Something amazing happened yesterday (August 13, 2016) at Power Morphicon, and I want to take a moment to appreciate it. (Above photo from RangerBoard.)

The current blue ranger, Yoshi Sudarso, is a huge Power Rangers fan. He auditioned for Power Rangers for years without being cast. When he got the role of the blue ranger in Dino Charge two years ago, he was thrilled and since then he’s been super enthusiastic, passionate and an all-around amazing ranger.

His brother Peter, like him, is a Power Rangers fan, and has also auditioned multiple times to be a ranger. Unlike Yoshi, he was never cast. Anyone who follows Yoshi on social media knows about Yoshi’s brother and knows that they’re close: Yoshi and Peter are constantly hanging out together, working on creative projects together, and supporting each other.

At the end of the Dino Charge panel at Power Morphicon, the cast of Dino Charge was tasked with revealing the upcoming cast of the new season, Ninja Steel. Some members of the Dino Charge cast met a few members the new Ninja Steel cast backstage before their panel, but otherwise they didn’t know anything about the Ninja Steel cast in advance.

The Dino Charge cast members were given envelopes that stated the name and color of their ranger successor. For instance, Brennan Mejia, the current red ranger, announced that Will Shewfelt would be the new red ranger.

The last person to be handed an envelope was Yoshi. He opened it, and to his surprise, he saw his brother Peter’s name written inside.

Yoshi went to the Ninja Steel auditions and was told that Peter didn’t get the part. Yet there in front of his eyes was Peter’s name. Not only that, his brother was going to be the new blue ranger.

Yoshi’s voice broke as he announced that his own brother was going to be his successor. His brother, clad in his new ranger uniform, ran onto the stage. Yoshi knocked over his chair in his haste to greet his brother. As they embraced, Yoshi broke down with a giant grin on his face, clearly thrilled that his brother was getting this opportunity.

(Gif by erniesbrainfreeze)

Yoshi’s friends clearly understood how important and powerful this moment was for him. When Yoshi reacted emotionally to opening his envelope, Brennan Mejia looked over his his shoulder to figure out why, pat him on the back and grinned. At hearing the news, the current pink ranger, Camille Hyde, covered her mouth with her hands, obviously stunned, before placing a supportive hand on Yoshi’s shoulder and starting to cry.

As his brother proudly took to the stage with his new cast, Yoshi collapsed back into his chair in shock. The current green ranger, Michael Taber, crossed the stage to hug him, and Camille, still in tears, joined in the hug. When the hug ended, Yoshi pointed at his brother, beaming with pride.

Peter Sudarso is the new blue ranger and Yoshi couldn’t be happier about it. It was the way Yoshi was surprised with this news and Yoshi’s obvious love for his brother that turned this cast reveal into one of the most touching moments in Power Rangers history.


For @ransomweek - March 28: “Remember that time…”

warnings: senior year nostalgia, oblivious pining, excessively soft bromance

“Okay,” Lardo said, taking another swig from the bottle of gin they’d been passing around. “Worst class you’ve ever taken?”

The noise of another kegster, not their last together but frighteningly close to it, thrummed through the floor of the attic. Sometime after midnight Nursey and Chowder had started trying to go through various Haus rules, proper kegstand procedure and ratios for tub juice, with the Tadpoles like Holster and Ransom had done for the past two years, and Ransom had found himself hit with senior-year nostalgia again. It was the kind of weird, happy-sad ache that pulled from under his ribs and made him want to hold onto everything tighter.

He was going to graduate in May. He’d been accepted to med programs at Emory and UPenn, and he was waiting to hear back from a couple other schools. His future wasn’t some nebulous concept any more; it felt real. It felt too close. It was so much easier just to melt back against his bed, next to his two best friends, and to soak up the way their words seemed to roll around the room and fill it up completely.

Holster snorted and leaned against Ransom, reaching around him for the bottle but not moving away once he had it. “International Finance Theory with Professor Lawrence.”

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'Outlander': Why Claire didn't return through the stones
Claire’s finally back in 18th-century Scotland! But she didn’t return to Jamie in episode 5 via Craigh na Dun, the ancient stone circle that serves as her time traveling portal in Outla…

By Lynnette Rice, October 8, 2017

But she didn’t return to Jamie in episode 5 via Craigh na Dun, the ancient stone circle that serves as her time traveling portal in Outlander. We asked executive producer Matthew D. Roberts to answer a bunch of burning questions about episode 5, starting with why Claire skipped a trip through the stones.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why didn’t you show Claire returning to Craigh na Dun?
MATTHEW D. ROBERTS: We knew we wanted a transition that took her from the 20th century to the 18th century. But if you break down what the scene would be like, she would go through the stones, make her way down the hill and she find her way to Inverness. And then she gets a carriage or a boat and she makes her way to Edinburgh. That’s a lot of story. Since the most important part of the story is getting to Jamie, I didn’t wanna shortchange the reunion. So we decided we might save [the stones] for another time. We’ve seen her go through three different times. This was kind of reminiscent of what we did in season 2 where Claire reaches out her hand and then Jamie takes her hand, we spin around and then we’re on the docks in France.

Do you ever question Diana Gabaldon’s rules of travel? For instance, Christopher Reeve had to return to the present when he found that penny in his vest pocket in Somewhere in Time. You can’t take 20th century things back through time!
Yes, exactly. And at the end of Terminator, they had to get naked to go through the [time portal]. So yes, I think everybody’s rules are slightly different. Our rules are, if you can bring ‘em back in the book, we’ll bring ‘em back in the TV show. I’m glad we’re not using Terminator rules because we’d have to find clothes every five seconds after they get into whatever period they’re arrive in.

