went with the wind!

One thing about me I want to get out there is that I’m a major sap. Like, if you started interacting with me, I’m sure you noticed I followed you back pretty darn fast because I went “POTENTIAL FRIEND”.

Whether we wind up just kind of reblogging things from each other, pass pleasantries every once in awhile, or actually wind up chatting IRT fairly frequently I start recognizing and knowing the names/avatars of people.

Fandom is usually what causes me to meet a person, but if I chat with someone on the regular, that sort of becomes irrelevant as I get attached to the individual. 

Basically… I like to know if a relationship is based more on mutual interests that could easily poof in an instant if those change or if we have a deep connection where we’ll be pals even if we wind up getting into things the other has zero interest in.

It still kind of hurts thinking about those “friendships” I had only because a person wanted something out of me like learning to use proxies and where to buy things. Another time it was because of the ideas I had and they quickly discarded me once they were over that fandom, despite the fact we had talked nearly every single day for over a year.



✨🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵✨ I went for a walk after the rain and wind had stopped and came across this lovely house covered in beautiful cacti. I had to stop by and take some pictures. It’s so beautiful I want to live in it. It even has a a sign that reads “Jardin de Cactus” There’s even more plants on the other side of the house. I still can’t get over it. ✨🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵✨

Transference (M) – Chapter 01

cr. [X]

Summary: During a routine visit to the local bakery, you stumble upon an intriguing business card and figure, what the hell. The business arrangement becomes…mutually beneficial. Y’all know where this is going.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2,061

Warning: Tantric!Hoseok, therapist/client relationship, discussion of BDSM, sex work, profanity.

A/N: This work is a byproduct of about 6 months of insomnia and 60-hour work weeks, which resulted in a series of recurring dreams about Jung Hoseok which were…*fans self*

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04| 05

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Honk your horn at me, get your car rammed by a grocery cart

This actually happened an hour ago.

It’s a windy day here and I stopped by the grocery store. Typical day, full of typical people who don’t bother putting the carts back in the corrals. I’m not surprised, it’s windy and people suck, so why would anyone bother to go out of their way to put their grocery cart back?

So I’m driving down the lane looking for a spot, and up ahead this Guy Fieri lookalike removed his groceries from his cart, pushed the cart kind of, sort of in the general direction of the corral, proceeded to his car, and then drove away. Well, considering he wasn’t really parked anywhere near the corral, the cart went astray, until a huge gust of wind changed it’s direction and put it straight on the path into my car.

Luckily, I’m far enough away that I can actually get out of my car and stop it before it crashes straight into me, so I put my car in park and I go to do that.

Just as I start walking towards it, the car behind me started blowing their horn at me. As far as I can tell, she can see what I am doing. I turn around, point to the cart, so she blew her horn again and gave me the finger.

Okay then. There’s an open parking space immediately to my left. I ignore the cart, get back into my car and pull it into the parking space. Car behind me then floors it and drives straight into the grocery cart.


Didn’t even try to hide my smirk as I walked past her assessing the damage.

Just Another Enemy

Summary: You decide to take out your frustrations in the gym after another mission with Bucky Barnes, a man you just can’t seem to get on with, no matter how hard you try. But your work out takes an unexpected turn when Barnes joins you. 

Pairing; Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: annoyed reader, fighting, mentions of hair kink/pain kink, sexual tension, lead up to implied smut, language

A/N: this was inspired from this prompt by @otpprompts

Taking out your frustrations against the punching bag in the gym of the compound was a good release for you, especially after having to spend a mission partnered up with Bucky Barnes.

God, the man was infuriating. Sure, he looked like a complete Adonis and you were convinced he was practically made in the image of a God, but that didn’t stop him from being a complete asshole one hundred percent of the time.

You didn’t really know where it all went wrong, but you and Barnes never got on even from the moment you met 2 years ago. Hell, you tried to befriend him for Steve’s sake but he just derailed you at every chance. He had this whole alpha male vibe going on around you and it didn’t stick well with you. Being ordered around was not on your resume, not in your nature and never would be.

