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The signs as wild shit I’ve done in 2017 (krystal) NSFW

Aries: Got punched in the throat at one of the poshest bars in London

Taurus: Stalked my boyfriend and his friend all the way down the street, and when they sat down on a bench in a field I popped out a bush and pretended to just bump into them (I was dressed incognito too)

Gemini: Fucked with a wig on, it was the best sex I’ve ever had

Cancer: Legit got dumped the day before Valentine’s Day, turned up at his house and gave him everything I bought him, cried, then fucked

Leo: Almost went on a one night stand on Election night with a University teacher from Tinder but got lost on the way there and decided that because it’s raining its not meant to be

Virgo: Broke down and got stranded on a high up viewpoint (dogging area) because we accidentally drained the car battery at two in the morning and didn’t know what to do 

Libra: Drunkenly spat a drink over my best friend four times in McDonalds over a chicken nugget 

Scorpio: Broke up with my long term boyfriend and then sucked his best friend’s dick on a field at night

Sagittarius: Took speed at a warehouse rave from a girl in the bathroom, put it in my mouth and then said “Btw what is this?”

Capricorn: Had to do DIY and fix a garden chair with a thin piece of wire because UNICEF scared the crap out of my friend and she broke it (and it actually worked)

Aquarius: Did shots and slammed into a hot tub in front of everybody, tried to get back up but just kept falling and ended up crawling inside to escape even more humiliation

Pisces: Went on a boat rave and got into a fight with someone about a giant inflatable dinosaur that I named Terry (and lost, so I took a giant banana home instead)

Masquerade. (Jimin x Reader x Hoseok) Part 1

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

Jimin x Reader x Hoseok

Fluff & Slight Smut

Office Au, Hosts Au

Summary: To secretly relieve your stress about your single life and your hard times at work, you cave and decide to give this mysteriously alluring club a chance. At Club Masquerade, you can indulge in your fantasies and indulge in who you really want to be without strings attached. So when you waltz in and realize you’re not exactly sure what you want, two of their best hosts swoop in and are more than willing to help you figure it out…

           But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets in your office.

Warning: Will need lots of water for thirst. (Unless that’s just me *fans self* lol)

Parts 1 of 4

Links: Part 1 | Part 2 |  Part 3 | Part 4

Originally posted by epikcry

          It was a very famous place, full of mystery. Many recommended that you had to go there at least once in your life, especially if you were single and looking for a good time. Yet no one spoke about it past that. But the alluring smile and the dust of pink on their cheeks as they mentally recollected their experiences drew you in.

           You wanted to know what they saw. You wanted to know what they felt.

           Club Masquerade.

           Your fingers tapped your desk as you stared at the address your friend had texted you. All of your girl friends highly urged you to go. They only went once, but they raved that they could never forget about their time there. If they weren’t already in happy relationships, they stated that they would be frequenting it often.

           You clicked on the website she had attached with the address, and you fumbled as the heading of the site caused you to turn red.


           Frantically pressing buttons on your phone to exit out before any passing eyes spotted what you were looking at, you spazzed out in your desk. People glanced at you worriedly but you gave them a weak smile as you fixed your outfit.

           "Y/N!!“ a familiar bellow was heard from the adjacent office and you jolted out of your seat.

           "There he goes again.” One of your co-workers chuckled.

           You exhaled and hurried into your boss’s office.

           "Yes, Mr. Jung.“ You mumbled.

           "What the hell is this?” he slammed papers down onto his table. “I can’t understand your handwriting!”

           You exhaled. “We’ve been working together for years and you still can’t read my handwriting?”

           "What?“ he snapped and you straightened up.

           "Would you like me to read it to you then?” you suggested.

           "Well, there’s no other way for me to understand this.“ he rolled his eyes and spun around in his chair.

           You took a deep breath to calm yourself, knowing your boss’s specialty was pissing you off. Grabbing the papers, you organized them in order and was about to begin reading when he cut in.

           "Oh we’re also getting a new boss tomorrow, so those –” he pointed at the boxes you had lugged in early this morning. “– need to be put together.”

           Your eyes widened. “You want ME to put together an office table and chair??”

           "Yeah, why?“ he blinked at you. "Can’t do it?”

           You groaned and he knocked on his desk impatiently. “Just because you’ve been my secretary for years doesn’t mean you can slack off. Let’s get to it.”

           "Which would you like me to do first? Read the plans or fix the table?“ You questioned lifelessly.

           "Hmmm….you can just do both.” he waved his hand as he continued to play with his pen and spin in his chair.

           "Are you serious?“ you looked at him exasperatedly.

           He feigned ignorance then gestured for you to hurry.

           "No.” You slammed the papers down. “You read those while I do the table.”

