were in the 70s

You can talk about how White supremacy is killing Black people with Black men all day but it the minute you bring up how the Black patriarchy is killing Black women niggas get silent and defensive.

Niggas can reblog about police brutality against Black men but leave out the Black women that were killed or put into silence with sexual violence.

Beyoncé drops an album that lifts of so many Black women and then niggas break they back to bad mouth her while people are connecting to it

And never ever try to bring up how Black women have disproportionately higher sexual Assualt rate(black girls before the age of 18 have a 1 in 4 chance of being sexually assaulted) with many cases being incest and the majority of perpetrators being Black men they know.

And apparently bringing this up is Black male hatred even though the people who have been out on the streets since the civil rights movement has been women fighting for Black men. That 70% of the Black panthers were women and that BLM was created by black women responding to the death of three Black males. I will always fight for Vlack people of all genders but I will not ignore the violence against Black women, cis and trans, done by Black men. I won’t “fix” white supremacy first then deal with that. My ancestors didn’t fight and die for y'all to also tell us wait our turn.

Morse: The Sixties passed me by Lewis

*Cue a television series starring Endeavour Morse set in the 60s in which he investigates crimes involving top factories and new computers, gets invited to flash parties by random millionaires, and goes on an extended harrowing trip after being drugged by a pop band’s groupie*

Jackie & Hyde Theory

Okay so anyone who watched That ‘70s Show knows the last season was an abomination and absolutely not how the real creators wanted the show to end. It was like a bad fever dream really. But since I reject the last season (and the end of season 7 tbh, I stop re watching before Jackie and Hyde breakup again every time) I was thinking and I have a theory of how it really would have ended for them.

I feel like Jackie and Hyde would have ended up together – CLEARLY ENDGAME – and anyone who doesn’t think they would have worked clearly hasn’t paid any attention to the most stable and loving relationship on the show – Red and Kitty. Jackie and Hyde in “Acid Queen” are basically them, just with a little more obsession with money and makeup for Jackie and distrust of the US government for Hyde. But Hyde is a total grump who always pretends to say no to whatever Jackie wants but then caves eventually, just like Red and Kitty. Jackie brings out a more loving side in Hyde who refuses to admit to having basic human emotions, just like Kitty does with Red. Both Red and Hyde have difficulty saying “I love you” but it’s somehow still no secret that they love the women they’re with more than anything. And while Hyde and Red both seem to be stereotypical “I-wear-the-pants-here” type men in their relationships, they’re both clearly controlled by the women they love and will (however reluctantly) do anything for them. There’s a really nice balance in both relationships.

They wouldn’t have been exactly the same but I know that Jackie and Hyde ending up together would have completely made sense, and that it would have lasted just like Kitty and Red.

Okay that’s all, I’m clearly very bitter about not getting to see Jackie and Hyde end up together. I just pretend the show got canceled halfway through season 7 and everyone is just hanging out in the basement as usual, Jackie and Hyde bickering while still completely in love.

A Brief List Of Struggles For Anyone Who Loves The Rocky Horror Picture Show To Relate To

Being a product of the late 70′s-90′s and thus you were either non existent or just born when The Rocky Horror Picture show was

Suffering in your job out of motivation for the $ you’ll put toward  Rocky Horror soundtracks,midnight screenings, merchandise, etc. 

…Because as financially torn as you are- that $120 vintage Roxy Theatre cast vinyl will feed you more than the Ramen…

People not knowing who Tim Curry is

“His music career is sorely underrated– trust me, I was up til 3 a.m. last night listening to all 40+ years of it…”

Attempting to explain what The Rocky Horror Picture Show is about, and how the midnight screening/audience participation works without making it sound like it’s just a cult of people tripping on acid.

“No, trust me, you won’t need narcotics to feel high with this one–You know what, you’ll just have to watch it to understand- okay?!”

Feeling as though a fictional alien transvestite could actually raise the sex bar too high for your current/future lovers

“Like, they’re good… but I can’t say with certainty if they’re humanoid-alien- sweet transvestite-disguised-as-my-current-partner good…”

A man with curly underarms is superior in sporting lingerie and heels to any male, female, anyone in between, and of course you 

...Alright, a small part of you is ok with it, because hot patootie what a sight

Quoting a lyric or phrase from the musical and no one getting it

Dare someone use the phrase “dammit” around you without “Janet!” being belted right in their face

When the question of a date arrives and the ole’ dinner and a movie just won’t cut it anymore

Because small talk over salad and two- hour- ass-numbing- silence pales to time warping and throwing bread at a cinema screen dammit! (Janet)