You didn’t understand why Fury still insisted on pairing the two of you on missions together. Alright, you were both extremely skilled and good at your jobs, but teamwork was severely lacking, you spent 90% of the mission arguing across coms with each other, it was a miracle you even get results.

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Imagine jamming to old school music with Woozi while you two are in the kitchen, making breakfast.

It all points to you - pt.1

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader
Soulmate AU requested by anon.
One shot(x) or Chapter (x) pt.½ || (next part)
Word count:
Warnings: none
Fluff? Maybe a Tiny Speck of angst?
A/N: I’m tremendously sorry for all the tardiness!! University has started so it’s all gotten pretty hectic.. to make it to to you, I’ve decided this is gonna be a two chapter fic! The next chapter will be probably uploaded next week tho, as I have yet to finish it. Also, this isn’t some of my best work.. it really isn’t…so please bear with me. Sorry for any grammar/spelling errors!

The world seemed to work in odd, surprising ways. For every person existed another, tied together by an inconspicuous red string of fate. Those, no one could see, though they had no reason to. On each person’s wrist lay imprinted a compass, working restlessly all hour of every day of every year, hoping for the bearers’ attention to glance their way just at the right moment, just at the right second the string’s ends could intertwine.

At least half of the population was a result of this, of having been aware at the time their half crossed their path. They were, mostly, the married and the bearers of children.

Some say it destiny proven to be true. Yet in the back of most people’s minds flashed a thought very possible. That is, while they say that, one way or another, pairs will have more than one chance to meet, there are those who never stop wondering.

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kemmlerthekitschmaster  asked:

Can you elaborate more on how the Alys-Sigorn wedding was awesome and its like a baby that conquered the world? I just really like Alys/Sigorn and want to hear more about it.

Whew, where to begin? The Alys-Sigorn wedding is IMO a strong candidate for “best scene in the series,” and it’s probably exhibit A in the case for ADWD as the best book in that series (give or take Dany X and the dragontaming). It’s the surest sign that GRRM still knows what he’s doing and that the sedimentary layers of story are producing more powerful moments as he goes. It’s such a narratively dense event with so many resonances that you could spend days teasing it apart. Here’s just a brief overview.  

At one level, the wedding symbolizes and enacts the alliance between the Stark North and the Free Folk, presided over by the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch (himself having been raised in Winterfell, but also having ridden with the wildlings). It’s very ceremonial and ritualistic, GRRM taking his time setting it up and lingering on every detail so you really get what a momentous deal this is: a powerful wildling leader and the daughter of a significant Northern house joining to forge something new. This carries such weight with us because we’ve been living with this bitter divide and the knowledge of how longstanding and entrenched it is for multiple books. Climbing this hill seemed nigh-impossible back in ASOS when Stannis proposed it; now, we see a real ray of hope. And of course, this dovetails so beautifully with what happens at chapter’s end: the horn blast announcing Tormund Giantsbane’s arrival to cement that pact. 

This sense of harmonic resolution wouldn’t mean much, though, if it didn’t also extend to the bride and groom specifically. Alys coming to Jon (specifically as Ned’s son) and securing his help against Cregan and Arnolf marks a symbolic reconciliation between Houses Stark and Karstark. Instead of the latter house as an enemy, as they’ve been since early in ASOS, we now see them as a complex family riven by internal conflict, and there’s a chance to set things right. It helps, of course, that Alys is immediately one of the most lovable characters in the story: “Let him be scared of me.” As for Sigorn, his father died at Castle Black thanks to Jon’s defenses, and earlier in ADWD, Sigorn himself opposed assimilation to the point of threatening Jon’s life. Here, however, he brings the Thenns into the larger realm and makes a very moving peace–and of course he, too, is written to encourage empathy in the wedding scene, coming off nervous, awkward, and ultimately good-hearted. 

But what really makes this scene shine, undergirding and emphasizing all of the above, is the imagery. It…glows. 

And Melisandre said, “Let them come forth, who would be joined.” The flames cast her shadow on the Wall behind her, and her ruby gleamed against the paleness of her throat.

Jon turned to Alys Karstark. “My lady. Are you ready?”

“Yes. Oh, yes.”

“You’re not scared?”

