were basically bffs

pp3 is the biggest fucking tease i mean they could have easily made aubrey and chloe stick together because they were basically bffs since day one but NOOOO beca and chloe continue to stand next to each other and basically do everything together aND THAT KILLS ME

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Ok so the more Rollacoaster gets delayed, the less likely it gets that they're trying to line this up with a Loammy release, don't you think? The magazine is losing money, getting really bad publicity for the constant delays etc and I don't think they would risk that just so it could be released around the same time as his single. I really feel like there's opposing narratives here for the cover story that Team Loammy is fighting on, FFS they haven't even gone to print yet!


Magazine print dates are pretty set in stone, so I agree that I don’t think they would intentionally be pushing themselves back for a fourth time, causing them to be a full month late on newsstands ANNNND risking a bad relationship with their advertisers to pacify Team Loammy. We live in a bit of a fandom bubble, so I think its a fair reminder that outside of the fandom, probs Loammy, and the magazine’s advertisers themselves, no one particularly gives a fuck or is writing about the fact this magazine is delayed, so publicity wise its not all that damaging. The BTS Business Hoe relationship with their advertisers and printers is what’s really fucking them. 

I think its totally not a reach to say there’s gotta be something going on with the cover story that made them have to halt everything at the eleventh hour. Talking points were already served to the media last month ahead of the original newsstand date, which were basically Trump, being bffs w/ Bieber, X Factor, and a two paragraphs that Cheryl likely wrote about what an icon she is and how they are the epitome of Twu Wuv™ (i can’t even type that with a straight face ohmygiddygod’s trousers). The UK tabloids predictably made it about Cheryl (she’s got them on payroll, natch) and the US focused on Trump & Bieber and ignored Cheryl (weeeeeeee). 

It’ll be super interesting to see what that article’s focus and narrative is when it finally does hit newsstands in 2025*. 

*i kid, i kid

We should talk more about Legion friendships! Like Legion & Jack, Legion & Miranda, Legion & Tali, Legion & Thane, Legion & Kasumi, etc. Does anyone have headcanons to share?

I kinda picture Jack finding Legion “okay” because he doesn’t ask her questions and treats her like everyone else. He also values her fighting abilities (maybe he told her he calculated when she’s going to be successful? which is often enough). So they are often paired and do really well together. 

Miranda doesn’t trust Legion but is warming up to him after he saved her life in a fight. She sometimes goes to talk to him and ask him questions. She enjoys how he can keep up with her. 

Kasumi was watching him from afar once, not daring to get closer. At some point he told her “I know you’re here”, so she sat down in front of him and they talked. One hour later they were basically bffs. 

What else?