went to the movies alone today

Today, I fucked up... by buying a bottle of wine at the movies

Went to fancy movie theater with date. Decide to buy a bottle of wine. Go back to bar. Ask for two glasses. Bartender says he needs two ID’s. I’m too lazy to go back to seats to grab dates ID. Tell him I’m alone and was embarrassed to ask for just one glass. He is clearly sympathetic. Idiot me then tries to sell the story and continue on about how lonely I’ve been recently. He tells me he’s off in a few minutes and insists on watching the movie with me. I try to fight it but I could only argue so much without giving away the truth. Bartender is insistent. I text my date what’s happening. Go back to theater with my new date. Sit a few rows in front of my first date. She has the stupidest grin on her face as me and the bartender (Jared) sit a couple rows in front of her. He ends up being super cool and bought me and him another bottle during the movie. Movie ends. I thank him for his gesture. He didn’t even ask for my number or anything. I think Jared was just a genuine guy trying to comfort someone. Met back up with my date in the parking lot and thankfully she found the whole thing hilarious.

I don’t deserve Jared.


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Friends With Benefits - Minho x Reader

Guess, when your boyfriend doesn’t pay enough attention to you, you will have to go to your best friend.

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You groaned. 

It was the fourth time in the row your boyfriend had ditched you. 

Now you were alone at the movies, dressed up all pretty and nice for the date you had waited for for so long. And now this bastard didn’t show up.

You could have forget about it, but today you didn’t feel like being alone at home. So you dialed the number of your best friend Minho.

You two had been friends since you could walked. You went to kindergarten together, to middle school and at last graduated together. 

But what nobody knew, was that he was also your first kiss. It had happened when you two were 16 and were curios about kisses and the results of that, your lips ended up being pressed against each other. 

It felt really nice, but nothing more had developed from it. 

Until you were 18. 

The skinship in your friendship took it to the next level, while the emotional level remained. But today, you still blame it the alcohol that was rushing in your blood that night.

“Let me guess, that dick didn’t show up, right?”, Minho said right away when he picked up.

You couldn’t hold back a smile. He knew you so well. 

“Yeah”, you simply answered.

You heard him sighing. “I’ll wait for you at your apartment.”

“That’s my Min-Min”, you said before hanging up.

You rushed back home, as best as you could in your high heels, and your boyfriend was long forgotten when you saw your best friend with a giant box of popcorn and a two liter bottle of pure vodka. 

A laughter slipped out of you and you approached him. 

He flashed you a huge smile when he saw you and his eyes looked up and down your body, checking you out in your outfit. 

“Yah, Minho. Make it more obvious”, you said sarcastically and slapped his arm. 

“Sorry, but your so-xalled boyfriend must be blind to let someone like you slip away”, he said and pulled you into a warm hug. 

“Come on, let’s make ourselves a good evening. You are not the only one who got ditched today”, he said.

On your way in, he told you that his girlfriend, who you didn’t like anyway, had cheated on him and broke up with him over the phone. 

“I told you, she was a bitch, but noooo, your stupid brain turned off as soon as she says your name in a fake cute voice”, you shrugged while taking off your jacket, slowly revealing your bare shoulders and soft, pale skin.

Minho, who sat on your bed, simply stared at you while you did that, but you didn’t mind. You were already used to it.

“What movie do you want to watch tonight?”, he asked you in a husky voice. 

“I let you choose. Something that distracts us both from love, boyfriends and girlfriends”, you answered. 

Minho just sat there, watching you sliding off your dress and your shoes, leaving you in only your matching underwear. 

You felt his eyes burning your skin and somehow, your heart started to race. 

Deciding to ignore that, you asked him : “You think I got fatter?” and pinched your stomach. 

It took him seconds to form an answer that made your skin shiver. 

“You’re beautiful, Y/N”, he said mesmerized. 

“But don’t you think I gained a little bit fat he-”, before you could end your sentence, Minho shot up from the bed and trapped you between the mirror and his body. 

“Y/N, you’re beautiful, okay? Now shut the hell up”, he growled and attacked your lips with his. 

