Wēoh Bird or False Malham

Sometimes mistaken for the larger and similarly coloured Malham Bird, the Wēoh is a rather small bird, with a love for water. Found further north than the average range of the Malham, in the past they have been sold to Europeans unaware of the tendency of Malhams to waste away outside of their preferred habitat. Wēohs are quite small birds - only about the size of a European starling - and like watermeadows and similar spaces where they can bathe. Thought it is not certain as to why the Wēoh likes to bathe so much, many magizoologists believe that bathing is key to the  Wēohs ability to create bright bursts of colour in their mating displays, which are not dissimilar to those of the Star-Speckled Cockatoo.

Wēoh birds are now common throughout Europe, thanks to these ancient trades, and are sometimes kept as songbirds in magical households. Where they are wild they retain the preference for watermeadows and shaded woods, and are occasionally seen on salt flats. Generally the wild creatures are left alone, though some will occasionally be caught for pets, or for the use of their feathers in potions. However most Wēoh feathers used in potions (and sometimes magical fireworks) are gathered from domestic birds, and some countries have penalties attached to the capturing of wild birds to pluck their feathers.

beryl spangled tanager by susanloellison

(Image is of a Beryl-spangled Tanager. Image was sent in by the wonderful pardryll who has sent in many wonderful submissions - both of images and of creatures - before. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCE OR MY CAPTION.)