went with the wind!



Leah and I went into the city and battled 50 mph winds, ate vegan chicken wraps, laughed over death by water, almost fell asleep on the train (twice), and found this sweet sweet mauve wall.

This past week has been the most intense and emotional I’ve had in a year, but it was so necessary for these feelings to be drudged up, felt, and properly put back away in order to move forward. I still feel very much in that process of this and definitely need a few days to turn the world off and figure out where I move forward from this point, but it’s all just beginning, and that is so beautiful. 

forward and on, my loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


List of everything that hasn’t been resolved




Eurus’ purpose

Miss Me

Moriarty’s role in all of this

Culverton’s purpose

Why Eurus was 3 characters, 2 of which were focussed towards john

where is rosie

moriarty/eurus link

who went rogue/why

why the east wind is taking us all

why sherlock keeps saying “its never twins”

how does john survive Eurus’ gun

who sherlock says i love you too

so legend of zelda

look I know it’s 2am and this is gonna be my first post of the new year but hear me out

I just realized that people can’t really be upset at the loz series for being “sexist”, so to speak, “making the princess helpless and kidnapped” or something like that.

Because especially in the more recent games, Ganon really just wants Zelda for her triforce power..

so, if Link had been Prince of Hyrule, he probably would have been Ganon’s target instead of Zelda

because Ganon wasn’t targeting Zelda because she was a helpless princess, just that she had the triforce

and Zelda isn’t even a helpless princess
yes, she’s a princess, but in almost every game it’s proven that she can most definitely fend for herself in battle

twilight princess, she had a bow and arrow and snuck plans behind Ganon’s back
ocarina of time, she disguised herself and went into hiding to protect the triforce and herself
wind waker, she did the same thing but she was a freaking pirate, like, terror of the seas

Link could not function without Zelda and vice versa

so yeah

Imagine jamming to old school music with Woozi while you two are in the kitchen, making breakfast.


leokumi children but forrest gets fujin yumi and kiragi gets brynhildr

kiragi based on a sorcerer and kinshi knight with some of his original archer outfit and forrest based on adventurer and kinshi knight with a touch of witch and also poof pants

(forrest made kiragi’s kinshi feather cape so they could match)

((kiragi got grounded for irresponsible magic-ing))

Unspoken Words

Hiii can you do one where the reader likes Daryl but she thinks he likes another girl in the group, so she starts acting very weird and sad and Daryl gets worried for her and confesses his feelings? Very fluffy and sweet? <3 

A/N: Considering Daryl isn’t a sweet and fluffy kind of guy, I tried to get it as close to what he’d show… hope you enjoy it!

“Got everything we need?” Daryl asked, standing guard as I filled the pack with as much supplies as I could salvage. I swept over the warehouse once more with my flashlight.

“Yeah, we’re good” I replied, zipping up and tossing the bag over my shoulder. We walked back to Daryl’s motorcycle and hopped on. I wrapped my arms around his waist as he sped off, zooming past a small group of walkers. 

I rested my forehead on his back, taking a sigh of relief. Everything went well. Looking back up, I saw his hair flowing in the wind, a smile creeping on my face and my heartbeat speeding up a bit. I had always liked Daryl, but I’d been able to keep it under wraps while we were working. I couldn’t risk something happening on a run because I was too distracted. But here I was, holding onto him, resting on his back and gazing at those biceps.

We made it back to Alexandria and were let in by Sasha. Some original Alexandrian’s took our weapons. I turned around to congratulate Daryl on a perfect run when I saw him walking away with Sasha. I raised an eyebrow and looked back at the tower, nearly screaming in fright as Eugene crept up behind me.

“It’s my shift now” he said monotonously. I sighed and nodded, turning my attention back to Daryl.

“Why are you staring at him” he asked, sounding more like a statement than a question.

“I was gunna tell him something” I replied, rolling my shoulder as I gripped the straps of the pack.

“Well he’s right over there” Eugene said, pointing straight at him. I smacked his hand down quickly to avoid attention.

“We saw a few people on the road coming back. Make sure they didn’t follow us back” I lied, turning on my heel to bring the supplies back to Denise. As I did, I saw Daryl and Sasha laughing. I hung my head and walked to Denise’s office.

It was clear that Daryl didn’t reciprocate my feelings for him. He didn’t even know I liked him as much as I did. He wasn’t one to show emotion, which is what made my heart sink when I saw him and Sasha together, smiling and laughing. We were work partners for months now and I’ve never seen him even chuckle.