           "I don’t want to.“ He crossed his arms. "That’s your job. Write it neater.”

           "I had the entire office read through it before sending it over!“ you complained. "Maybe you need to get your eyes checked!”

           "Excuse me?“ he stood up angrily.

           "You heard me!” you retorted, glaring at him dangerously.

           "Go fix the table!“ he yelled.

           "I am!” you bellowed in return as you spun around to make your way to the boxes.

           "Don’t yell at me!“ he pointed.

           "You started yelling first!”

           "No I didn’t!“

           A timid knock on the office door had you both freeze in your places. Mr. Jung coughed to regain his composure and gently sat down in his chair.

           "Come in.” he stated firmly.

           An attractive young man peeked in with a large smile plastered on his face.

           "Sorry to interrupt Mr. Jung ~“ he greeted sweetly and you felt yourself gawking at how the room lit up with his entrance.

           "My dear friend!! Stop with the formalities. Call me Hoseok as usual.” Hoseok grinned and opened his arms welcomingly.

           You found yourself giving him a look of disgust at his unexpected behavior. Everyone in the office knew him as constantly cold and only ever heard him yelling, mostly directed your way. He was totally fooling this visitor.

           "What’re you doing here?“ Hoseok sat down at the front of his desk.

           "Oh I’m here to fix up the table…” the other man trailed off, realizing that someone else was in the room. You felt yourself blush as you spotted him scanning you intently.

           "Oh don’t worry. The secretary’s got it.“ Hoseok waved his hand. "She’s pretty brolic so she can handle. You want to get some food while you’re here?”

           You made sure your back was turned before you made faces of anger towards Hoseok.

           "I just ate, but coffee sounds good. We can just catch up in here so we don’t waste money on gas or anything.“

           "I’ll go get you some then. I’ll be right back.” Hoseok patted his friend’s shoulder before exiting the room.

           Soon after the door shut, you felt the stranger crouch down next to you. You were a bit startled so you flinched when you realized. He giggled.

           "Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.“

           You blushed and shook your head. "Don’t worry. I was just trying to figure out how to put this together.”

           "This is my job, so don’t worry about it.“ the man smiled and took the pieces away from you gently.

           You chuckled. "No, he won’t let me hear the end of it if I abandon this.”

           "Then let’s fix it together then?“ he grinned expectantly.

           You timidly nodded, not having the heart to refuse his eager help.

           "I’m Jimin.” he introduced, holding out his hand kindly.

           "Y/N.“ you smiled as you shook it warmly.

           "So you’re his secretary, huh?” his eyes scanned the pieces and organized them with ease.

           "Uh yeah.“ you watched Jimin work in awe. "Have you done this before?”

           Jimin chuckled and glanced over at you with a friendly twinkle in his eye. “No. I’m following the instructions.”

           You squinted and scanned the sea of parts and boxes for any semblance of instructions. Then your lips curled up as you realized he was joking. He laughed as he watched it dawn on you and you joined him.

           "Sorry. I’m not used to jokes at work.“ you giggled.

           "Hoseok can get a little intense when it comes to work-related stuff.” Jimin smiled as he continued setting up the parts.

           "A little is an understatement.“ you mumbled under your breath, but Jimin chuckled, obviously hearing your comment.

           "Don’t tell him I said that.” you whispered guiltily.

           Jimin grinned and handed you a piece of the table. “It’ll be our secret.”

           You blushed, feeling giddy butterflies in your stomach.

           "Now hold that so I can start drilling it together.“ he placed another piece into your free hand and positioned you. Your cheeks warmed as he nonchalantly touched your arms and placed your fingers where they needed to be. Then with a big smile, he stepped back.

           "Good. Stay right there. Where’s Hoseok’s drill?”

           "Uh should be in that gray cabinet in the corner. Top shelf to the right.“ You instructed, knowing his office like the back of your hand.

           You had organized it countless of times until it was to Hoseok’s liking and then some more because he just loved to irritate you.

           "Got it!” Jimin cheered triumphantly as he scurried to your side. “Hold tight, okay?”

           You swallowed and held the pieces firmly while he set up the tool. Jimin was in mid-drill when Hoseok burst into the room holding two cups of coffee. His brows furrowed angrily as he happened upon the scene.

           "What do you think you’re doing, Y/N?“

           "Um…holding the table, as you can see.” you snapped.

           "I told you to do it yourself. Why did you make Jimin –“

           "I volunteered to help her.” Jimin smiled warmly at Hoseok then glanced your way encouragingly. “It’ll take one person a while to fix it and I’m sure she has a lot of paperwork to do.”

           Hoseok pursed his lips, forming a straight line and you knew that face meant he was holding back his anger.

           "Your coffee will get cold, Jimin.“ he stated flatly.

