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3 weeks early

requested: can you also do imagine where y/n is married to shawn and she’s pregnant and she’s on tour with him and before every concert she goes out to fans to give them some tickets 😊 and it’s cute and fluffy ☺ thanks, love you 💖

okay i changed this one just a little bit, it’s not that much but she’s just not on tour with him



“guys where’s y/n?” the voice of your probably worried husband could be heard from his dressing room even though he was on the stage doing soundcheck for the show later on. he got no response from his team around him, causing him to worry more. “you left her alone? you guys can’t do that she’s 8 months pregnant!”

you chuckled, knowing he was going to send someone to the dressing room so you could sit in the audience and watch him or something. just so he can see you at all times. ever since you found out you were pregnant, shawn has been almost extra protective. you were surprised you were even allowed at tonight’s show. when you were in the early stages of your pregnancy, you were still allowed to tour with him and go to his shows but once you reached the 6 month mark, you were banned. you had managed to convince him to let you come tonight since it was a show in your hometown, but after a few weeks and a few deals made, he finally let you come. of course, he tried his best to make sure you were never alone just in case you went into labour early which was definitely a possibility. another reason he let you come to tonight’s show was because his family was also going to be attending, and you could stay with them while he was

“somebody go find-” shawn yelled, walking into his dressing room. “oh you’re here. okay never mind everyone i found her!” he came over to your spot on the leather couch, “how are you two?”

“i’m good,” you said, rubbing your giant belly. “she’s good too. she loves the music, she’s been dancing around in there all day.”

“that’s my girl.” shawn smiled, changing into a black short sleeved dress shirt for his q&a that started in about 45 minutes. “she’s gonna be a dancer one day.”

“you mismatched like all the buttons shawn.” you laughed,
nothing that all the buttons he just did were all in the wrong places. “how do you even do that?” slowly, you managed to get up from the couch to help him redo the buttons. you got as close as your stomach would allow to undo all the buttons as shawn just smirked while watching you intently.

“i’m having some sort of déjà vu,” he said. “last time you did this, that happened.” he pointed to your baby bump.

you rolled your eyes, swatting the side of his arm then quickly doing up the buttons. “you’re an idiot.”

“hey,” he raised his hands up in defence. “i’m just saying the truth.”

“all fixed,” you announced, lighting patting his chest. “what would you do without me?”

he shrugged, taking some food from the table that was set up in every one of his dressing rooms. “i wouldn’t be living y/n, my fans would make fun of me too much for not knowing how to do buttons.”

you laughed, taking a peek out the window to see a giant crowd of fans in the distance. you remembered going out into those crowds when you toured with shawn, you had a tradition of giving away tickets to a few fans who had none. of course, you kept it a secret because you didn’t want people to get greedy but you missed doing that.

“hey shawn?” you called, closing the curtains so fans couldn’t look in. you stood in front of his spot on the couch, wrapping your arms around his neck. he looked up at you, his hands grabbing your sides. “did i ever tell you how insanely attractive you are?” you smiled. you knew that if you wanted him to agree, you would have to do some kissing up.

“you want something don’t you?” he narrowed his eyes, not being able to keep a straight face.

“you don’t happen to have any extra tickets lying around do you?”

“y/n,” he sighed. “you can’t go out in that crowd. it’s too dangerous for you and the baby.”

“shawn i used to give away tickets all the time before! please, i’ll be fine i promise.” you begged. you wanted nothing more than to get some fresh air. after being in this stuffy dressing room all day, you were in desperate need.

“y/n, you could go into labour at anytime now! it’s way to dangerous and if i let you go out there and something happens i will never forgive myself.”

“nothing is going to happen shawn, i’ll be careful i promise. i really need some fresh air, i feel like i’m suffocating in here. if you’re really that scared, come with me.”

“if i come with you we’ll for sure get mobbed. i’ll get you some extra tickets.” he sighed, finally giving in because he knows you wouldn’t have stopped until he did. “but, you’re going out with security standing close by and i’m going to be watching. if i see anything that doesn’t look normal, you need to come in.”

you nodded, taking the tickets he handed you. some people would think shawn was being too demanding and overprotective but you know he’s just looking out for you and the baby.

“i’m not trying to be harsh baby,” he said, kissing your forehead. “i just want you to be safe and protected at all times. if anything were to happen at one of these shows i would never be able to live with myself.”

“i understand shawn, trust me. but i’m going to be okay out there, especially with everyone watching my every move. nothing is going to happen.”

“you could go into labour at anytime y/n, your due date isn’t that far away.” he said, cupping the side of your face with his spare hand.

you were due on april 21st and today’s date was april 2nd, meaning you were almost full term and the baby could come at any time but she would be early. you had the slightest feeling she would be late though, motherly instincts i guess.

“babies aren’t always born early shawn. she could come when she’s supposed to come.”

“y/n,” he chuckled. “how early were
you born?”

“5 weeks early,” you mumbled. “okay i see your point but still, i’m going to be fine you can watch from the window or something.”

he reluctantly handed you one more set of tickets and you were off. “be safe out there!” he called.

“i will!”

you met a security guard at one of the entrances of the arena who allowed you to leave, and another one followed you out. you were happy that he wasn’t right behind you, you needed some space. as soon as the door opened you were relieved that nobody was really paying attention to you. everyone was mostly occupied with their phones or talking to their friends as they waited to get into the arena.

as you walked around for a bit you heard a few mutters of “is that y/n?” or “guys look, it’s y/n.” but thankfully the crowd was calm and hadn’t erupted into screams yet.

you began to feel a large amount of pressure on your stomach which you were used to, but never this intense. you shrugged it off thinking it was just braxton hicks.

you noticed a young girl, probably about 6, and another older teenage girl who looked about 16, and their mom standing further away from the crowd. the two girls were wearing t-shirts with your husband’s face on it, but you had never seen those shirts before. they must not have been official merch shirts. the older girl smiled at you, and you decided to go over and talk to them for a bit.