You could taste his hunger in the kiss and you couldn’t deny your want for him as well. 

The frustration your boyfriend had built up in you whenever he cancelled a date, had now took over and it will surely be let out on Minho.

“Min-Min, my boyfriend and I haven’t done it for months”, you whispered into against his lips. 

“My now ex-girlfriend either”, he answered and it was sure how this evening would end.

His strong had came behind your back and unclasped your bra, letting it fall to the ground.

Immediately, he began to fondly your breast, that were so sensitive because of the lack of care. 

His fingers pinched your nipple, making you break the kiss to moan out loud. 

Your hands had gone up and pulled at his hair, signaling him that you wanted more.

Getting your clue, his head quickly dipped down and he took the other nipple into his mouth.

This had happened a lot of times already, so his tongue knew exactly what to do, turning you into a moaning mess. 

“Min-Min, give me more”, you said. 

He gladly obliged and he slid down his hand into your panties, rubbing your over-sensitive nub roughly with fast movements. 

A scream escaped your lips when pleasure overflowed you all at once. 

“I’m glad to have you as a friend”, he said and looked up to your eyes. 

“Me too. And you know me much better than my boyfriend”, you answered and threw your head back when he entered two fingers into you, not giving you time to adjust. 

“He didn’t deserve you, Y/N”, he said. 

His fingers curled up and constantly grazed your G-Spot, making it impossible for you to form an answer.

He picked up his pace while his thumb worked on your nub and his mouth toyed with your hard nipples until it almost ached painfully. 

Like a wave, your orgasm flowed over you and without Minho’s help, you would have sunken on the ground, your legs shaking too much to hold you. 

“AH, MINHO”, you screamed loudly and threw your head back, pounding it against the cold mirror.

“Alright, you had your fun”, he said and pulled out of your walls, bringing his fingers to his mouth to taste your juices. 

“Now It’s your turn, Y/N”, he smirked cockily and arched his eyebrows. 

You rolled your eyes. Of course he would always want payment for pleasuring you.

You dropped on to you knees and started to unbutton his pants. You could already feel his harden through the fabric and as expected, his member painfully hard, also because of the lack of pleasure. 

“Aww, you have been neglected for a long time, haven’t you?”, you cooed when you wrapped your hand around him, slowly pumping him.

“Shut up. Y/N”, he said. 

You giggled and began to work him. 

Your hand went faster, moving up and down until his precum had gathered on your fingers. 

Knowing that a handjob will never ever be enough for Choi Minho, you took him into your mouth, sucking him hungrily and licking at his juices with your soft tongue. 

“God, damn it. This feels so good”, he groaned over you. 

Answering with a hum, you sent vibrations to his skin, making him pulling at your hair the way you had pulled at his. 

“I’m so close, Y/N”, he said through gritted teeth and not longer afterwards, his cum shot down your throat. 

You got up again and you sheepishly smiled at him. 

“You’re welcome, Min-Min”, you said. “Now let’s watch the movie.”

He laughed while pushing you backwards onto the bed until you fell on it. 

“You really think I want to watch a movie now? After you had wrapped your pretty mouth against my dick? After I had eaten out until you screamed my name? I don’t think so, kitten”, he said and ripped off your panties. 

“You want round two, don’t you?”, you asked him while voluntarily spreading your legs for him. His smirk was enough answer for you.

When he took off his shirt, revealing his delicious abs, you licked your lips while taking in the view like he had when you were undressing yourself.

“Like what you see?”, he teased you as he went down on you.

“Hey, you had stared at me too”, you said back.

“Like I said, you’re beautiful, Y/N”, he whispered into your ear before nibbling at it.

Somehow, his words made your heart pounding until it took away your breath. You had never felt this before, not even when you boyfriend had confessed to you.

“So glad that we are friends”, he said when three of his fingers rushed down to your clit again, immediately stretching you out as a preparation for something much bigger.

“Same, Min-Min”, you moaned and pulled him into a kiss. 