           Jimin laughed and turned his attention to you, "Want some coffee, Y/N?”

           "I only have two here.“ Hoseok sulked.

           "We can share.” Jimin whispered playfully causing your lips to curl up happily.

           "Here! Here!“ Hoseok shoved the coffee into your hand, irritatedly. "Me and Jimin will just share!”

           Jimin cracked up as he waltzed over to Hoseok’s desk, where the latter was pouting. You sat on the ground and sipped the coffee welcomingly. The two slowly drifted into their own world, catching up on mutual friends, and retelling stories. They seemed to have forgotten you were in the room, but you didn’t mind. You took the time to study the handsome features of Jimin from afar. It had been awhile since someone handsome was so openly nice to you. You looked at him dreamily. But it was Hoseok who cut into your thoughts.

           "Well since you’re no help at all, get out of my office.“

           "Hoseok…” Jimin looked at him sadly.

           "It’s fine. That’s how we have a discussion.“ Hoseok patted his friend’s shoulder and gave you a scolding look.

           You faked a smile as you stood up, glad you didn’t have to put together a table but offended that he was treating you so rudely in front of his attractive friend. Not satisfied with leaving without the upper-hand, you raised your cup smugly.

           "Thanks for the cup, Hoseok ~” you smirked and hurriedly closed the door behind you.

           "What did she call me?“ you heard him hiss before you skipped to your desk, ecstatic about your good luck.

           "Who was that?” one of your co-workers whispered, intrigued.

           "I don’t know.“ you smiled. "But he was charming.”

           "Good morning everyone!“ You greeted warmly as usual, and everyone waved at you brightly.

           "He’s in already.” They warned you in a hushed tone.

           "Already?“ Your eyes widened.

           Suddenly, Hoseok marched down the aisle, holding his usual cup of coffee. As always, he wore a straight-faced expression that was laced with an air of mystery. His suit was tailored sharply so it hung just loose enough to make you wonder about his form without giving too much away. You exhaled knowing that you were already in trouble this morning for coming in later than him, not that you had any control over it. He came in whenever he wanted and you never knew what to expect.

           You fought the urge to roll your eyes as you spotted your co-workers stare at him longingly while he strutted throughout the office confidently. Hurriedly, you hung your coat on the back of your chair and sat down, hoping that he wouldn’t notice you just arrived. He passed by the respectful bows and greetings without a response or change in expression. It was rare for him to return anyone’s "Good mornings”, yet your co-workers still tried to get him to notice them.

           You kept your eyes down on the stack of paperwork in front of you, trying to look busy, but as always, it didn’t deter him from sitting down on your desk with a big smirk on his face.

           "Morning Madam Secretary ~“ he raised his cup. "Had a late start today?”

           You exhaled and crossed your arms.“Well someone was just earlier than usual today.”  

           "Tsk. Tsk.“ he shook his head. "I thought I would die walking over to get coffee.”

           You gave a him disapproving look, which he simply raised a questioning eyebrow at you.  "Then you’d be the first to die walking 10 steps to get coffee and it was due to your own lack of movement.“ You hummed as you returned your focus back to your paperwork.

           He knocked on your table in retaliation to regain your attention. "Yah.”

           You glared up at him.

           "I’m your boss, your boss. We’re not friends.“ he stated firmly as he continued tapping on your desk irritatedly.

           You rolled your eyes and shooed him away. "Well then Boss, please get off my table and let me work.”

           "Yah!“ he raised his voice.

           Your bickering was a normal occurrence in your office but it never failed to astound the workers. Everyone’s eyes were on you two, especially now that his voice grew louder than conversational level. You two had just worked together for so long and no one but you could put up with his attitude. So regardless of how rude you were to each other, you were both secure that things would carry on normally afterwards.

           "Fighting so early?”

           A familiar voice had you both straighten up from your positions. Immediately, both of your faces brightened as Jimin appeared, carrying three cups of coffee.

           "J-Jimin!“ you stammered as you stood up, flustered, earning a judgmental glare from Hoseok.

           "Sorry I’m late. I wanted to pick up some warm drinks for us to start off the morning!” Jimin grinned and you heard immediate excited whispers throughout the office.

           "I see you already have one Hoseok….“

           "It’s cold already so I’ll take yours.” Hoseok left his coffee on your desk and grabbed one from Jimin brightly. You pursed your lips in annoyance.

           "And one for you, Miss Secretary ~“ Jimin sang as he handed you a cup.

           Your lips curled up happily as you accepted his kind gesture. "What brings you here so early? Did Mr. Jung send you on errands?”

           Hoseok chucked his straw paper at you without batting an eye, playing it off as if he missed your trashcan.

           Jimin laughed, “Oh no. I’m the new boss being transferred here.”

           You stumbled back from surprise. “Oh my gosh!”

