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Not Lout

Snotlout :’( 

Love the insecurities, and his anxiety, and the pressure his father puts on him and how he’s still struggling to find himself in that messy balance of dad’s approval and changing with the times and fitting in with his peers.

You know what else I love?

Acknowledging that the dragon riders are aware that Hiccup’s going to be chief one day and that they’re looking at how the dynamics in their group are going to shift and where their future lies.

My sophomore year a tornado touched down right outside of campus (and I should like to point out that it was the only time our tornado siren didn’t work). I don’t remember waking up, exactly. I remember that I was abruptly sitting bolt upright in bed, facing the window like “THAT WAS A TRAIN.”

My roommate and I were like “oh this is probably bad” and grabbed backpacks, keys etc to run down to the basement. My sister across the hall and her roommate were in a similar situation. Power was out, emergency lights made the hall super creepy.

Down the hall, our other hall-sisters peeked out like “Is that a tornado?”
And one girl was like “Siren didn’t go off. I have class tomorrow.”
“Me too.”
“I have homework.”
“I’m going back to bed.”
“But guys, I’m pretty sure that’s a tornado out there?”
“I don’t care.”

And that seems to sum up being a college student fairly well. The only thing that would’ve made it more fitting is if it had been during finals week.

there’s a portuguese tv show with a time travelling lesbian, i love it when my country does me right


The many faces of Nefertari Vivi from EP.776/777 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

actual sentences my teacher said in assembly this morning

-“I did, in fact, fail my driving test four times" 
-"And so I pulled out, and thought I blown it”
-“You need to get soME PITS”
-“This is what you got to ask yourself: have you defrosted your chicken?" 

[ ok but why do any of the paladins need to switch to black in the interim?? is there something from the older series that i’m missing?? ]

The Frogs

As some of you may know (or not) January and February are actually among the busiest times at the hospital… hence my radio silence recently.  But… that means I’ve been storing up lots of good stories!

First off is the story of the frogs.  This trio came to the hospital all the way from Florida.  They are 18 years old and had all had some serious injuries to their fur.  The plan was to fully recover the little ones, and recover the hands and eyelids on Herman.  They each came with a nametag attached.  First was Herman:

Here is Herman on arrival:

You can see his burnt hands, and the tops of his eyelids (I recovered the hole back).  First we agreed on a fabric for his hands:

Then it was on to his eyelids.  It’s amazing how many shades of green are out there!  All three frogs were different shades, and while the little ones were getting fully recovered, Herman needed a close match for his eyelids.  I finally found it in a donor from Missouri.  Here’s Herman all better:

And here’s a nice view of his new eyelids:

Next up was the littlest frog, Squirt.  Here’s his note:

And here he is on arrival:

p.s. that is not one of the Florida frogs in the background… it’s another donor. Here’s Squirt all better:

Last but not least was Freddie, the middle frog.  Here’s his note:

As noted, he was very faded!  He was supposed to be dark green with a white belly:

It literally took weeks, and lots of trips to various stores and over the web but… I finally found a good fabric!  I was so excited, I took the photo in my car when I left the store to send to the frogs’ family:

And then, Freddie was better too:

And the trio was ready to fly home:

Their people wrote:

The 3 frog just arrived home.  Thanks for packing them so well.   They said you took really good care of them.  Thanks again.

Now usually this would be the end of their story, but… a week later a big box arrived from Florida (not quite as big as the frogs’ box).  It was a box of fancy chocolate covered strawberries, with an additional thank you note from the frogs family!  Just another reason to smile that day. :-)

joanne1h  asked:

How many pap pics are there of the jungw*rths?? Like actual hundreds?

it’s basically every single pap photo of them over the last year (including ones that were never sold) and also all of their ig pics with the baby in them and also snapchats.

Imagine Walking the Red Carpet with Luke, but Richard Keeps Trying to Steal You Away

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AN: Just Imagine the Second Gif is Richard Bumping Into Luke. Also this is Fiction so anything in this story is fake. I don’t know if Luke’s PR is actually a bitch and Richard, I’m pretty sure, is not single. 


“So how does this work?” You ask as you go into the living room.

Luke had asked you to be his date to the Beauty and the Beast Premier in London and here you were with Richard, Luke, Aidan, Dean, and his wife, Sarah. This was your first time at one of these since you skipped all three Hobbit premieres even though you were a stunt coordinator and one of the photographers on set. That’s how you met these four men and in return, Sarah.

“Well, Luke will probably be asked questions and to sign things so the only option you have is to ditch him and come with me or talk to his PA, ” Richard explains, making you giggle.

“Back off Armitage. She’s my date tonight. Y/n, just relax. Everyone already loves you so you’ll be fine,” Luke says. 

After Dean takes a few photos for his wife’s websites, you all leave. 

When you get there, Luke immediately grabs your hand. “You’ll be fine sweetheart,” he says as you shake a bit. 

You nod and loop your arm through his. Luke gets called over to sign a few pictures and you follow him. 

 "Who is Luke’s date?“ Some girl asks as you both walk away from the group. "Is that y/n?” you hear another voice ask and there’s more screaming. 

As he signs photographs you stay behind to talk with his PR manager. 

 "Where is his partner?“ you ask her. 

"Couldn’t make it,” she says in a short tone and that makes you not want to talk to her. It’s going to be a long night. 

You look around as you feel an arm sliver around your waist. It’s Richard.

 "Is everything alright? You look upset,“ he whispers in your ear. "Luke’s PR is a real bitch,” you mutter and he looks at the woman. She actually has a rbf.

 "Looks like one too,“ he mutters before backing away. "Evans I’m going to steal your date if you’re not going to entertain her,” he calls out. 