Who made the decision to use the theme music from Batman while Claire was sewing her batsuit?
Executive producer Ronald Moore wanted to use the Batman theme. That’s very much reminiscent of what we did in season 1 with Claire thinking of her jazz music. We also used “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.”

Was Roger a fan of Dark Shadows in Diana Gabaldon’s books?
No. That’s kind of why we used the Batman theme. We made Roger into a TV fan. That was something that we threw in a little later into what turned out to be a Christmas episode. It wasn’t originally a Christmas episode. But since we included the lunar orbit, which fell on Dec. 21, we had to make it a Christmas episode. So, I went to production designer Jon Gary Steele and said, ‘Can you turn it all into Christmas?’ Because that meant every scene had to be Christmas. He said, ‘Yeah, we’d love to do that.’ So, they started decorating. That was literally like Christmas for them. They decorated the hospital. They decorated their streets. They did everything.


Let’s talk about the end when Claire sees Jamie. Definitely a to-be-continuedmoment!
It’s not just Claire’s story. It’s Jamie and Claire’s story. We wanted to show both perspectives. In the book you get it from Claire’s view. What I wanted to do when I wrote 6 was give Jamie’s POV of the same moment. I wanted to give the fans the moment twice. They’ve been waiting for for a long time. So, rather than give it to them one time, you give ‘em something they don’t exactly expect and you give it to ‘em twice. So they saw at the end of episode 5 where Claire sees him and it’s all her feelings about getting to the print shop. Then we will start 6 as Jamie’s day. We see all of Jamie’s perspective. We thought that would be kind of special. It was nice for me to be able to go, ‘All right, what was Jamie feeling during this part of the day? What was he doing?’ Quite a while ago when I was writing the script I tweeted out a picture of and it said, ‘Interior print shop, Jamie enters.’ And the fans kind of blew up on it and were like, ‘You’re changing it! You’re ruining it! You’re going ruin it!‘ And I got a big chuckle out of that because I knew what I was doing. I was kind offering them up because I knew what I was going to later give them. Hopefully they’ll enjoy it. But that was the plan all along.

Want to hear more about episode 5? Tune into Outlander Live at noon ET Monday, Oct. 9, on EW Radio, Sirius XM 105, because Richard Rankin, a.k.a. Roger Wakefield, will be our guest!

Outlander airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.


I think EW means Matthew “B” not “D” Roberts.

“It’s not just Claire’s story.  It’s Jamie and Claire’s story.”  (Matt B. Roberts)

anonymous asked:

I don't quite see why everyone thinks Dany is going to have to be the new Nissa Nissa. Obviously, stabbing her didn't kill off all the WWs so I'm not quite sure how it would work now. Or maybe I just don't want Jon to have to kill Dany because I don't find that to be "bittersweet" at all.

Anon you have asked about one of my most hated theories. I don’t believe Dany will be any Nissa Nissa figure. I don’t believe any of the main female characters will take on a Nissa Nissa role and here is why.

We are told the tale of Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa. Here are the relevant quotes:

Do you know the tale of the forging of Lightbringer? I shall tell it to you. It was a time when darkness lay heavy on the world. To oppose it, the hero must have a hero’s blade, oh, like none that had ever been. And so for thirty days and thirty nights Azor Ahai labored sleepless in the temple, forging a blade in the sacred fires. Heat and hammer and fold, heat and hammer and fold, oh, yes, until the sword was done. Yet when he plunged it into water to temper the steel it burst asunder.
“Being a hero, it was not for him to shrug and go in search of excellent grapes such as these, so again he began. The second time it took him fifty days and fifty nights, and this sword seemed even finer than the first. Azor Ahai captured a lion, to temper the blade by plunging it through the beast’s red heart, but once more the steel shattered and split. Great was his woe and great was his sorrow then, for he knew what he must do.
“A hundred days and a hundred nights he labored on the third blade, and as it glowed white-hot in the sacred fires, he summoned his wife. ‘Nissa Nissa’ he said to her, for that was her name, ‘bare your breast, and know that I love you best of all that is in this world.’ She did this thing, why I cannot say, and Azor Ahai thrust the smoking sword through her living heart. It is said that her cry of anguish and ecstasy left a crack across the face of the moon, but her blood and her soul and her strength and her courage all went into the steel. Such is the tale of the forging of Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes.

“I looked at that book Maester Aemon left me. The Jade Compendium. The pages that told of Azor Ahai. Lightbringer was his sword. Tempered with his wife’s blood if Votar can be believed. Thereafter Lightbringer was never cold to the touch, but warm as Nissa Nissa had been warm. In battle the blade burned fiery hot.”

Azor Ahai sacrificed Nissa Nissa to forge Lightbringer. Lightbringer has already been forged. There is no need for Azor Ahai Reborn to make another sacrifice to forge a sword that already exists. Aside from this, as @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly has said before, there is another way to make a sword burn fiery hot, and we’ve already seen it in the books. Beric Dondarrion has a flaming sword and unlike the one Stannis wields, Beric’s burns fiery hot in battle. Beric died and was resurrected by R’hllor and it was through this resurrection that he gained the ability to make his sword burn hot with his blood.