           Frantically, you bowed deeply, “Welcome Mr. Park!”

           Hoseok smirked as he sipped his coffee.

           "You didn’t tell her Hoseok?“ Jimin glanced at him amused as you sent threatening looks towards Hoseok.

           "Must’ve slipped my mind.” he shrugged and pointed to you. “Well get back to work and take care of your table. It looks like it has a lot of trash. So unattractive.”

           He shook his head disapprovingly as he stalked back into his office. You huffed, trying to maintain your composure.

           "He’s a handful, huh?“ Jimin stayed put, relaxingly sipping his coffee.

           You smiled as you grabbed his forgotten coffee cup and chucked it into your trash bin. "I’m sorry. I really had no idea you were the new boss.”

           "It’s fine.“ he waved his hand. "I respond to either-or anyway – Jimin, Mr. Park– it all sounds the same to me.”

           You giggled shyly.

           "In return for the coffee, do you think you could introduce me to everyone?“ Jimin mumbled softly. "It feels weird just waltzing in here and having them report to me when I don’t know them.”

           Your eyes widened, “You want to get to know everyone?”

           "Yeah.“ he blinked. "Is that weird?”

           You laughed, “No, not at all. It’s just…different…from what we’re used to at least.”

           Jimin smiled knowingly and you gestured for him to following you timidly. Everyone was flustered as he approached each worker one-by-one, reiterating their names and conversing with them briefly. Your female co-workers were visibly attracted to this kind man as they fixed their hair and straightened up their skirts before you reached their cubicle.

           "If you forget anyone’s names, don’t hesitate to ask me.“ you chuckled as you both returned back to your desk after a few minutes.

           "I’ll probably keep asking you frequently. Sorry if I get annoying.”

           You waved your hand, “That’s what I’m here for. I’d be glad to help you out.”

           "I’m lucky to have such a pretty secretary.“ he grinned as he raised his cup. "It makes starting off the day better.”

           You blushed. “Just call me over if you need anything.”

           "I’ll probably just be setting up my office and papers today.“

           "Oh. I finished that yesterday.” you smiled shyly, happy that you were proactive in doing so. You wanted to impress Jimin in as many ways as possible.

           "Wow, you’re a blessing.“ he reached out and petted your head gratefully.

           You felt your face turn red as he laughed at your reaction.

           "You’re cute, Y/N.”

           With that compliment, he strolled back into his office. You exhaled and swooned into your seat, your gaze lingering at the door that he disappeared into. Your hands immediately cupped your cheeks to offset the growing warmth, but you couldn’t fight off the giddy feeling. But you only reveled in it for a few minutes before Hoseok’s loud voice echoed and your mood immediately dropped.


           You groaned and grabbed your completed stacks of paper to report to him.

           "Yes, Mr. Jung.” You marched into his office, stealing a glance at Jimin thoroughly reading through documents, sporting glasses which made you weak at the knees.

           "I have meetings today right?“


           "Go over what they’re about and what I need to know.“ he twirled around in his chair.

           You whipped up a typed copy of the outline of the meeting so he could read along (which he never did) and began informing Hoseok. Feeling Jimin’s gaze on you from across the room made you more conscious but also more efficient in your explanation.

           "Alright. Let’s go. Make sure you stay close so I look better.” Hoseok stood up and fixed up his suit, smirking at his own insult.

           You gave him a look of disgust as he walked by, and peripherally, you caught Jimin smiling at you and giving you a thumbs up in approval. Immediately, you blushed and smiled shyly before exiting the room.

           With two bosses now, one hot and one cold, one friendly and one rude, it was a pretty stressful week at work. When Friday afternoon rolled around, you were exhausted in all aspects.

           "Seriously. You’re always at work or thinking about work, girl.“ your best friend chimed into the phone. "You’re going to end up single and alone at this rate.”

           "Don’t remind me.“ you grumbled as you plopped onto your bed.

           "I’m telling you. Go to Club Masquerade. At least you’ll be single and NOT alone there. It’s only an hour per person, but it is WORTH IT.” she urged. “Trust me.”

           You sighed. “I don’t know…it doesn’t sound like my thing.”

           "Believe me. It’s everyone’s thing.“ you could hear the smirk in your friend’s voice. "They’ll take good care of you there.”

           "Mmmm…“ you contemplated.

           "I’m telling you, just GO. If you don’t like it, then I’ll stop bothering you. But at least then I can talk to you about it. I’m DYING!” Your friend urged.

           "Fine, fine. I’ll go. I need to de-stress and having some fun outside doesn’t sound too bad.“ you chuckled.

           "Oh my goodness. You’re going to have so much fun. I’m so excited for you.” your friend squealed excitedly. “You HAVE to wear that black dress and that silver masquerade mask you were going to wear for my bachelorette party there.”