“hi,” you smiled as you approached them.

“oh wow, hi y/n!” the older girl smiled. “would it be okay if we took a picture?”

you nodded, smiling for a picture with the girl and asking for her name. “i’m alessia, and this is alex.” she said, pointing to her little sister who was standing behind her mom.

“aless, who is this?” her mom stepped in. obviously noticing you were very pregnant, her eyes flickered to your ring finger, obviously looking to see if you were married.

“mom, this is y/n. she’s shawn’s wife, you know that already.” alessia stated like she should already know.

the girls’ mom asked you a few questions about your pregnancy which you were happy to answer. eventually the younger girl came from behind her mothers legs and asked for a picture.

“so,” you started. “are you guys coming to watch the show?”

obviously they just thought you were making casual conversation, but you knew what you were doing.

“no,” alessia sighed. “i wish.”

“i tired my hardest to get them tickets but they were so expensive and money is tight right now.” their mom said. “but they wanted to come stand outside for a bit just incase shawn came outside.”

you sighed, you suggest shawn come outside but you understood why he couldn’t.

“well,” you smiled. “i happen to have some extra tickets if you three would like?”

the two girls nodded eagerly, looking at their mother for permission.

“we could ask you to do this,” she said, shaking her head.

“please,” you handed her three front row tickets. “it’s my gift. take them.” she took the tickets, all three of them thanking you many times.

another sharp pain ran through your body although this time it was more noticeable.

“are you okay?” alessia asked, putting her hand on your arm.

“yeah,” you nodded. “i’m okay. she’s just kicking.” you lied. “anyways, i should probably get going but it was nice meeting you guys. have fun later!”

you met a few more fans, giving them tickets and making them promise they wouldn’t say a word about it. you forgot to tell the first family not to say anything, you really hoped they wouldn’t. as for the pains, they didn’t fade away. in fact, they were getting more intense but you didn’t want to go inside just yet. you were sure everything was fine. the fact that you were in pain was more noticeable now, almost everyone was asking if you were okay. you were sure shawn knew something was going on because at one point even your security guard asked if everything was okay.

you handed the last group of fans some tickets as you felt the sharpest pain followed by a trickle of water going down your leg.

“shit,” you mumbled, noticing that your dress was now soaked with water and there was a small puddle under you. the girls noticed what happened and were definitely all recording you but you didn’t care at this point. you were in too much pain to walk back into the arena and find shawn. you noticed a bunch of people from shawn’s team walking out of the main entrance, followed by your husband. he knew exactly where you were standing so he was at your side immediately. the rest of the team followed close behind, andrew was on the phone with who you hoped was 911 for an ambulance.

“y/n,” shawn said. putting his arm around your shoulder and his other hand on your stomach. “is everything okay?”

“yeah,” you breathed. you assumed you were having a contraction, which would explain the pains you’ve been having all day. “i’m in labour though.”

“what?” shawn practically yelled.

“my water broke,” you motioned to the puddle of water a few feet away. you managed to move a few feet in the time it took for shawn to find you.

“you’re joking.”

“shawn why would i joke about this?”

you felt another contraction hit, while shawn yelled at someone to call an ambulance even though it was already on the way. you could hear the sirens in the distance already.

“holy shit y/n this is really happening!” he exclaimed, kissing the side of your head.

“yeah, 3 weeks early.”

the ambulance pulled up next
to you after a few more
minutes. they helped you onto the gurney and shawn followed behind them.

“let’s go have a baby,” he said as the nurses closed the ambulance doors. “3 weeks early.”

Fragility {Part 3/3}

Originally posted by sugutie

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, ???? x Reader

Genre: Photographer Yoongi AU, angst

Warnings: Minor character death

“I used to think I could never lose someone if I photographed them enough. In fact, my photographs show me how much I’ve lost.” - Nan Goldin

(Author’s Note- This is unedited so forgive any mistakes I may have made. Thank you :)

Part 1  | Part 2

You woke up in an unfamiliar bed, the bed sheets far too pristine and the frame far too grand for it to be your own.  The rising sun poured in from the large window and invaded your eyes, immediately causing you to blink rapidly until your pupils finally adjusted to the overwhelming brightness. In your sleepy haze you propped yourself up with the large pillow stared dreamily at the blue sky outside.

Even the sky in New York seemed alien and different to the one you were so used to seeing back home. Perhaps it was the hue of blue that was slightly more saturated or the clouds that appeared to be just a little whisper, whatever it was, you weren’t sure if you liked it.  No one liked change you supposed, even if it was only temporary. You couldn’t deny that you were starting to feel homesick. You hated feeling like an outsider and you longed for the familiar winding streets of your home city, the ones you could navigate with ease. Here you felt like a lost lamb, every step and every turn only brought you more confusion.

You looked over to the other side on the bed but saw that it was unoccupied, the side he’d slept on had even been made back up, the white linen sheets perfect and creaseless.

With a short sigh you dropped your head back down onto the mattress and longed for the feeling of his arms woven around your body. Yet when you’d given up all hope of your longing being fulfilled you heard the sound of the bathroom door swinging open and light footsteps making their way across the large hotel room. You smiled without even looking up.

“I was starting to think you’d never wake up, you’ve been sound asleep since about eleven last night,” the voice was calm, every syllable it spoke soothed you and you let out another sigh, this time one of contentment.