- 7 years later -

“Unbelievable that you married this dick when he was so careless towards you”, Minho grumbled.

“But it was back then. He had changed now, he is now much more attentive. And I’m sure he would make a great father”, you said back. 

“You know for sure now that you’re pregnant?”, he asked you and placed his hand on your stomach that was still flat.

“Yeah”, you answered happily and joined his hand. 

“I’m very happy for you, Y/N”, he leant in to kiss you and you didn’t mind. 

Others would have consider this “cheating” or what so ever, but these kisses meant nothing more than something friendly and only showed how important you were to each other. Just like your frequent nights together whenever you both feel lonely. 

It’s been such a long time since I post something, my goodness. I hope my followers still remember me.

  • I was a little dubious about this film until I saw someone praise its use of appropriate background actors/actresses, and had time to kill today.
  • So I went to see The Great Wall.
  • Seriously, go watch it.
  • It made me laugh, and cry, a mouth fall open in awe.
  • It's beautiful, it's stunning in design for costume and CGI and sets and everything.
  • All the battle scenes are SUPERB, and the crane corps - just wow.
  • Seriously, a whole regimental section for women alone cos they're BETTER at it.
  • *fans self* and the main lady, she's... well. I was sitting there quite glad I didn't have any friends with me cos they would have laughed so hard we'd be kicked out.
  • I was completely besotted with Commander Lin.
  • Which brings me on to romance - there is refreshingly NONE, so happy about this!
  • JUST GO SEE IT ASAP. I have no help for you if you don't.
Namjoon Scenario: Talk About Love.

Request: hello! could a request a namjoon scenario where you’re an interviewer for a magazine and your boss wants you to interview bts in which your ex-boyfriend (namjoon) is in and all the questions have to do stuff with love and first loves since it’s a Valentine’s Day issue and it’s kind of awkward but they still love each other?

Genre: Fluff / Romance

As you examined your calendar for the entrant month your eyes couldn’t help but linger on the day every couple wished on having together, where men went all out with gifts, where girls dolled up and prepared special things for their significant other. One of the most commercial days of the year, Valentine’s Day.

You saw the fourteen as a mocking number on the calendar, some months ago you would have been excited for that day to come, but today the only thing that came to your mind was the horror movie you would be watching that day.

What was another Valentine’s day alone? nothing, it didn’t have to mean anything, just another day of the year, but at the back of your mind you knew you wished you could spend it differently.

But your plans for February were changed suddenly. Until now you had a more or less free agenda, just your usual work covering showbiz for the magazine; that was until your boss decided to give you a special interview to do for Valentine’s Day. You took it without hesitation, thinking that work would be great to make up for the lack of plans for that day, that was until you saw who exactly you would have to be interviewing.

-Bangtan Sonyeondan- you read the email with all the details. It was a special interview with BTS in which you had to inquire about their recent concerts but also you had the task to ask and get all the information you could about Valentine’s Day related issues, love issues of course.

In all honesty in other case, with another idol group, this wouldn’t suppose much of a challenge since questions about love tended to be mainstream for magazines and television, if only your ex boyfriend wasn’t the leader of said idol group.

It had been almost seven months since your break up, a lot of time to recover for some people, and you honestly felt better with the situation, but there was also a part of you that knew very well you still had feelings for Namjoon. Your relationship had ended mainly because of your complicated schedules, you were working hard to be able to have a good performance as one of youngest writers for the magazine, and he was incredibly busy because of his job as an idol. It was complicated and after a terrible fight you had decided to part ways.
You knew the rupture had been because of both of you, but you resented him nonetheless, wishing that he’d have fought for you at the end, but he didn’t.

With those thoughts in mind you were now in the midst of coming up with the questions for the interview, in was the night of the 13th, so you had to come up with them since the interview was the next day in the afternoon.

In your mind you had the typical, “do you have a Valentine this year?” “What would be your ideal Valentine’s Day date?” “What would you like to receive?” Those were typical and expected questions for you to make, but you also couldn’t help to think of others. “Would any of you choose to have a date with an ex in Valentine’s Day?” “Why would you choose to not fight for love?” “Why you Kim Namjoon have not called your ex girlfriend and the girl you supposedly loved for these past seven months?”

