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if someone says bless you during the ACT because someone sneezed are they supposed to get in trouble?? like if your watch or phone accidentally goes off you get disqualified but what about those kids who won’t stop saying bless you to every single sneeze

So Target boy had another date last night!

More details in the tags. Send asks for more info.

Dağın uykusuna kuşun gözüne 
Sabahın sesine taşıdım seni 
Cerenin yaralı ince dizine 
Irmağın yasına taşıdım seni

Elma kabuğunda nar tanesinde
Gizlenen mermere taşıdım seni
Gecenin ördüğü gün kafesinde
Dolaşan kedere taşıdım seni

Arının yazına kışın otuna
Yaprağın güzüne taşıdım seni
Yürekten yüreğe mekik dokuyan
Sevginin göçüne taşıdım seni

Canın içinden canımı duyan
Canımın içine taşıdım seni

Ülkü Tamer, bir adın yolculuktu s.60 “Nefes”
Resim: John Everett Millais, “Sweetest eyes that were ever seen…” 1881.

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What the world needs now is such an amazing episode thooo like fr "did I ever tell u I luv u?" "Tell me again" rjelfjwmodhdnwkf

If I could get into her head and bring her into this century, I would, and I would forgive her and have her here…but having her at my wedding means not marrying you. And I’d choose you over everyone. I choose you, too.

I love Santana with everything, and I would do anything for Santana, even tricking a sick old woman.

And without Britt I just…exist. She’s the love of my life and I’m going to marry her 

Take a look because this is what real love looks like. I love you so much, but Britt is my family now, and if having her in my family means not having you, that’s a trade I’ll take any day.

Brittany and Santana this one’s for you, we love you.

Honestly who gets in a group chat with one of the boys and is horrible to them? If I were ever in a group chat with one of them I would just send them memes and shit, tell them which outfits were particularly great, send them video clips of me passionately singing their songs. I would tell them how much I love them. What’s wrong with people?

things you said when we were the happiest we ever were

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Your smile was aching deep in your cheeks as you ran with your heels in one hand, skirt in the other, Shawn egging you on as he sprints beside you down the hill. You feel vaguely like you’re going to fall and break every bone in your body but you also feel like he’s the love of your life and you’d follow him anywhere - even if where he’s leading you is down a hill in your wedding dress.

“Go go go go” he’s yelling, laughing with you, slipping down the damp ground in his dress shoes. There’s no purpose behind what you’re doing, nothing behind it besides spontaneity, but the joy in your chest is enough to keep you going. And when you’re at the bottom and Shawn’s wrapped you up in his arms, his lips at your ear are the only thing you’re paying attention to. You’re not paying attention to how your insanely expensive dress is probably muddy at the bottom, or how it’s starting to sprinkle again, or how all of your family and friends are probably looking for you back at your reception. All you’re thinking about is how beautiful Shawn sounds as he whispers “you’re my wife” in your ear, his hand rubbing the base of your spine. “How fucking crazy is that?”

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A/N: I’m trying to work my way through a writer’s block, so I’m really sorry if this sucks. Also, no hate towards Jensen and his lovely family, this is fiction.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Wordcount: 426

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As the doorbell rang, you turned off your stove and put aside the frying pan with the half cooked pancake in it. It wasn’t every morning you had the time to make a proper breakfast, so you were mildly annoyed at the person on the other side of the door, not to mention the fact that you were still in your PJ’s. You peaked through the little hole in your door and saw Jensen on the other side of it, both hands behind his back, looking gorgeous as ever. Did you have a crush on him? Hell yes, he was Jensen Ackles after all, but you were too shy to ever act on it, so it really didn’t matter. You tried telling that to your racing heart and the butterflies in your stomach, but to no avail. Besides, you had known him for a while now, and he had never shown any interest in you, at least not in that way.

“Jensen, what are you doing here?” you asked as you opened the door with a smile.

“I wanted to give you these-” he smiled, pulling out a little bouquet of flowers “-and see if you wanted to come have breakfast with me.”

“Uhm… yeah.. Sure..” you stumbled over your words. You tried not to let your brain make any assumptions about what this was, but he never showed up at your door unannounced and he never brought you flowers. “Just give me a minute  to change will you?”

“Of course. These are for you,” he grinned, handing you the flowers.

“Thanks Jay, they are beautiful.” You took the flowers and headed for the kitchen to get them in a vase before changing your clothes.


A few minutes later you joined Jensen back in the living room where he had waited for you. You searched through your purse real quick to check that everything you needed was in there before you told him you were ready to go.

The next seconds was a bit of a blur as he made his way over to you, searching your face with his emerald orbs before softly pressing his plump lips to yours. Before you even registered what had happened it was over and he was pulling away from you.

“Just so that there is no confusion about what this is,” he said.

You were lost for words, you didn’t even know if you knew any words, or how to move, or even breathe.

“You coming?” he asked from the doorway, a cheeky grin plastered on his handsome face.    

