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The pic about Mari and Chat wearing each other's color schemes made me think... what if they did this as a class? Everyone comes to school one day dressed in colors/style they associate with someone else in their class? Fun mixing and matching!

That can be fun tho! I imagine Juleka wearing a full pink dress or Mylene with an outfit of a metal band. And Chloé helping Sabrina the day before and taking her to shoping cause “if you are going to dress like me then you need to have the best clothes.”

Abd partial reveal in which Adrien keeps that pink blouse and bowtie and goes like that to the school because he overslept and he is in a hurry and he can be the son of a faous fashion designer but he only wears the same outfit every freakign day so “why the heck not”

Mari is just still internal screaming because 1)adrien what the frick you are weraing 2) omg i kissed adrien 3) ADRIEN WHAT THE FRICK ARE YOU WEARING


Elizabeth Poldark Appreciation Week

Day 1: Favourite scenes

It was a really difficult choice to make. I was hesitating between Elizabeth’s scenes with Demelza and/or George, when she is being strong in difficult times or when she is playing with her son with wooden swords. Eventually I decided to go for her scenes in episode 7 of season 1, those concerning her involvement of the conflict between Ross and Francis about Verity’s escape from Trenwith.

I feel that these are particularly underappreciated. Also, some of these don’t appear in the books, so I sometimes get this feeling that a part of book fans (especially those who dislike Elizabeth) tend to ignore/forget about them.

I love that Elizabeth is actively involved in the conflict, bravely speaks up her mind and doesn’t simply watch it from the distance. She doesn’t condemn Verity for her action, and strongly refuses to blame Demelza and Ross for it - and tries to reasonably dissuade Francis from doing so. This moment when she firmly says “I stand up for no one, but it is the merest justice not to condemn people unheard” is one of my all-time favourite quotes from Lizzie ever.

And then there comes the scene in which Ross and Francis argue with each other in Trenwith. Elizabeth is trying to calm down both of them, trying to reconcile them. She’s a mediator in this scene, but neither of the two men is listening to what she says - their butthurtpride and prejudice are more important. It was being frequently emphasized that Elizabeth is fragile, especially physically, and yet when Ross and Francis start fighting she literally PHYSICALLY splits them apart. She’s trying to the very end to reconcile her husband and his cousin, saying “Have you forgotten that we are a family?”, and encouraging Francis to call Ross back when he was approaching the door. She did her best to improve the situation, but both Poldarks’ stubborness led to results that left Elizabeth clearly upset and disappointed.

I think this scene is (just one of many) a perfect example of Elizabeth’s courage, empathy and of how far she is from being a passive female character and a stereotypical “lady”.

Jack Ryan Headcanon (Bioshock)
  • He once had an accent (he’s a Kansas farm boy or, er, he thought he was), but he lost it gradually after learning the truth about himself. Truth be told, he’s not really a talkative sort, so nobody really notices. 
  • Despite the fact he’s been bred to be a cold calculating killing machine, when left to his own devices he’s a big softie. He loves animals, especially dogs, and he likes to draw and take pictures (shutterbug, as Cohen said). He’s a good kid. 
  • Sometimes he misses his fake “Ma and Pa”, even though they never existed. His implanted memories were nice, comforting ones and it can be hard to realize that they were never real.
  • Brigid Tenenbaum kind of becomes a surrogate mother to him. She kind of becomes a surrogate mother to everyone, actually. 
  • He’s a papa wolf. Don’t even think about looking at those little sisters the wrong way, or he’ll curbstomp you and then electrocute you with his fuckin’ hands. 
  • He smokes like a chimney, and he likes a glass of rye. He’s hardcore for a four-year-old. 
  • He totally has an ugly Christmas sweater collection.

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Why are you so obsessed with George Warleggan? Personally, I think he's got some things in common with Theon, what do you think?

Haha, I already know this is going to be a long reply. :P Be prepared!

First of all, I must point out that I’m talking about show!George, because I haven’t read the books yet. Also, I have a gut feeling that my reply will refer to s1 and s2 mostly, because his characterization in s3 in strikingly different so far.

I think George is far more complex character than he appears at first glance and I totally refuse to think he’s evil. I don’t even perceive him as villain, he’s definitely more of a protagonist (actually Cary is much more villainish in my eyes).

George is severely flawed, he can be ruthless, vengeful and extremely mean, but I believe he is much more than that and he has a lot of good qualities as well. He seems very proud and arrogant, but it’s definitely no more than a mask under which he tries to hide his insecurities. Because he is in a quite difficult situation - he doesn’t belong to aristocracy (but he really wants to) and he doesn’t exactly belong to the working class anymore (or at least he denies that) either, so he’s somewhere inbetween and doesn’t belong anywhere. As a result he is also not being accepted by any group, and it might, in a way, lead to some sort of identity problem, even though George himself probably doesn’t realize it.

