Ikon Birmingham

I had been to the exibition at Ikon Birmingham. The first artist which i saw was Nastio Mosquito. He made 4 parts of his silhoette against backgrounds of vivid colors performing covers of songs such as “I Shot the Sheriff”and “Purple Rain”. The work was combined with electronic drones and digital effects to conjure up a vision that is a werdly ominous as it is abstact. He had videos and projectings which were very powerful because he said the real things and i think his idea is to affect the viewers. I am very impressed not only by his art pieces of work but also that this was his first exibition.

The Second artist from the exibition was AK Dolven. She is Norway’s most prominent artist.Her work is through variety of media-painting,installation, film and sound. What i found intresting about her work was that she created very small few detailed painthings which tookes your attention. She had also hand writhing with pencil which again tookes your attention because its not so invisible.