“Travelling is tiring,” you said softly, voice still laced with a drowsy quality as the final effects of sleep hadn’t worn off yet.

You heard him kneel down so that he was at eye level with the bed, his hand crept across the mattress until it found it’s way to your own hand. Finally, you turned to your side to face him.

Jimin was made of soft black hair and warm brown eyes, the kind of eyes that sparkled with a certain youthfulness, there was no bitterness in them, only love and gentleness. His smile was like the sun on a hot summer’s day, and yet you often felt you weren’t worthy of that pleasant warmth. Though you tried not to let those sorts of thoughts bother you anymore, they still nagged at you, demanding to be paid attention to.

He was wearing a white shirt and black trousers, the outfit was simple and modest yet he still managed to take your breath away, you couldn’t stop your eyes from scanning over every inch of his body.

“Do you have any plans for today?” he asked quietly, you. You paused to consider your answer for a few moments. You had bought a few travel guides in an attempt to be organised but typically, you’d left them at home.

“I think I’ll just wander around and see where I end up,” you concluded out loud. He bit his lip a little anxiously but eventually nodded.

“Just be careful okay? With your sense of direction, God knows where you could end up,” he teased, you laughed gently and shuffled so that you were closer to him, the duvet wrapping itself even more tightly around your body.

“Do you have to go?” you dared to ask after a few moments, breaking the period of blissful silence.

He squeezed your hand gently and smiled sorrowfully, “You know I have to, if I had it my way I wouldn’t have to work and I’d spend all my time with you but- it just didn’t work out like that. I’m sorry.”

A beam of sunlight illuminated his skin, it’s radiance now so dazzling you swore he was almost iridescent, he sparkled with the brilliance of every colour under the sun. Perhaps that was what often made you so anxious, he didn’t feel like reality sometimes. One day you might just blink and he will have vanished, you feared that soon he would see you for who you really are, he might see through the cracks of your happy facade. He’d leave if he had any sense. And just like that, he’d be gone. Just like that, the dream would be shattered.

“It’s not your fault,” you reassured him, he leaned down and pressed a light, airy kiss against the skin of your cheek, one that made you blush in a ridiculously childish way. You weren’t used to the way he treated you, there was no way to describe it other than he was just so nice to you. It scared you when people were nice to you, because one day you knew they’d stop. They always did.

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For Me

Alternate End

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You wanted to go on one final date before finally letting him go.

Word Count: 2926

Originally posted by nelliel66

He looked at you, looked at your radiance, looked at your beaming smile as he complimented your cooking. He looked at you with caring and loving eyes, just not the kind of love that you had thought. He didn’t know when he fell out of love for you, but looking at you now he felt guilty for keeping you at his side when you could be out there looking for someone who could truly love you. 

You looked at him, looked at his tired eyes, looked at his forced smile as he complimented your cooking. You looked at him with caring and loving eyes, the kind of love that you wanted him to have. You didn’t know when he fell out of love for you, but looking at him now you felt like you didn’t want to let him go even if he didn’t truly love you.

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[ Imagine: Jax has trouble coping with your breakup ] - So I combined two requests for this imagine: 1.) A more emotional side to Jax after you break up with him, 2.) Jax imagine based on Paramore’s Let This Go. - Hope you guys like it!

Jax stared at the reaper on the wall in front of him, losing himself in his own thoughts. He had spent the last few years of his life with you, and now you were gone. He took a drag of his cigarette, filing his lungs with the dense, tarry smoke. He hadn’t felt like himself in weeks, ever since you had ended things with him. His world had come to a screeching halt. He felt lost and alone. You had told him you still loved him, but you couldn’t be with him anymore. He couldn’t wrap his mind around it all. It didn’t seem real to him. Every night he went home after a long day of dealing with club business, he expected to see you lying there in the bed you had shared for so long, waiting for him to join you. But you were never there, and Jax knew you would never be again.

Jax was having a hard time accepting losing you. It didn’t feel real to him. He wanted to wake up from what he was sure had to be a nightmare. You couldn’t have just walked away from him after all these years. You just couldn’t.

Jax sighed loudly and put his cigarette out on the table in front of him. Things had been chaotic lately. That much, he would admit. He had been dealing with a lot of shit from the club, and it had started to turn him into a different man. A man you didn’t like.

The reality was you had warned him for months. You told him if he didn’t get his shit together, you were gone. Your leaving shouldn’t have been a surprise. You had given him plenty of fair warning in the months leading up to your breakup. You told him if he didn’t change, you were leaving. Deep down, he knew you meant it. But he kept telling himself you would never leave him. He didn’t think you ever could. He remembered the night he told you to just hang on until things settled down. The problem with club life was that things never settled down, and Jax knew that. He didn’t change. And you had kept your promise. You were gone.The second you had enough, you packed your bags and left. And now Jax had to deal with losing you. He hated himself for not listening to you sooner, for not taking every word you said seriously. He hated himself for thinking you could never leave him. The truth was, he knew he was the luckiest man in the world to have had you. He had just waited until much too late to show you that. He only truly realized how much he needed you after you were gone. It was too late now, and he was paying the price for his mistakes.

He stood from his seat at the table and headed towards the roof. He needed time to think and try to clear his mind of you.


Jax pulled into your driveway and cut off his bike. He had spent the last hour talking himself out of getting on his bike and driving to your new place. His head told him it was a bad idea, but his heart seemed to disagree. He knew he had no business being there, but he couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t stop thinking about you. He tried to get you off his mind. He really had. But the last few weeks, you were all he could think about. He missed you, and he felt desperate. He needed to talk to you, to see your face. He was driving himself up the wall thinking about you and all the things he could have done differently to keep you around. He missed you, and he needed you, and he didn’t know who else to turn to. You were his rock. You always had been.

