were getting the title this year i can feel it

Nothing beats the pride I feel when we become Deutscher Meister. I’m sorry but no DFB Pokal or Champions League trophy can compare to the pure pride of working hard all season long and then becoming the champions with 79:17 goals! How amazing is this moment right now, where all of us have something to look back on, when we think about the matches we lost and we were angry throughout this season, and now we’re here and we’re Deutscher Meister yet again! It’s the best title every single year, and it never gets boring!


So this was requested, and yikes not my best.  For some reason I got serious writers block when it comes to Baron. 

Request:  “Can I get a smut fic of Baron getting jealous of his only friend flirting with AJ backstage they have rough hotel sex and turns out she was trying to get Baron a title shot”

Word count: 1,063

Warnings: Goes from smutty, to fluffy, to smutty, to fluffy, bonds, jealousy, hotel sex 

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He was your best friend, nothing more right?  You were harbouring feelings towards Baron Corbin for the past year of your friendship, but that was all it could be, right?  That’s what you thought, so you let it slide, never pushing for anything more, so when AJ Styles came up to you bluntly flirting.  You never protested, in fact you returned the affection, with a twirl of your hair, a giggle, biting of the lip.  It wasn’t like you had anyone waiting for you at home, so you never protested.  Apparently, Baron didn’t like that.

So here you were, laying down on the hotel bed, only in your bra and underwear while Baron paced in front of you.  Your wrists were loosely tied to the bedpost with his ties, if you tried hard enough you could get out.  “Bar-”

“What do you see in a dwarf like that?” He growled cutting you off, he watched your eyes with his almost black eyes.  “He’s a cocky, slimeball who just wants to fuck you” he said lowly “and you don’t?  From this position, you have no right to say he just wants to fuck me” you retorted glaring right back at him.

Baron chuckled lowly shaking his head “no no no, that’s where we’re different baby girl” he said watching your hips buck slightly at the name.  He smirked and ran his thumb across his lip “AJ just wants to fuck you, then leave you before the sun rises, he wants nothing more than your pretty pussy” he said dragging his finger down your thigh.  You looked away closing your eyes tightly “he just wants to use you, because he thinks he can” he said lowly “and you don’t?” Baron chuckled once more.  “He wants to use you like a whore, I however, want to treat you like a princess” he said.  

Your eyes slowly trailed back to him, his hair was tied back into a messy bun, his beanie long forgotten.  His eyes, softened slightly when looking at you “when I saw him, trying to get with you and you so easily letting him, I had to step in” he said.  “You didn’t have to punch him and throw him into a wall” you muttered.  Baron chuckled once more “you see baby girl, I had to, and I had to carry you out like that, so that no one would even think twice about trying to get with you, because you’re mine” he said lowly watching your eyes.  You swallowed hard “now, baby girl, I’m going to show you that you’re mine” he said kissing you deeply.  You moaned against his lips as you tried to hold onto him but you couldn’t, you cursed at the bonds.

Baron smirked as he pulled away kissing down the valley of your breasts making you gasp arching your back.  “What was that?” He smirked you shot him a glare as Baron chuckled nipping at your skin, you smiled biting your lip softly watching as Baron continued to kiss down your body letting his teeth graze the more sensitive parts of your body.  “Baron please” you begged closing your eyes for a moment, you couldn’t believe you were in this situation but you weren’t complaining, you just wanted to touch him.

Your panties were slowly pulled down your shaky legs as Baron watched you intently with a slight smirk “the things I had in store for you tonight” Baron said lowly as he watched your eyes for a moment.  “But after seeing you with AJ, forget those plans” he growled as he pushed his pants down kissing you deeply “I need you Y/N, fuck, more than I want to admit, everything about you is fucking perfect”.  Baron looked down at you “do you need me as much as I need you?” He asked quietly watching your eyes for a moment.  You smiled softly and nodded at Baron “you have no idea of how much I need you” you whispered softly to him with a smile.