If Jon is Azor Ahai as suggested in Melisandre’s chapter then he won’t need to sacrifice somebody he loves to forge a weapon. Perhaps Jon is the sacrifice needed because by dying and being reborn (resurrected), it seems quite likely he will have the same ability as Beric had, in which case nobody will need to die for him to produce a blade with Lightbringer’s characteristics to use as a weapon against the Others.

Lionhearted - Part 2 (nessian fic)

Summary: The day of the wedding, Nesta tries to deal with what she saw Cassian doing at the pub the night before. She also has a special gift for Feyre on her wedding day.

Notes: ok I have a list of people to tag: @arielle-reads @bookswillruletheworld @illyrianwings-nightcourt @christina-dh @illyriancrown @sussurrosliterarios (it won’t let me tag you aghhhh!!!)

This was going to be two parts, but now will be at least 3!

Part one : Part three : Part four : AO3 for comments : rated M : TW for attempted sexual assault mention


The next morning, Nesta’s alarm went off at a highly inconvenient hour, considering the amount of alcohol she had consumed. There was the hotel bar, and then the restaurant, and then the pub… She moaned into her pillow, the throbbing in her head deep and familiar from her college days. It was nothing she couldn’t work off if she could find a bottle of water and some ibuprofen, but… her nostrils flared, thinking back on what she and Cassian had said and done. Putting that conversation behind her would be a different kind of challenge.

There was no way she could face him today, but she would do it, she had to, for Feyre’s sake. She would be in the same room with him, if not interacting directly, and she would just have to deal with his rejection. Or at least, what she assumed was his rejection, given the woman from the night before. Bile rose up in her throat at the thought of her hands on Cassian in that hallway, and she quickly swallowed it down.

She’d had no reason to believe any differently of him, to have had expectations that he might not be the type of guy to do that. But it still hurt to confirm her initial suspicions.

Heaving herself out of bed, Nesta showered, threw on clothing and grabbed her bridesmaid dress and make-up bag. She needed to get to Feyre’s hotel soon, to help her prepare for her wedding. Maybe later, when it was all done and she could leave, she would come back here and try to work out how she felt about Cassian. For now, though, he was just one more person who could threaten her calm exterior, and so needed to be avoided.

When she arrived at Feyre’s hotel room, it was a din; Mor and Elain were circling Feyre, fussing after her hair, her make-up, her dress, calling out orders to some of the other women in the room. Amren sat back, an amused grin on her face, and… was that a glass of red wine in her hand, at this hour? Nesta blinked. Well, she supposed, it was a celebration, and certainly many of the usual social conventions could be suspended for that. However, she suspected that Amren was not one to be concerned about that type of thing no matter the situation, and her estimation of her sister’s friend went up on principle.

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Trucker Cowboy Black and his posse would like to introduce to you Trucker Tony Hunt we call him aka Big Sexy. I met up with Tony a couple of months ago, this very humble, funny and very easy to talk to. Like I was explaining to him, sexy comes in many sizes and shapes. We introduce you to Mr October 2018. Tony it’s a honor to have you in Trucker Cowboy_Black 20 18 calendar.

I was born and raised as a small town country boy. In school I was very active in band, student council, FBLA, Beta Club, Pep Club, and editor of the school newspaper. Upon completion of high school, my parents and I moved to Arkansas where I went to work in a steel mill for the next 26 years. I always knew there was something different about me. I have always been attracted to men, but growing up in the church and in the heart of the Bible belt, I thought there was something wrong with me. In 1991, I met an amazing lady and thought that if I got married this feeling would go away. As we all know, it doesn’t. Over the next 24 years of marriage, we had 2 beautiful daughters which are 20 and 13 at this time. I came out to my wife and family in 2015 and was divorced shortly after that. In January of 2016, I started driving a truck and enjoy traveling and seeing this beautiful country. For the first time, I feel happy and free to live my life the way I was born.
My portion of the proceeds will be donated to itgetsbetter.org.

A Shallura Stargazing fic won by @daydreamsandwikiwalks I had a lot of fun writing this and I really enjoy the Voltron characters. My next prize fic is more Voltron so hopefully, I can keep this rolling.

Shiro stepped out of the base and onto the grass, staring out across the sky before he scanned the field before him. He saw her white hair first, like a breath in the cold. He went towards her with a slight smile on his face.

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Bad Ideas (9)

If you need to catch up, catch up HERE! This take place directly after Chapter 8 ends.

Trigger warnings guys: Wade deals with the voices in his head and it gets bad. He contemplates suicide, which is fairly canon for Wade but I’m putting the cut at the beginning of the chapter just so no one has to see that on their dash if they aren’t expecting it.
I used different fonts to signify the conflicting voices, I hope it comes through. This is Wade. This is a separate voice. This is another voice.
(I didn’t name them white/yellow because I felt like that doesn’t really work with this fic.)

A few moments happen between Wade and Peter that are kind of bordering non-con, it’s not graphic but want to put it out there anyway.

Seriously, heed the warnings, lovelies. I would be devastated if someone read this and was triggered so PLEASE BE CAREFUL. (And if you need to reach out to someone, YOU CAN REACH OUT TO ME I will listen and we can talk)

This was a tough chapter to write. I cried.


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“The Lord brought you back. He brought me back. No one else. Just us,” says Beric Dondarrion to Jon Snow.

And then Sandor Clegane steps into the frame. 

Brother Ray thought he’d been dead for days, the way he was stinking and had bugs all over. But he was alive. I think he was dead, but the Lord of Light brought him back and sent him to Brother Ray.