He climbed off his bike and made his way to your front door. He stood on your porch and sucked in a deep breath. He didn’t want you to know how much of a mess he was without you. He didn’t want to look weak, but the truth was, he had never felt weaker than when he was without you. He raised his fist and knocked on the door.


You were lying on the bed in a bedroom you couldn’t get used to. The walls were so white and clinical. The furniture was old and rigid. It didn’t feel like home, and no matter what you did or how many things you placed around the house, it never quite did. You knew it probably never would.

You had just moved in a few weeks ago. The first few nights were tough. You hadn’t slept alone in over two years. Now you had an entire bed to yourself. It felt foreign and wrong. The entire last month had. You were dealing with so many emotions. The end of your relationship with Jax was taking its toll on you.

You never really wanted to end things. You never wanted to be alone. You still loved him. You didn’t want to let him go. You knew in your heart that you would never really let him go. But you couldn’t find the right words to tell him.

Jax was just so different now. You felt like you didn’t know him anymore. You had told him how you felt. You had begged him to change. But Jax was so deep in club shit, he never really heard what you were saying. You couldn’t fault him for that. The club was part of him, a part of him you had always loved. But you couldn’t live this way anymore, so you had to leave.

You felt bad for Jax in a way. You knew that he was struggling with this just as much as you were. Maybe even more. It broke your heart. You still loved Jax Teller, and you were sure you always would. But that didn’t mean you could be with him. Jax’s life was a complicated one, and it had a long history of being that way. Things were never going to be simple with Jax. Things were never going to settle, no matter how much you both wanted them to. A life with Jax meant a life that was in constant uproar, surrounded by chaos and destruction. You loved him with every fiber in your being, but that type of life wasn’t good for you. It wasn’t what you needed. As much as you loved Jax, you had to love yourself more for once. And that meant letting Jax go, no matter how much it hurt. You only wished your heart would stop beating, just for a moment, so maybe it wouldn’t hurt as much. 


You awoke to the sound of a knock on your front door. You took in a deep breath and stretched. You were too tired to think about who it was at your door. It didn’t even occur to you to check the time. You stood from the empty bed and made your way to the front of the house.

You stopped at the front door for a moment and yawned, reaching one hand up to cover your mouth while the other opened the door.

Your heart skipped a beat the moment your eyes connected with those familiar baby blues.

“Jax?” You cocked your head to the side. “What are you doing here?”

He bit his shaking lip and shrugged. You could see the pain in his eyes, but you couldn’t tell how hard he was fighting back tears. He was thankful for that.

“I needed to see you,” he answered, his voice quiet.

You sighed. You knew it was a bad idea to let Jax back into your life, but you couldn’t tell him no. You didn’t want to tell him no. He looked broken in a way you had never seen before, and whether or not you were willing to admit it, you were a little broken too.

You pushed the door further open, your lips spreading into a soft smile. “You wanna come in?”


Jax sat with his back against the wall of his shower. He felt the hot water wash over him, but he couldn’t feel much more. He was numb. Paralyzed. He was a shell of a man without you.

He thought he would get over you. The first few weeks had been hard on him, but he told himself that he would be fine without you. It would just take some time. He thought three months would be long enough to move on. But it wasn’t. He was starting to think he would never get over you. He was starting to think he would never be able to forget you. He couldn’t let go of the way your skin felt against his. He couldn’t stop thinking about the way you kissed him every morning, your lips curled up into a blissful smile as he held you in his arms. He would kill to feel that again. He would kill for just one more day spent with you. He had been torturing himself thinking about you and all the things he should have done, could have done differently. If he had only listened to you when you told him you were leaving. If he had only done what you asked. He leaned his head back and stared up at the showerhead, watching the water cascade down onto his tattooed skin. A few tears escaped the corners of his eyes. He never thought that he could feel so strongly about anyone, but now he would die just to see your face.


It had been six months since you had last laid eyes on Jax Teller. The night he had shown up at your house unannounced, you had made it clear that you still cared for him, but that he couldn’t keep doing this. Seeing how broken Jax looked when he told you he couldn’t move on from you made you feel guilty, but you knew it was for the best. You pretended you didn’t see the tears streaked down his cheeks as he had gotten onto his bike that night and pulled out of your driveway for the last time. It was the hardest thing you had ever done, but you knew it was what you had to do. Neither of you would ever be able to move on if you didn’t let each other go once and for all. 

You were making your way through downtown Charming, your fingers intertwined with those of the new man in your life. You weren’t sure it was love, but he made you happy, and life with him was simple. It was nothing like the relationship you had with Jax, but you told yourself that wasn’t a bad thing. Even if it wasn’t true love, it gave your life a little stability, something you had never had with Jax Teller.

You heard through the grapevine that Jax was doing well. You hoped it was true. You loved Jax. You always would. Now you were happy again, and you wanted the same for Jax.

You looked around for a moment, your eyes glancing across the street and landing on a familiar head of messy blonde hair. He was already looking your way, his blue eyes fixated on your face. 

Jax had caught sight of you well before you had seen him. His breath caught the moment he realized it was you. It had been so long since he had seen you. He was crushed when he realized his fears had come true. You were with another man, a man who was nothing at all like him. He was clean-cut and dressed nicely. Jax glanced down at his dirty white sneakers, suddenly feeling self-conscious for the first time in his adult life. You looked happy. Jax wanted you to be happy, of course. He had just always hoped it would be with him and him alone. He couldn’t help but feel like he was no longer good enough for you.

