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…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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Aaron Dingle + his thick cute fluffy scruffy beard I’d die for to touch ;3

@lizzzzoo *winks*


Built in 1910 in Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom, Severalls Hospital was a psychiatric hospital which housed 2000 plus patients. The patients, who were separated by gender, were guinea pigs for new experiments. A number of female patients were sectioned here for bearing illegitimate children or even because they had been raped. Some of the treatments that took place at Severalls Hospital was lobotomies and ECT. Eventually, the hospital moved with the times and social acceptance and eventually got rid of these barbaric forms of treatment and introduced art and music therapy programs, along with medication and drugs. In August 1942, the hospital was bombed by the Luftwaffe, killing 38 patients. Severalls Hospital was eventually closed in 2013.

I had to find my way through a giant mansion of ghosts who were both squirrels and bears at the same time and some guy with a giant banana on his back kept following me around saying “It’s time to sleep, George Washington.” I would usually reply with “but I had coffee” and we would just constantly circle around a lamp post until a squirrel/bear pushed us out of the way. In the end I found some pasta and got a medal.


So we’re playing in a 5ed campaign, and while crossing a mountain pass get attacked by Yetis. After an ugly ass boss fight, (one party member thrown off a cliff, two others frozen by some freeze ray from the boss yeti), our druid saves the day by morphing into a polar and basically eating the boss yeti. Unfortunately the yeti blood sort of transformed him into a 7 foot tall were-bear-yeti thing.

After the DM got done describing the transformation, we all waited for the druid player’s reaction. In character, he says to us. “Do you think anyone will notice?”

We all pretty much lost it at that point.

someone in the chat asked dan where the polar bear cakes were from and he stumbled over his words and said “a gaykery,” simultaneously confirming that him and phil went to the bakery to browse wedding cake selections


Anthony Ramos x Reader

Requested by anon: “ Hello! May ask a song-fic request to “Baby it’s cold outside”, reader x who ever you would like? Thank you!”

In which the reader needs to get home and study but Anthony refuses to let her leave because it’s too dang cold outside and he’s in love with her oops

Words: 2274

Warnings: no smut, some suggestive content, swearing

a/n: Thank you to the anon for requesting this & for everybody’s patience! Since the holidays & finals week are all coming up, I tried to incorporate them here. In advanced sorry for how bad this might be, writing songfics are so hard haha. ENJOY(:

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