The Lord of Light wants Sandor Clegane alive.

I think he gave Thoros the power to bring back Beric, so together they can act as some kind of spiritual guide for Sandor Clegane. I think Thoros died saving Sandor from the firebear because he has a decent idea of what’s going on and that if you keep Sandor alive, you save the world.

I’m pretty sure he brought back Jon Snow not because he’s the Prince Who Was Promised but because he needed him to retake Winterfell so Sansa wouldn’t be destroyed by Ramsay Bolton. 

And why does Sansa Stark matter?

Because–and I say this with the straightest of faces, although you are welcome to laugh–I think Sandor has to make Sansa come to forge Lightbringer, i.e. Sandor to Sansa as Azor Ahai is to Nissa Nissa. I think the Lightbringer prophecy has been misunderstood. Forging the sword in the heart of a beloved wife is a metaphor for love and sex and marriage and all that. When Sandor finally makes Sansa come ( “I’ll have a song from you someday”), something happens to tip the balance back to the light. It may well be that a magic sword literally bursts into flame but who knows? It could just be that Sandor is pivotal in some small way in some larger battle somewhere. It could be that he, as a person, is the sword in the darkness, just as the men of Night’s Watch vow to be in their oath.

In short, I think GRRM is going full cosmic soulmates with #sansan. 

“Let it be known that Sandor and Sansa are one heart, one flesh, one soul. Cursed be he who would seek to tear them asunder.” 

God or gods saw Sandor cloaking the bride and bringing her under his protection that one time and god or gods took that shit seriously. 

I think what we experienced as slightly creepy underage-girl stalking in seasons one and two was Sandor Clegane taking one look at Sansa and saying, “Hey that’s my wife,” except the timing was terribly wrong for multiple reasons (she was too young and too innocent, not to mention already property of the King to whom he was Kingsguard), plus the fact that Sandor was a drunk-ass PTSD-suffering crazy man. He was basically right that he should have taken her and he should have fucked her (bloody), but he wasn’t yet worthy so couldn’t and didn’t.

In “The Broken Man,” Sandor asks why the gods haven’t punished him, and Brother Ray says “They have,” and then a fucking bird chirps. The gods knew that Sandor failing to protect Sansa from the likes of Joffrey, Littlefinger and above all Ramsay was the worst thing they could do to him. He’ll have to live with her unnecessary torture and suffering for the rest of his life. The gods are cunts etc etc.

“A hundred days and a hundred nights he labored on the third blade, and as it glowed white-hot in the sacred fires, he summoned his wife. ‘Nissa Nissa,’ he said to her, for that was her name, 'bare your breast, and know that I love you best of all that is in this world.’ She did this thing, why I cannot say, and Azor Ahai thrust the smoking sword through her living heart. It is said that her cry of anguish and ecstasy left a crack across the face of the moon, but her blood and her soul and her strength and her courage all went into the steel. Such is the tale of the forging of Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes.”

/end tinfoil

Title: Not Like This
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: Agnst, may or may not be total shit but I like it. I also hate writing fights but it was a necessary evil.

Danny brushed his hand through his hair, weaving past some of the people who were still out on the streets that evening. His steps were quick as he tried to get to Colleen’s dojo as soon as possible, a little smile on his face at the prospect of seeing you.

Earlier that morning, Danny took you to meet her and Claire for the first time. He knew you the change of scenery would do you some good and since Joy had forced him to come into the office that day. It seemed like the perfect plan to get you out for a little.

Plus, the two of them were more than thrilled to meet the girl Danny wouldn’t shut up about and get to ask you questions about what he was like when he was younger.

And when he mentioned you were learning to defend yourself, Colleen practically lit up at the idea of getting to teach you.

Danny missed you throughout the day though.

He had become so accustomed to having you around him all the time that when a full day passed and all he had to do for the day was paparwork, he was more than thrilled to see you again and hear everything about your day.

He didn’t even notice when some guy directly knocked into him, briefly apologizing before carrying on his way.

The delight was short lived though, because as soon as he made to into the building of the dojo, it was unnervingly quiet. Colleen almost always had music playing and the inside of the building was pitch black.

Using the light on his phone, Danny managed to find his way through the building. But his blood ran cold when the door of the main dojo was hanging open, several of the screws on the hinges loose or on the floor.

Danny slowly stepped inside, the light from the street lamps streaming in from the windows, letting him see that the room was empty. He reached into his coat to grab his phone to look for any messages from any of you, but in the pocket his hand grabbed onto a card.

It was a small bit of stiff paper with an address written out in mismatched letters and numbers, he flipped it over to a symbol he was becoming far too familiar with as of recently.

He took one more glance around the room before bolting out of the building.

It was a warehouse.

Why is it always warehouses?

Danny parked his car a bit of distance away, taking a moment to stake out the place and noticing that one was stationed outside, but the card told him he was in the right place.

He quickly made his way to the enterence, looking around and noticing that different sections of it were blocked off by rows of shipping units.

Whoever took the three of you must have gassed the room, Colleen and Claire were capable of handling their own and you might not have been the best fighter but you were smart enough to know how to work your way of dangerous situations.

Still, Danny could feel how hard his heart was beating, practically knocking against his ribcage at the thought of you all being hurt or worse.

Then came the scream.

It was you, he just knew it.

The sound rang in his ears and everything in him just stopped. When Danny heard it again his feet took off, trying to follow the noise. He could make out distict yelling and the overall noise of struggle echoed against the dull walls of the warehouse.