The girl smiled in a way that reminded Jon so much of his little sister that it almost broke his heart. “Let him be scared of me.”The snowflakes were melting on her cheeks, but her hair was wrapped in a swirl of lace that Satin had found somewhere, and the snow had begun to collect there, giving her a frosty crown. Her cheeks were flushed and red, and her eyes sparkled.

“Winter’s lady.” Jon squeezed her hand.

The Magnar of Thenn stood waiting by the fire, clad as if for battle, in fur and leather and bronze scales, a bronze sword at his hip. His receding hair made him look older than his years, but as he turned to watch his bride approach, Jon could see the boy in him. His eyes were big as walnuts, though whether it was the fire, the priestess, or the woman that had put the fear in him Jon could not say. Alys was more right than she knew.

“Who brings this woman to be wed?” asked Melisandre.

“I do,” said Jon. “Now comes Alys of House Karstark, a woman grown and flowered, of noble blood and birth.” He gave her hand one last squeeze and stepped back to join the others.

“Who comes forth to claim this woman?” asked Melisandre.

“Me.” Sigorn slapped his chest. “Magnar of Thenn.”

“Sigorn,” asked Melisandre, “will you share your fire with Alys, and warm her when the night is dark and full of terrors?”

“I swear me.” The Magnar’s promise was a white cloud in the air. Snow dappled his shoulders. His ears were red. “By the red god’s flames, I warm her all her days.”

“Alys, do you swear to share your fire with Sigorn, and warm him when the night is dark and full of terrors?”

“Till his blood is boiling.” Her maiden’s cloak was the black wool of the Night’s Watch. The Karstark sunburst sewn on its back was made of the same white fur that lined it.

Melisandre’s eyes shone as bright as the ruby at her throat. “Then come to me and be as one.” As she beckoned, a wall of flames roared upward, licking at the snowflakes with hot orange tongues. Alys Karstark took her Magnar by the hand.

Side by side they leapt the ditch.

“Two went into the flames.” A gust of wind lifted the red woman’s scarlet skirts till she pressed them down again. “One emerges.” Her coppery hair danced about her head. “What fire joins, none may put asunder.”

This is hope rendered in radiant red and gold; this is what endgame looks like. We saw it, just a flash of it, as their leap (like Theon and Jeyne’s, several chapters later) reached its apex. This leap over the flames and everything that goes with it exists in defiance of the Long Night, in spite of the army of the dead. It’s a fire to circle around, a well from which to draw strength, and a foundation for what comes next. House Thenn’s sigil is appropriate; they represent the Dawn.

so legend of zelda

look I know it’s 2am and this is gonna be my first post of the new year but hear me out

I just realized that people can’t really be upset at the loz series for being “sexist”, so to speak, “making the princess helpless and kidnapped” or something like that.

Because especially in the more recent games, Ganon really just wants Zelda for her triforce power..

so, if Link had been Prince of Hyrule, he probably would have been Ganon’s target instead of Zelda

because Ganon wasn’t targeting Zelda because she was a helpless princess, just that she had the triforce

and Zelda isn’t even a helpless princess
yes, she’s a princess, but in almost every game it’s proven that she can most definitely fend for herself in battle

twilight princess, she had a bow and arrow and snuck plans behind Ganon’s back
ocarina of time, she disguised herself and went into hiding to protect the triforce and herself
wind waker, she did the same thing but she was a freaking pirate, like, terror of the seas

Link could not function without Zelda and vice versa

so yeah

Band kids are wild

So most of this story happened the year before my freshman year, but a lot of the fallout was still going on into my freshman year.

Let me just start this by say, band kids are freaking wild. there was a lot of real scary, inappropriate shit that went on in Marching Band and Wind Ensemble. This story, however, takes the cake.

The way our band room is set up is the main area with cabinets for the instruments lining the walls. On the wall opposite the entrance, there is a door to the band director’s office (She was a horrible, disgusting piece of trash, but that’s another story) On the other end of the room, there were three doors adjacent to each other that lead to different small rooms. The one closest to the entrance held our uniforms for marching season (It was locked to everyone except the booster parents in charge of them, so no one really messed with it.) Next to that, was the drum room where all the drum line equipment was kept, and all of the percussion kids would smoke weed, and do other hard drugs, along with illicit acts I won’t mention. (Mind you, that room was only ~8x8 so it was super small idk how they didn’t get caught) On the other side of the drum room is the tuba room (Held tubas, duh, and all the PA equipment for marching season) and then a door leading to the back parking lot.

