Travel in East Africa in the years 1903-1905: with funds from the Hermann and Elise born Heckmann Wentzel Foundation: Scientific results / By Voeltzkow, Alfred, 1860 - on Flickr.

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Stuttgart: E. Swiss Bartsche Verlagsbuchhandlung 1906 - 1923.BHL Collections:
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September 30th

  • September - would you rather be inside or outside?

already answered :)

  • 30 - mouse or trackpad?

Mouse, my laptop’s trackpad is so hard to use omg, to click you have to press all random keys as you tap, for such a nice looking laptop, wentzel the laptop is so hard to use 

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Model: Ulorin Vex
Photography: Claire Seville

Carly Van Groeningen, ChaosModel, Axel Torvenius, Eleine, Chelsea Tavis, Gina Wentzel, Sean M Palfrey, Leslie Van Lovelace, Lorna Rae, Pete James

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