He ran passed a unit but jumped out of his skin whenever something was thrown against it, he skidded back to the opening.

Danny didn’t even notice he fist was glowing until it went through the steel of the lock, practically shattering the whole thing as the doors limply hung open.

All he could see was Claire strapped to a chair and several men holding various weapons try and take on Colleen

She had managed to get herself loose of the restraints and was trying to take care of them.

Danny was only pulled out of his daze when one of them managed to punch him right underneath his ribs.

After catching his breath, Danny took out all of the men in the front of the unit. Once that was taken care of he broke off the restraints for Claire.

“Where’s (Y/n)?” Danny asked as he helped her to stand.

“Some of them took her to the back of the unit, I’ll help Claire. Go get her.” Claire ordered, pushing him away and grabbing the nearest weapon she could find.

While Claire and Colleen kept the men busy, Danny jumped over some boxes and immediately saw you slumped against the corner of unit wall.

One of the men landed a kick into your stomach and Danny leaped into action. Trying his best to keep his focus on the task at hand, but the sound of your screaming was still etched into his subconscious.

One guy had managed to pin him against the wall, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw another man walk up to you again.

It took a minute to get himself out of the hold, but just as Danny was about to go to you. You were standing againt the wall now, the man limply leaning against you.

Danny’s brows scruched together, but once you pushed the man off of you and he fell to the ground, blood pooling around he knew something was wrong.


Something clattered onto the ground and Danny watched you staring blankly ahead until you slowly sunk the floor.

Danny ran to you, his hands grasping onto your shoulders while he resisted the urge to go absolutely ballistic at the sight of you.

Bruises trailed down the one side of your hairline and your lip had been split, and he didn’t even want to think about all the injuries he couldn’t see.

But what made him the most heartbroken was the way your gaze was fixated upon your hands. They were covered in blood and your fingers were trembling terribly.

“(Y/n)?” He asked again, his voice much shakier now. “Please look at me.” He begged, hands coming up to cradle your face, his eyes starting to water when he noticed your skin felt like ice.

He could see the terror in your eyes but your expression remained cold. It took a moment but your gaze slowly came to meet his.

“I’m fine.” You whispered, gaze flittering down to your hands.

“Danny,” Claire said, coming up behind him while her hand rested on his shoulder. “She’s going into shock, you have to get her out of here she calm down. We took care of the rest of them.”

Danny only nodded, standing up before he arms wrapped around you in a protective hold, helping you walk out of the storage unit.

He could see you were breathing heavily and you kept mumbling to youself. All he could was tell you over and over again how sorry he was.

Claire lead the whole operation from there, checking everyone’s wounds before putting her sole focus onto you. Danny had given you his jacket and all three of then were doing their best to bring you back.

Once you were starting to come to, Claire ordered Danny to take you home as soon as possible and gave him strict instructions to take care of you and help you rest.

He made sure both Claire and Colleen were completely safe before taking you home.

It was so strange, he couldn’t recall a time when you were completely silent around him. Unless you were lost in a book, you wanted to know everything that was happening with him or the world around you.

But now, to see you look so lost made his heart ache.

It wasn’t until you were safe inside his apartment, sitting on his bed in a new change of clothes, that Danny tried to talk to you again.

“I thought you would be safe at Colleen’s, I had no idea something like this would happen to any of you,” He started. “I am so sorry.”

You placing your hand on top of his. “It’s okay, you didn’t know.”

Danny couldn’t help but shake his head. “Are you okay? I just heard you screaming and I took off running.” His fingers lightly traced the banaged Claire had placed on your hands.

“I never wanted to hurt anyone.” You said, your voice breaking off at the end. “And now I’ve killed someone.”

Danny hands reached out to you and pulled into a tight hug. “It wasn’t your fault, that person deserved what he got and you only did what you had to.”

He could hear your muffled cries, and he didn’t know how to make the pain go away.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you. I never wanted to put you in danger,” He whispered, pulling back and resting his forehead against yours. “This doesn’t change anything about you. You’re gonna be just fine, okay?”

You wiped at your eyes and only offered him a weak smile, not having the heart to give him a proper response.

anonymous asked:

what are the chances of a NissaNissa sacrifice at the end of the series?

Not likely.

Now, honestly, I can see the appeal of this theory, especially in regards to a shipping mindset. Someone sacrificing the person they love most to save the world is a tragedy on level with Romeo and Juliet, and for the shippers who really love their angst (and trust me, I’m one of them), it’s both a dream and a nightmare come true at once.

I have no problem with people liking this theory, writing fan-fiction and headcanons centered around it, etc. However, after a time, people started insisting that it had to happen.

Is there evidence for this theory? Of a sort, I suppose. Here’s the original tale, told by Salladhor Saan.

“A hundred days and a hundred nights he labored on the third blade, and as it glowed white-hot in the sacred fires, he summoned his wife. ‘Nissa Nissa,’ he said to her, for that was her name, ‘bare your breast, and know that I love you best of all that is in this world.’ She did this thing, why I cannot say, and Azor Ahai thrust the smoking sword through her living heart. It is said that her cry of anguish and ecstasy left a crack across the face of the moon, but her blood and her soul and her strength and her courage all went into the steel. Such is the tale of the forging of Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes.”

So, Azor Ahai sacrifices his beloved wife in an effort to create a sword that will save the world from the Long Night. We know that, in the last book, there will have to be some sort of sacrifice to save the world, so why not one like this?