You flashed a small, friendly smile when you realized Jax was looking your way. 

Jax sucked in a deep breath and smiled back. His hands shook, and his heart felt like it was breaking. But you would never know it. 

You turned back to the man who’s hand you now held, a loving smile playing at your lips. You continued on your way, never realizing that Jax Teller was dying inside.

Why Him? Pt. 5 (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU, Soulmate AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6Part 7Part 8

Word Count:1,585

Warnings: Language

A/N: Oh, the drama!

Tags: @bjwrites @robotic-space @pietro-no


You spent the next week avoiding Thomas, Alex, and the rest of the guys. On the days that you normally had lunch with them, you took your food in a Styrofoam to-go container and brought it back to your dorm. You avoided them in any classes you shared by coming in a minute or two late and leaving as soon as the lecture was finished. Thomas tried to get your attention several times during Washington’s class, but you ignored him and (if he persisted) Eliza would come to your defense. “I’ll make a scene, Jefferson,” she’d say through her teeth. He eventually gave up, watching you from his seat. You kept your head down and pretended he wasn’t there.

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You had me at “draw fanarts for you” *swoon*

In all honesty, a size-chart was a tool we were desperately needing for this comic, since we usually measure the heights by eye alone and that comes with terrible continuity errors. Sol has been saying we needed this by months now, but your ask finally got me to work on it, so thank you for that (and sorry Sol).

We’ll probably add more characters in the future, but for now here you have the main ones (plus Bun that got into the bunch because she was already drawn). Also have the list of all the heigths both in the imperial and the immensely superior metrical system below:

Bun - 5'4 ft / 1,65 m
Alphys - 5 ft / 1,52 m
Undyne - 6'23 ft / 1,90 m
Papyrus - 5'9 ft / 1,80 m
Sans - 4'8 ft / 1,46 m
Toriel - 7 ft / 2,13 m
Asgore - 7'7 ft / 2,35 m
Chara - 4'75 ft / 1,45 m

We’re linking this chart in the FAQ too, in case somebody wants to find it later.

- Poisond

For Me (alt. end)

Original End

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/(semi-)Fluff

Summary: You wanted to go on one final date before finally letting him go.

Word Count: 3465

Originally posted by shishikookie

He looked at you, looked at your radiance, looked at your beaming smile as he complimented your cooking. He looked at you with caring and loving eyes, just not the kind of love that you had thought. He didn’t know when he fell out of love for you, but looking at you now he felt guilty for keeping you at his side when you could be out there looking for someone who could truly love you.

You looked at him, looked at his tired eyes, looked at his forced smile as he complimented your cooking. You looked at him with caring and loving eyes, the kind of love that you wanted him to have. You didn’t know when he fell out of love for you, but looking at him now you felt like you didn’t want to let him go even if he didn’t truly love you.

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The Hunt - Part 1

Y/N moved to Mystic Falls, Virginia a year ago in the hopes of starting over. She wanted to be something other than a hunter, she had always hated that life and one day, she left it. Of course, Mystic Falls is overrun with supernatural creatures, but most of them seem to be good so she doesn’t have to kill them. None of her new friends know about her past, but now there’s a supernatural creature on a killing spree in and around Mystic Falls. How long will it be before her past catches up with her?

Pairing/s: Klaus x Caroline (Mentioned), Fem!Reader x Caroline x Bonnie x Elena (Platonic), No others yet

Characters: Fem!Reader, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Jeremy Gilbert, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel. Klaus Mikaelson, Matt Donavon & Tyler Lockwood (Mentioned)

Warning/s: Mentions of murder and alcohol

A/N: A huge thank you to @abbylizmusic for being my beta!

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Shopping For Love - Jack Maynard

Request: Hey lovely! Just wondering if you could do a jack imagine where you want to go shopping and even though he hates it he comes with you because I knows you love it, super cute and fluffy! Thank youuuuuuuu💜

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: Share the love with the other boys as well, guys!!

I hope you like it! :)


“Pleaseeeeee.” You begged, as you followed Jack around his place.

“Babe, you know I hate it…”

“Yeah but how am I going to know if you like what I pick out.” 

You were in desperate need of a shopping day and all your friends had backed out last minute. You had been planning and saving up for this day for weeks so there was no way you were going to miss out on the new summer patterns all because your friends weren’t up for it anymore.

“I do like to pick stuff out for you.” Jack contemplated.

“See! If you come with me, I’ll try on anything you want.”

Anything?” Jack asked, with a smirk.

“Oh boy…” You said, worried. You knew Jack would pick out horrendous outfits for you just to keep himself entertained but you were so desperate for company, you agreed.

As you arrived at the first shop, Jack immediately went over to the change rooms and sat down, pulling out his phone. You looked around the shop, pulling things from the rack and placing them around your arm. You headed towards the change room and tried on the first item.

“I don’t like it.” Jack said, looking at the shirt. “It doesn’t suit your style very well.”

This is why you always loved going shopping with Jack. Yes, he sometimes chose some pretty interesting looking outfits but that was to only keep things entertaining. But he also gave some pretty good criticism. He knew what kind of clothes you were into and what looked best on you so you knew you could always count on his honest opinion.

“Damn…” He said, looking at the romper you had tried on. “That’s definitely a yes.”

A couple of hours later, you two had stopped for food. You sat in the restaurant and couldn’t help but admire Jack, who was looking through the menu.

“What?” He asked, not looking up. You never could get in between Jack and his food.

“I love you.” 