Baron couldn’t help but smile as he untied the bonds that held you to the bedpost, you quickly put your hands on either side of his face kissing him deeply.  Baron shifted as he moved his hands to wrap your legs around his waist as you pulled his hair out of the bun that it was neatly placed in.  Baron rolled his hips against yours, and you gasped pulling away from his lips.  Baron pressed his forehead against yours panting slightly “jesus-fuck you’re tight” he panted quietly “you okay baby?” He asked softly looking into your eyes.

You nodded with a small smile holding him “I’m more than okay” you said to him with a grin “good, because I’m not going easy on you” he chuckled.  In a second your mouth fell open as Baron began to pound into you, giving you no chance to even think “B-Baron!” You cried out as his hips pistoned into yours.  Baron grunted as he looked down at you, your body jerking up and down, you hanging onto him for dear life as you shrieked your eyes screwed shut.  “Fuck baby girl you’re a sight” he panted as he thrusted harder.  “Baron-” You gasped, you could feel the bedframe hitting the wall and at this point you could care less.

Your orgasm caught you off by surprise as you arched your back with a shriek that probably matched a pornstars.  Baron let out almost a howl as he pistoned his hips against you before pulling out as he came on your stomach.  You closed your eyes tiredly panting with a smile, when you opened your eyes, Baron was gently wiping his release off of your stomach with a warm cloth before cleaning the rest of you up.  

Baron laid down beside you and pulled you against his chest, gently playing with your hair “why were you talking to AJ in the first place?” Baron asked softly.  You chuckled as you propped yourself up on your elbow looking down at him “Want the truth?  I was trying to get you a title shot” you admitted with a small smile.  Baron smiled as he kissed you deeply “baby, thank you, but if I ever see that sleez bag talking to you again, I’m going to beat the shit out of him for more than just a title shot”.

Alright, my turn to rant for a little bit.

These two images pretty much encompass the massive amount of retcons we’ve seen in the past year.

First, Hinata is being described as the “Princess of the Hyuga” despite literally being the black sheep of the family in part 1. Hanabi, up until…wait no, nevermind, pretty sure she still is, was set up to take over the Hyuga Clan instead of Hinata because she was a prodigy compared to her. The entire point of Hinata’s character arc in part 1 was she wanted to become stronger so she could earn her place as the rightful heir to the clan. That never happened. Even after Neji helped her develop her techniques and train she still wasn’t good enough to take over the clan, as proven in The Last when it was Hanabi still being set up to take over. Hinata has yet to even win a battle in canon. She was even bested by a fucking rock despite having the Byakugan. A rock. She in no way shook the world with her power. She had very little even in Shippuden. And apparently in the Boruto movie she still can’t win a fight.

Second, Sakura is described as “the only student that the fifth hokage ever accepted” despite Ino and Shizune being Tsunade’s students as well. Sakura may have been the only one to use Tsunade’s more powerful techniques, but that does not suddenly erase the fact that she trained Ino and Shizune as her students.

Third, Sakura does not have superhuman strength. The technique she uses allows her to build up chakra in her fists to simulate superhuman strength, but she does not have superhuman strength. I bring this up despite this possibly being a translation issue because if it isn’t a translation issue this goes back to the idea that Sarada being able to use the same technique without training suddenly proves she’s Sakura’s daughter. It doesn’t. If that were the case then Tsunade and Sakura are related, and we know that’s not true. Sakura and Tsunade had to work hard to be able to use that technique and Sarada being able to use it without training is not in any way a sign that she’s Sakura’s daughter, it’s a sign that she’s a Mary Sue with a retconned “inherited” ability. It’s not an inherited ability or trait, it’s a technique.