You died to know the answers to those questions, but of course you couldn’t just ask.

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Today, I fucked up by buying a bottle of wine at the movies.

Went to fancy movie theater with date. Decide to buy a bottle of wine. Go back to bar. Ask for two glasses. Bartender says he needs two ID’s. I’m too lazy to go back to seats to grab dates ID. Tell him I’m alone and was embarrassed to ask for just one glass. He is clearly sympathetic. Idiot me then tries to sell the story and continue on about how lonely I’ve been recently.

He tells me he’s off in a few minutes and insists on watching the movie with me. I try to fight it but I could only argue so much without giving away the truth. Bartender is insistent. I text my date what’s happening. Go back to theater with my new date. Sit a few rows in front of my first date.

She has the stupidest grin on her face as me and the bartender (Jared) sit a couple rows in front of her. He ends up being super cool and bought me and him another bottle during the movie. Movie ends. I thank him for his gesture. He didn’t even ask for my number or anything. I think Jared was just a genuine guy trying to comfort someone. Met back up with my date in the parking lot and thankfully she found the whole thing hilarious.

I don’t deserve Jared.

P.S: OP is a guy!

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Teach Me How To Play Pt.1 (Tony Perry, Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, Jaime Preciado) (Pierce The Veil)

Part 2

Word Count: 1,137


You and Tony had been secretly dating behind your brothers backs for the last two months. Your older brothers were Vic and Mike Fuentes and you were off limits to their band members. But that didn’t stop you and Tony developing feelings for each other, everyone joked that you were the female version of Tony because you liked all the same things so it was destined to happen.

Today you were at Tony’s apartment watching movies because you wanted to spend time with your turtle before he went on Warped Tour for the summer without you. Vic and Mike left you two alone to go and spend time with their girlfriends, while Jaime joked about being the third wheel which earnt him a smack from Vic.

After watching the third Star Wars film you excused yourself to get a drink, and while you were in the kitchen you heard a soft melody run through the apartment. You put your drink down and walked back into the living room where Tony sat cross legged in the middle of the cushion for you’d built strumming his acoustic guitar. He’d put his dorky glasses on which he knew you loved. You wanted nothing more than to go over to him and make out but you were lost in the beautiful melody.

Your brothers joked that you had no musical talent, but maybe you could get Tony to teach you how to play the guitar so you could prove them wrong. Plus you already knew how talented Tony was with his fingers so teaching you should be no problem.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there y/n.”

“Tony will you teach me how to play the guitar?”

Tony simply smiled and motioned for you to join him. He uncrossed his legs and you sat between them getting comfy, before you felt his arms snake around your waist and he started to trail kisses down your throat hitting your sensitive spot.

“God you’re beautiful y/n. If only I could call you mine in public.”

“I know turtle but my brother are overprotective. Now teach me the ways of the guitar master Jedi.”

Tony hummed in approval at your Star Wars reference.

“My young padawan I’m going to teach you the basic chords.”

You rolled your eyes at his equally cheesy reference as he placed the guitar in your hands.

“You already know the basic E Minor because I’ve seen you butcher it when drunk. So we’ll start with C Major.”

Tony gently picked up your hand and guided your fingers to the top five strings before you strummed them together, sounding good and not at all out of tune. Tony continues your lesson until you’re able to play basic chord progressions on your own. When you were younger Vic tried to teach you but he got impatient while Tony stayed calm.

“Tony you actually taught me something and I didn’t sound bad. Thank you.”

You shifted your position so that you were facing the guy you were falling more in love with each day and cupped his chin before leaning over and brushing your lips against his. He moaned against your lips before putting the guitar down and deepened the kiss, asking for entrance which you gave him.

It looked like your guitar lesson was over for the day. Tony pulled back and sighed before running his hands through his hair.

