were freaks. :')

I love how Phil is having his cute little crisis being all like : “do I look like a 50 y/o man?”

And supportive bf Dan is all: “Phil, babe, we established this. We talked about it at length. We came to an understanding that you were wearing a nice shirt next to my simple, childish T-shirt, and the lighting was all off, and obviously you are the most young looking beautiful man alive, yeah?

Hero :: Villain

A Fanfiction based on this prompt by @messythoughtsandscribbledplots

Word Count: 593

Warnings: Blood, gun mention, mild physical violence, kill and captivity mention. Please let me know if any other warnings need to be tagged.

Pairings: None established yet.

Note: Let me know how you guys like this introduction!

                                            Prologue: Roman

Snow in September. People were calling it a freak storm; something along those lines. D.C. took that opportunity to remind everyone of global cooling: the dangers, the impact it could have on our entire planet, but that was the least of my worries.

In at least a foot of snow, I was kneeling at my enemy’s doorstep.

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Lance: The truth is, our job isn’t always great. I mean, sometimes it sucks. But it sucks a little less when I get to do it with you. So when I thought you were gonna leave, I freaked out, and that was dumb. I should’ve been more supportive. You’re a great fighter, and the blades would be lucky to have you.

Hunk: In fact, if it helps, I wrote you a letter of recommendation, which is riddled with spelling errors, I might add. Including the word “recommendation”, which is just… I don’t have to tell you about that. There’s no way there’s four “m"s in that word, right?

Keith: I already turned down the blades’ offer.

Lance: Seriously?

Keith: I don’t wanna join them. And right now, I like where I am. But thanks for thinking I’m great!

Lance: No, I take back all of the things I just said.

Keith: Uh-uh. You said I was a good fighter, and you were nice…

Lance: This is my nightmare.

Gintama Confession:

“I have never been so effected by a character’s death then by the Shogun’s. I’ve been out of the fandom since he died. Not out of hate or anger for the writing, but because I weirdly grieved over his death. I grieved over a character whose main appearances were freaking comedic. How did Sorachi do it? How did he make me FEEL so much?”

anonymous asked:

Ah! That Nomu one surprised me! I really liked it! Would it be okay if you did a part two for it? Thank you :)

You were carried around seemingly aimlessly until you slowed down, the Nomu was now walking into some old building.

“Put me down” You pleaded, you had been fighting to get out of it’s grasp but to no avail. It let out a screech that rattled your brain before gently nuzzling you with its “beak”. You tried to push it’s facing away but it chirped as if your rough pushing was you petting it.

At this point you were beyond freaked out, first it charged you now it’s acting all lovey-dovey?

“Please… just put me down…” you say the fear was now settling in. What did it bring you were for? Was it going to kill you where no one would ever find you? Was it going to eat you?

It slowed to a stopped at a corner. The room was empty, say for an old looking matress. It delicately set you down upon it and you looked up at it in horror, but it looked down at you with a confused face. The Nomu leaned in, nudging you back with its beak until you fell on your butt with an ‘oof’.

The beast almost looked sad as it watched you cower away. Why did you look so scared? Slowly the Nomu crept foreward sitting next to you, cautiously it reached foreward and scooped up your trembling figure, bringing you closer and setting you into its lap.

It gave a few chirps, they almost sounded reassuring but they were definitely enough to startle you, you tried to crawl away as fast as possible but you were pulled back. You yelped out as you were held against the monster once more.

Slowly again it set you down into its lap, but you didn’t dare move away out of fear of being handled roughly again. The fear starts to subside as you realize that it has no intention of hurting you, you relax.

You notice, after relaxing against it, how much the day had taken a toll on you, from the fighting to the kidnapping, and the Nomu could tell too. 

It tenderly pushed you back against it with its knuckle and warbling softly as if saying “It’s okay, rest against me,” You hesitantly obliged before relaxing against the monster. The slow breaths and warmth lulling you to sleep.


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My sister loves @emuyh-art‘s spideypool au and showed me this so I had to draw it for her.


“The way that the [Winter Soldier] looks in the comic books and in the costume, you know, it’s just so… it’s such a strong presence that I feel like sometimes all you gotta do is just stare. You just stare. You do the, you know, a Zoolander stare and you’re good.”

How @lovesfragilelittleflame and I got invited to the rep room! I’m so thankful for the centurylink Field staff, Taylor’s team, Andrea, and Taylor of course! ❤️ @taylorswift @taylornation


Please enjoy these smol drawings of the troll/non-troll son, season 3 stole and broke my heart in so many ways!! There’s more to come the moment I can nail down his design!

Why didn’t Draco go up to Harry during the Yule Ball, was it because he thought Harry looked very handsome and didn’t know how to turn that into an insult, I have feelings about this