           "You keep rubbing it in. I can’t help that I contracted pneumonia!“ you groaned.

           "Well, now you can pay me back by getting your single ass to this Club!” she scolded.

           "Alright, alright. I’ll get ready and send you my look.“

           "Perfect. Have fun girl ~”

           You inhaled and exhaled deeply as you clutched your trench coat around you for protection. You weren’t used to wearing a lot of eye make-up and deep red lipstick, but you wanted to look as seductive and daring as you were going to try to be tonight. You adjusted your elegantly designed silver masquerade mask and without another thought, you pulled open the door leading into Club Masquerade, hoping it would give you the change you needed in your mundane life.

           A bell echoed as you stepped in and immediately you were greeted by cute girl at the entrance.

           "Hello welcome to Club Masquerade, where we make your fantasies come true! How can I help you today?“ she smiled warmly, which eased your frantically beating heart.

           It seemed straight out of a Renaissance fairytale. There was a beautiful chandelier lined with diamonds that reflected the silver and gold that decorated the high ceilings. You saw there were red velvet curtains in the back where people adorning masks of all styles and colors were disappearing to. Some were sitting in small tables by the entrance, merely conversing and having tea, but they too soon disappeared behind the maroon veils.

           Seeing your awe, the girl chuckled. "It must be your first time today. Are you familiar with how we work?”

           "Ummm…“ you blushed. "Not really…”

           "No problem. I’m here to answer any of your questions and curiosities.“

           "Um…what exactly does it mean when you say you’ll make our fantasies come true?” you whispered, embarrassed.

           "Absolutely anything and everything.“ she grinned proudly. "We have a variety of persona hosts that specialize in different forms of fantasies. Of course everything is anonymous so you don’t have to worry about being recognized, and everyone knows the safe word.”

           "Persona…hosts…?“ you blinked.

           Her lips curled up endearingly. "Oh dear. I think we have a pure one here.”

           You felt your cheeks heat up as she looked at you with a warm flicker in her eye, like a teacher ready to give her favorite lecture.

           "How about…“ you felt an arm wrap around your shoulder and you tensed up. ”…you let us take over from here?“

           You felt yourself shiver as a strong arm pulled you flush against his body.

           "It might be easier to show her how things work here.”

           The hairs on your skin immediately stood on edge at his emphasis. Was it excitement? You glanced beside you to find an attractive man wearing a sparkling red masquerade mask. Before you could study him more carefully, a hand grabbed yours and a pair of lips pressed onto the back of your hand, causing your heart to flip over.

           "We’ll take good care of her.“

           You gawked at the man wearing a silver-lined black mask in front of you. The girl at the reception laughed and glanced over at you.

           "It seems you’re in luck today Miss.” she explained as she nudged you playfully. “These are the best two hosts we have and it seems you’ve piqued their interest~”

           You blushed as you tensed up, not used to being surrounded by attractive and forward men.

           "Which persona are they…?“ you questioned.

           The receptionist giggled as she handed you a circular buzzer, similar to ones they have at restaurants that take reservations.

            "I’ll let them take over now. This will flash and vibrate when your hour is up. If you’d like to extend the time, there’s a red button in each room that you can press. If not, then your hosts will escort you back out here.” she explained brightly as you grabbed the buzzer nervously. “Have a pleasure-filled time!”

           You smiled weakly as the two led you down into the section of tables.

           "Hungry?“ Black Mask, as you were going to refer to him in your mind, questioned.

           You shook your head.

           "Don’t be nervous.” Red Mask whispered into your ear and you shuddered at his closeness. Then he turned to Black Mask with a smug smile. “Explanations aren’t my thing, so I’ll give her to you for 35 minutes and I’ll take the last 25?”

           "Alright, I’ll spend 10 minutes explaining things then.“

           "He’ll prepare you for me…” Red Mask hummed into your ear again, his hand slowly moving down your arm before he walked away.

           Black Mask chuckled as he took your arm and wrapped it around his, guiding you elegantly.

           "Don’t be so tense. You set the rules around here. None of the hosts will do anything to make you uncomfortable. We’re here to serve you exactly how you want us to.“

           You nodded, feeling a little better.

           "So these tables are for those who just require a conversational host or for those who like easing into the…main dish.” Black Mask licked his lips and you bit yours as you watched him. “So yeah, we have a place for tea and talking, some refreshments, etc. Any questions?”

           You shook your head and he chuckled, tapping your arm gently. “Relax.”

           "I’m sorry…this is just not my usual place to hang out…“ you mumbled.

           He grinned, "I would be surprised if it was anyone’s. Everyone starts off nervous when trying something new, but trust me. I won’t do anything to hurt you.”

