dear people who keep making bad superman movies:

look, i get it: superman as a character can be pretty hard to make an audience relate to because he’s, you know, a super man! he has the powers, we know not of them, and while the interesting angle on superman is definitely his humanity y’all keep getting that really wrong, like shamefully wrong, but it’s okay, i understand, it’s hard to write, the shadow of the great christopher reeve movies, shhh, shhh. it’s gonna be okay, let me explain you a thing, there’s an easy solution, you just make this movie:

we open on a twelve year old lois lane in the aftermath of a FUCKSHIT CATASTROPHE. something disastrous has gone down — maybe it’s a massive oil spill, maybe it’s a situation reminiscent of the erin brockovich scandal, this is just a vague concept sketch, fill in what you want. the important part is: it’s a big bad corporate fuckup of the sort that we’re all too familiar with these days, and it’s got lexcorp written all over it. our first introduction to lois is watching her get approached by a patronizing, downtalking reporter and, all of twelve years old, step up to the fucking plate and take him and the company to task in the public eye. she’s the most poised and professional and pissed as fuck twelve year old you’ve ever seen, and she knows her facts, too. the reporter is impressed, but not as impressed as we, the audience, are as we watch her reign back her fear and do whatever she can to help her family, friends, and community.

sharpcut to a guy in a dead run down a back alley; he’s sweating and looking over his shoulder, clearly being chased. the camera pans out to reveal a daily planet logo — because, hey guys, the year is 2013, so the planet’s a 24 hour news network* now. you can argue new york times parallels all you want but the truth is that if superman’s looking for a job where he can a) be apprised of what’s going down with maximum speed and b) have an excuse to be on the scene immediately? then in this day and age he sure as shit ain’t working for print media; fight me. and you know what else, maybe clark’s a fucking camera man because he’s not actually great at reading or writing news because YOU KNOW WHAT MAKES CHARACTERS RELATABLE AND INTERESTING TO HUMAN BEINGS IS FLAWS, F L A W S, THAT IS THE THING YOU KEEP FORGETTING AND IT’S WHY SUPERMAN MOVIES KEEP BEING PAINFULLY BORING, ugh, whatever, moving forward.

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Spent today cooped up in a hotel room in Cologne. I was able to see a doctor and even though I have a pretty severely inflamed larynx he thinks if I keep to my prescribed regiment and get tons of rest I should be able to ease my way back into singing. I apologize to everyone in Tilburg who came out to see us with Steel Panther tonight. I went against doctors orders last night in Paris and gave it my all to sing and woke up this morning paying the price. On the plus side my Christian Bale “Batman” impression has never been better haha! Anyway in all seriousness I apologize for the show cancellation and I promise we will make it up to you! As of right now I intend on playing tomorrow here in Germany but I will definitely need some vocal assistance from the BVB Army! 😊 #theblackmass #theshatteredthroat http://ift.tt/1EnNwDg


Countdown to 50 (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜): 

10 days

March 17th, 1915 - Renewed French attacks at Les Éparges Result in Limited Gains

Pictured - Unable to properly bury bodies in the front-line trenches, many corpses were simply shallow enterred directly under the trenches, or left out, sometimes as part of the trench walls.  Living in conditions like this required a strong stomach and a certain psychological distance, as well as,  oftentimes, a dark sense of humor.

One of the most heavily contested positions along the Western Front were Les Éparges, a series of crests in Lorraine.  French and German had fought for these hills since February, in very difficult conditions - mud, rain, snow, that posed as much of a challenge as the enemy.  A number of future or current poets and writers happened to be on both sides, like the German officer Ernst Jünger, later to write Storm of Steel, or Frenchman Maurice Genevoix who went on write memoirs titled Ceux de 14.

The French had constantly attacked for a month, but had little to show for it beyond a few hundred meters of captured ground and an increasingly heavy death toll.  The struggle was renewed in March.  After a 45-minute preparatory bombardment, four French battalions went over the top, but the attack failed to encircle the Germans, capturing only 350 meters of trenches. 

Image Source: (http://www.morvane.fr/)

Installation of the steel and maple stair went great these last two days. Sandblasted and clear-coat on the Structural steel and a clear sealer on the solid western maple slab treads. Handrails are next.