were girl


A compilation of my Glow pieces from the last few days, a full Rainbow!! In total it has taken me about 3-ish days to design and finish all six figures and I’m very happy with the completed project :)


lipstick ✓
high heels ✓
my death ✓

not to be dramatic but there is literally a giant hole in my heart….. nobody will ever come close to SNSD and what they did for not only their fans but kpop in general….. they just deserved so much better! over their recent comeback, over this year, over their entire career tbh!!!! it’s such a bittersweet feeling y’all it’s truly the end of an era like kpop w/ no SNSD? one of the most iconic groups of all time???? nyway i hope the girls are happy and that they all succeed in everything they choose to pursue for the future and i hope SM rots and burns 


Flower girls (well, most of them).


I’m sorry


Happy 10 years Girls’ Generation!! #GIRLS6ENERAT10N

We’ve spent the same time together
We’re still walking toward palpating hearts
We’re not growing far, our hearts have grown
That’s what the heart is. – Into You 💝

Girls with brown eyes are gorgeous. Brown eyes are so gorgeous.

I know that there are less poems and songs about your eyes but I’ve stared into the eyes of many beautiful brown eyed ladies and they are all gorgeous.

Some of you have eyes so dark I could get lost in them, some of you have lighter flecks in your eyes that make them look like they are sprinkled with gold dust.

Your eyes are earth and fire, warmth and vibrancy.

Brown eyes are so gorgeous.