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remember when you were like 10 and becoming a secret agent in club penguin was the COOLEST THING EVER that was only for the COOL KIDS and new missions were added once every 10000 years and those were the best days ever???

I reiterate what I always say when I watch Race to the Edge:

Ruff and Tuff are the best part, hands down.

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You post random shit now. What happened to making mood boards more often.

I still make boards as often as I used to, at least once or twice a day. Like I said two asks ago, I’m enjoying tumblr a lot more now I reblog whatever I want, it’s a lot more fun.

Aesthetics will probably slow down sometime soon and stay that way for a couple of weeks. I made a post a couple of days ago about it. My internet provider is uprouting all the cables for our street, so my internet is going to be crap while they’re doing that.

Other than that though, aesthetics are still as regular as they ever were.

All of Jamie’s interviews at the What’s On Stage Awards last night, as transcripts:

Did we? (re getting there early well)

JP: ‘It’d be nice if I could actually apparate between the theatre and here’ (points to Thorne) Well he did the bulk of the work :P

Hewis: Tell us about when you were both first approached about this job, were you ever apprehensive about it…

JP: (gesturing to Thorne) Well it was longer ago for you than it was for me

JT: I remember his first audition, I remember us sitting there and he wasn’t there, it had to be videoed for us, er because he was, because you were doing Sky…

JP: yeah, I was in Birmingham doing Guys and Dolls which is a completely different prospect

JT: And er, I just remember that moment when we all turned to each other and went ‘ohh, thank the Lord’, we’ve found, we’ve found our Harry because it is such a ridiculously hard part to play and to have someone of his (gestures to JP) calibre and brilliance doing it is absolutely extraordinary

JP: It’s made a lot easier when you’ve got somebody who, ye know, when the material’s in safe hands and you’ve got scenes that have their own trajectory and momentum, and then you’re really just, ye know. It sounds glib but it’s true, if you just turn up and let the play take care of itself because it’s a play that you trust, then you can do it. To be honest, if I hadn’t thought that that was apparent in the writing, even in the early drafts that we had then I wouldn’t have put myself in the position *thinking it was a* possibility, er you, and Jack’s one of our best, and why wouldn’t you trust him, so

Lucie: I was gonna say, it must have been sucha  responsibility, one with the casting and two being on stage every night in front of really loyal fans – me being one, abosltely loved it (JP: Good), I’m obsessed with it, maybe a little bit too much- there must have been quite a responsibility, you must have felt that from the very beginning, with this production

JT: yeah, no, it was absolutely terrifying, and er um, the first moment John talked to me about it, it was the weirdest moment of just being like the most exciting and the most terrifying thought you’ve ever had in your life, it’s kind of like your stomach fell out, like ‘Really, you think I (L: OK I’ll do it!). It’s one of those things where you go, ‘I don’t really want anyone else to do it, but I’m very scared of doing it myself’

L: and how about you Jamie? How did it go in rehearsals, were there ever moments when you did go, kinda thought ‘ourgh’

JP:  the last thing I expected was for it to be as as easy and intimate and collaborative as it has, as it has been, um, if not the most collaborative job I’ve ever had, um, ye know, it, er, you hear ‘Harry Potter on stage’ , I think everybody when they first heard that had perhaps certain ideas about what a big scary ol’ thing it was go-ina be, and, ye know, so you’re steeling yourself for a fairly industrial experience, and and the last thing I was expecting was to turn up and just feel like you’re working on a nice new play at the Royal Court or something like that, ye know, something like that!?! Just occasionally you pull out a wand and and shout spells and you go ‘OH we’re doing a really BIG PLAY’ but at heart it’s a relationship drama, its in good hands with some of the best creative teams that we’ve got in world theatre, and, ye know, to be honest I would’ve gone into the, erm, into a rehearsal room on an unknown project with this team just to get the chance to work with them, but the fact that we’ve got, we’re at What’s On Stage Awards and this is the audience award and we’ve got this audience that is so hungry and so desperate to, to listen to this coda, to this, to this ye know sprawling but rather ancient myth, erm, is erh, it’s only wind in our sails, they’re willing us to succeed from the very beginning of the play. (red carpet interview)


“  I’m not tall enough for the mic! Thank you What’s on Stage, um, I’ve never done this before this is terrifying. This of course has to be shared with a lot of people, the other nominees of course, exemplars every single one of them and as a group with a combined expertise er in the field of pretending to be a wizard which frankly dwarfs my own so thank you. To Jo, of course, who was very helpful in writing seven epoch-making volumes of backstory for us to build on, er Sonia Friedman, Colin Callendar for putting together Jack, John, Stephen and the rest of this fantasy creative dream team and their associates, along with a cast, crew, wigs, wardrobe, stage management, company management who are not only world class in what they do, but as generous and collaborative and naughty um as you could possibly hope for. Claire and the gang at Independent of course, you’re never less than brilliant, and Deb and my wonderful family who erh-er despite my lingering flaws persist in the work of teaching my how to love and so give me something of a good cribsheet to work for work from on this play, and uh finally of course to the audience who voted for it, um uh (looks at award in his hand) GOD this is terrifying. Um er thank YOU for being the kind of good folk who can consistently turn up to the theatre in groups of fourteen hundred for five hours’ worth of theatre and not let a single phone go off once during the show you have no idea how amazing that is, thank you very much.  ” (Jamie’s acceptance speech for the What’s on Stage Best Actor in a Play Award)