However, the most popular version of this theory has Jon playing the part of Azor Ahai, and Daenerys as Nissa Nissa.

That’s where it begins to fall apart.

  • Thousands upon thousands of people are going to die in the Battle for the Dawn.
    • If there needs to be a sacrifice, it seems to me that this one would be enough. The original story narrows it down to two people, but it’s quite possible that they’re both just metaphors for something much larger. Nissa Nissa could symbolize those that give their lives fighting the darkness, those that fall against the army of the dead. Even the worst of people can be heroes against monsters such as the Others, after all.
    • This would make Azor Ahai the survivors; the people who have to deal with the loss, the pain, and the destruction that the Long Night brought, and who have to move on and rebuild the world.
  • Lightbringer has already been tempered, and dragons have already been woken.
    • There are only two reasons for a Nissa Nissa sacrifice. Firstly, the heroes will need Lightbringer in the Battle for the Dawn. As stated above, Lightbringer has already been tempered by the original Azor Ahai. Now, finding the real Lightbringer is an entirely different matter, but I doubt that will need a human sacrifice.
    • The second reason is to wake dragons to use against the Others. And that already happened. Which brings us to the next point:
  • There’s already been one Nissa Nissa sacrifice in the series.
    • Daenerys’ and Drogo’s relationship, while extremely problematic, wasn’t in the book for nothing. Daenerys did love Drogo, and after his death, she used him as her Nissa Nissa.
    • Plus, there are a lot of parallels between her walking into the fire and Azor Ahai stabbing Nissa Nissa.

She heard a crack, the sound of shattering stone.


Only death can pay for life.


And there came a second crack, loud and sharp as thunder, and the smoke stirred and whirled around her and the pyre shifted, the logs exploding as the fire touched their secret hearts. She heard the screams of frightened horses, and the voices of the Dothraki raised in shouts of fear and terror, and Ser Jorah calling her name and cursing. No, she wanted to shout to him, no, my good knight, do not fear for me. The fire is mine. I am Daenerys Stormborn, daughter of dragons, bride of dragons, mother of dragons, don’t you see? Don’t you SEE? With a belch of flame and smoke that reached thirty feet into the sky, the pyre collapsed and came down around her. Unafraid, Dany stepped forward into the firestorm, calling to her children

The third crack was as loud and sharp as the breaking of the world.

When the fire died at last and the ground became cool enough to walk upon, Ser Jorah Mormont found her amidst the ashes, surrounded by blackened logs and bits of glowing ember and the burnt bones of man and woman and stallion. She was naked, covered with soot, her clothes turned to ash, her beautiful hair all crisped away … yet she was unhurt.


As Daenerys Targaryen rose to her feet, her black hissed, pale smoke venting from its mouth and nostrils. The other two pulled away from her breasts and added their voices to the call, translucent wings unfolding and stirring the air, and for the first time in hundreds of years, the night came alive with the music of dragons. (Daenerys X, AGOT)

    • Please note that Nissa Nissa’s “cry of anguish and ecstasy left a crack across the face of the moon”, and that it took three attempts to forge Lightbringer. Daenerys hears three cracks as she walks into the flames.
    • So, if Drogo was Nissa Nissa, that would mean …
  • Daenerys is Azor Ahai.
    • GASP.
    • This is why is irks me so much that almost every version of this theory has Dany sacrificing herself. It’s widely accepted that Jon is the Prince that was Promised, but everyone seems to be on the fence as to whether or not Daenerys is Azor Ahai.
    • ???
    • ??????????????
    • No way does Daenerys transition from being the heroine to being the love interest/sacrifice. That’s not how it goes. ASOIAF may have some tragic elements, but it doesn’t go out of its way to shock its audience.
    • I mean, if anyone’s getting stabbed (which they’re not), it’s probably going to be Jon. He does have experience in that field, after all.

There’s also the very likely possibility that all three heads of the dragons (Jon, Daenerys, and Tyrion) will die by the end of the series. If that’s the case, they’ll most likely go out together, fighting against the Others. In that case, I suppose you could consider all three of them Nissa Nissa.

So, in summary, it’s not all that likely that there will be a Nissa Nissa sacrifice at the end of the series. At least, not in the sense that most people think.

The Signs as Popular Quotes on Tumblr
  • Aries: the saddest word in the whole wide world is the word almost. he was almost in love. she was almost good for him. he almost stopped her. she almost waited. he almost lived. they almost made it.
  • Taurus: i burned so long so quiet you must have wondered if I loved you back. I did, I did, I do.
  • Gemini: she needed a hero, so that's what she became
  • Cancer: we're like parallel lines: always close, never together
  • Leo: you can be the king, but watch the queen conquer
  • Virgo: i went from porcelain to ivory to steel
  • Libra: there's something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls
  • Scorpio: woman? is that meant to insult me?
  • Sagittarius: there are two people you’ll meet in your life. one will run a finger down the index of who you are and jump straight to the parts of you that peak their interest. the other will take their time reading through every one of your chapters and maybe fold corners of you that inspired them most. you will meet these two people; it is a given. it is the third that you’ll never see coming. that one person who not only finishes your sentences, but keeps the book
  • Capricorn: if you don't think I'm a princess, you're 100% right, I'm the fucking queen
  • Aquarius: you were red. you liked me cause I was blue. you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn’t for you
  • Pisces: tell me every terrible (fish)thing you ever did, and let me love you anyway
breaking news for fallput fans

fallput creator tim cain declares Tactics, Nuka Break, Bounties, and Project Brazil canon, denounces fallput 3 and 4 as “fake and gay”. sir cain also went on to say Brotherhood of Steel is “super canon now,” and announced his 5-year plan to “make fallput real”