So all this shit wen on above the tuba room. That’s right, I said above. No, this school didn’t have a two-story band room, these kids were in the crawl space above the room, where there were probably plenty of dead rats, bugs, and asbestos, but whatever. They managed to somehow get an Xbox, a TV, and a couple beanbags up there without alerting any adults. This was about 6-7 of the band kids that would wait up in the crawl space until everyone left after hours and party in the band room, drinking and whatnot.

The only reason they got found out was because of this obnoxious freshman at the time, Shane. He was caught climbing on the shelves through the hole and into the crawl space. No one in Administration found out, because the band director didn’t want to lose her job, so she just tipped of janitorial that they needed to seal that and gave Shane so many strikes (community service orders for band) but he’s a true homie and didn’t rat his buddies out so that’s cool.


it’s your girl, back at it again with the baseball tee and messy hair


leokumi children but forrest gets fujin yumi and kiragi gets brynhildr

kiragi based on a sorcerer and kinshi knight with some of his original archer outfit and forrest based on adventurer and kinshi knight with a touch of witch and also poof pants

(forrest made kiragi’s kinshi feather cape so they could match)

((kiragi got grounded for irresponsible magic-ing))


two steps forward and you’re at the start, who knew growing up would be this hard .. 🎶

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Kiss Me - Part 5

[A/N: Okay so here is the penultimate chapter! This includes the teaser that was posted last week! Quite angsty but things are only going to get better from here. The next chapter is the final one and the resolve, I’ve already got it all planned out and I already love it so I hope you will to! Thank you for reading this fic, hope this part was worth the wait!]

Word Count: 1615

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

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anonymous asked:

So can we just talk about Sungjong because 👍🏻👍🏻💯💯💯

We can talk about Sungjong all day every day! 

Like first off, his eyes are literally… so gorgeous. I call them bunny eyes because I’m honestly convinced that he was a bunny in his past life. His eyes are (I think) thee most distinguishable out of all the members? They’re so big and round and so so pretty. Just look at him.

Originally posted by sungjongontop


Also like? He can suit pretty much any hair color, which is just fantastic. More reasons to cry over him, honestly. My favorite hair colors on him would probably be… either his orange(reddish?) hair from I think 2015 or his purple hair from a while back. (But I always come to love his dark hair the most~)

(the BUNNY EYES exhibit B- creds to x)

Originally posted by sungyeolsrap

that hair flip makes me cry

There’s so many things I love about Sungjong, like how generous he is (giving Sunggyu his food on Showtime, giving the other members vitamins), how he’s confident (just the way he walks just makes me so jealous because he looks untouchable, and he carries himself with such poise and flamboyancy), and honestly just Sungjong being Sungjong just makes me so happy! I love that he loves to swim, I love that he loves fashion, I love that he carries a journal with his own face on it and writes lyrics in it LMAO and he’s so precious LIKE his mere existence is just a blessing and I love him so so much T_T

At Your Mercy

The harsh winter in Mirkwood and the absence of a certain Elvenking do not leave you any other choice than hoarding all the blankets you can get.

Rating: G
Fandom: The Hobbit
Prompt: Imagine how Thranduil convicts you of late-night blanket stealing. 
Pairing: Thranduil Oropherion x Reader
Type: Reader insert, one-shot, fluff
Date: 16th February, 2015
Words: 1977
Warnings: Pure unadulterated fluff. A way too cheesy plotline. Overprotective Thranduil. Grammatically questionable Sindarin: “my love” (meleth nîn), “sweet dreams” (elei velui) and “love of my life” (meleth e-guilen).
A/N: This is the first and the only story that made it through my gigantic writer’s block. It is not more than an apprentice piece I wrote two years ago based on an imagine on @sindarinkisses, a now inactive Tolkien writing blog.
Beta’d: @jezvontesse

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