The first I love you. It’s always the hardest and always the one people are most unsure about. However for you, it was pretty easy. You had been wanting to say it for some time now but you were unsure if Jack felt the same but after today, you knew.

“What…” He said, looking up for the menu. “Why?” You eyes widened in shock since you didn’t exactly expect that reaction. “I mean, why now? Why are you saying it right now?”

You laughed as you thought about your reason. You knew he’d think it was stupid and it was but stupid made sense. “Because even though you hate shopping with me, you came anyway. You put aside your feelings to make me happy and I couldn’t think of a better person to love.”

Jack cracked a smile as he reached for your hand. “Well, I love you too.”


Oscar Isaac Filmography  |  Lenny the Wonder Dog (2005)

and to the winner goes the spoils

Pairing: Elizabeth/Henry (The White Princess)
a/n:  Guess who is trash for a new show !! Tagging @allisonswan per request and because I need to flail endlessly about this new enemies-to-lovers obsession of mine :)

He has seen this look directed at him before, but never by a woman. By men in battle, or by a deer in the woods as his hounds circled it. Fear is something he recognizes reflected in someone else’s eyes, but it is new seeing it in a woman’s.

Henry wasn’t expecting that, not from her. Elizabeth of York was all thorns, he had been told, not this trembling flower before him. He should feel relieved that this princess is scared of him, of his power and divine royal right. His kingship and very life depends far too heavily on her willingness to bow to him, and so for her to have that fearful sheen in her eye as they look upon one another for the first time should make his stomach unknot.

Instead, his gut clenches, in what he might almost call disappointment.

She isn’t looking at him anymore, not directly. Her gaze is locked on his chest, but still somehow unfocused. If she will not look at him, that is her choice, but he takes the opportunity to take a second look at her. Elizabeth is beautiful, that much his advisors had not gotten wrong. Even in these dark, sparse rooms–the ones given to shame her and her family–her white-gold hair shone like pure sunlight. He would feel better if he knew that beauty would fade with time, but one look at her mother, whose own looks had prevailed triumphant over age, and Henry knew that would not be the case.

The former peasant queen stood just beyond Elizabeth’s shoulder, a pale ghost that was far too real a reminder of how tenuous his position on the throne could be. That was why they were all here, after all. This unwanted union was something they all needed, desperately. And so, Henry takes a breath and does his duty.

“Good day, Princess Elizabeth.”

Her gaze flicks upwards, locks on his, and his chest tightens in anticipation, because it feels like he is finally seeing Elizabeth, Princess of York for the first time. The fear is gone, replaced by a maelstrom of emotions that flicker across her face too quickly for him to register. As she continues to stare–no, glare–at him, he realizes her shaking is not from fear. It is from rage, the type that is barely contained, and he wonders how he missed it earlier.

She is no flower whose petals are rattled by even a puff of summer breeze; Elizabeth is the storm itself, right before it breaks and lays waste to every living thing in its wake.

Storms do not scare him, however; he has battled rain, and thunder and lightening, and far, far worse to win his crown. If she was just one more storm to weather, then he could do it. He would do it, because it was indeed his crown now and no slip of a woman, no matter how enraged, would take it from him.

Before he can say anything else, however, his mother scolds her, and suddenly–fey thing that she is–Elizabeth changes before his eyes again. He can see it, as if in slow motion, that immediately after that single word–king king king–is uttered, she goes still. The storm calms, the rage burns away. Elizabeth bends barely low enough to be a proper address for a king, and greets him, finally.

“Good day, Your Grace.”

Her voice is even, pleasant, utterly neutral, and her face is blank as well. Such placidness shouldn’t inspire fear in him, but suddenly Henry feels a shiver go up his spine. The back of his neck goes hot. A flower he can coax to bend to his will, and a storm he can outlast and conquer, but she is neither of those things now. Just because of that one word–new to him and so very familiar to her–she disappeared before his very eyes, becoming the most dangerous type of enemy. He cannot fight what he cannot see, and so, for the very first time since that battlefield at Bosworth, Henry feels true fear.

And it is in fear that he glances away from her, but in the span of a heartbeat, his eyes find hers again. His stomach drops, because she was waiting for him to look her way once more, as if she knew that he didn’t have the strength to hide from her like she was hiding herself from him. Elizabeth doesn’t look away again, and neither does he, and something new begins to twist inside of him, something sharp digs into the deepest parts of his soul and makes a more desperate kind of fear take root.

That new, unplaceable sensation and the fear it elicits in him is why he takes a large sip of the offered wine, and why he deliberately pricks the princess’s pride with his dancing requests. With a single look, she has made him start to bleed from the inside out, and he is determined to make her do the same.

If it is a battle that Elizabeth wants, it is a battle she’ll get, Henry decides as he watches her stiffly dance before him. And to the winner…

He doesn’t take his eyes off of her the entire time.

Love at first Vidcon | Part 2

Hello! This is part 2 of a short fanfic about Dan Howell. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think! Part 1

A knock on the door at 10 a.m. the next morning woke you up from a good night’s sleep. Pretty soon after you’d left Dan in the toilets Melanie had found you and convinced you to join her and a few friends for a midnight swim in the hotel pool. Around 1 o’clock you called it a night and went upstairs to your room, waking only when Melanie came up as well about two hours later. You hadn’t expected her to be such a party girl, she hadn’t mentioned it before and it sort of came as a surprise. You rose from the comfortable bed and pushed the sheets off of your body. They’d gotten all sticky from the hot Florida weather and you were in desperate need of a cold shower. You put your favorite silk robe on and made your way to the door quietly, careful not to wake your sleeping friend. Once at the door, you noticed a small note under it and bend down to pick it up. When you realized it was the receipt of a dry cleaner’s, a big smile appeared on your face. He hadn’t been joking, apparently, and he remembered who you were. How he got your room number was beyond you, but as you turned the receipt you were greeted by a hand-written note that made you forget all about that. You owe me 20 dollars. Call me today and pay up. It was definitely Dan’s handwriting, and the phone number underneath it made butterflies flutter in your stomach. “What is that?” Melanie’s voice made you jump and you turned around, hiding the note behind your back. “Nothing. I thought there was someone at the door but there wasn’t. You can go back to sleep.” Satisfied with your answer, Melanie rolled over and went back to sleep, probably suffering a strong hangover. You decided not to hesitate, and grabbed your phone to call him in the safety of your bathroom.

