Clash of Steel just went up on kickstarter! If you enjoy playing cards or tabletop games you might be interested.

I produced a few pieces for the project and now that it’s up I can share them here. If things go successfully I’ll be producing more content for the project so I’ll let you guys  know how things turn out. 

I believe this is the max amount of images I can put in one post so if I missed anything I’ll post it along with whatever I upload next. 

Have a happy Monday.



Ok, so I went to visit one of my convention buddies in Wisconsin last week (hence why I was gone), and she had me watch RWBY for the first time.

And then this happened~~

That’s pretty much the basic formula, if you were wondering. Thing I like + Symbols or some other kind of thing I can engrave = Sweet finger swag for you! And yes, I do mean YOU! My rings come in US sizes 3-16 to accommodate fans of all sizes. Size should NEVER be a barrier to looking awesome! 💖

These rings are stainless steel and hand engraved by me with each girl’s symbol. Stainless steel is naturally silver, so the colored bands are anodized, which is an electrochemical process that changes the color of the steel. A plain engraving will be naturally silver since it scrapes off that top layer of anodization, but I can add color to that engraving by using an alcohol-based ink. Using both colored bands and different inks, I came up with some designs that reflected the characters’ color schemes. The symbols are all 100% engraved by hand, no stamping or tracing.

For Ruby, I chose a rose gold band and red ink.

For Weiss, I chose a silver band and either white pearl or a blue-grey pearl ink. It’s a little hard to see since it’s rather pale, so I can darken that up for you. I think her symbol would also look nice in red.

For Blake, I chose a black band and purple ink. Have I mentioned how much I love those gradient tights she wears? :D

For Yang, I chose a gold band and either black or orange ink. Her symbol might also look nice in brown or even red.

I’ve also included a black band option for each girl, with red ink for Ruby, white pearl ink for Weiss, and yellow ink for Yang. You can also get the rings without the ink, as shown in photo 3. Since these rings are totally custom, I can do any band color or ink color you’d like, as well as symbols for other characters or even your OC~


The bastard was testing your patience, standing on the other end of the glass, waving at you, as if you were his child attending her first day of class. You scowled in response, earning that devil-may-care smirk of his. You didn’t know why you’d agreed to this, but you didn’t have time to reconsider when three of Crowley’s minions charged at you. With a single raise of your palms, the three mediocre demons went flying against the steel wall, screaming in pain as you tilted your head at them. You couldn’t explain your power, but you knew it was strong. You could kill anyone, anything with just a flick of your wrist. You would even give Lucifer himself a run for his money, and the demon watching you knew it just as well as you did.

“That’s enough, (Y/n).” Crowley said, resting his hand on your shoulder. You released the demons and they practically sprinted out of the room, desperate to get as far away from you as possible. “I have to admit, you are coming along quite nicely.” He praised, running his hand down your back as he walked you out of the training room that he’d designed specially for you.

It was no secret around Hell that the King had taken to you, and in more than one way. Yes, you were immensely powerful, that was an obvious factor in his attention towards you, but there was also something else about the way his eyes seemed to glisten every time they fell on you.

“What are we doing?” You asked as he lead you into his office. You’d only been in here once before and that was the day Crowley first brought you to Hell.

“I wanted to discuss something with you; something that I’ve been thinking on for quite some time.” He admitted and you suddenly felt a tad nervous. You sat down and waited patiently for him to continue. “I want you by my side. Always.” He said. You raised your brow for him to continue. “I was worried that you being in such a close relationship with me would bring danger your way, but I realize now that you’re more than capable of fending for yourself. Well, uh,” He cleared his throat, nerves seeming to suddenly spring to life in him. “Of course, you can say no, but it would be greatly appreciated, and uh, enjoyed if you were to attend meetings, trips, and even deals with me.” He furrowed his brows, going over his words.

“Are you asking me to be your little hellhound?” You teased.

“What? No, no such thing! I would never-”

“Crowley, I’m teasing.” You laughed at him. “Yes, I would love to be your partner in crime.” As much as Crowley got on your nerves at times, you did adore him.


He was the only black senior buck so he got best opposite of variety and went up for best of breed

I was really surprised a tort got best opposite of breed, they were super junky quality last year. Best of breed went to a steel buck