Crossfire - 2

Chapter 1
Yoongi x Reader
Gang AU
Chapter 2 // Words: ~2443
A/N: chapter 1 got so many notes in a short time omfg im so happy

When you finally got home in the evening, you were exhausted. Your professors were merciless with their workloads, and you were starting to hate yourself because you signed up for so many units at one time. You had to remind yourself once again that it was for your own benefit, and you’d be happy once you got your degree and could be well versed in everything you needed to know to take over the family business. You had dreamed since you were little to one day take over your mother’s family’s corporation when you were old enough. You didn’t really need a degree, since it was in your right to be the next head after your grandparents retired, but you wanted to be an efficient businesswoman. So, you went on with your heavy course load, even though you were sometimes up until ungodly hours doing homework. However, with your parents’ abundant wealth, you were able to hire tutors to help you out so that your brain didn’t explode when you tried to figure out calculus on your own.

You took a break halfway through your work to go down to the kitchen for a snack, since you hadn’t eaten since you went to the school’s cafe. Your oversized house was quiet aside from the maids bustling around and the few security guards that lingered inside. Your mother had left that morning to go see your grandparents, and your father had some business to attend to in another city. As a member of the National Assembly, he wasn’t around much and when he was, he was busy with work in his office. You did like to spend time with him when he was on vacation, but other than that you left him alone. You didn’t care for politics; it wasn’t satisfying to you. So you chose to study business and finances instead, and you had already started to help your mother in minor handlings of the family business. It was exciting that you could start fulfilling your life so early, and you secretly hoped that one day your own fortune would outweigh that of your parents and grandparents combined. You wanted to be successful for yourself, not just live off of them and be trapped in their empty mansion forever.

You made it down the grand staircase and turned right off of the foyer, your feet making no sound as you padded across the dark wood floors on your way to the kitchen. You made it into the well-lit room, and you went straight for the stainless steel refrigerator. You pulled open the large doors and stood back, gazing at its contents. Nothing caught your attention, and you frowned. You opened the freezer and still found nothing that you were in the mood for. You were painfully aware of your stomach’s need for nutrition, but somehow, nothing in your vast kitchen appealed to you. You deliberated in your head for a bit before you decided that the only appropriate option would be for you to go out to a restaurant. And since your family wasn’t home, you were able to go to your favorite. You smiled to yourself as you closed the doors to the fridge to go off and find Jihoo, one of your only alibis in the house.

He wasn’t hard to find, as he was lounging on a couch in his personal office, reading a foreign book. He was an intelligent, clean cut man his early thirties, and he had worked for your family for around ten years. He had been appointed to be your personal guard around the beginning of your high school years, when your parents found out you had been sneaking out of the house at night - it nearly gave them both heart attacks to think you were running around god-knows-where with god-knows-who doing god-knows-what. But you saw him more as a babysitter back then, as they had him follow you around almost everywhere, even in the house. As a teenager, you resented him and his job. You wanted nothing more than to be normal, and you always tried to ditch him in public no matter how many times you failed - which, sadly for you, was every time. But, as you grew older and more aware of the horrors of the world and a danger they posed to the child of a public figure, you accepted his presence in the background. Luckily, your mom and dad became a little more lenient once you graduated and started university, and only required him to follow you at a distance when you went out. You gladly took him with you when you left the house, especially at night - who knew what sketchy characters would be lurking around the city after the sun went down?

“Jihoo,” you called out. “Are you busy?”

He turned his head to look at you, closing his book. “No, I’m just relaxing. What do you need?”

“I’m hungry and there’s nothing to eat here.”

He smiled and shook his head at you. “There’s plenty in that kitchen for you.”

You shifted your weight to one foot and crossed your arms. “Let me rephrase that: there’s nothing I’m interested in at the moment, and I’d like to go out.”

“That’s more accurate,” he stood up and straightened his white dress shirt, tightening his tie back around his neck. “Where would you like to go?”

“Is that even a question?” you smirked, turning around to walk with him towards the garage.

“You’re completely right, I should know better,” he joked.

He waited for you to get your shoes and a jacket before he got the keys to a white Camaro from the rack outside the garage door. You had your own car, but you didn’t care to drive much - you had an accident in your first car, and you avoided having to chauffeur yourself as much as possible since then. So you let him get in the driver’s seat and set off towards your favorite establishment that wasn’t fast food. You and Jihoo sat in comfortable silence with the radio playing, as you often did when he drove you. You two had a silent agreement that you wouldn’t pry into each other’s lives, but you were there for each other nonetheless. It was a good arrangement.

He drove you up a hill in heart of Seoul, and pulled into the lot of the restaurant that you had been going to for every one of your birthdays since you were a child. It wasn’t a five star, posh place, but it had a soft atmosphere and amazing food. Not to mention that you had a specific table in front of the most amazing view of the city that would always be cleared any time you set foot into the building. The hostess smiled when she saw you and pulled two menus for you and Jihoo, escorting you to a small table for two in front of a large wall of windows that showcased a gorgeous panorama of the night sky with twinkling lights of the streets below. You thanked her and sat down, not having to look at the menu to know what you wanted. You practically knew every item on it, and you had your favorites. It took your escort a bit longer to choose, but he ushered over a waiter for you soon enough. As you waited for your order to appear, you talked to him a bit about the party the night before, the people that were there, and other various things you could recall before the shots of vodka had taken over. Of course you left out the fact that you had sex with Suga, but you felt that he had an inkling something of that nature had gone on, especially due to the fact that you had been wearing a stranger’s clothes when he had picked you up from classes at the end of the day. Thankfully, he’d never rat you out to your parents.