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Size Isn’t Everything 3/4

(Yes it’s 4 chapters now)

Summary: Kurt’s got a bit of a size-kink. Based on this prompt from the @prompt-a-klainefic blog.
Chapter: 2/4  Read Chapter 1 here, Chapter 2 here
Words: ~2745 (this chapter)
Warnings:  I guess? PWP, Size kink,

Many thousand apologies for the long delay in between chapters. Blink and weeks disappear. The final chapter should be up before the end of the week, and thanks for still reading!

forever thanks to @mshoneysucklepink for the beta!

“They’re a Black Sabbath tribute band, Kurt. I think they do country versions of all the songs.” Rachel scrunched her face at him. “I think it’s supposed to be ironic.”

“Rachel, we’re in Brooklyn, of course it’s supposed to be ironic.”

The bar was much more crowded than he had expected, with probably close to 40 or 50 people filling up the small space. The stage was low, but so was the ceiling and the band were already crammed up on the tiny stage when they walked in. He and Rachel bought drinks from the bartender and perched themselves near the rear.

“Are we staying for the whole show?” Kurt asked.

“Come on Kurt, Tina and Santana have been rehearsing for two weeks. We all promised to support each other in our creative pursuits.”

Kurt held his hands up. “I’m here! I’m supporting! But I fully expect you will all be there when my show opens.”

“Of course we will.” Rachel patted him on the shoulder, nodding. “I’m going to text Santana and tell her we’re here. I don’t need her to get all pissed off thinking we didn’t show.”

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Sleep Talker - Bucky x Reader

Plot: Reader (Y/N) falls asleep during a movie and wakes up to find that she has talked in her sleep, revealing her feelings for Bucky.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,963

Warnings: Some language, indications of smut, [slight] spoiler for Finding Nemo if you haven’t seen it in the last 12 years??

Originally posted by buckynsebimagines

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After nearly thirty minutes, Tony finally picked out the movie he wanted to watch for his mandatory weekly ‘Avengers bonding session’, as he called them. 

“This is the one, my friends, Finding Nemo.” Tony held up the movie as he walked over to the TV to insert it into the DVD player. You rolled your eyes, but made your way over to the couch and sat down on the edge to lean your head against the armrest.

Nat and Clint snuggled up in the chair to the left of the couch. Steve, Sam, and Bruce all found spots on the floor. Thor was still in the kitchen eating pop-tarts. Wanda and Pietro sat in beanbag chairs to your right. Tony sat on the other end of the couch and Bucky made his way into the middle, right next to you. On the outside, you managed to stay calm and collected, but on the inside your stomach was doing backflips.

You had been apart of the Avengers for nearly a year. Ever since then, Bucky has not only been a mentor to you, but also one of your best friends, and the person you have secretly been in love with since you were recruited to the team. And no matter how hard you tried to fight off the feelings you have for Bucky, it always seemed to make things worse.

There were many times that you two sat next to each other during movie or game nights, but for the last few weeks, you’ve found it extremely difficult to focus on anything but Bucky. When they were focused on you, his gray eyes would sparkle, especially as he would smile. You loved his eyes, and they were your favorite things about him, though you really couldn’t find anything you disliked.

Once the movie started, you realized how exhausted you were from the mission earlier that day. Your eyelids became heavy as you tried your hardest to keep them open to watch, but as the diver was scooping the little clown fish into a fish net, you found yourself dozing off.

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 34/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 33

“You’re gonna have to tell me how this isn’t bad, Nick,” you snapped, “because all that I can see here is how you manipulated everyone to get your way!  Again!”

“I did this because they needed the push, and he needed to step away. ”

“Oh, I’ll give you a push.  I’ll push you off the goddamn roof!”

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A Longing Feeling

Ship: Joji (George) x Ian - Filthy Frank x Idubbbz 
Characters/People: Joji (George) Miller - Ian Carter (Idubbbz) - Chad (Anything4views) - Max (maxmoefoe)
Type: Fluff/emotional (pretty cliche if i’m honest)

Joji sat in his dorm room in Harvard, the tests and studies piling up on his desk like unwanted, discarded wrappers in a school playground, he sighed. Checking his twitter, he saw Idubbbz’ newest post that clearly was a throwback to an old video, just a simple, ‘what are you, fucking gay?’ in bold italics.

Joji smiled and quietly murmured, ‘yes.’ under his breath.

Tomorrow, Joji, had to book his tickets to Australia and make his way there by next week. All while juggling the devastating exams that stressed him out madly. Shaking his head, Joji gritted his teeth and proceeded towards the bathroom, he was withholding so many feelings and worries, but ignoring them were his best options. Grabbing the pills, he took down a few with some cold water from the nearby tap, the thoughts that had shaken him seemed to calm, but he still couldn’t keep his mind off of the exams. 
‘stop it.’ Joji insisted upon himself, ‘you’re worrying for nothing.’
Brushing his hair out of his hazel-brown eyes, he glared around his somewhat untidy apartment and smirked somberly. Something had been bugging him for quite a while, he never thought he was gay, but Joji had grown a bond over a fond friend of his. The wonderful faggot, Idubbbz.

