were going to need a bigger boat


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Imagine Gibbs teaching you to work on the boat with him and things get steamy.

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To think, this had all started because you were having a rough night and the safest place you could think to go was Gibbs’ basement. He had put you to work almost immediately, somehow knowing that just what you needed to set your mind straight was to focus on sanding the boat. It had worked, too; you effectively were no longer thinking about what had been troubling you before you’d walked down those familiar steps of his.

Mainly because now you were faced with a bigger delimma: trying not to focus on just how close he was to you as he guided your hand along the boat, showing you how to properly work the sandpaper down and up it. At first, you’d brushed it off as a helpful gesture, completely void of lecherous intentions, but as your back relaxed into his chest and he didn’t pull away, you couldn’t help but get the vibe that he wasn’t staying this close just to teach you anymore. Gibbs was staying this close because he wanted to.

And you really didn’t want him to pull away.

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I don't know if you've gotten any more requests for it, but are you going to perhaps write more for the argo!Au with batarou? I've read everything you've written of them and I love all of it, but that has been one of my favorites and I'd love to see it go further. *///w///*

Of course! And here’s a little something for being such a dear (and make sure to follow @cinensis – he’s the brains behind this outfit!):

Garou had never been entirely out of the water before, and this was…strange, to say the least.

Somehow, Badd had engineered one of the miniature boats that were raised and lowered from the bigger boat (he called them something else entirely, but Garou didn’t care enough to remember) into something he could actually recline in, while a spray of mist covered him from the deck above. He was at just the perfect angle that he could look inside the porthole at Badd’s office, where he was playing…some ridiculous movie.

“We’re going to need a bigger boat,” the human on the screen said.

Garou reached his hand inside to hold Badd’s. He found himself much more interested in the strong fingers he could easily fit into his palm than what was happening in the film. “This is ridiculously unrealistic,” he commented.

“Well, yeah, I know it doesn’t look real or anything, but –” 

“Indeed. They get much bigger than that.”

Badd choked on the beverage he had been drinking, and when he sputtered it smelled like nothing Garou had ever come across. “What’s that?” he asked as Badd took another sip of whatever it was.

“It’s, uh…coffee. With rum.” Badd’s brow furrowed, like he wasn’t sure if he should offer, but then he asked, “Do you want to try it?”

“Yes.” Garou reached over and plucked the cup out of his hand, tipping it back without pause. It burned - first his lips and then his mouth and then his throat, and it set off a chain reaction of gagging and coughing. “What the fuck is that shit?”

Badd laughed from deep in his belly, and Garou glared. Then he had an idea. He rolled his eyes dramatically and, with no warning, tipped himself over the side of the miniature boat. His massive body hit the water painfully - that he regretted - before he floated, deathlike, in the waves. He grinned to himself; this would teach the human to laugh at him.

What he didn’t expect was for Badd to jump into the water beside him a minute later, fully clothed, grabbing him by his shoulders. “G!” he yelled through a mouthful of seawater, and Garou surfaced, surprised, eyes wide. When Badd realized he was perfectly fine, he punched him in the shoulder. “Fucker! I thought I had poisoned ya or somethin’!”

Garou glanced up. The distance from the deck to the water was no small height. He had seen humans fall from similar distances and not fare as well. He had seen their bones break, and some of them didn’t move again at all. “So you…wait, why did you come after me?”

“Because I was worried, dumbass.”

Garou pulled him close, even though Badd initially tried to shove him off, still full of aggravation. “I’m sorry,” he said, voice uncharacteristically soft, not even remembering the last time he apologized for anything. “Don’t do that. Don’t…I mean, not for me.”

Badd stiffened against his chest, then wrapped his arms around his shoulders. “Same, yeah? Don’t know what I’d do without ya…”

Garou nuzzled against his cheek, pressing his mouth to the soft flesh there, realizing not for the first time that he felt the same.

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remember the episode cat fingers when the gems went out to sea in a tiny boat? that was ridiculous and kind of adorable. when are they gonna do that again

The Gem sloop is like my favorite thing. It’s so tiny

Like it just barely fits the three of them. It’s only as big as it needs to be so they gotta sit on top of each other. There’s something really adorable about that. And, like, they must’ve had the boat for a while since Amethyst just says “the Gem sloop” like its a thing they normally have. So did they have it when Rose was around? Did they ever all go on the boat with Rose? They couldn’t all possibly fit then, did Amethyst and Pearl sit in Rose’s lap? That would be adorable.

They don’t use it anymore, its like Steven’s raft ended up being bigger than the boat so they were like “Why are we using the tiny boat when we have that nice raft?” so they just used the raft from now on. I want the tiny boat to make a comeback, though. I want them all piled into the tiny boat, struggling not to tip it over. I want more adventures in the tiny Gem boat

AfterBuzz with Jeff Davis, Ian Stokes, and Skyler Maxon (Aaron Hendry):

General Information:

  • Themes in the show: Acceptance of who you are and owning yourself, Importance of Friendship (can’t always do things alone), Alternative Families (Scott’s pack is kind of his family - Stiles is his brother, not by blood, but he is and their bond is just as strong), and Growing Up (children becoming adults).

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