Fourth, both Hinata and Sakura are described as “elite jounin by birth”. This makes the least amount of sense being applied to Sakura, who doesn’t come from a renown clan. She’s a Haruno, she has a clan symbol, but that in no way makes her family elite. This was a point of her character that was established early on, that she came from a civilian background and therefore had to work hard and educate herself to keep up with the other students. And she was not elite by birth as she was weak as hell in part 1, standing to the sidelines and mostly acting as cheerleader, and that’s precisely why she was paired up with Naruto and Sasuke. The students were paired up into their teams to balance each other out. Sakura was paired up with the students at the top and bottom of the class precisely because she was perfectly average. She did not inherit her titles, her strength, her abilities, or anything, she earned those things throughout the manga. They were not bestowed upon her by birth. So this is an outright lie. Hinata, as I mentioned in my first point, was not considered an elite even by her own family. She was considered weak, too weak even to take over the clan when she got older. This, like Sakura’s civilian backstory, was a part of Hinata’s character early on. But now suddenly their humble-ish backgrounds are being erased in favor of being “elite by birth”.

Fifth, Hinata is described as the “new age heroine”. What the fuck does that even mean? New age heroine? I can’t tell if they mean “new age” as in the new age of the world post-war or “new age” as in alternative style of heroine. Either way it makes 0 fucking sense. They’ve been pushing the idea of Hinata being the heroine since The Last but it still holds no water. Hinata has very little effect on the original story and only serves as an incubator post-The Last. She was a minor character, not a heroine. And to try and retcon her as being the heroine by sugar-coating her lack of achievements as being “new age” just proves the point that she’s not a typical heroine. Her only achievement was getting married to the main character. That’s it. Not exactly what I’d describe as a heroine, right? But oh no, don’t worry, she’s a “new age” heroine. Totally excused. Right? No. Sakura doesn’t even have the title of “heroine” in her description. Only Hinata gets that. Bullshit.

Sixth, and maybe this is just nitpicking, but it feels like Naruto’s character and accomplishments are being overshadowed by Hinata. Is it just me? I mean look at the size of their descriptions. Naruto gets three descriptors: shinobi that ended the war, a hero, and hokage. Hinata gets five: princess, elite by birth, blessed with kekkai genkai, shook the world with her power, heroine. It’s just bizarre. We know for a fact that Hinata still holds little relevance to the overall plot of the new movie or Boruto’s story, so why is her relevance and power being blown so out of proportion even compared to Naruto? Perhaps it has to do with my previous point, that this is an attempt to try and trick people into thinking Hinata’s always been special and that she’s always been the heroine. As if people will forget the 15 years worth of manga that Hinata was barely in if they throw a bunch of titles at her post-manga. But to try and have her overshadow even the main character who actually was relevant, as well as Sasuke or Sakura who were also main characters? It just feels wrong.

Finally, the overarching impression I get, aside from the obvious retcon of Hinata’s relevance and the other things I mentioned, is that the idea of “underdogs can work hard and surpass people born with privilege or who are geniuses” is gone. Just gone. Poof. No longer is Naruto an underdog who had to struggle all his life, no longer is Hinata an underdog to her family (supposedly), no longer is Sakura an underdog who had to work hard to keep up with her peers, no. Now Naruto had a hokage as a father and power dropped into his lap, Hinata was an elite jounin by birth who had power dropped into her lap, Sakura was an elite jounin by birth with superhuman strength….and Sasuke’s always been a genius, but he also had to work hard to get as strong as he is and that always seems to be forgotten. Boruto and Sarada both come from backgrounds describing their parents as “elite”, therefore making them “elite by birth” in the same way. They are born with privilege into a world that will respect them just for who their parents are and will only struggle to live up to their names, not to actually obtain power the way their parents had to in the beginning. Sarada didn’t need to train to be able to use Sakura and Tsunade’s technique, Boruto is already described as a prodigy and we know by the end of the movie he’s going to be using techniques like Rasengan and Chidori, techniques that took Naruto and Sasuke months to be able to use and years to master (not to mention that he shouldn’t be able to use Chidori at all for the same reasons Kakashi wasn’t supposed to until he got a Sharingan).