“I’m going to miss you while I’m on Warped y/n. The guys are going to get me drunk and try to find me a girl, but the only girl I want will be back here in San Diego. Yours are the only lips I want to kiss and your hands are the only ones I want on my body.”

Tony was the sweetest guy in existence and any girl would be lucky to call him their boyfriend, but it saddened you that you never could because your brothers. Hell Tony hadn’t even told you he loved you yet, you’d told him a month in and then panicked when he didn’t say it back as blamed it on the alcohol. And with Mike as your brother it was believable.

“Tony I don’t want to get in the way of your happiness, my brothers will never approve and you need a girlfriend who can be seen in public. Hell we’re not even official, simply friends with benefits.”


Hearing y/n call us nothing more than friends with benefits hurt because I was madly in love with her, I just couldn’t find the right words. There was no way I’d end up with another girl because I saw myself growing old with baby Fuentes. But before I could tell her that her phone went off.

“It’s Vic, I better take this.”

She got up off my lap and took the phone into the kitchen. I heard an excited squeal and rushed into the kitchen just as y/n hung up on Vic.

“Are you okay y/n?”

She nodded and turned to me with a huge smile on her face.

“I’m coming on Warped with you guys as your photographer because Adam is sick.”

That was the best news I’d heard all day, it meant I could spend my summer with her.

“That’s great babe, now I have something serious to ask you.”

“What is it Tony?”

y/n walked into my open arms and I cupped her chin making her look up at me.

“I never want you to think of us as friends with benefits y/n because you mean the world to me and I see myself growing old with you still watching Star Wars. A month ago you told me that you loved me and I panicked, but that’s because I didn’t know how to say it back. But now I have the courage to say I love you y/n Fuentes and will you be my girlfriend?”

y/n’s eyes watered slightly as she nodded.

“A million times yes Tony, damn that was beautiful you soppy turtle.”

She kissed me and I kissed her back, but we were interrupted by someone clearing their throat behind us.

“Well don’t you two look cosy?”

Both y/n and I froze before pulling away from each other, only to come face to face with a grinning Jaime.

“Jaime you can’t tell Mike and Vic.”

I held y/n close as Jaime shook his head.

“That was a beautiful speech turtle and you must really love her to go against Vic and Mike. I always shipped you two so your secret is safe with me. Only on two conditions, one is that I get to be the best man at your wedding and the second is that you name your first born after me.”

I let out the breath I’d been holding, Warped Tour had just gotten a lot more interesting.


Day 38/365: February 7th 2017 | SHIT I DIDNT USE MY CAM TODAY

TODAY WAS SO TIRING… as I say every single Tuesday/Thursday. After my classes, I went home, cooked + ate, and went to SUB to watch Moana! It was so good?? I cried like 4 times during it because I’m such a big fucking crybaby lmao!! SOOOO many people came to watch the movie… the theatre was overcapacity and I had so much trouble finding seats!! It was ridiculous. After the movie, I went to Rutherford and did my homework + readings. Time to pass out… zZZ…

I have been so inactive today because I’ve been hanging out with my family. We like to do that on days when we all aren’t doing anything! Today, we went to watch Liza Soberano’s new movie, My Ex and Why’s. It was absolutely amazing and I think her acting has gotten better. Plus I hated Enrique slightly less. Then we walked around the mall. It was pretty nice. Then we went to the Japanese store and I bought the coolest chopsticks! Plus my sister bought, ‘You Never Walk Alone’ today and I was so hype. 

Also it’s J-Hope’s birthday! Well not here yet bc it’s only eleven but STILL. I love my Hobi! He’s such a precious bean. 

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But how is everyone doing? 

i will die alone bc i was flirting with this pisces guy and he was like “haha maybe we could talk more today” and i was like “ummm yea that’d be cool but i was planning on watching all fast and furious in a row” and he was like “well, you choose. it’s me or paul walker, the key is yours ;)” so i left him on seen ☑ and went to watch the movies

He likes them sweet.

