November 21, 2014 by Caitlin

When I dream there are shadows,

abundant in dim external corridors

and my mother is making butternut squash soup.

My mood is detectable

but only when I am laughing

in the steam the hot springs exude,

and only when I am bathed in silver moon beams.

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Colorized classic photo of Paul Newman on a water taxi in Venice, Italy 1963.
“American stars go to the Venice Film Festival to test their wattage, and in 1963 no star burned brighter than Paul Newman. At age 38, he visited the Lido to show off Hud, Martin Ritt’s drama in which he played a Texas bad boy. Remembers Barbara Steele, then a rising young actress who’d just completed a role in Federico Fellini’s 8 ½, ‘I don’t know how, but I ended up hanging out with Paul Newman, who was at the peak of his beauty. He was a Greek god, absolutely stunning. He was every Italian’s dream of classical beauty.’ Newman was considered a shoo-in for the best actor prize, but when it went instead to Albert Finney for Tom Jones, Steele recalls: 'It was quite shocking. Everyone thought Paul’s winning was a given.’” ~The Hollywood Reporter

i’M sick of the lies. I just did a controlled experiment to see if jet fuel really can melt steel beams and it fucking can’t. I poured some petrol from my dads van on a kitchen knife we have at the house and ignited it. The handle of the knife melted but after the flames went out the steel wasnt even damaged. what the fuck is this shit?

zawszeziam replied to your post “zawszeziam I CAN’T not until it gets written because i feed off of…”

ok but prince zayn of the fire nation falling for poor earth bender liam when hes in one of those earth bender prisons ;_;

uhm okay so i read this and screamed about it for like 10 mins then wrote this and it’s a quarter to 7am and i haven’t slept yet so it’s not like perfect but for some reason writing this right now seemed like a good idea so. yeah.

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Saw VI
  • Erickson:The new Jigsaw killer is using inferior steel.
  • Hoffman:STRAHM.
  • Erickson:He went after the same guy that killed your sister.
  • Hoffman:BUT STRAHM.
  • perez:I've worked with Strahm for years, it doesn't seem like him. He literally never showed any indication of psychotic behavior.
  • Hoffman:S to tha T to tha R to tha A to the H to the M spells STRAHM.
  • Erickson:Well, let's just decode the voice scrambler and that'll let us know if it was Strahm.
  • Hoffman:BUT I PUT HIS PHONE AT THE.....I mean HE put his phone at the crime scene!

the-ashen-one asked:

The mage stared at a young girl picking berries in the forest. What was she doing here? Was she just idly strolling, or up to no good? She could not take risks, not now. She went up to the girl, moving silently. Once she was right behind her, she pressed the tip of her blade against the girls neck. "Don't move. Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

A chill went down her spine as she felt the touch of cold steel at her throat, what had she done to deserve this…? she completly froze “a-a-a-ah h-hello? m-m-my name is E-Elizabeth, i-was just collecting s-seeds, a-a-am i trespassing.” she was stuttering all over the place, fear playing its part, had she wandered into someones home by mistake, oh she hoped they were merciful…

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Okay so first date scenario with Kuroo and his crush? Like they visit the haunted house or something? Thx~

_____ wasn’t too sure abut going on a date with Kuroo Tetsurō, they didn’t know what to expect of him. They only knew what people around them have said, rumours and other people’s perspective. From what they could gather Kuroo was rather laid back, but he was good at provoking people and was known as the “scheming Captain” of Nekoma’s Volleyball Team. Honestly, that made them even more nervous, though their friends pushed them to agree to at least one date with the bed-headed male.

The amusement park was the date destination, which wasn’t that bad of an idea. Rides were always fun, plus _____ was a sucker for the junk food they always had. With an optimistic view of the date, they steeled their determination and went to go meet Kuroo at the entrance. The day went by rather well, they went of several rides, played different games which Kuroo won _____ a couple of stuffed animals. They of course laughed about how they were poorly made with the mass production of the stuffed creatures. Over all, Kuroo didn’t seem all the bad. He was kind and rather fun to be around.

“Hey, let’s go to the Haunted House before we leave.” _____ said with a smiled, looking towards the rickety old building that was coloured in ominous colours and eerie background music for effect.

Kuroo agreed with a nod, though his eyes lingered on the building for a few more moments.

“Are you scared?” They asked the captain with a sly grin, raising a brow at the male.

“Pfft,” Kuroo snorted, “me scared? Hardly, it’s just a haunted house. Come on, let’s go!” He grasped the other’s hand and lead them into the attraction. The bright sunlight vanished the moment they stepped inside, the door slamming close behind them. _____ jumped in surprise, quickly turning their head to look at the door. “Are you scared?” Kuroo teased, causing his date to huff out in annoyance.

“It just surprised me is all.” They stated, looking back down the hall that lead through the attraction.

With a quick squeeze of Kuroo’s hand, they set off through the attraction. Everything seemed to be all fine and dandy, the usually things falling from the ceiling in attempts to scare them, such as rubber spiders and fake ghosts.

“See, this isn’y bad!” Kuroo laughed, looking over at his date who nodded their head. “Too bad though, I was kind of hoping you would get scared and cower in my arms~” The smug look on Kuroo’s face made _____ roll their eyes.

They were near the end when it happened. Kuroo should have expected something when he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. One of the workers, dressed up as a ghoul jumped out at them near the exit, the finale scare before they exit is what caught Kuroo off guard.

