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4, 22, 29, 49~

4.) A song you’re embarrassed to like

Ah jeez JubyPhonics covers of yuukei yesterday and drop pop candy they’re so cute and happy I’m a sucker for cute and happy songs

22.) A song that motivates you to work/helps you focus

Idk it might be weird but Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko helps me focus when I’m doing homework :,D when it comes to something like volleyball I usually listen to upbeat songs like yesterday by Block B or Sober by BigBang or hardcore rap/emo songs like the Cyphers or One For the Money by Escape the Fate

29.) A song that cheers you up when you’re sad

Drop Pop Candy (JubyPhonic), Yesterday (Block B), Sober (BigBang), Mansae (Seventeen), Very Nice (Seventeen), Mama (J-HOOOOPE), and maNY OTHERS ASDFGHJKL

49.) A song whose lyrics you’ve memorized

Idk why but the first songs that came into my head was Car Radio by tøp and Super Bass by Nikki Minaj??? I???? ??

Imagine Sam being unable to hide his feelings...

Description: Some jealous!Sam fluff (yay) where he gets jealous of you and Dean

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: jealous!Sam, fluff

A/n: this was probably the quickest fic I’ve ever written

also look at this gif. I love Jared so much.

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The hunt went surprisingly well. Research was easy, and the vamps never saw any of us coming. On the downside, we were all covered in vamp juice, and in desperate need of showers. Luckily, the boys were kind enough to let me go first. When I got out, Dean went to take his next, then Sam. While Sam was in the shower, Dean decided to be Dean and mess with me.

“Hey, Y/N, better watch out!”

I opened my mouth to ask what he meant, but was cut short when he tackled me on the bed and started tickling me. I could barely breathe, and was silently cursing how ticklish I was.

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michael would be really keen on making the right decision on your first pet together. he’d look at a lot of ads and different animal shelters to search for the perfect pet. after a while, he would get sad because he couldn’t adopt all the kittens that were desperately in need of a home, but he’d eventually narrow it down to ten cats, ranging in age and need, and he’d ask you which one you think would fit the two of you best… and you’d decide on one and then he’d convince you, somehow, to get another, meaning the two of you would now have two cats in an apartment that isn’t suppose to have any animals minus small aquatic ones. when you bring them home, michael would lay on the floor while the more timid of the two hid behind the tv stand and michael would just lay there for two hours, trying to coax it out. eventually the cat will warm up to him, rubbing it’s tiny head on his legs. it’d end up that both the cats would sleep in bed with the two of you, something that made michael more happy than you could have ever imagined.

off balance.

**it’s 3 AM, i’m very tired but i wanted to get this done for while now so here it is, its very long. i apologise in advice for any errors or incoherant sentences, so feedback is welcomed graciously and i hope you enjoy. (it’s sounds kind of rushed so i apologise for that as well) ASK ME ANYTHING! **

Walking down the street towards the coffee shop at the end, you were working a night shift tonight and you desperately needed all the caffeine you could get. The walk was short but it was just what you needed. The night air was crisp but fresh, it was perfect.  A perfect night.

Pushing the door open and stepping inside, inhaling the coffee scent was all the same since you entered here every night. Everything was the exact same, except for the man sat in the corner booth concentrating on whatever he was writing.

Deciding that analysing the man wouldn’t get you your drink, you walked up to the counter pulling out your purse and began to order “can I have a macchiato to go please”, the lady smiled warmly at you and began making the drink. It took a while but you left early for work and had time to waste anyway.
Waiting patiently for your drink, the small coffee shop had begun to fill with drunk teenagers, at least twenty of them. It was an excessive amount to be honest and they were starting to get on your nerves. It was obvious that they had just been to a party, got drunk when they wasn’t supposed to and came to get coffee to sober up before they go home to angry parents. It was a cliché you knew all too well from your college days.  You moved to the side to get out of the way until someone had bumped into you and knocking you off your feet. You land on your knees with a harsh thud and winced in pain as you tried to stand up, but a hand was held out in front to help you up.

You were grateful.

“Eomeo! I am so sorry, this place is crowded and I didn’t see you. Stupid kids.” He rambled, clearly distressed. You looked up and saw that it was the man who was sat quietly in the corner booth.

“A-Are you hurt?” he really did look concerned, your heart fluttered at that.  
You looked at him, smiled warmly. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about it. It’ll just be some bruises”

He didn’t seem to buy it but you didn’t object nor did he. “well as long as you are ok, that’s all I’m bothered about” he smiles and walks back to his seat and doing an obvious sigh aimed towards the kids that were pretty much eating each other’s faces. You chuckled at the young and obvious love.

