I am seriously upset after reading that. I have a 2 year old brother, named Dexter, who likes pink. We go to shop at Walmart all the time. My baby brother fits the same description, and the fat that this shit could'e happened to him scares and gets me mad. People are so intolerant pisses me off so much brings me to tears. I don’t want to live in a world where no one is safe to be themselves.

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Is it just me or did Dean seem uncomfortable with the open compliments from Mildred? I can't help but think that connected to Amara somehow

Hello sweetheart!

Dean did look quite a few different things in the interaction with Mildred. From flustered to surprised to slightly uncomfortable to a little scared. That’s my estimation of it, just as a clarification. :)

Dean has never been good at accepting compliments no matter which kind and no matter said by whom, cause deep down and that is also why Dean was attacked by the banshee, he is a little insecure. He knows well how to hide it, hell he learnt to play a role as a kid and he weras them like others a pair of gloves - the masks and puppets metaphors all belong to that too and are all still relevant atm - but in the end all that is a persona, it’s not really Dean. Only a very few selected people know Dean, becase Dean trusts them and lets them in. And these are so few, because Dean has trust issues and because bearig his heart like he did with who he thought to be Cas makes him vulnerable. And this is exactly why Castiel’s possession is so troubling in this case not just for Cas, but also for Dean and his trust issues.

This episode played the parallels well between the banshee feeding on people’s brains/heads and Lucifer apparently being able to manifacture Castiel’s expressions scarily well by pulling things from Cas’ memory possibly and Dean, who’s been like under a spell and mind controlled by Amara.

Based on all that I do think that subconsciously Dean was uncomfortable with Mildred at times as she came closer than he liked it and pushed the boundaries to override his agency - as sadly has been happening a few times in which Dean has been verbally or came close to being physially assaulted -  and that is especially horrifying as Dean feels even more helpless and vulnerable at the moment than he already does.

So yes, I would say his reactions here have something to do with him being powerless against Amara’s control.

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For your anon: ask any woman who's had a baby how much fun the first weeks of the baby's life are. Go ask your mother. Ask ANYONE. You don't wera make up. You dont do your hair. You don't have time and energy for that. Seriously, ask anyone. You sleep 2 hours a day, you're still exhausted after the labor, all you want to do is lay down and rest. It's a miracle if you menage to take a shower earlier that 2pm.

some woman actually DO do all of that stuff. just because you didn’t or some people you know didn’t, doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t. are we done talking about this yet?

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Mi Wera feliz,feliz,feliz cumpleaños 😘 😊 que sean muchos más… Un enorme abrazo a través de la distancia 😘✌que todos tus deseos se hagan realidad, que dios mantenga tu vida alegre, y que nunca desaparezca tu chispa. Hay que vernos… Te quieroooooo☺

PD: No olvides Reírte de lo primero que veas😂 #wera #happy #birthday

Oye, recuerdas cuando nos conocimos? Fue el 27 de noviembre, donde tuvimos una conversacion chistosa en nuestro chat…recuerdo que el 30 de noviembre nos encontramos personalmente y te lleve un detalle…nuestras conversaciones fueron mas seguidas recuerdo que te comenze hablar de mi y tu no hablabas mucho de ti porque te daba timidez y luego te empeze hablar por audios y luego de una confesion tu me habias dicho “yo sere tu mejor amigo ahora” pasaban las noches y siempre al llegar a casa revisaba mi chat aver si estabas conectado y luego te hablaba, pasaron los dias y para mi eran los mas felices porque me hacias reir como ya nadie lo hacia. Recuerdo esas ganas que tenia para ir al colegio, solo para verte y pasarla un rato juntos en los recesos y verte sonreir o escuchar tu voz diciendome “hola wera” , recuerdo esos momentos de risa. Recuerdas aquel sabado que salimos temprano y fui contigo solo para verte jugar futbol con tus amigos. Recuerdas ese sabado donde no hubo clases? Pero la pase contigo todo el dia *–* donde puse mi nombre en tu brazo y tu nombre en el mio, luego fuimos a sweet and coffe y quedo la primer foto de recuerdo :’) o recuerdas aquel dia de noche buena? El 24 de diciembre…donde ese dia nuestras conciencias se llenaron de culpa por no estar juntos en la salida? Recuerdas ese vacio que quedo cuando nos despedimos o saber que no nos volveriamos a ver despues de una semana…. recuerdas ese 28? Que despues de clases me diste unos chocolates *-* recuerdas esa mordida de chocolate? Jeje ^^ …recuerdas ese 30 de diciembre? Ese dia te confese que me gustabas! Antes de irme de viaje y luego me dijiste que tambien te gustaba😍
Pasaron los dias de enero y era mi ultima semana de asistir al colegio y comimos fresas con leche condensada🙈que por cierto es tu fruta favorita*-* y luego llego ese dia…recuerdas el domingo 17 de enero❤? Donde me preguntaste ¿quieres ser mi novia? Y yo no podia creertelo pense que era una de tus bromas y te pregunte ¿es enserio? Y me respondiste “es muy enserio” y obviamente dije que “si"🙈😍 y al siguiente dia nos encontramos *-* fue uno de mis mejores dias :’) y asi… hasta ahora.
♡mi wero♡ PNTB💜-17-01-16 💑te jamo con todo mi jeart!😍🙈

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Ulubiony cytat?

“Można mi pomagać na różne sposoby, ale oddychać muszę sam”
“Beznadziejność jest w tedy gdy człowiek budzi się rano i nie wie po co otworzył oczy, za to wie, że wszystko jest bez sensu”

Wera: nie podoba mi się 
Ja: 7/10 nie podobają mi się dwie kolumny