MBTI types as myself

(Because why not?)

Stereotypes post

ISFP: The “I actually love scrabbling on my notebook during class” me or the “Amélie soundtrack” me;
ISTP: The “please stop asking me about basketball just because I’m tall” me;
ESTP: The “let’s climb these random objects on the street while talking to my friends” me;
ESFP: The “I’m werdly comfortable so let’s do something fun” me;
ESFJ: The “I tell everyone that I care about them so they love me become more comfortable opening up” me;
ISFJ: The “do you want some water?” me;
ISTJ: The “I will do what is right to everyone” me;
ESTJ: The “astrology is not real” me;
ENTJ: The “absurdly competitive” me;
ENTP: The “let’s steal this dog” me;
INTP: The “I want to analyze everything but the things everyone knows” me;
INTJ: The “let’s talk about politics” me;
INFJ: The “I help random people on the Internet and I like it” me;
ENFJ: The “I want everyone to like me but who needs to know?” me;
ENFP: The “I love doing the worst/best puns but the ‘ENTP me’ had a funnier one” me;
INFP: The “poet” me or “MBTI types as myself” me;