We didn’t have any runs for the next few days, so I kept to myself. I avoided Daryl at all costs, afraid I’d let even the tiniest hint of emotion slip. I stayed in my house alone most of the time, occasionally going out to the woods for target practice. One day on my way home I saw Daryl, sitting on his stoop. I looked away and crossed the street, hoping he wouldn’t see me…

“(Y/N)” he called. I turned my head and waved, picking up the pace. Just one more block…

“(Y/N)” he called again. I heard his boots hitting the pavement, the sound growing nearer until I felt him grab my shoulder. I turned around to look at him. He as sweaty, as usual, wearing his beloved angel wing vest and a cigarette hanging from his lips.

“Hey,” I replied, trying to sound normal, “what’s up?”

“Where ya been? Haven’t seen ya in days” he said, taking one last drag of his cigarette and putting it out.

“I’ve just been busy” I replied, trying to give a slight smile.

“No one’s seen ya since the run” he responded. My smile faded and I nodded.

“Yeah I just… haven’t been feeling well” I confessed.

“What, are ya sick or somethin’?” he asked. 

“No, it’s not like that” I said. I took a breath and looked him in the eyes. There was a hint of worry in them, something I never thought he’d be capable of feeling.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. I bit my lip. I couldn’t tell him. I shook my head and turned to walk away when he grabbed my hand.

“Please don’t do that” I nearly whispered. He let go and walked around to face me.

“Why not?”

“Because it means something completely different to me than it does to you” I said. He furrowed his brow in confusion, but his expression was replaced by one of surprise.


“Don’t worry, I’ll get over it” I said, walking past him. I made it to the curb before he caught up.

“What?” I asked, turning around. Daryl just stood there awkwardly, fidgeting and fiddling his fingers, his gaze switching from me to the pavement. He took a deep breath and slowly looked up at me.

“Don’t” he said lowly. Don’t get over it.

I stood there, paralyzed in shock. Daryl likes me? I shook my head and felt him come closer to me. I closed my eyes and felt his forehead touch mine, nuzzling our noses, and finally lightly pressed a kiss to my lips– soft, almost like he was scared to do it. We pulled apart slowly and stared at each other.

“Run tomorrow?” he asked quietly. I chuckled lightly and nodded. He looked down, and when he looked back up at me, a soft smile played at his lips. Finally, I thought.

“See ya” he said, walking backwards. I nodded.

“See ya”.

“[…] and I could find Arya and Sansa. I’d smell where they were and go save them, and when Robb went to battle I’d fight beside him like Grey Wind. I’d tear out the Kingslayer’s throat with my teeth, rip, and then the war would be over and everyone would come back to Winterfell. If I was a wolf” He howled. - Bran I, A Clash of Kings



Appearing early in Greek legend, we see Hyakinthos of Sparta, a dark haired youth who was so beautiful he was perused by the singer Thamyris, the god Zephyrus, and the god Apollo. At his word, the three devised a contest to try and win his affections. First, the two gods conspired to get rid of the mortal, Thamyris, by telling the nine muses that he’d boasted his skill above their own. Then, Zephyrus went, using the west wind to shake the trees around them. Hyacinthus was impressed, but when Apollo shot his arrow leaving nothing but music and sunshine in it’s wake, he took the sun god as his lover. Apollo taught him music and gave him poetry, much of which Hyacinthus then passed on to mortals, but one day when they were throwing the discus, the god of the west wind grew sick with jealousy. Zephyrus turned the spinning disk in midair, causing it to collide with the mortal boy’s skull. Apollo was stricken with grief, but even as the god of medicine, there was no care he could administer to his lover to heal his wounds. Left believing that he’d killed Hyacinthus, he would not allow for Hades to claim his soul, and instead formed a flower from his blood, the Hyacinth, which would rise and return to the world every spring. If you look closely, on it’s petals in inscribed the Greek character “AI” for mourning.

song: the boy who blocked his own shot by brand new

Isaac Lahey x Stiles!sister

hey love! can you please write an Isaac lahey imagine where the reader is his gf (and stiles’ little sister and a werewolf) and he really liked to see her wearing his scarves (like, he makes excuses for her to wear it, but she does anyway cuz she knows he loves it)?? I loooooove your blog!! ❤️❤️❤️

As soon as you got out of the car the wind sent your hair flying into your face. “This wind is ridiculous,” you heard your brother curse. “I feel like it was just 70 and sunny and now it’s 60, cloudy, and windy out.”