The waiter returned after a short time with the plates of food, and behind him was the sous-chef, carrying a bottle of red. He smiled at you as he set it on the table and you sat up in your chair.

“It’s good to see you here, my lady,” he greeted. “It’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed your presence.”

“It really has, Seokjin,” you said.

You let him take your hand and bring it to his face, and he kissed the back of your palm gently. Your heart fluttered a little, as the prince-like chef always managed to do. He was such a handsome man, with soft brown hair and eyes to match. His white uniform was tight on his broad shoulders, and showed off his height. He was one of the reasons you liked coming to that particular restaurant. He never failed to make the most amazing meals and to make your day brighter.

“I hope you enjoy. The wine is on me,” he smiled kindly.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that,” you countered with a slight pout.

He laughed and opened it up, pouring two glasses out. “Nonsense. You’re a regular customer, I owe it to you.”

You thanked him profusely, and toasted to him before you took a small sip of the deep liquid. You silently reminded yourself to limit the glasses you’d drink, since the splitting headache you woke up with was still fresh in your memory. You then dug into the large plate of pasta in front of you, relishing in the flavor. You never got tired of what Seokjin cooked, and you began to imagine if he made things like this at home. You smiled inwardly at your silly thought. You didn’t really have a crush on him, but you couldn’t help but wonder what being with him was like; he was attractive and nice to you. Other guys like Taehyung and Jungkook also slipped into your thoughts when you zoned out in classes, and you did your best to chase them away. You didn’t want to deal with a romance when you had to focus on your education and upcoming career. Besides, you had an inkling that your parents were going to try and arrange a marriage for you in the future, as they had and never would approve of anyone you picked yourself. It was tough being your parents’ daughter.

You brushed off your childish feelings and focused on eating and the view outside. You admired the white lights of Seoul glowing from buildings and busy streets below you, and you thought of all the people going about their lives down there. You liked your city just fine, but you also wished you could travel away from it every once in a while. With busy schedules, you didn’t really have time for the family vacations you wished you could take. You wanted to go to Europe, South America, a forest, or somewhere that just wasn’t Seoul. You’d even appreciate a day trip to Incheon at that point. You looked away from the windows to Jihoo as your mind wandered.

“Do you think we could go somewhere?” you asked.

He raised his eyebrows over the rim of his wine glass. “What do you mean?”

“Like, get out of the city, I don’t know,” you mumbled. “I feel so stuck sometimes, and mom and dad are too busy to take me anywhere.”

He gave you a small smile, and you could see pity in his eyes. You kind of hated it, but you understood. “Next time you have a break from school, I’ll drive you to the beach. How does that sound?”

You grinned at him. “Sounds perfect.”

You finished the remainder of your meal in relative silence, only making quiet comments every so often. You took care of the check, being sure to leave a large tip for the lovely staff. As you got up to leave, Jihoo reached into his jacket pocket.

“I need to use the restroom, go ahead and start the car,” he ordered.

You nodded and took the keyring from him, gathering your purse up and leaving the cozy restaurant. The air outside was nice and cool, but the lights in the lot were oddly blacked out, even though the sun had set hours ago. You had to use your phone screen to see as you hurried over to your car got into the driver’s seat, clicking on a light and putting the key into the ignition. You decided that you’d drive home, since Jihoo had agreed to take you out to begin with. He did enough for you; you owed him. You tapped your fingers idly on the steering wheel as you looked out the passenger window and waited for your guard to appear. He took a bit longer than you expected, but it wasn’t too terribly long before you faintly saw a figure leave the restaurant doors and make its way over to you in the darkness, and you started up the engine as he had asked you to do. You buckled yourself in as the door opened and Jihoo slid into the passenger seat.

At least, you thought it was Jihoo, until you looked over and saw a man - a complete stranger - with a black mask covering his mouth, dark sunglasses over his eyes despite the lack of sunshine, and a black beanie over his hair. You let out a surprised scream at the sight of him and not your guard, and you fumbled to unbuckle yourself hastily to get out of the vehicle. You froze when you felt a cool metal press against the side of your neck. Upon raising your head fractions of an inch at a time, you came face-to-face with the barrel of a gun, and behind it was a man similar to the one next to you in the back seat. How had you not noticed him before? You didn’t know, but you didn’t have time to consider it as you desperately sucked air into your lungs.

“Calm down,” the man next to you said. “We won’t hurt you if you do as we say.”

You didn’t dare move. You didn’t look at either of them, focusing your eyes down.

“Put your seatbelt back on and drive,” he said.

You obeyed slowly. Your hand shook as you took the car out of park and put it into drive, trying to keep tears of fear from clouding your vision as you left the dark parking lot to drive down the hill. Where was Jihoo when you really needed him?

Another thought crept into your head when you got to a stop light: your vigilant guard wouldn’t let some stranger just walk into your car. He should’ve been back from the restroom at that time. Was he okay?

Something in the back of your head told you that you wouldn’t ever know.

Chapter 3