The story’s no longer about underdogs rising up, it’s about elites becoming more elite.

What a travesty that the manga has been erased so completely in this post-story bullshit.

But hey, at least it makes it easier to treat everything post-699 as a completely separate story and universe. It no longer resembles the original material in any way so….yeah. At least this makes it easier to ignore it’s existence.


So it seems Mangastream’s translation is very different, so I guess I’ll talk about it as a separate thing. As of the writing of this edit Mangastream is down so I’ll have to go by hearsay until I can read it myself.

The two major differences are the descriptors of Hinata and Sakura being heroines and the reference of who are “elite”.

In the Mangastream translation it apparently says Hinata is a “heroine of [Boruto’s] time” and Sakura is a “self-proclaimed heroine”. Now, this is in fact WORSE than the other translation because it flat out states that Hinata is the “true” heroine while Sakura is a false heroine who is just “self-proclaimed”. It paints Sakura’s heroism as something only she believes in, that Hinata the actual heroine while Sakura’s a fraud deluding herself. This is twice as fucked up as giving Hinata the “new age heroine” title and leaving Sakura without one.

As for the reference of the children being “elite by birth” and not their parents, my points for the most part still stand. While it doesn’t necessarily erase the underdog origins of the parents it still shows the shift in the story from underdogs rising up to elites becoming more elite. But this translation at least eases the blow against the original characters’ backgrounds.

Yep, those are my thoughts for now until I can read the Mangastream translation myself.

[INTERVIEW] Kwave Magazine March 2014 Issue

Rap Monster:

I think a true alpha male is someone who knows how to consider other people while appealing to them with charisma. Truth be told, it’s not easy to consider other people’s feelings. And there are also people who think it’s their right to be considered so after you do it once or twice. In my opinion, an alpha male is a man who is not looked down on for being considerate of others’ feelings.


My ideal type is a kind woman. I want her to be healthy mentally. Even better if she talks nicely too. It doesn’t matter if she’s not beautiful. She just has to be nice. But everyone says let’s wait and see what my future girlfriend looks like. I’m curious too. (Laughs)


To be honest, I don’t really remember anniversaries. On days like Valentine’s Day and White Day, I buy chocolate for myself. I heard that women actually don’t like receiving candy! They say that women laugh on the outside, but are disappointed for my poor sense. (Laughs) When I get a girlfriend, I want to write a song and sing it to her.


What should I do if I am given one day’s worth of free time? Other members all say they want to visit family or spend time alone, but I don’t honestly know what I would do. It takes 10 hours to go see my family…. Ah, what should I do? I think I’ll spend all my time thinking about what I should do. (ㅠㅠ)


Because we were awarded the rookie award last year, I really want to receive the main prize this year. Another thing, I really hope you listen to all of the songs in our album and not just our title song so that our songs can be listed on the higher ranks of the music charts. In order for that to happen, we must work hard!


There have been many changes since our debut. My situation, my mindset. The truth is, nothing can remain the same. we made our debut in June and I feel that we are getting a lot of love in such a short amount of time. with each performance, the voices of our fans get louder. It makes me so happy. But my members and I try to stay calm and maintain our original intentions.


First of all, she has to be taller than 168cm! This has been an unchanging condition for my style of woman. Also a woman who has long black hair, who is smart and kind to me, who dresses well. Also, a good cook. Ah! It would be nice if she is good at assisting her husband. Haha. Am I expecting too much? (Laughs) 


‘I Dress How I Feel’: The Gutter Glam of Shamir

To see more of Shamir’s fashion, check out @shamir326 on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

Singer Shamir Bailey (@shamir326) is not an accessories person. He just can’t be trusted with small things.

“My nose ring is pretty much all the accessory that I need,” he says.

If we’re ranking Things People Love About Shamir, the first would be his critically acclaimed debut album, Ratchet. A close second, however, would be his fashion choices. Because who needs accessories when you have colorful pants, jackets and polka dot shirts?