“That’s fall for you, Stiles.” You saw Isaac walking towards you and smiled. “I’ll see you at lunch, Stiles.” You turned from your brother and walked towards your boyfriend. A chill ran through you as a gust of wind went through you.

“Nice to know I still give you chills,” Isaac winked. You rolled your eyes at him and he untangled his scarf from around his neck. “Here, wear this.” You gladly accepted and sunk into the scarf and the added comfort it gave. And, while you were busy loving the coziness of the scarf, Isaac was busy looking at you and falling in love with the way you looked in his scarf.


“Bye Dad,” you called as you ran out of the house to Isaac’s car. “Hi,” you smiled putting on your seat belt.

“Hey. Oh, here,” you reached behind your seat and pulled something out from behind, “I brought you another one of my scarves. You know, in case you got chilly.” You looked at his smirk and caught on to what he was really thinking.

“Thanks babe,” you accepted and wrapped the scarf around your neck, “I was a little cold,” you played along. “Maybe I should buy some scarves this weekend.”

“No,” he nearly shouted. “I mean…ugh…why waste money buying scarves when you can use mine. I have plenty to share with you.”

“Oh, are you sure?” He nodded vigorously. “Aw, you are so sweet,” you leaned over and kissed him.


Isaac had come home with you after school. Stiles was out with Scott, your Dad was at work, so you and Isaac were camped out on the couch watching movies. A large yawn came over you as you finished another movie. “I’m going to make us dinner, that’ll wake you up a little bit,” Isaac got up and went to the kitchen.

20 minutes later Isaac came in with two grilled cheese and two bowls of soup. “Dinner is…served,” he ended with a whisper as he saw you asleep on the couch with his scarf around you keeping you warm and doubling as a pillow.

In the backseat of the SUV, the Joker was alternately gasping for breath and laughing. He touched a streamlet of blood running down his makeup-smeared chin with a forefinger, licked it, and said, “Yummy! Did you see that? Did you love it a great big bunch? I tossed the lovely bird into the wind and out Bats went. I wonder… would the Bats take a header for everyone? Or is that pretty little birdie someone special? Either way, we know one thing for sure now… Batman will always try to save the innocent. And that will be his downfall!”
“What about Dent?” the driver asked.
“Oh, I’m a man of my word,” the Joker said, smiling.

                                                                      (from The Dark Knight novelization by Dennis O’Neil)

my thoughts on 5x12

Okay so it’s been a rough time since last night. I went to bed after midnight and wind woke me up around 2:30am and I was unable to fall back asleep until about 5:30, but then I had to wake up at 7 to get kids ready for school. So I’m functioning on a sleep deficit. And it’s still windy which is making my house shake and Temple of Doom is on my TV and this all feels Very Appropriate

So let’s do this thing. 