 Luke comes over to you and links his hand with yours, making Richard laugh. 

“Don’t you think about it,” Luke says and he drags me back over to the fans. You laugh and chat with a few as he signs some stuff. “How long are you in London for?" 

"I leave tomorrow, sadly. I’ll be coming back in May though to do a few photo shoots so I’ll probably be seeing you around if you live in the area. However I’m not doing personal shoots so I won’t be able to meet you through a schedule,” you say and she nods. 

 Luke signs a few more before grabbing your hand and bringing you over to the press. “

You need a new PR,” you say. He laughs. “Why?” He ask. “Because she seems like a bitch,” you say and he stops, laughing. 

You smile at him, his laughter contagious. “You should be my new PR,” he says as you continue walking . “Maybe,” you say. 

We stop at a few reporters. “Ms. L/N! Mr. Evans! You make such a fine pair tonight,” one report says. “This is all thanks to Sarah O’Gorman. Dean’s wife. I’m sure they’re around here somewhere,” You say. 

“Well, Mr. Evans. Are you excited for the premiere?” she asks. 

 “Of course. I’ve been excited ever since I first got the part. It’s amazing to be working alongside Emma and Dan and watching this fairy tail come to life,” he says. 

“Are you excited to watch it, y/n?” she asks. 

“Oh yeah definitely. I love seeing old disney tales come to life. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies so I’m definitely excited to see it. Also watching Emma Watson is just breathtaking,” you say. 

 “Are we going to be expecting you to be in future films?”

 “Me? Probably not. I’ll make them, but not be in them,” you say. 

“Why not?” 

 “I am a photographer, not an actor. I like how my life is right now so I’ll just stick to it,” you say as you feel an arm go around your shoulder. You turn to find Ian McKellan. You smile and pull him into a hug. 

 “How do you know each other?” she asks again.

“She was the stunt coordinator on The Hobbit and she was one of the main photographers there. I’m pretty sure her photography is what made her so popular with the crowd,” he explains. 

Ian walks off again and you and Luke move on to another reporter. 

We stop at a male interviewer this time. “Y/n. Is this your first time at a red carpet premiere?” he asks. 

“Of course. IT’s amazing really. I’m kind of glad Luke asked me to join him. Kind of bummed that I’m leaving so soon,” you say. 

 “Luke. What was it like working with Ian again?” 

 “Well, I didn’t really work with him because he’s cogs worth, the clock so he just did voice over work and by the time he actually becomes human, I’m already dead you know. I hope that’s not a spoiler. It shouldn’t be given the fact that this movie is 26 years old,” Luke says laughing.

You just smile at him. He’s such a sweetheart. You feel a body behind yours and you turn around to find Richard making Luke groan. 

 “This man has been trying to steal my date all night. Can’t keep his hands off her,” he says as Richard rests an arm on his shoulder.

“It’s not my fault she’s beautiful,” Richard says, winking at you. You roll your eyes smiling. 

“Where’s Aidan?” you ask him.

 “No idea,“ Richard explains, laughing. You shake your head. 

"Mr. Armitage. When are you going to ask y/n on a date?” The reporter asks. “Eventually,” he says smirking. “Now move along and away from my date,” Luke says pushing him away. 

You laugh. 

“Does Richard always do that?” the reporter asks. “Only if it involves y/n. Those two should get together if you know what I mean,” Luke answers. 

“I mean theres a petition going around on change.org to get them together. Have you seen it?” he asks. “Is there really? I need to sign it,” Luke says and you laugh. 

“Yes. I’ve seen it. Last I checked there were 10,000 signatures. Keep up the good work,” you say, laughing. Luke and you walk away. You both pose for some cameras and while the flashes go off he turns towards you. 

 "Is there really a petition to get you two to go out?“ He asks. 

"Yup. Funniest thing ever,” you tell him, smiling. “Are you going to follow through?” He asks. 

“I’ve been busy,” you say as you turn back to the cameras.

“I can keep you busy as well,” he whispers leaning close to you and you laugh. 

“Too bad you’re gay. Also, Richard has his eyes on you,“ You tell him nodding behind him. You both turn and you lean over a bit to see Richard making the "I’m watching you” signal. You laugh and he smiles.

Luke sticks his tongue out at Richard and pulls you closer. Two can play at that game.

American Idol Zootopia style

Sing! wasn’t a movie I thought I would watch when I first saw the trailers, but I did watch it, and I enjoyed it very much! It was helped by the tasteful dubbing and songs left in original (with one exception). 

Highlights include: 

  • Rosalita, a mama!Pig and danced a kick-ass salsa (possibly, I am not a very musical person, it could have been mambo) in a supermarket, and low-key turns out to be a genius engineer, to the surprise of no one. She just does it,
  • Ash, who is a punkrock teenager, and still a teenaged girl - I was so happy with the female characters in general, all of them were feminine in their own way, and not one of them needed to be female. They just were,
  • Koala car wash. We howled,
  • The gorilla gang,
  • While it does go exactly to the places you know it would, it doesn’t take the obvious route, and when it does it does it with enough pizzazz to still be enjoyable,
  • The lady mouse - she has maybe one line, and kicks more ass than pretty much anyone,
  • The character designs maybe weren’t as cute as Zootopia’s, but still a job well done,
  • It’s an ensemble movie, and does it great. It pays attention to detail, most of the humour is natural, the soundtrack features a fuckload of hits, and over all A+, would watch again.

Stanuary week two: Protect
He might not always be able to be there to protect his brother from bullies, but at least he can keep him from taking their words to heart.

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philip shea + textpost meme (a pair piece for my lukas one) 


Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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if vicchan’s own version of a katsudon™ as yuuri’s birthday present isn’t the purest thing ever then idk what else is