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Maybe Nagito from Danganronpa and Unknown from Mystic Messenger, since they both have white-pink hair?

and i love them both stupidly too.. so many similarities (๏ᆺ๏υ) 

(also don’t worry bubs i have mysme stuff coming up)

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This question is for Ashley A. Woods: What inspired you to create Niobe, She Is Life?

I didn’t create or write “Niobe: She is Life”, I’m just the cover and interior artist for it. However, I was given the liberty to design Niobe’s look for the “She is Life” story arc (being the poncho and layered skirt with tribal accents in her hair and jewelry versus her bland brown dress in “The Untamed” graphic novel where she is first introduced). All of the other characters were designed by artist Darrell May of Stranger Comics. I decided to take on the project because I’ve always been a fan of dark fantasy and stories with elements of action in them so working on “Niobe” felt like a natural next step for me. I also recognized the opportunity it would give me to present my work on a bigger platform so I wanted to be a part of that. At this moment, we’re preparing to release the graphic novel which will have the entire “She is Life” arc and in addition, unreleased artwork and other goodies. 

Day 2: Colors

Terezi casually let herself into the little house. Calliope cheerfully followed.

Calliope clasped her hands together and smiled. “I’m so glad you could come, Terezi!” she said.  “John told me you were quite the artist, so I thought I’d show you my studio! “

Terezi stood in the center of the room, surveying in her own way, sniffing the air and the scent of her surroundings.  “You got all kinds of art supplies, right?” she asked, moving her way towards some drawers in the back.

Calliope brightened up with enthusiasm.  “Yes, Roxy used her powers to provide me with just about every kind of artistic tool there is!  Don’t worry, whatever you want to use, feel free to do so!”

Terezi opened the drawers in the back and saw all kinds of tools.  Chisels, colored pencils, paintbrushes, oils, acrylics, even crayons and markers filled the compartment.  Terezi rummaged through the drawers until finally… Jackpot.  Terezi grinned as she pulled a box of chalk out from the bottom of the drawers. 64 glorious colors, and they were all hers.

Callie tilted her head as Terezi walked back to the front of the studio.  “Oh, chalk!” she said. “You can make all kinds of interesting pieces with chalk!  I love the way that unique texture can change the feel of how a work pops out!“

Calliope turned around to look through the pile of sketches on her desk.  “I should have a little chalkboard tablet around here somewhere if you want to see how some of the colors look first.”

She started shifting the piles around, that tablet had to be around somewh-


Calliope turned in shock at the sudden sound.  As she looked at what Terezi was doing, she was even more surprised. Terezi was sitting on the floor.  She had taken several of the pieces of chalk out of the box and she seemed to be… eating them.

“Hope you don’t mind, Callie,” Terezi said with a mouthful of powdery rock.  “I haven’t had a snack this good in a long time.”

Calliope realized she was staring and tried to recover. “Oh, um, no, of course,” she said awkwardly. “It’s no problem.”

Terezi cackled.  “You can’t start drawing until you have a full taste of all the colors you’re gonna use.  It’s indispensable to the process. Ooh, is that berry blue?” Terezi shoved another piece in her mouth, chomping away.

“Oh.  Yes.  I understand completely.” Calliope responded, not understanding at all.

“Hee hee hee! Callie, you gotta stop using your eyes so much. You miss out on a lot of art that way. Here.”

Terezi chucked a piece at Calliope.  Callie’s bad reaction time meant it bounced off her skull, before landing in her outstretched claw. It was a bright pink piece.

“Give that a nibble. I know you like pink. Or at the very least,” Terezi said slyly. “pink text.”

Calliope blushed slightly as she brought the chalk in her hand up to her face.  It didn’t look very appetizing, but it would be rude to refuse a guest, right?  She stretched out her long tongue to give it a tentative taste, then quickly bit into it with her sharp teeth before she could think too hard about it.

Terezi sat with her arms crossed and a toothy smile as Calliope softly chewed.  “Well?” she asked.

She saw Calliope’s eyes widen slightly. “It tastes… pretty good! It’s like a bright, bubblegummy essence!” Calliope took another bite into the chalk, now much more enthusiastically.

Terezi clapped her hands with excitement.  “Yes! Finally somebody who gets it!”

Calliope moved to sit next to Terezi on the studio floor. “Do you have any other flavours I could try?” she asked, eyes sparkling with anticipation.

Terezi grinned as she put an arm around the cherub.  “Callie, I think this is the start of a beautiful artistic collaboration.”

@tereziweek Day 2: Color.

Finally got those one out!  A surprisingly fun dynamic between these two? Who knew?

When I first got into leftism I was wondering why Marx, Lenin, Stalin, etc were everyone’s favorites because I thought that was the equivalent of saying your favorite artists are Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh. Like, I went to art school and if you gave an answer like that when someone asked what your favorite artists were you’d get an eye roll. There’s jokes that art students make about having a list of obscure artists on hand for when a professor asks you about your favorites.

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Jeez u rude shit I thought u were a great artist but now now ur art gives me the sadness, that other anon just probably wanted to be someone like u.

Yea thanks :’) I had enough people steal and copy my artstyle because I was their “inspiration” and reupload my stuff and delete my artist comments. I don’t take anyone’s crap anymore. People think they can do whatever they want to me and other artists no matter what we say. I have all the reason and right to be angry and if you don’t like that, you know where to unfollow.


oh. oh.

They actually played this song and it’s forever stuck in my head

“Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end~” -Melanie Martinez

My part of the art trade with @porotatoes ;) sorry it took a little long >m>.

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i'm scared to ask this but what happened in chile today?

I usually don’t discuss drama openly on this blog and will typically ask you guys to personally message me off anon, but this is way too important.

So apparently “fans” were bothering BTS at their hotel (i.e. screaming for them, making lots of noise) and they couldn’t even rest. Then when they left the hotel to try to relax and eat at a restaurant, the fans followed them there… They were again being loud and disturbing the boys. According to @we-breathe-bangtan-sonyeondan, there were videos of someone explaining to these “fans” that “the boys were tired and needed to eat and then to rest for the concert. However, a group of 20-30 people were arguing that they just wanted to see them or greet them. They even said that BTS were artists and that they owed(?) the fans some sort of greeting or recognition. The person tried to explain that there were fans screaming and disturbing BTS all day and that they just wanted to rest, but the “fans” kept demanding some sort of recognition.”

I really cannot stress how ridiculous this situation is. Yes, not all fans are like this, but these fans are the fans BTS were first greeted with upon their arrival to Chile. Imagine how stunned BTS is right now. So called “fans” are not even letting them eat or sleep? Are BTS not humans like us? 

This is not exclusive to Chile, as we all know from Bon Voyage, this happened in Europe as well. Fans chased after BTS, forced them to give signatures, recorded them, followed them to hotels, and many more horrifying things. BTS has no obligation or reason to interact with fans during their “free-time” and that’s that. Imagine if you were on a plane for hours, were tired, jetlagged, hungry, exhausted, and were then greeted with screams, groups of people following you, acting like YOU owed them something. How would you feel? Frustrated? Mad? Irritated? That’s probably exactly what BTS is feeling right now.

I know not all of us are seeing BTS in concert even though they are visiting our countries or cities, but that gives you absolutely no right to treat them the way they were treated today. 

Furthermore, if you guys don’t want to treat BTS like human beings and respect them, don’t call yourself a fan or an ARMY. Also don’t expect BTS to come to your country again and don’t complain if they don’t return. 
- Kylie