  • Susan still bugs the crap out of me and if I hadn’t been just plain happy to see Lance back on my screen, I would have been THRILLED at him interrupting her and Oliver’s “we haven’t had sex yet” talk.
  • honestly, if i’d been on the ball, I would have recognized that as foreshadowing but I DIDN’T, I was too busy being horrified at the mention of it. I’m a naive viewer, folks. 
  • It was so bad. 
  • But the team is going back to Russia! 
  • Oliver gives Felicity his Token Protest when she says she’s going with, but she actually has a very good reason to want to go. In fact, I’d say out of all of them, Dig and Felicity have the most reason to be there. Dinah has the least. But she was actually helpful last night so I give her a pass. 
  • Great, now I want Dinah and Felicity in the field together. Maybe Thea too, once we get her back in her proper place. (THE BUNKER)
  • ANYHOW, where was I?
  • Russia should be snowier this time of year, don’t you think? It’s gonna be hilarious in a few months when it’s full on spring and there’s snow all over Star City. Sometimes Van City weather cooperates and sometimes we get this year’s weird ass weather. 
  • The Quentin and Rene scenes are awesome and I’m really starting to like Rene a lot more. I’m actually looking forward to his story next week.
  • Felicity going dark is the hottest thing. I was so riveted to the screen when she was threatening that poor SOB. I’m as straight as they come but for a minute there I was all “do me, Dark Felicity!”
  • The PERFECT parallel between her threatening that guy and Oliver threatening the guy in 2x06 is literally giving me life rn. 
  • Felicity is doing the same shit Oliver did in s1 and 2 and that means that HE is the one who can help her find her light again. YAS YAS YAS. 
  • Omg this reunion is gonna be amaze. 
  • ANYHOW yes where was I? OH YES. DIG. Dig was on fire tonight but unlike our dear Felicity, he actually found himself again. Which I think is great cuz he’ll be better at seeing Felicity needs an intervention than Oliver will be, at least initially. 
  • Oliver is 50 kinds of distracted. 
  • It’s okay. It’s fine. I’m over it. It’s terrible but I’ll live. 
  • Here’s the thing, knowing the whys and getting the story beat and being mostly okay doesn’t mean I like SEEING it. 
  • And I really fucking hate seeing it. 
  • But 90 seconds out of an otherwise really good episode (with LOTS of great OTA stuff in it) is a small price to pay. 
  • And idgaf what Wendy says, Susan is shady af. 
  • That said, I don’t expect there to be BETRAYAL! LIES! CURSE YOU! from Oliver. Cuz he’s Growing™. 
  • Whatever. Olicity hugged. That’s the love scene that I cared about last night. 
  • But he RAN TOWARDS HER all concerned and she was shaking and ran to him and they just EMBRACED. 
  • and then he shielded her when there was the blast
  • and I just have a lot of feelings about my OTP touching and taking care of and loving each other okay?
  • Also, Felicity, don’t think I didn’t notice that you were ready to sacrifice yourself there. My heart hurts for you, girl. I hope you forgive yourself soon. 
  • I’m sorry to see Rory go but not AS sorry as I would have been back in 5a. I wasn’t 100% comfortable with him just sitting around talking to Felicity all the time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • So yeah. Good episode. Not great. But solid. Susan can choke. 

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Oh my gods, what a wild ride. So I went outside for a walk after dinner, the weather was cloudy but fine. Ahead of me was bright and crystal clear. Then I turn around and it’s pitch black–It was all so sudden. In a few moments the wind was picking up rapidly and it howled with such intensity. Then it hailed so hard and everything went dark. The wind was almost knocking me over as I ran. I couldn’t see a thing. Ice was hitting my face and boy, did it hurt. To make things even more intense, a flash of white appeared and thunder boomed! 

Gosh–I barely made it home. 

Is it wrong to think of the experience as exciting? Is this what Skyrim feels like? Any minute I felt like a Frost Dragon would appear, literally. 

khal drogo: stronger

ANON REQUEST: Hi! I read you are still taking in a few more requests, but I don’t want to overwhelm you anymore than you might be now, so I’d appreciate if you could accept my request when you’re not busy or tired 😊 I would like to request something like Khal Drogo in a duel with a man who flirted and touched Y/N. (In the end, it’d be so cool if Drogo would cut off his braid like the Dothraki do). Gahh I love your writing 😫

Riding through the night, you can hear the commotion of several khalasars in Vaes Dothraki. Khal Drogo looked at you, smiling. He nodded, and made his horse gallop and you did too. You were riding beside him and you were laughing, the wind in your hair as you went inside the city first. You rounded your horse, and waited for Drogo. You were amazed by the huge stallions by the gates that you didn’t see Drogo come up behind you.

“Khal Hol might be here,” he whispered in your ear. “Be careful.”

Khal Hol was a notorious Khal, and many people are scared of him, as his hair has never been cut. Some men has even said, that his hair is longer than Drogo’s. You nodded at Drogo, and kissed him on the cheek. “I will be,” you said. You walked with Drogo towards a temple and worshipped the Great Stallion. Afterwards, a feast erupted and tables after tables filled with numerous Khals and their khalasars. Instead of staying with Drogo you asked for leave to roam the city, to visit the markets and look for trade.

You felt comfortable walking alone and so you permitted your handmaidens to feast. You walked through the markets, amazed by the merchants. You have exchanged smiles with other Khaleesi’s and alley after alley there were small groups of loud khalasars. You walked through a narrow alley when a calloused hand wrapped around your arm.