           Your heart fluttered at the sincerity of his statement, but then he leaned closer and whispered, “Unless you want me to.”

           Your body heated up as the scent of his cologne filled up your senses. He straightened back up and led you to the red veils.

           "And here we have the host rooms.“ he introduced, simply standing there to ease your nerves. "You must have lots of questions about this.”

           "Are they all bedrooms?“ you mumbled.

           "No.” he chuckled. “Some people don’t like doing things on beds.”

           Your eyes widened as you glanced up at him and he winked playfully. You felt yourself giggle at his playful tone.

           "There’s a smile – finally!“ he nudged. "There are bedrooms in the farthest part of this hallway, but the first few are lounges, then some are specialty rooms, others we end up redecorating according to the client’s preferences.”

           "Wow.“ You were impressed. "That’s a lot of work.”

           "Anything to make our clients happy.“ His lips curled up and you felt yourself smile. "Well, it seems you’re not sure what your interests are in this…field. So what do you want to do?”

           You blinked, “What’re my options?”

           "Well, if you would like, we can just sit and chat.“ he gestured to the tables. "Or we can take it easy in one of the lounges. Orrrr –” he grinned. “–if I’ve completely terrified you and you want to run off, then you’re welcome to do so.”

           You chuckled, now more relaxed. Something about him eased your worries and curiosity was slowly getting the better of you as you wondered what exactly happened in these rooms. Excitement bubbled in your stomach and you felt a surge of spontaneity.

           "Let’s go to the lounges.“

           You hardly recognized the confident voice that came out of you. But something drew you there. You wanted to see for yourself what exactly was behind the veil. You wanted to unravel the mysteries of this place, and the more Black Mask questioned you, the more you wanted to discover the mysteries in yourself.

           "As you wish.” His lips curled up proudly as slipped his hand into yours, leading you to the hallway of rooms.

           Once you were behind the veil, you heard an eerie silence. The lighting was dim, alluring, and mysterious like the rest of the place.

           As if reading your thoughts, Black Mask commented, “All rooms are soundproof so you can be as loud as you want.”

           You blushed from the implication. He smiled as he entered the room and you were surprised to see Red Mask sitting on one of the couches nonchalantly.

           "Figured you’d go to this room.“ he grinned.

           "Hm?” you looked up at Black Mask inquisitively.

           "This is technically ‘my’ room.“ he answered lightheartedly.

           "My room’s a bit more… fun.” Red Mask smirked. “Hopefully I’ll be able to take you there soon enough.”

           You bit your lip nervously at his comment and soon, Red Mask was in front of you.

           "Don’t bite your lip like that.“ he growled. "Or I’m going to jump you with him watching.”

           You inhaled sharply, but soon the gentle hand of Black Mask cut in between you two.

           "I still have 30 minutes with her, but I wanted her to establish rules with both of us before I get started.“ Black Mask explained then turned to you. "Let’s sit?”

           You smiled and nodded as he led you to the couch. Red Mask’s eyes were watching your every move and for some reason, it boosted your confidence that he was ravaging your body with his prolonged stare.

           "Rules?“ you questioned as you sat down.

           "Yeah, set some boundaries for us. Tell us what absolutely turns you off. We’ll remember it.”

           "Hmm…“ you pursed your lips as you pondered about it.

           "Damn you’re so cute.” Black Mask covered his face and laughed.

           Your lips curled up at the compliment. The two then sat on either side of you, waiting for your decision.

           "Well…“ you started and their eyes were on you attentively.

           "Clothes stay on.”

           They nodded and it encouraged you to continue. “And my lower half is off limits… unless I say otherwise.”

           "And by lower half, you mean below your stomach but above your thighs?“ Red Mask hummed.

           You turned warm and nodded.

           "Anything else?” Black Mask questioned and you shook your head.

           "That’s fine.“ Red Mask smirked and he leaned over, talking into the crook of your neck. "I can make you beg for me without touching you there.”

           You swallowed roughly as your heartbeat quickened at the thought of it. But soon enough, Red Mask stood up and left the room, giving the allotted time to Black Mask.

           "Well,“ he leaned against the couch. "it seems you’re not sure what you like and dislike, huh?”

           "I haven’t really given it much thought…“ you frowned.

           He scooted over closer to you and smiled gently. "Well that’s what I’m here for.”

           You locked eyes with him.

           "I’ll figure you out.“ he whispered as he caressed your face softly.

           Your eyes darted to his lips then back to his eyes but as he moved his face closer, your gaze didn’t leave his mouth. You were mesmerized.

           "Can I kiss you?” he whispered, his breath ghosting over your lips.

           You nodded in anticipation and he lightly pressed his lips on yours sweetly. Your entire body tingled with the sensation. His thumb rubbed the side of your cheek and he stared at you lovingly.