“Y/N! Macchiato to go? “You limped to the counter once the man stopped glancing your way, you didn’t want to worry the handsome man. Grabbing your drink, thanking the young lady and heading your way to work. The night continued on even if you were in pain.

Waking up the next day was utter torture, your legs were badly bruised and it was quiet painful to walk. "Great! Just what I need!” you muttered to yourself. Reaching for your phone, you rang in sick for work, telling them what exactly happened so they let you take it off to rest up for as long as you needed.
Luckily you still had your crutches from when you broke you ankle late last year. “Great!” you thought angrily, just what you needed, you didn’t want to be stuck to crutches.

Being stuck at home all day was not fun. You had literally nothing to do, no good shows on the television, you read all your books at least three times. “Ugh” you muttered while stumbling around the house. Searching through the house for anything to do, you stumbled across an old ‘to read’ book list. You had money and time, why not book shop?

The walk was slow and uncoordinated with your crutches, it took you a while last time to get used to them. Adjusting to new things wasn’t really a strong point of yours. Your coffee shop was on the way so an iced tea wouldn’t hurt you while you searching for you books later. Pushing the door open with a crutch and dragging yourself, awkwardly walking to the counter, you ordered a lemon iced tea and sat down opposite the counter to make it easier for when you have to get up.

The shop was dead, there was no one inside exempt for a guy sat in the corner writing with his hood up and head phones on. He looked busy scribbling away on what he was working on- he reminded you of someone but you couldn’t place it.

Choosing to sit down was probably the best decision yet, your legs were aching with all the unnecessary exercise. Letting out a sigh as the minutes were slowly passing by.  "Y/N!“ the lady at the counter shouted, making you jump and snapping you out of your day dream.

You sighed and gathered the crutches to get up and walk to the counter, but a voice stopped you in the process. "It’s ok, I’ve got it for you” a man’s voice, deep but light said. You looked up to discover it was the man who accidentally knocked you over the night before, he was the stranger scribbling away that you couldn’t put a name to- well, you didn’t know his name actually.
The man grabbed your drink for you and walked back over to where you were sat, abandoning his temporary work station. His eyes trailed down from your eyes to your legs and crutches, he frowned. “Did I do this?” he sounded distressed and it weighed you down heavily on the shoulders.
“It was an accident, don’t worry about it” you smiled, drinking your iced tea hoping to distract him from your of your obvious discomfort to his statement. He looked hesitant with your answer but apologised yet again and walked back to his booth and continued on with his work.
He looked handsome today, you never really took notice to men since you were always busy. Yet, fate has literally knocked you off your feet and left with a few days to do nothing so a little look over wouldn’t harm you in any way.
He looked warm and comfortable. His hood was down now but his brown hair was tucked under a snap back, it look soft and you had an urge to run your hands through it. You couldn’t see his face but you can tell he was concentrating on whatever he was writing.
Since you finished you iced tea, there was no point in staying any longer. You gathered your phone and purse, putting them in your bag. Getting up was a pain but you managed to do it, wobbling a little bit, you made your way over to the door and pushed it open with your crutch. Finally making it outside, you failed to notice a man running straight towards you and you didn’t get out of the way in time since you were practically already immobilised.

“Aish!!!” you shouted, yet again landing on your legs but this time-there was no getting up.

The man that ran into you got up and ran off again, completely ignoring you existence. You let out a huge sigh, “ah!! My legs!” you wince in more pain, it was crawling up your legs. It was like accidentally burning yourself but constant. Feeling a presence behind you, you turned around to the man looking at you- walking towards you with extended hands, ready to pull you up but as soon as you stood up, you fell. The pain was unimaginable.

“We should get you to the emergency doctors” he stated. He didn’t wait for you reply and picked you up bridal style. Walking with you in his arms towards his car, you didn’t say anything because you didn’t know this man, but you were getting into his car. The drive was slow and silent, timidly you looked at him.
He had a strong, sharp jawline. Every angle was elegantly filled in and prominent. Obviously he was attractive, probably the most attractive man you have seen in a long time. He had whitish/ greyish hair that had slight pink tinge to it, it was subtle but up close it was noticeable.

You finally reached the emergency doctors, the wait was long and unnecessary since there was nothing badly damaged, just severe bruising and bruised muscle hence why it was difficult to walk. They just told you to rest and add ice to your legs for the swelling to go down.