I’ve never done this before, and it’s really scary, erh a lot scarier than you might have thought it is but now this one is the one that really does count because obviously it’s the audience… I can’t help feeling it’s a little bit of an unfair advantage when you crop up in the gig that’s got a supersize following already in place (interview after receiving the award)


I wanted to say thank you, most of all, to you guys, for being – as far as I’m concerned – living proof that the story of darkness and trauma endured as a rite of passage endured into a more mature, wiser and more evolved state, isn’t escape as fantasy merely but it’s one of the oldest and most vital most perceptive and humane myths, and it’s your championing of Harry in the way that you do, which lends a lot of hope that however dark things might get there are countless millions all over the world who prize that myth most of all and who are determined to keep its spirit alive and that’s what I’d like to say thank you to you for. (Jamie’s special recorded message for the audience)

Disbelief- Neville Longbottom

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Pairing: Neville Longbottom x Reader

Characters: Neville Longbottom

Warnings: N/A

Request: Wattpad- “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

Word Count: 604

Author: Charlotte

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So...random-ish question, can animals be used in combat? I don't mean like horses which obviously can be used but more like...Say someone trained tigers and brought them into combat, how effective would they be? Could they hurt people through armour? Are likely to be easy to deal with?

There were no tigers ever bred for war to my knowledge. Closest thing I know to any great beast used like that would be in Egypt. It was said that at the Battle of Kadesh, Ramses II had a lion which was used in battle. To be honest, I don’t know if it’s true, records from that far back are sketchy. But that would be terrifying in the

Part of the problem is training and control. Animals can respond to command, but they’re not intelligent the way humans are. When it comes to non-domesticated animals, it’s even harder to train them to fight in war. To not be killed, timing and withdrawal are important, especially since animals usually can’t wear much armor.

Commonly, animals were used as mounts, with the horse as the obvious outlier. Elephants too, were used in war as mounts, as an ultra-heavy cavalry that could batter through any formation. Alexander the Great fought them effectively by using the long sarissa of his father. Interestingly enough the Romans found that a useful tool against elephants were other animals. The high-pitched squealing of pigs and horned rams could disorient and enrage elephants, who would trample their own soldiers and wreak havoc upon friendly troops. The Romans also coated the pigs in pitch and lit them aflame, causing the flaming pigs to bolt in terror toward the enemy. Elephants, already not liking the sound of the squealing pigs, also get enraged when in the presence of fire.

Now, if you’re looking at fighting animals, the most common one was the dog. Dog units formed a cornerstone of armies since antiquity, and big dogs were used to either spook horses or pounce on knights, either way knocking them off the horse and disabling them (falling off a horse in full armor will take the wind out of you right quick). As time progressed and firearms improved, the dog saw less use, but don’t think that means that dogs weren’t used in warfare after that. Even in modern times, dogs were useful as scouts and especially as sentries. Many dogs saw action well into the age of gunpowder and modern weaponry, and dogs formed a key component of armies even into the 20th century.

In the modern day, animals are used more for therapy and morale than for actual combat, but they make a great difference. Lots of strays get picked up by lonely or sad GI’s at FOB’s, and recovering veterans often benefit from therapy dogs.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

so far....
  1. things you said at 1 am
  2. things you said through your teeth
  3. things you said too quietly
  4. things you said over the phone
  5. things you didn’t say at all
  6. things you said under the stars and in the grass
  7. things you said while we were driving
  8. things you said when you were crying
  9. things you said when i was crying
  10. things you said that made me feel like shit
  11. things you said when you were drunk
  12. things you said when you thought i was asleep
  13. things you said at the kitchen table
  14. things you said after you kissed me
  15. things you said with too many miles between us
  16. things you said with no space between us
  17. things you said that i wish you hadn’t
  18. things you said when you were scared
  19. things you said when we were the happiest we ever were
  20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear
  21. things you said when we were on top of the world
  22. things you said after it was over
  23. things you said [make your own]

by @collarsbones

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Babe, you got this. You are the smartest, sexiest, most bad ass woman I know. I know this final is going to suck big time, but you got this. Tonight, when it is all over, you'll forget why you were ever worried about it. Angelina and Sam are coming for a visit this weekend when this is all over, so we can all blow off some steam, if you know what I mean. I love you Babe. I will have a surprise waiting for you when you get home. Now go kick some ass!

Well this totally made my morning!! I promise I’m studying like a mad woman and am going to put everything I got into this one!! I think the four of us will have some serious fun, don’t you @atc74?? ;)