           "You’re okay?“ he asked and you nodded.

           He smiled and leaned back to capture your lips gently as both of his hands cupped your face. Your breath hitched as his hands traveled down to your neck. One of his hands stayed on your face while the other glided down your arm to intertwine your fingers together. You kissed back, already following the rhythm of his lips.

           "Comfortable?” he hummed.

           You nodded, catching your breath. Although kissing side by side was a bit hard, you didn’t want to stop the momentum. He chuckled as he kissed your cheek and your breathing got labored as he traveled down your jaw then to your neck. The kisses were light but it ignited your body, as if he knew exactly where you were most sensitive. His free hand unfastened your trench coat and you both maintained eye contact as he slowly pulled it off your shoulders, revealing your tight, form-fitting black dress.

           "Wow.“ he breathed, taking in your body. "You’re beautiful.”

           Your hands nervously reached out for him and he gave you an encouraging smile, observing the worried look in your eyes. “You can touch me wherever, as much as you want.”

           You wanted more of his kisses and for some reason, doing this with a complete stranger where no one knew who you were, made you more courageous than you had expected. Gently, you pulled his tuxedo towards you and he smiled into the kiss happily.

           "Tell me what you like.“ he whispered as he started leaving a trail of butterfly kisses down your neck onto your shoulder, as your heart ran a marathon inside your chest.

           "Keep doing that.” you muttered, breathlessly.

           "As you wish.“ he placed a chaste kiss on your lips before tending to the other side of your body.

           Soon his hands found its way back to caressing your face and you leaned forward to lock lips with him feverishly. He mentally took note of what he did to get that reaction out of you and tested out the waters by grazing his tongue on your lower lip. You gasped at the new feeling and you pressed deeper into the kiss. You felt his lips curl up as he repeated that same action again but at a more languid pace. Soon, you were on your knees on the couch nearly straddling him to deepen the kiss. His tongue on your lip was driving you insane.

           He broke the kiss and chuckled, wrapping an arm around your waist to steady you.

           "It’ll be dangerous if you straddle me with a dress on.” his eyes twinkled brightly as he took in how swollen your lips had become and how your pupils were dilated with lust.

           "What?“ you breathed, clearly not in the right state of mind.

           His expression darkened as he smirked, "It’ll be dangerous.”

           You realized your position and immediately sat back down, flustered.

           "Tell me if you don’t like this.“ he whispered and soon you found your back on the couch and him hovering over you.

           He had placed your coat on top of your legs mannerly as he climbed over you on all fours.


           You shook your head and smiled, tugging at his tie. He raised an eyebrow at your gesture.

           "Kiss me.“ you requested.

           He grinned as he leaned down.

           "You’re too damn cute.”

           Soon, you were locking lips again but this time your hands freely roamed his body, feeling his chest, his waist, and fiddled with his belt. His hands were supporting himself up so your bodies didn’t make contact but little by little his body melted into yours, which you received heartily. He gently played with your hair, caressed your cheek, and lightly nipped at your neck, leaving you breathless, relaxed, yet wanting so much more.

           Suddenly, there was knock on the door and he chuckled, immediately sitting up and getting off the couch. You were panting heavily, upset at the loss of contact.

           "What’s happening?“ you questioned, your voice a bit rough and dehydrated as you sat up.

           He chuckled as he returned by your side with a cup of water.

           "My 35 minutes with you is up.” he smiled.

           "Already?“ you pouted.

           He leaned over and kissed you sweetly on the cheek. "We can always play some more if you prefer me.”

           "Prefer…?“ you furrowed your brow.

           Black Mask fixed your hair carefully as you finished your water.

           "My friend has a bit of a different… approach than me.” His eyes had a mischievous glint to it as he grabbed the empty cup from you.

           You watched him walk towards the door sadly. He turned to you one last time and winked, “I look forward to your choice.”

           With that, he opened the door and disappeared, leaving you alone in the room. Those 35 minutes felt like an eternity of heaven for you. Then you finally composed yourself, realizing that your next host was the one that continually sent shivers of excitement down your spine simply with his words. You felt the need to throw your trench coat back on; you felt naked and anxious. You walked around the room to cool yourself down from your previous encounter.

           Suddenly, the door opened and closed quietly. The atmosphere changed immediately. With Black Mask, it had been light, comfortable, and sweet but there was a thick tension in the air as soon as Red Mask stepped foot into the room. Your eyes locked with his piercing stare and he smirked.

           "Fucking finally.“ he rushed to where you were and crashed his lips onto yours. You got the wind knocked out of you as he pushed you against the wall. Not wasting time, he slipped his tongue into your mouth, and immediately battled with yours. He broke the kiss and he grazed your neck with his nose.

