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I made this QR code after I finished my playthrough of moon, as I just missed my girl so much. out of the two outfits, she wears in the game I couldn't pick a favorite so I went with a Z form inspired outfit!

feel free to share and I’d love to see your mayor or villagers dressed up as everyone favorite girl!

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Okayyyyy, so I don’t really even know where to begin so i’ll just start with the basics….
The taping was basically described as the most elaborate, craziest show they’ve had to date which made me super excited and left my expectations crazy high and let me just say….Z and Tom DID NOT disappoint. The show is actually set to air next month before the mtv movie awards where I believe LL said tom and z will present an exclusive spiderman scene.

Can I just say I love Chrissy so damn much!? She’s hilarious and so down to earth. She literally walked to the stage to ask the audience if the bruise on her inner thigh was visible. Later saying it was all John’s fault lol.

I saw both Z and tom’s squad… Z had dej, one of her younger nieces, Zink, cubb, kamil and his brother, her dad, sis, darnell, Dom onstage, and a few others i didn’t recognize. Tom had Harrison and later on Jacob showed up.

So, first round….AMAZING! Z went first and she chose a very Z song…full of shade and sass. Tom went next and also did not disappoint, the boy has swag. First round involved hairwraps, gold chains, camo, and early 2000s jams..you’ll see.

Okay so inbetween stage setups was one of my favorite things ever. Zendaya looked towards the balcony where i was standing and smiled and waved and like, it was like time froze and I died cause she’s fucking zendaya and she’s literal perfection. Inbetween setup, z and tom lip synced to Don’t Stop Believing to entertain the audience a little. Tom lip synced while Z milly rocked lmao. You can totally see that they’re homies and super comfortable with each other. My friend fell in love with Tom just because the boy is damn gorgeous and he has a swag about him. He’s also super awkward and adorable lol

Second and final round….honestly, these performances will go down in lip sync battle history. You know how everyone and they mama saw JGL do Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation…well these are just as epic… or maybe i’m just biased. This round involved giant champagne bottles full of confetti, some black latexy outfits straight out of a missy elliot video, dancing in water, john legend, and spidey hanging upside down… just wait until you see it.

I won’t spoil the winner but if you REALLY want to know, private message me. To summarize Z was just Z and is legit such a chameleon. Tom was a pleasant surprise. I left the taping a total Tom fangirl lol. The experience as a whole was so much fun!

My dad about my new hair: but doesn’t your work care? Like won’t they be unhappy about it?
Me: no dad, like I tell you every time I change my hair, this is the 21st century and nobody cares but you.
Dad: I bet you they’ll be unhappy about it.
My manager, upon seeing my new hair for the first time: oh you got a haircut! It looks great!

  • me: *rants on groupchat about podcasts* so... can at least one of you please listen to a reccomendation??
  • one of my friends: maybe.

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There's this kid at my school (let's call her Z) who's a little... off. Yesterday in class a teacher was yelling at her (idk why) and she was in the corner crying. It kept going on until another kid (let's call him K) started yelling at the teacher. Needless to say, the teacher kicked K out, but he wouldn't leave without Z, so they both left. Z went full psycho in the hall (apparently she passed out lol) and they had to keep her in this small room bc she wouldn't stop crying.


Jay Z and Joey Badass, photographed together at Lenny Santiago’s birthday dinner in Los Angeles. 

Back in April 2016 Joey revealed that Hov had offered the fellow Brooklyn rapper a deal with his Roc Nation label, but he had to turn him down. He explained that the Roc was his dream label coming up, but when the meeting came with Jigga he changed his mind. Ironically, Jay Z was the one who inspired him to go his own route, via his 2010 autobiography Decoded. “There’s this one chapter where [Jay Z] went to meet with Russell Simmons to sign with Def Jam [in 1997]. He said his only thought sitting across the table from Russell Simmons was ‘I don’t wanna be signed to this nigga, I wanna BE this nigga,’” Joey recalls. “I kinda had that same perspective.” Hov’s favorite track of Joey’s is “Waves.”

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Can you imagine how the conversation between Pharrell and Jay-Z went down when they found out one was having triplets and the other was having twins? Ha!! I'm sure it wasn't one conversation, but their reactions must have been hilarious!


When Ezequiel and Benjamin fight. It’s not pretty. 

They rarely fight. Sure they might get annoyed with each other once in a while but they never have “small fights” or arguments. Mostly because they know when to leave each other alone.

Benjamin is pretty explosive. But he knows he says things he doesn’t mean when he’s angry so he usually leaves when he’s getting really annoyed. And Ezequiel, being the opposite and having a habit of storing his anger, can always manage to stay calm even when he’s angry. (although it’s also rare when they’re super annoyed w/ eachother)

They’ve only fought like…once? it gets bad. Benjamin gets physical, Ezequiel gets really vocal. That one time, Amiel and a staff member had to pull them apart. But Z had already busted Benji’s lip. And Benjamin had cut Z’s jaw because of the ring on his hand. 

They didn’t talk to each other for daysss. Ben threw the ring out cause he felt so bad. course, that boy cried for days. Z went on so many walks. Amiel had to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn’t get lost. and Benji decided to go look for him one day, because he got scared that Z would for sure not return this time. But he found him and Ben was already a sobbing mess when he /tried/ to apologize. but he was hugging Z and his face was buried in his shoulder so like, fuck knows what the kid was saying. it was all muffled. Z had to sit them both on the ground, because Ben was all weak from all his crying. 

Amiel ended up finding them. Z was basically cradling Benji cause he had fallen asleep. 

SO LIKE. point is. they rarely fight, but when they do, its so bad. but they love each other so they can’t stay mad for long.