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So Target boy had another date last night!

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protip to future self: if when you get stuck while doing graphics just take a deep breath, say “fuck this” and abandon the project for a while. preferably for at least a week. just do it. get some distance bc it’s futile to keep staring at your screen while hoping that the ~perfect frames~ will suddenly appear in photoshop timeline because spoiler alert lol, that’s not going to happen. so get your shit together you nerd and do something else for a while, i promise you’ll thank yourself later!

love, past you ♥

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I'm staggered by how anyone can think that this victim blaming "don't fight hate with hate" garbage is somehow "taking the high road" and not a position of ignorance, privilege and extreme cowardice. It's the same kind of nonsense as when people think being neutral on an important issue is some kind of moral superiority. But it's literally like sitting on a fence watching while one side burns crosses on the other side's lawn and saying "aren't I such a good person for being above it all". Vile.


“To be blunt: Nazism is democracy’s anti-matter. There is nothing about the ideology or its practice that is anything but corrosive to democratic institutions. Fascism is a cancer that turns democracy against itself unto death. There is no reasoning with it. It was specifically engineered to attack the weaknesses of democracy and use them to bring down the entire system, arrogating a right to free speech for itself just long enough to take power and wrench it away from everyone else.”

Katherine Cross | Why Punching Nazis Is Not Only Ethical, But Imperative

there’s a portuguese tv show with a time travelling lesbian, i love it when my country does me right

An Idea for a fic

I haven’t made one of these since I made this blog, but I have an idea for jin specifically, and here is my idea:

Imagine BTS as space things, such as comets, stars, and worlds. Jin is a comet, a beautiful comet, he travels space and is quite lonely, but along the way he meets some interesting characters, such as Namjoon, who is a world of rocks that constantly break apart. Or taehyung, an asteroid who was very enthusiastic to meet him. Jungkook, a star, Jimin, a planet made of diamonds, Hoseok, was once a  moon who somehow broke apart from his planet, and lastly, Yoongi, a blackhole.

I just thought of this other idea, but it’s very similar to the one on top, so I’m gonna keep it on this text post (plus it’s just really short and not really a story):      Imagine BTS as different types of aliens. Jungkook from the bunny people (i know i know, i ‘m not original) and etc. There’s a conference every 3 earth years for one representative from each race. That’s when BTS meet each other. Like, Imagine Taehyung doing something weird and hoseok saw and tae taught him how to that something and it just sort of escalated until BTS knew each other.

Or what if, they banded together and became an intergalactic hero squad. Will save many worlds in the future. 

It’s so weird to me that veganism completely overruled vegetarism since what.. ca three years? Like suddenly every cookbook section, meatless recipes on the web or in magazines, articles, documentaries -were all about veganism. As If the other doesn’t exist anymore.

Ah, yes, my favorite Bump songs:

“I realized I was bad at walking”

“Your dreams are now garbage but are they burnable garbage?”

“I’m having an existential crisis on a train”

“You left on a plane and I’m screaming endlessly”

“The inspirational blues-singing cat has DIED and so you CANNOT WASTE A SINGLE SECOND OF YOUR LIFE”

“Even if you forget this pain it’ll never disappear!!!! ft. Hatsune Miku”

and, of course


Things that were incredible* about Rogue One

* “incredible” doesn’t mean it wasn’t devastating 

  • the cast, obviously — I mean, where even to begin, they were incredible, their performances were superb, the characters were so engaging
  • the relationship between Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus, which was so immensely loving
  • Galen’s choices
  • Galen mentoring Bodhi
  • Bodhi diving into the rebellion because it’s never too late to do the right thing
  • the old star wars aesthetic and costume design (nostalgia AND originality)
  • every death (every life) mattered, on both sides
  • a 2016 pop culture statement about fighting fascism — about fighting fascism
  • Cassian’s been fighting since he was six — this work takes a LONG time
  • the arrival of the rebel fleet
  • fighting on the beaches calling back to D-Day (i.e. fighting nazism)
  • Cassian telling Jyn (the only white team-member) that she doesn’t get to choose when she has to care and when she has to fight (thanks to @bisexualstevenrogers for articulating this)
  • Mon Mothma’s little smile when she realizes what Cassian, Jyn, and the others have done
  • Bail Organa going back to Alderaan
  • was that Biggs Darklighter!? (don’t answer that, I’m just going to assume that it was)
  • women pilots
  • Krennick watching his own side cut their losses on him
  • Cassian and Jyn on the beach 
  • the rebels passing the computer disk from hand to hand down the hallway (!!!)

top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)


Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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i had a dream that they updated neko atsume and there was a new yard that was the night sky but purple and all the cats  floated on pastel purple clouds. you could tap and drag clouds to see  special cats that hide behind them. i’m not an artist but i wanted to recreate one the cats that hides behind the clouds.

he doesn’t have a name in my dream but i’ve dubbed him “horrible hotdog cat” he only ever stands on his front two paws. also peaches is to scale, hotdog the horrible is just that big. in my dream you couldn’t even see his butt so in theory his length could be infinite.