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Digimon Tri Confession

Omg Confession was brutal.

-Patamon omg poor baby. I love how he noticed he was infected so fast. And I loveee how he told his other Digimon friends.

-There was a lot of forced drama, like Takeru didn’t really think of telling not even Yamato, and he tells Mei? He’s talking life if his other friends were sadists that would end Patamon, if it was people he barely knew I’d get it but this…nah.

-Tailmon not taking Agumon’s shit remarks ++

-Agumon’s remarks ++ lmao when things were so serious this dork

-The Digimon making memories with the kids ;_; ;_; Tailmon was especially painful. But what’s with the screencap of Gabumon just standing so far from Yamato lmao.

-There are a lot of plot points that leave me like whaaat but I enjoyed it too much to take points from that.

-The whistle at the end omg, that was heart breaking.

-Koushiro was so good this episode, Tentomon/Kou was so sweet, too bad his mega form idk, it didn’t have much to battle. And d'aww when the infected ones hug him.

-Yamato/Taichi so strong lmao, blushing, dates.

-Make Takari happen damn it. Hikari was all over Takeru.

-Yamato hugging Takeru d'aww.

-Why going to the digital world in school clothes?

-But yas! Digital World!

The Digimon make me smile so much.

look at how phil’s the one wearing all black and he’s got the leather studded backpack and the emo hair and the lip bite and walking like he owns the place

and then dan’s the one in color with a brown leather jacket and a quiff and smiling and all laid back and relaxed (x)


“It’s a little bit like summer camp! We spend a lot of time on set together, we spend 16 hours a day together, we all live up in Vancouver together and hang out on weekends. We definitely are very blessed to have such cool people around us.” (Jennifer Morrison)


Haruka and Makoto do the Ice bucket challenge to support the ALS Association! Please help/support/donate if you can!


Happy birthday to one of my best friends, Sarah! ♥

what i love more than anything about Roy Mustang is his entire ~persona~ centers around him as a cool smirking angsty powerful war hero but in reality he is a huge nerd all his dates are his mom’s informants. he can’t drive for shit. his favorite game is chess he loves puppies and making prank phone calls he’s such a momma’s boy roy mustang is tHE BIGGEST DORK IN THE WORLD AND THAT’S WHY I LOVE HIM SO FUCKING MUCH