Of course, Joji had never had the balls to admit this, but he had always hinted at it, in a sarcastic, non-meaningful manner. But internally, Miller always saw himself as a man that wouldn’t mind to have a fling with a guy, especially Ian. He honestly didn’t know why he liked him in that way though, something drew him to his dark-emerald green pupils and kind and soft expression.  

Joji often questioned himself, he just wanted to admit to Idubbbz about his slight ‘crush’, but as Ian makes gay jokes all the time, he would probably take what he said as a joke. And Joji would just play along
and laugh it off
as somesort of joke.

When truly, it wasn’t.

Flopping onto his comfy bed, the trash-talking asian closed his eyes and tried to get some rest. But he couldn’t help but direct his attention to voices down the hallway, they sounded somehow familiar.

‘Shhh- this is meant to be a surprise.’
‘Yeah, at least he doesn’t have to travel down to Australia again.’
‘Honestly, i was glad we were aloud in, he’s gonna be so fucking happy when he sees us!’
‘Probably not.’
After the small conversation Joji overheard, he readied himself and came near the door, already opening it as if he was exiting the building. And the three shrimpson boys were there, Max, Chad and Ian. As Joji expected. 

“What!! Joji! Goddammit man, this was meant to be a surprise!” Max yelled, Chad and Ian both glared at Joji with slightly irritated eyes, but didn’t create a scene. Instead they were all welcomed into his dorm quite happily, Joji desperately needed company, so he felt a little bit better after seeing their faces. He was also glad that he could dodge some of his collage-work too. 
“Well, I heard you all outside,” Joji grinned, sitting in the chair nearest to the tv, “You just need to be a little quieter, and then it would’ve been kept a surprise.”

“I fucking knew we were being too loud.” Idubbbz cut in, giving everyone a knowing stare, “It was mostly Chad’s fault.”

Joji fixed his eyes onto Ian’s for a few moments, and felt as if he was melting under the pressure of Ian’s looks. He felt gayer than ever, my god, he knew once word of this eventually gets spread around, tumblr would eat it up like a vegan feminist fighting for equality of the rights of donald trump (with a possible addition of ‘o shit waddup’)
But hopefully he wouldn’t let it slip.
Not yet anyways.

// time skip //

It’s 11:14 PM.

Chad and Max were getting absurdly drunk, and Joji was working on his some of his test papers, while Ian was playing on his phone. Probably looking for some good shit on PornHub.

After a few minutes, the final question was finished. Joji let out an extremely loud sigh of relief, he had even managed to complete an assignment about 3 hours before, it felt as if he had come first in a marathon. 
He looked around, and saw Ian there on the bed, Max and Chad were in the kitchen, most likely intoxicated and asleep by then. 

‘Well.’ Joji thought ‘A marathon I’d had come joint first in.’

He decided now was the best time, after all, it was now or never. At least it felt that way. Joji got up from his ‘studying chair’ and casually walked beside Ian, “Hey. I appreciate you coming over here man.” Joji said, trying to sound at least minimally smooth.
“Why are you being such a faggot?”
Joji’s face clogged up with redness, it sounded like a sincere question, and he chuckled at that thought but tried to remain normal, “What do you mean?”
“Are you serious? George, I’m kidding, jeez.” Ian huffed, Joji quickly replied with a shaky, ‘I-I know’ but his voice cracked at the ‘I’ which made him sound even more nervous than he already was.
“Wait- are you okay George?” Ian asked, now storing his phone away into his front pocket, “You’re acting really strange around me, is it a joke or something?”
“N-No- far from it!” Joji replied again, his voice still sounding croaky and shaken. 
“Then why are you acting so weird? You clearly aren’t dressed up as Frank so why are you acting so insecure?” Ian asked again, the questions were filling up joji’s mind, making a vast concoction of thoughts bubble up swiftly.

‘just admit it now.’ 
‘otherwise you’ll regret not doing it sooner.’

“Ian Carter.”
Joji said, falling onto one knee, seeming like an odd proposal.
“I think I kinda love you.”

Ian’s eyes widened for a moment and he didn’t believe that these words were actually coming out of Joji’s mouth. Ian smiled after realizing this wasn’t a joke, and spoke, “I-I wasn’t expecting that.”
“I… I love you too?” Ian answered, he ended the sentence with a questionable note before speaking again, “You. You goddamn faggot.”
Joji giggled at the way he had replied, he was glad he could finally get the truth out of his system. Then he could get some proper rest, “I-I”
“I’m sorry if this is awkward.”
“I just had to say it to you sometime.”

“Well… I’m glad you admitted it.” Ian said, Joji felt an odd sensation of love burst in his chest. His cheeks grew red and tears began forming in his tired eyes, “I-I’m so glad you care Ian. You may not want this bu-”

“-Nah. A lil’ queer-funtime ain’t gonna hurt no one.” Ian gently beamed.
He wrapped his arms around Joji, creating an abundance of warmth and kindness grow between them, the Joji’s tears escaped from his eyes as he held Ian closer. Ian hugged tighter too, until they looked as if they were both knitted together and unmovable. 
“This is extremely cliche’ but- I love you.”
“I love you too.” Ian replied, his voice was laced with understanding and goodwill. 

“You gay retard.”


(inspred by these queers @heythatsprvttygay @pmwmars @jojian @jojisjellyass seriously you all fucking introduced me to jojian and i hate/love you for it)