Someone — Shamir still isn’t sure who — once referred to his style as gutter glam, which seems about right. That would explain the new white overalls he has been rocking for the last three days on tour.

“My band members were like, ‘They are getting dirty,’” he says. “I am like, ‘I got the white overalls so they can look dingy.’”

Shamir’s fashion sense can be traced back to high school. His look was a bit more conspicuous in those days, nabbing him the title of Best Dressed Student his senior year.

“I actually dress more toned down now,” he says. “I would dress like a greaser or a mod or a beatnik or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I would just wake up in the morning and be like, how do I feel like dressing today?”

Shamir’s style has since evolved, but the principles haven’t. Whether he’s on the road or at home, the 21-year-old singer wears whatever he pleases: a pair of green overalls, neon-pink colored shirts, a denim jacket with a Velvet Underground patch sewn on the back.

“I just throw on whatever. I dress how I feel,” he says. “Sometimes I don’t feel super colorful, so I like to add a lot of color into my wardrobe. But a lot of people are mistaken from my videos and when they see me wearing all black or like more toned down colors they are like, ‘Shamir! What are you doing?’ I am like, ‘I don’t wear colors all the time.”

Color or no color, if you want to dress like Shamir, you’ve got to do some thrift store sifting. That’s where he found his favorite jean jacket and a prized Reba McEntire tee. He saves the more expensive stuff for the photo shoots, like the KENZO sweatshirt a magazine put on him for a recent spread.

“I felt bad wearing the clothes. I hadn’t showered in god knows when and had just got off the bus from touring and it was like … photo shoot! I was like, ohh,” he says, laughing. “But it was a really cool outfit.”

Shamir, keeping it gutter glam as always.

—Instagram @music

work thoughts

-I know we talk about the Dreamworks Face but I think there is a Pixar Face too.  more on this later.

-me, looking at a torn twenty dollar bill: I heard Andrew Jackson was ripped. that Andrew Jackson has a –

-when setting out to answer difficult messages, summarize them in notes.  have stock answers/bases to work from for the messages you get a lot of.

-the other day the first C in the label of our “Big Chipper” cookie at work got rubbed off the glass and it just said “Big Hipper”.  both are appropriate. they are huge cookies.

-dystopian world idea: your social status during any given month is decided by a new, random, bizarre factor such as “how many songs with the word pterodactyl in them can you name?” or “how much do you like the color purple?”.  haha yeah 

-out of all the unique names for fandom members (whovians, trekkies, bronies(?), etc.), homestuck is the only one I can think of where the title of the work has been turned into the fan noun.

-I started daydreaming today about someone liking me and passing me notes with drawings on them to start the conversation even though we were, like, a couple feet from each other, and then continuing to pass notes like that for a while to get to know each other.  I’d fall for that.  (though in this daydream, the person also meets the other qualifications for being in a relationship with me lol) SHUT UP IT’S THE FIRST ROMANTIC FEELING I’VE HAD IN 84 YEARS

-behold: the origin of the phrase “tongue-in-cheek”

anonymous asked:

okay so i would like to get started reading comic books but i have no idea where to start it all seems so confusing?? i really like captain america, so where would be a good place to start? thanks!

I am actually working on a guide for reading old Captain Americas but I’m not sure how much it will help you, because I’ll be talking a lot about volumes and such and it can get inaccessible for the newcomer quite quickly so. I’m going to set aside the Captain America thing and do you a general guide for reading comic books, which may still be 100% unhelpful because JESUS CHRIST I have never met such an insular fucking entertainment industry. It’s like they deliberately make it difficult for people to get into their product. So, you know, bear in mind that when you are trying to become a comic book fan, the comic books are (unintentionally, sometimes) going to fight you on this. 

I wrote all this and then realised I’d already written a guide to reading comics, so that may be more helpful or this might, but either way, here is what I wrote, because damned if I’m gonna write all that and not post it. :D 

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