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I made this QR code after I finished my playthrough of moon, as I just missed my girl so much. out of the two outfits, she wears in the game I couldn't pick a favorite so I went with a Z form inspired outfit!

feel free to share and I’d love to see your mayor or villagers dressed up as everyone favorite girl!

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Hands up who thinks Sam and Dean should attempt this technique (Jaxcon 2017)

my swedish teacher is awesome part 1

my swedish teacher is awesome. half of the things he says in class are funny. here are a few he’s managed to say in 2 classes so far:

- swedes aren’t romantic. the most romantic thing is when they go together to ikea. that’s how you know the relationship is serious. when they go to ikea together.

- (about the word djur) don’t say the d, that’s just for aesthetic.

- you can use jaha for everything. are you sad? jaha. are you happy? jaha. excited? jaha. surprised? jaha. weirded out? jaha. 

- now come the most important words in swedish. *turns to the board and writes the words: kaffe. en kopp kaffe. en påtår. en kaffepaus. en fika. fikapaus) In sweden, every pause is a coffee pause. or a fika pause. we live for them. I have a coffee pause in 50 minutes. it’s great.

- in swedish, we have approximately 200 ways of writing [sh]. I don’t know why.

- ett kafé. there’s no é in the swedish alphabet. but here it is.

- the letter z. we don’t really use it, only in words like zebra and zombie. so when zombie movies got popular, the use of swedish z went up 100%.

- in sweden, everybody uses the informal you. so the swedish prime minister comes in? I’ll say “Hej Stefan”

- the swedish king is very stupid but also very popular. and I can see why. you come home from work, all depressed, you think you’re so stupid and useless and then you turn on the tv. and you see the king. and you’re happy again. because there’s someone stupider than you. and it’s the king.

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Hey, remember that one time when I said I would stop doodling an unimportant regular enemy characters? …Yeah, me neigher.

instalive with tom as his gf (warning: F L U F F)
  • ok can we talk about how nervous you’d be???
  • everybody knows you’re together (he made it pretty clear when he posted a picture of you while watching spider-man captioned “my spider-girl” with a heart emoji!!!!! so everyone went C R A Z Y)
  • but still you know he has a lot of fans who can be so jealous
  • “what are you talking about? everyone loves you!” he says trying to calm you down
  • you know it’s true but you’re still not used to being a star’s girlfriend
  • you’re on the couch in a cabin in the woods out of montreal, harrison on the other side of the couch laughing at you two bickering
  • the live starts and omg as soon as people see that you’re together 
  • a lot of “you’re so cute together” “kiss kiss kiss” “couple goals”
  • you’re both FLUSHING hard 
  • especially you, you’re so not used to all of this attention
  • and tom is laughing
  • “so yeah this is Y/N. you probably know her by now, she’s… my best friend” he says looking at you with an adoring light in his brown eyes
  • those eyes that you fucking love 
  • “omg you’re being so cheesy” you chuckle making fun of him 
  • you both laugh a lot (that’s how embarassed you are)
  • “hey everyone. i’m his girlfriend. tom is a dork, but you probably already know that” you say
  • harrison is laughing in the background (you’re his favorite couple, he wants a relationship just like yours but he’ll never admit it to your face)
  • “they wanna know how we met”
  • “to keep it short: we met through zendaya and then one day on set of SM she literally fell over me and from that day we’ve been inseparable and she fell madly in love with me”
  • you laughed so hard at his explanation “yeah right heart-throb, you wish. He’s the one who said i love you first, so!” you tried to tell while he was covering your mouth with his hand
  • “that’s a lie! don’t believe her guys!” 
  • “harrison back me up!” you try putting him into frame
  • “y/n is right! Tom is whipped, he never stopped talking about her it was kinda embarassing” haz admitted moking him
  • “DUDE!!!!!” 
  • everyone is commenting that tom has heart shaped eyes around you
  • (and it’s true can’t blame him though lol)
  • you kiss his cheek “you’re so cute baby” (the amount of gifs of this moment!!!!!!!)
  • “i don’t have heart shaped eyes around her, you guys are delusional! I don’t even like her I’m with her for the fame” he jokes making you lightly punch him on the shoulder
  • “true, i’m only with him ‘cause i’m trying to get to harrison” you joke as well getting near to haz and making tom jealous
  • “hey miss come here” (can you imagine him saying this in the bedroom?? FUCK ME B Y E)
  • you rest your head on his shoulder scrolling through the comments (most of them are about how good looking tom is with shorter hair)
  • (tbh his short hair is a huge turn on of yours although you can’t grip on them while he’s going down on you anyway)
  • “okay guys it was a lot of fun, let’s do it again soon”
  • “do you want me to help you end the live?” you say making fun of his inability to end a livestream
  • he flips you off laughing
  • “i don’t have heart shaped eyes” he mutters under his breath
  • “omg tom you’re such a baby” you smile kissing his perfect lips

So how is it? Did you enjoy? 

This is definitely more on the fluffy side but it was so much fun writing it! (there’s sex mention)

As always, lemme know if you enjoyed, any comment is very much appreciated!

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