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anonymous asked:

i've had a long week full of midterms and i was wondering if you could you write something with Mike and El being all cute fluffy and babysitting Holly?? xxxxx

Hey anon! I hope your week is winding down nicely and that your midterms went well! Thanks for sending this my way and have a happy weekend 💜  💜 

When Karen tells Mike he’ll have to spend his entire Saturday babysitting Holly, he’s not thrilled. Mike resists at first, complaining that ever since Nancy started dating Steve she never has to babysit anymore, but he stops complaining after Karen gives him permission to have El over for the day. He knows how much El loves spending time with and acting like a big sister towards Holly and Mike not-so-secretly loves every minute he gets to spend with El, no matter what they’re doing. Heck, it could be cleaning toilets—El would still make that enjoyable.

Holly forgets about Mike for the first hour or two after her parents depart because she’s so enamoured with having El around. The two girls go up to Holly’s bright yellow bedroom and play Barbies. Holly lets El’s Barbie have the sparkliest pink dress. When the younger girl tires of Barbies, she asks El to braid her hair and El, who’s been practicing on Max, is more than excited to have a willing participant. Holly insists on doing El’s makeup and, as tiny hands smear powders and glosses across her face, El fondly remembers the way Mike gently performed the same actions—with a bit more grace and skill.

Mike knows it’s his turn to participate when he hears Holly thundering down the stairs calling his name loudly. El smiles apologetically as Holly instructs her to use the purple lipgloss on Mike and reassures him that he looks very pretty all throughout their mock-concert—a series of Holly’s favourite songs performed for an audience of stuffed animals. 

They order pizza for dinner because El hasn’t had much practice cooking and Mike doesn’t want to burn down the house. El has a strange favourite combination—mushrooms and pineapple—that seems to be rubbing off on Holly, who insists that they order “Ellie’s favourite.”

Temper tantrums would be a real thing, especially when Mike tells Holly it’s time for bed. Only El can calm her down. She brushes Holly’s hair while Mike toasts waffles and warms glasses of milk. Then, after their bedtime snack, El cuddles in bed with Holly and Mike tells them a story. Holly dozes off first, but El insists that Mike continue the story because he’s so good at telling them. Eventually, she falls asleep as well. With a grin, Mike kisses both his sister and his kinda, sorta, maybe girlfriend on the forehead before shutting the light and going downstairs to watch a movie.


Character/pairing: Gadreel
Book/song line: “It’s been so long I don’t know what to say.”

You hadn’t heard that sound in what feel like ages… eons… It had been years, surely. And you convinced yourself immediately that you had left the kitchen window open and the sound was the fluttering of the curtains, a simple explanation… So when you set down your tea and went to close it before the storm clouds threatening rain and wind arrived you jumped when there was a figure standing in your kitchen, and looking entirely out of place.

Your eyes locked with his and you could feel tears forming in your eyes as something deep inside of you shifted, pulled on a rope you had thought you had severed, dragged your heart down with a drop like the one that sent you plummeting to the earth. You couldn’t speak. You couldn’t move.

You saw a dewy reflection in his eyes, too. He seemed too stunned to talk as well. “It’s been so long… I don’t know what to say.” His voice. You shut your eyes at the sound of his voice. The flowing lilt unlike any other. It elicited an almost overwhelming wave of emotions in your chest, you actually raised a hand and pressed it over your heart.

“Gadreel.” It came out as a whisper. Your throat was tight as you tried to hold back tears. “I heard–I heard they imprisoned you–I couldn’t–I had already fallen. I couldn’t–”

“There was nothing for you to do,” he said. His eyes drifted over your face and he suddenly smiled through his uncertainty. “You are even more beautiful than I remember.”

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A/N: Tumblr apparantly deleted the ask where this was requested??? But not before I wrote it down so I am victorious and it still got written. This was really fun to write, especially because this is my best friend’s absolute fave so I have a good grasp on his character from making personal content. Enjoy!

Warnings: Romantic beastmasters are addictive and should only be taken in small doses. Viewer discretion is advised.

Kiba + “Please shut up, I can’t stand how appealing your voice is”

Konoha had descended abruptly into a frigid autumn aura. The skies were streaked in hues of burnt orange and blood red. When the sun went down, the wind gusted confidently through the thin branches of shedding trees, the lovely chatter of the leaves skittering across stone roads chasing the residents’ dreams.

The lights were dimmed in the Inuzuka household, adding to the atmospheric autumn outside. Most of it’s residents were cozy in their beds. Only Kiba and you were awake, reclining comfortably in his spacious basement while the TV played cheesy horror movie reruns.