The man offered you a ride home since you know, you couldn’t walk properly. You got there in no time and struggled to get out of the car, once you did it was difficult. Walking slowly to your house, wincing in pain. You wasn’t even a metre away from the car that is how bad the pain was. You looked back and saw pity on the man’s face, he started to get out to help; you were grateful.
He carried to your house and helped you in, you were a mess because you were having the worst couple of days ever AND you didn’t know the man’s name, he literally carried you and helped you into your home.
“Thank you for helping, I’m really grateful but you didn’t have to do all of that” you nervously whispered, scared to break the silence. He beamed a full toothy smile, making your heart flutter a little. “It’s ok Y/N” he laughed again at your shocked face.
He realised that he might come off as a little creepy for knowing your name so he cleared that up for you by saying “I sit in that coffee shop for several hours every few days, I notice that I see you every day. With you beaming beautiful smile and the gleam in your eyes. You order the same thing and the barista write your name on the Styrofoam cup…” You responded with a surprised “ahh”  
He continued on, smiling at your comment. “the day I accidentally knocked into you was the day I was going to introduce myself to you but the annoying brats that they call ‘adolescents’ pushed me into you” his tone was sad, eyes dull while he remembered what happened.

“Well, since we had to meet under such unfortunate circumstances. I would like to re-introduce myself. My name is Y/N (and) Y/LN, it’s a pleasure to meet you” you smiled warmly despite the throbbing pain in your legs. He shined with excitement “my name is Mark Tuan, it is definitely a pleasure to meet you”.
Hesitantly, mark needed to go to his practice but he didn’t want to leave you in your vulnerable state, even if he just only met your properly. “Ah! Y/N I’m so sorry but I need to leave for my practice, I’m sorry for leaving you on your own especially with your legs like they are” he spoke fast, clearly flustered.
“Mark, we barely know each other so you don’t owe me anything, your practice means more to you than a stranger so go and don’t worry about me” you smiled, encouraging him to make the right decision, even if you did want him to stay.

“Fine, but I’m leaving my number so you can ring me if you need anything” he wrote his number on the white board in your kitchen. He left after giving you a reassuring hand to the shoulder. It’s a shame you didn’t need anything because you wanted to call him.

The next day, your legs were slightly better but still ridiculously sore and you still struggled to walk. Using crutches to help you move around became easier for you, making yourself breakfast and settling down to watch television. There was a set of knocks at the door.
Slowly getting up, you knocked over your plate and it shattered all over the floor. Spilling food everywhere was huge safety hazard especially with a smashed plate on the floor.
The person at the door clearly hear the commotion and came barging in to see what happened, it was Mark Tuan. He hurried went to your kitchen, got all the supplies and cleaned up for you. You admired his gentle soul.
“Y/N! Are you ok? Are you hurt?”
“Mark, I’m fine, stop worrying please” you wanted to end his nervous and distressed state.

After he calmed down, you sat down to rest your legs because standing was too much to handle. He sat down near you. “I came to check up on you since you didn’t ring last night.” He frowned, ruining his beautiful face. “I fell asleep, I’m sorry” you lied partially, you really did want to ring but you didn’t want to be burdensome and you actually fell asleep.

Mark chose to believe you and didn’t question it.

That’s how you spent your day, just talking to mark, getting to know him. He made you happy and vice versa.

*few months*

You’d known mark for a while now, you were pretty much inseparable and he had stayed with you for a while since you were not exactly mobile with your ever so fragile legs. So he stuck around, little did you know that it was the beginning of a clichéd romance novel.

It continued like this for ages, a few months turned into over a year and you never dated because you mark and you were sure of it because you always had a fluttery heart around him, your pulse faster than nasas Juno space craft. It was the same for him too.

You grew tired of wanting to find out and just blurted it out during your weekly film night. Ironman as playing in the background when you turned to mark and just blurted out your feelings.

“Mark I like you” you blurted. Catching his attention straight away, his head flew round with his whitish/ greyish/pinkish hair following it.
“W-what?” he sounded really nervous.
“I like you” you say with a bit more confidence. He looked relieved at this, he edged closer to you and took your face into his hands and pulled you in for a slow kiss. It was passionate and comfortable, like you thought it would be but this was definitely more spontaneous.

He pulled away, grinning from ear to ear “I have waited so long to hear those words” you grinned and hugged him tightly, afraid that he might just disappear and that this was all a dream. It wasn’t.

This was how it all began, you wasn’t alone anymore and your clumsiness had advantages since mark coddled you like there was no tomorrow. Even If the beginning was long, the middle is brief and the ending is what was beautiful because he never left and you were still happy.
You were thankful for those bratty drunk kids at the coffee shop.

“I love you Mark Tuan”
“I love you Y/N (and Y/LN”

again, sorry for all the mistakes, the rushed ending and stuff but i hope you liked it. have a great day/ night guys!!!