were getting curry!

me thinkin about that one person who complained about how the “straight” cast of CR wouldn’t understand Tary’s story and Matt’s reply being “you assume much about the cast’s sexuality”

8) i am v i n d i c a t e d.

My Two Favorite Boys.

A/N Okay, so I posted this on my main a little while ago and thought I would post it in here for you guys to read :)
My two favourite boys. Y/N’s p.o.v. 2:25am. I rub my eyes and sit up slowly in bed, “the baby is crying” “thanks for telling me Robbie, as if I couldn’t hear him already” kickng the blankets off, I roll out of bed, I’ll get him if you want, y/n” “it’s okay, you got up to him last time, he probably wants a feed anyway” Robbie sits up in bed and turns his lamp on, “and unless you have a set of boobs on your chest that I don’t happen to know about, you can’t feed him” Robbie chuckles as he rubs the back of his neck, “I’ll take him downstairs and give him a feed, you go back to sleep” “you can feed him in here, I don’t mind, y/n. We can talk” “no, you go back to sleep babe, I’ll be alright downstairs” I walk over to the baby crib set up at the end of the bed, “so much noise for a little boy” I reach in to it and gently pick up y/s/n “let’s go downstairs and let daddy sleep, shall we?”
“Come on, if you don’t have have a feed now you will need to wait until the morning” this was frustrating, “come on….. that’s a good boy” finally, y/s/n had finally latched on to my boob and was feeding, smiling down at the infant in my arms, I softly pat his bum. “He finally latched on?” “I thought I told you to go back to sleep” “you did, but the baby monitor was on and I heard you telling him to latch on now or he won’t get feed until the morning” “stupid baby monitor” he chuckles kissing the top of my head.
“Can you take him while I put my boob away please?” “Can you hold him while I put your boob away?” “Robbie!” “Sorry. Come here little man” “while you have him you can change his nappy before he goes down again” I put everything away and follow Robbie back upstairs, I grab a nappy and some wipes for Robbie, “daddy’s first nappy” I hand them to Robbie and watch as he awkwardly changes y/s/n “please don’t pee on me” “that would so funny” “would it? Cause if he does, this will be my first and final nappy change” I roll my eyes and get back into bed, “there we go” he goes to hand me the baby, “I don’t think so, you put him back in the crib” “alright, come on little man”. Once Robbie has y/s/n in the crib he jumps onto our bed, “can you believe that this time last week, we were out getting curry to try and kick start the contractions and now he is here, right in front of us?” “I know, I’m happy he’s here, I couldn’t take another day of pregnancy” “was he that bad to carry?” “No, the sore backs and the morning sickness was bad enough” “aww, my poor baby” “oh shush” once Robbie is under the blankets I cuddle up to him he snakes his arm under my head, “I’m so proud of you, you know that right?” Giving him a confused look, I move my head back and look up at him, “what?” “For not giving up. I have heard a lot of stories about girls swearing and wanting to give up while giving birth, but you didn’t swear or try to give up pushing, although the teeth marks you left on my hand hurt a lot, but I’m really proud of you” I smile leaning up to kiss him, “thank you” “right, now that has been said, lets try to sleep, yeah?” I nod and roll over and immediately feel Robbie do the same, wrapping his arm arm round my waist, “my little spoon” “good night Robbie”
Groaning, I open my eyes to check the time, 10:38am. Wait what? I sit up in bed and look around the room, and no y/s/n in the crib, sudden panic washes over me and I turn to Robbie’s side of the bed, no Robbie either…. I rush downstairs in a hurry, normally y/s/n would wake up at like 6:15am for a feed and he would sleep between myself and Robbie, but not this morning. “Oh thank god you have him” “Yup, he started to cry at like 8ish, we came down here and let you sleep, he’s due for a feed, babe” “you should have woke me” “I wanted to let you sleep, you have been working hard with looking after him and cleaning the house, you deserved a sleep in” Robbie smiles before turning to our son in the baby bouncer, “isn’t that right my little man?” Hearing Robbie talk to him in baby talk was on of my most favourite things in the world right now. “My two favourite boys” I smile and get ready to feed y/s/n, “we are the only two men you need in your life, aren’t we little man?” Y/s/n makes a little noise and Robbie turns to me, smirking, “told ya so” “alright, eat now, play later, let me feed my baby” “fine” he takes y/s/n out of the baby bouncer and hands him to me, I smile down at y/s/n “my two favourite boys”

Still no monotone, but I found this festival ready cutie with tags.

I’m with my friend Erica, who was there when I found Derek, but she’s in the clothing section. When I wandered over to show her this baby, she did the greatest bitch face ever and was like ‘another?’ And now were gonna get curry. Just like last time, lol.