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I’m Robin , 22 years old and come from Germany. I work for the German military and this is my EDC

tfan2013  asked:

for my Yeager program AU, optimus is kinda humanoid weras clothes and evrything but still is like tall like at least 7' or 8 ' so cade has to stand on a box to give him kisses (but even then he only kinda reaches his chest) so optimus has to bend down to kiss him like idk i think that would be cute op being a big robo housewife *frails uncontrollably* this is so weird im sorry

Dude, I’m constantly dying for Optimus being a big robo housewife.

With the stereotypcial frilly apron and matching oven mitts and everything.

And he’s just standing there

kinda hunched over an oven he’s too tall for

gingerly picking up a tray of freshly baked cookies…

Holy frick.

Cade walks in like “oh sweet, cookies!” and Optimus just “noNO not yet you’ll burn your mouth!!” But Cade’s stubborn ass takes one anyway and bites into it and grins smugly and then his smile wavers and suddenly he’s running to the sink for water because holy SHIT that cookie is PIPING HOT.

Optimus, a little later: “is your mouth still functioning?”
Cade: “ye”
OP: “good”

And he bends down and smooches him.

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Name: Wera

Nicknames: that was my nickname i’m mourning after my full name

Gender: demigender (she/her)

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 174cm

Age: 16 (almost 17 i guesS)

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favourite Colour: Blue

Time Right Now: 4:39 PM

Hours of Sleep: today 9

Lucky Number: 4

Last Thing I Googled: ‘’coi cod’’ i had to write smth in french so well uh

Favourite Fictional Character: i’m sorry to all my favorite book characters but recently i watched aristocats and marie was always my fave………………….sorry

Blankets I Sleep With: 1

Favourite Bands/Artists: BTS, Seventeen, NCT

Dream Trip: actually i’ve always wanted to go to india

Dream Job: my unrealistic dream job is and always will be a film director or an sfx person in movies

What I’m Wearing Right Now: a white and black t-shirt and grey sweatpants. and socks i always wear socks

When Did You Make This Blog: August 2013

Follower Count: 682 of my people whoo whOO

Posts: oh my god 31,139 but for my excuse i’ve been through a shitload of fandom changes h a

What Do I Post About: memes and kpop. and social justice as well. sometimes something from my old fandoms

Most Active Followers: @bedtimeatsix @99sundaes @arctic–mikeys and @chanyeru t-thank you for *sob* enjoying my shitty content than k you

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: uh i mean i recently had a let’s say popular text post about nct and before i also had a popular text post about t7s so i guess whenever an nct unit is debuting its embarassing

Why Did You Get Tumblr: bc beforehand i used it as a gif search engine and i found out this site isn’t that bad

Do You Get Asked On A Daily Basis: nO no no ha what a joke (im a lonely soul rip)

Why Did You Choose Your URL: i’m actually proud of it bc it’s simply astro’s moonbin’s name with a changed first letter, i’m getting better and better in this url game


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