice as old as him the second time, but nobody freaking cares about poor little Derek and any trauma that situation may have caused.

But then Jordan Parrish shows up and treats Lydia like the intelligent young woman she is, never acting on his feelings or doing anything to force himself/his attentions on her. He respects her by waiting for her to make a move and show what she is okay with. BUT NO. Apparently Queen Lydia Martin doesn’t deserve to be happy in a healthy mature relationship for once in her life.

Seriously people??? How freaking screwed up is this?

Stop making up crap about Marrish being unhealthy or illegal or disgusting or whatever. It’s insulting to us as shippers and MORE IMPORTANTLY it’s insulting to Jeff Davis and the writers of the show who created this relationship over a year ago and seem to have special plans for it since it’s the slowest burn relationship on the show.