You had become very invested in the movie within the first ten minutes, scrutinizing every detail that passed the screen. It was a familiar game, born of equal parts excitement and fear. The scary parts were a little easier to endure and a lot better to understand when they could be predicted from previous scenes, you’d learned.

It was when the great plot twist- that you’d completely predicted, without error- occurred that you finally twisted a little under your boyfriend’s arm, shaking him to get his attention. “Did you see that! I totally told you that Tracy had cursed that necklace. It’s a shame they didn’t find out soon enough, though. Would’ve saved at least three deaths, but it wouldn’t have made for a good movie at that point- Kiba?”

You finally turned completely, only to see that your jostling had done little else but cause your boyfriend’s head to fall onto the back of the couch. Your immediate feeling was one of concern. He had only just returned from a mission a day ago. Had he hidden some horrible injury from you? Was his head okay? How could you not have noticed his state earlier?

You abruptly sat up straight, but your concern didn’t last long. You felt a muscle under your eye jump as he snorted, breaking out of a deep sleep and staring at you wide eyed for a moment. You scoffed under your breath, watching as he groaned and pressed his elbows to his knees, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes “Did you hear anything I had to say?”

He peered up at you, giving you his widest and best pathetic puppy eyes in the face of your obvious irritation, and shook his head. You sighed heavily.

“Well, in the last couple minutes of the movie, it was revealed that-”

He groaned again, throwing his head back against the couch and covering his ears with two of the fluffy pillows that framed the couch. “Please don’t spoil the ending. I’m sorry I slept through it.”

You fell into a sudden bout of silence, heat flooding from your neck into the roots of your hair. In the short time you’d been with the beastmaster, you had never been around him so soon after he’d fallen asleep. For all your proud talk of your unbreakable collectedness, you couldn’t stop the echo of the first word that had slipped from his mouth, shattering your usually-clear mind. The rough drawl on the syllables had your insides twisting deliciously. Your jaw clenched as you looked away from him.

Kiba pulled the pillows away from his head, and you were glad that you weren’t looking into his deep black eyes. You weren’t thinking that he would mistake your avoidant silence for apparent anger, and the thought only crossed your mind when he reached forward, curling his arms tightly around your waist and pulling you snugly into his side once more- obviously sucking up. He nuzzled into your neck, pressing light kisses under your jaw until you were giggling and attempting to shove off his chest and away from the tickling attention. He laughed, still low and husky from sleep, and once again quiet crept up around you.

Kiba didn’t seem to understand your behavior, and all you could do was keep a shiver from quaking down your spine as he spoke once more. In a slow, gravelly tone he affectionately murmured, “I love you. I’ll protect you, if this horror movie is what’s making you all distant.” Somehow his voice deepened as he continued, “Nothing will touch you while I’m around.”

You suddenly turned, curling your fingers against the base of his neck and dipping him down so that you could kiss him hard on the mouth. Although surprised, his fingers slipped into your hair without hesitation. His teeth caught against your lower lip, his eyes half lidded at the feel of your warm lips against him, your intoxicating scent completely surrounding him, and for a second he believed that the kiss meant forgiveness.

But then you languidly pulled away and stood, taking away your heat. Your scent lingered lovingly on his clothes and comforted him despite his confusion  as you shook your head and marched around the couch, heading for the small fridge in the corner of the room. Cold water sounded heavenly to wash away the dryness in your mouth.

“What’s up with you?” Kiba asked, mussing his hair in an unsuccessful attempt to tame his messy brown locks.

“Please shut up.” You grumbled, feeling your heart thumping harshly against your chest. “I can’t stand how appealing your voice is.”

His eyes widened at your remark, finally understanding your discomfort. You looked thoroughly fearful as a mischievous smirk started to spread across his face.

You really should’ve known better.

Kittens in Mittens (Live 12-17-1992)
The Mountain Goats

The building shook with the sound of wild kittens
And I grabbed my scarf and I pulled on my mittens
Took my coat and I went down
To the useless lot on the outskirts of town
The dogs were howling
The wind was blowing
The birds were singing
And I saw you

Your eyes as bright as burning coals
But ask not for whom the bell tolls
‘Cause it tolls for those who ask that question
And it tolls for those who answer that question
Dogs were howling
The birds were singing
The wind was blowing
And I saw you