The shrill girly cry of Kuroo was followed by him punching the worker in the face out of reflex. The worker crumpled to the ground in pain as _____ looked at Kuroo with a surprised expression.

“W-we gotta go!” He yelled, grabbing his ate’s hand and running out of the house. They ran for a few minutes before stopping, both needing to catch a quick breath.

Once _____ regain their breathing, they broke into a fit of laughter. They doubled over, hands on their knees as they wheezed out giggles. They laughed until their sides hurt.

“Oh my gosh!” They exclaimed, “you should have seen the look on your face! And your scream! That is priceless! I can’t believe you punched him in the face!”

Warmth rushed to the tip of Kuroo’s ears as they looked at them, “hardy-har-har.”

“That was the best!” They never expected someone like Kuroo act like such a, dork. That was the key factor there. The one trait that literally won them over. A smile graced their features, “so, when’s the second date?”

In other, less emotionally debilitating news. You wanna know how many times I almost ‘died’ yesterday?

  • Almost got hit and/or kidnapped by the shadiest van and men I’ve ever seen in my life yesterday, walking across the lane in a parking lot
  • Almost fought an old man at the baseball game I went to.
  • A worker flung a steel door open as fast as possible into a crowded concourse right as I was walking by it.
  • (I also almost fought the mascot because he got too close to me/saw me, and y’all know how terrified I am of mascots.)
  • A clock the size of a kitchen table fell off the wall and almost bounced off my head.

This all happened within three hours. High-five to myself.

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Amanda Waller went up against granny goodness what are her Ovaries made of steel ?!

granny goodnes: *is immortal*
the wall: i’m sick of ur fake ass bullshit ur dying today

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idk i'm a huge fan of how lighthearted the flash and supergirl are turning out to be (i didn't like super gritty arrow or man of steel) & the only reason i went to marvel was because of the new 52 & yj's cancel. but now dc's doing so much better & being so much more modest about it (yeah ok marvel i'm not going to congratulate you on diversity esp. when you pulled that maximoff twins bullshit) and i'm just!!!! super hyped. i'm going to go so broke from buying movie tickets in the next few years.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the lighter mood The Flash and Supergirl have. And that’s who their characters are! Funny cheery people! (Although… the amount of times i’ve absolutely sobbed my eyes out during The Flash………..)

I think there’s also a sociological/psychological factor that played into Arrow and Man of Steel’s dark grittiness. we were going through some hella hard economic times, and things in general were just darker. like, burgundy and dark purple were the “it” colors, but now that things are looking up (like the housing market, etc), everything’s light blue and coral. the media of a certain time can definitely reflect the society’s current mood. those 2 shows were also coming out in the wake of the dark knight trilogies, and i think they were banking that the audience still loved to brood. 

i’m super excited too! hey lil credit card, I HOPE YOU’RE READY TO DO SOME MAD SWIPING

i fight to love

This is why I can’t love you: 

Things are too messed up in my head, all the demons I faced came together and consumed me, I had to stay away from love, because little did you know that heartbreak could kill me. Heartbreak was a demon who flew in the cracked window of my soul and opened the door to all my other demons. I was only working on defeating one at a time. All of them together was too much. It crushed my spirit and my body went numb, my heart steeled cold. If love didn’t work out, heartbreak broke me open. Not a few day slump, like months of me freezing emotionally and trying to battle in the ice everyday with the demons. It was impossible for me to get out of it without help and I don’t want help, I want independence. I want to be whole and powerful. And I am close. I only have a few more demons to beat before I can love again. Soon I will be able to face the possibility of heartbreak just one more time. But just know that I will pick who I love carefully, I will be cautious and watchful and pedantic. But when I do pick, when I do choose who to give my love to, she will feel it, because it is a powerful love rising from the ashes of battle in the depths of my souls darkest hours. For I am a warrior and I have been. Although I have been dead for awhile now, I will rise from it, because this love will not sit still in my heart. This love must see daylight and beauty and I do not know who you are yet but this is why I can love you.

 Soon my dear, I can love you.


Some stuff I got at the convention (Con Kasterborous) I went to, including a two sided stainless steel necklace, a super cool vintage-y poster, an amazing 7th Doctor beanie, and a wallet made out of recycled comic book paper! yeah. other pics later, probably.

SCVWD, GOLDEN SPIGOT, GOLDEN GOLDIE, WILL THE LIES EVER STOP! theunit@nbcbayarea.com @nbcbayarea


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Do you know where Hannah's Instagram-account went? "Keilani Steele" took over her URL -.-

Yes, her new user name is hannahpixiesykez since her wedding xox

i think  a majority of people have massacred riverwood i tried to get away with a small bounty by killing a chicken and i provoked them so it would be legal (??) but everyone came after me and those 2 kids said i hope monsters eat u like lmao kid do u see i have armor that emits poison if u get near me and u will die haha anyways after like a month i went to riverwood to get some supplies bc the steel and iron stock at the blacksmiths forge restocks automatically and i wanted to use the alchemy lab in the inn so i went inside and the bartender tried to kill me so i was like lol okay and those kids followed me inside and when i was taking the money from behind the counter the kids threatened me by saying thats not urs and im gonna tell like um??? ur parents are dead sorry and thE fuckING Girl sent an assassin after me so i punched her in the face and i got a bounty of like 50 gold for it lmao

so jeremy my original progen has now been scattered 11 times

he just went from




and my random progen well her colors are


look at how tight their range is now