Then, George in the show is extremely lonely, he is an orphan as well (we don’t know how old was he when his parents died, but I assume he was quite young), and it’s important to remember that for most of the time his only companion is uncle Cary (and assuming George’s parents died when he was a child, the only father figure he has), who is very cold and amoral. Definitely not a good person to raise a young boy and shape his identity, and we could see back in season 1 (and even s2) that in many situations George had doubts and almost every time it was Cary who scolded him for having human feelings (”Are we in business of sentiment or profit”, “Good God, boy, you don’t suggest we wait for actual evidence!” or Julia’s death mention scenes come from the top of my head). George seemed genuinely sorry after Julia’s death and I’m sure his condolences to Ross were sincere, and he was obviously saddened by his cousin Matthew’s death as well, but Ross, nor anybody else, didn’t offer him consolation. Because almost every character in the show refuses to see the human part of him and the only George they see is an arrogant, rich banker who is of a lower class, which is basically just a first impression. Unfortunately in season 3 we’re losing this human part of George and as you can imagine I don’t like that…

Another thing is his relationship with Elizabeth. I don’t doubt he truly loves her and cares about her, and he treats her far better than any other man in the show, because he actually shows her respect. He still does some things wrong, but I think it’s because he has huge problems with emotions and understanding them, and you can see that when it comes to Elizabeth he’s trying really hard to please her. All the interactions between these two until episode 2 of season 3 were one of my favourites in the entire show.

And finally, and I cannot miss it, Jack Farthing. I sincerely think he gives one of the best, if not the best, performances in Poldark. Jack added so many tiny details into his portrayal - avoiding eye contact with people he talks to, stuttering from time to time, playing with his hands, and his facial expressions: all of this makes George alive, human and believable and much more sympathetic and vulnerable. I’m not sure if somebody else played him I would like this character so much. He has something of a sad romantic and I love it, as well as I love his looks. Jack is such a great actor and it can be seen in his acting, in addition to that he understand his character, so reading/watching interviews with him are a true pleasure.

I could honestly go on and on, so I will end with your second question. Yes, I definitely think he has a lot in common with Theon! The very first thing that comes to my mind is insecurity covered under the mask of arrogance which I mentioned earlier. Then it comes the identity problem, although it’s slightly different with George and Theon. Then, both are quite misunderstood and generally disliked by the fandom (but I actually think it’s Theon who has more fans, or maybe it’s just because ASOIAF/GOT fandom is bigger). Both are unhappy and lonely, and they both deal with the “I don’t belong anywhere” problem.


Everything about this. This colors, the not actually weraing the jacket, the materials of the clothing, the glasses and ear rings, the hair, the sound of the heels, the editing and angles. 


The first week of school is finished! And the first homework has been finished also.

I am eager to work but very disappointed at the school and my geography class and that lovely chaos that apparently is a permanent fixture of Polish schools… Even on International Baccalaureate.

But hey, I started a new language. 😊🇩🇪
And got my first ereader. It’s awesome.

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What is your top 10 fav characters (from any of the fandoms you're in) and why? i'm curious ;)

Alright, so I will make top 10 from Poldark and A Song of Ice and Fire, because I have a separate ask about Lord of the Rings characters. :) So, just in short!


(note: probably after s3 my preferences may slightly change)

1. George Warleggan - mostly for season 1 and 2, and I have a separate ask about him so not gonna go into detail here.

2. Dwight Enys - he’s always really gentle and caring, and selfless.

3. Caroline Penvenen - very intelligent, witty and thoughtful and compassionate.

4. Demelza Carne - in season 1 she was my ultimate favourite, but well… Anyway, I love that she’s very fierce, brave, loyal, and cares about people she loves.

5. Elizabeth Chynoweth - mostly for s1 and 2, introverted, strong in her own way, observant, I also think she is very kind, yet underappreciated.

6. Drake Carne - he’s just so adorable :)

7. Francis Poldark - really dynamic character with fantastic character development

8. Verity Poldark - one of the purest characters ever, kind, gentle, selfless, always eager to help, fantastic friend.

9. Prudie Paynter - honestly hilarious, and I love her relationship with Demelza and Jeremy!

10. Hugh Armitage (at least so far) - I adored all the interactions he had with Dwight, so far he seems calm, willing to help, and he doesn’t seem very self-absorbed.


1. Theon Greyjoy - again, I have a separate ask about him ;)

2. Sansa Stark - gentle, observant, thoughtful, idealistic, strong in a sense that she’s not really touched by all the bad that happened to her and remains a good person.

3. Jon Snow - intelligent, calm, not very judgmental, good leader, can be relied on, really mature for his age.

4. Jaime Lannister - his character development!!!

5. Quentyn Martell - I strongly empathize with him. He’s very human, imperfect, makes mistakes, but is a very good, sensitive person.

6. Doran Martell - I strongly doubt that most of his plans are eventually going to work, but I love his personality overall. He may not be physically strong, but mentally very much so, considering that he suffered a lot, too, and most people around Doran don’t believe in him. Also, he really cares about people of Dorne, including the poor.

7. Davos Seaworth - good advisor and a wise man, loyal

8. Cersei Lannister - I don’t like her as a person, but she’s incredibly fascinating character and I loved reading her chapters.

9. Missandei - really clever and intelligent considering her age, compassionate, caring and loyal.

10. Tywin Lannister - a terrible person, probably one of the worst ASOIAF characters, but a really fascinating and interesting character, every time he appeared in the book or on screen he drove my attention.

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