Never before had Hannah de Lioncourt broken the rules, that much was clear. Her behavior had been spotless, not a soul could bear a complaint on her no matter how hard they could possibly try for she was in most aspects an angel – an angel indeed, – henceforth, her parents had seen no problem in letting her stay at home alone while they traveled, endless business trips often mixed with vacations as they were so lucky; Hannah used to be there with them, wherever they went, but she was a grown woman today and had no desires of going anywhere besides a local ice cream shop or a movie theater. So many small pleasures she had allowed herself to have without feeling a hint of guilt, she was the kind of little fish in all its capacities to roam in the open waters with confidence, this wouldn’t be the exception. 

And a lover would be waiting for her. Hannah had come home from school that day rummaging through her books on the search for his letter, the one she had tucked in her body of Lolita, now it seemed so fitting she could laugh over it – of all books, Lolita! Her eyes would roam over the words one by one as who seeks for inspiration in a painting and the more she read the more she missed him. Taking her time, the girl treated herself with haste and care, looking her best for her best side to admire which was surreal enough, this body was aching with unknown feelings and her mind would echo painfully letting her know she hadn’t dressed for a boy (correction, man) before. Twenty-five minutes after six o’clock she had parked her car down the block where no curious goozles could possibly spot it, or her, before making her way to the familiar house. Hannah was wearing a dark floral skirt with a black top which exposed merely an inch of bare skin under the jacket, wearing thigh-high stockings that matched – hopefully she looked decent enough, he hadn’t seen her as put together in the past or so she thought.

Two soft knocks on his door and he answered.

Hannah smiled, “Hi, I’m hoping it’s not too early”

In the Dark

Make-out scenario with Vernon/Hansol

AN: This one was posted late because I was debating whether I should write it or not, but here it is! I tried to keep it at a pg-13 level. Enjoy!^^ 


You both had planned to watch a movie and make dinner together, but it was already 12am. You didn’t eat anything and turned off the TV. You showered and went to sleep alone, as you got tired waiting for him to come sleep over. You sighed when your stomach growled. You fell asleep and about an hour later, you heard things shuffling on your bed. You turned the other way and saw Vernon looking softly at you. He smiled gently and touched your cheek.

“I’m sorry about today.” He whispered. Your hand went up and covered the top of his hand. You closed your eyes and smiled.

“It’s okay. As long as you’re here now.”

You opened your eyes again to meet his. He moved closer and touched your lips with his. Your hand moved over to his upper arm as he moved closer to your body and moved his upper body up so he can kiss you more comfortably. He suddenly became rough in the session as you jerked your head up then turned away to breathe. He was also taking breaths when you both heard his stomach growling. You both looked at each other then giggled.

“Sorry, I got hungry.” He got up and you followed him.

“I’m hungry too.”

“You didn’t eat anything?”

“Because I was waiting for you, but you never showed up.”

“You didn’t have to wait for me. You could have just ate without me.”

“But I don’t like eat alone.”

“Okay okay.”

“Then let’s go fix something to eat.”

Vernon hummed in respond and sat at the edge of the bed, waiting for you. You noticed him and jumped onto his back. He smiled then piggybacked you out of the dark bedroom.


I went to see Zootpia again today (will do it again) but this time I was not alone. My colleague accompanied me with her 4-year-old son.

Now, her son, Leeroy is very hyperactive, he has alalia and ADD. Meaning, he couldn’t sit still for the whole movie, so they left early, while I stayed behind to see the rest. 

When I left, I found them in the nearby park. 

The first thing she asked me was “Did they fall in love?” about Nick and Judy. 

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Even a thirty-something woman is not immune to this ship, I swear…

blue night radio ♡ 160301

listener: i went to watch a movie alone at the cinema today. i thought that only jjong-d and i do this but it seems like it’s not just us!
jonghyun: i don’t (really) watch movies at the cinema these days! i watch them at home. (laughs) but isn’t it interesting? did you realize something new while watching the movie? there’s no need to be too mindful about or surroundings; whether it’s going to the cinema to watch a movie alone, or eating alone at a restaurant. it’s fine since we’re all adults now. (source: cosmicsticks)