           "I told you I’d make you beg for me, didn’t I?” he hummed and you fought to catch your breath from his surprise kiss.

           He pressed open mouthed kisses down your neck, licking the same exact spot alternatingly.

           "This….“ he bit your bottom lip as he traced your chest down to the buttons of your trench coat. ”…needs to come off.“

           You nodded.

           "Take it off for me baby girl.” he whispered on your lips and your hands immediately obeyed, unfastening the buttons at lightning speed.

           He kissed your newly exposed shoulders and worked his way to the low V-cut of your dress.

           "Fuck, you’re hott.“ he muttered before licking a line down your chest, causing you to gasp and thread your hands through his hair.

           "Hmm yes, make more sounds for me.” he growled as he pulled you towards him and attacked your lips again.

           Your arms wrapped around his neck to deepen the kiss, but he stepped back hurriedly. You stumbled forward, confused. He smirked as he took your arms and pinned them to the wall, before returning to heatedly make out with you. You struggled to get your arms free from his grasp, but he was stronger than you. His lips curled up and he stared into your eyes dangerously.

           "Do you want to touch me baby girl?“ he hissed.

           You nodded weakly.

           "Where do you want to touch me?” he smirked and you swallowed hard.  

           "Everywhere.“ you breathed as you pressed your lips onto his hungrily.

           Easily, he lifted you up by your waist as your tongues continued to fight for dominance; you wrapped your legs around him to help distribute some of your weight. And soon, you found your back pressed roughly onto the couch. His hands roamed your thighs firmly as neither of you broke the kiss for a few minutes. You reveled in the way he was devouring you. You could tell he needed you, he wanted you, and it excited you. Slowly, he grinded into you and you gasped, breaking the kiss at the feeling of his hardness. He smirked at you as he studied your shocked expression.

           "That’s all from you.” he mumbled.

           And you had to warn yourself to hold onto your dignity. Seeing, the hesitation and worry on your face, he chuckled.

           "Alright, alright. If I reach strike three, then I’m out. Or…“ he nipped at your lip. ”… you can just punish me.“

           You pulled him flush against your body and kissed him fervently. This man got you so riled up, it was unfair. He pushed the boundaries, but it made everything all the more exhilarating, as if you were a teenager rebelling against your parents for the first time. You felt the strings of your sanity loosen and you began to bask in the idea that you could be whoever you wanted to be with these men. They didn’t know who you were outside of it, and they were never going to.

           Your thoughts were soon interrupted by the buzz and vibration of the circular disc the receptionist had given you earlier. Groaning, Red Mask pushed himself off of you and stood up. You blushed as he unabashedly flaunted the growing need inside his pants in front of you.

           "Wanna fix it?” he smirked and you blushed, scolding yourself that you almost agreed to do so.

           He chuckled as he outstretched his hand out. “Don’t worry. A very rare few get to see the goods on the first session.”

           He winked at you and you chuckled, slipping your hand into his.

           "Oh my coat.“ You grabbed it, but Red Mask pulled you roughly to him as you attempted to put it on.

           "Don’t.” he hummed. “I want everyone to see how sexy you are when we walk out.”

           You felt your cheeks warm but you obliged. He took you out of the room and you found Black Mask waiting for you two beyond the veil with a bright smile.

           "Have fun?“ he asked lightly.

           "Of course. Who do you think I am?” Red Mask rolled his eyes.

           "Your fun is not everyone else’s fun.“ Black Mask grabbed your coat and threw it over your shoulder. "You’ll catch a cold like this.”

           "I want to flaunt her.“ Red Mask grumbled.

           "She looks beautiful even with the coat.” Black Mask smiled as he stepped back to take a good look at you. “Flaunt away.”

           His compliment made you smile and you felt your heart melt.

           "Oh. I didn’t catch your names…“ you muttered.

           The two grinned. "We’ll tell you our names after you tell us which one you liked best.”

           You froze, realizing you didn’t have a decision. Seeing your blank expression, the two cracked up.

           "Are you saying you like us both equally?“ Black Mask asked.

           "I mean…it was my first encounter with both of you…it’s hard to tell…” you trailed off shyly.

           The two looked at each other then smiled.

           "I’m fine with sharing.“ Red Mask shrugged.

           "For now at least.” Black Mask tightened your coat around you.

           "Is that okay?“ you looked at them with wide eyes. "I just feel like I want to get to know you guys…as hosts…better? Is that weird?”

           "Nah. We’re pretty flexible here.“ Red Mask winked at you, donning his signature smirk. "Plus I’m always looking for fresh meat to corrupt.”

           You giggled.

           "How about this,“ Black Mask suggested. "let’s exchange numbers?”


           "Well you said you wanted to get to know us as hosts better right?” Black Mask smiled. “We can keep you updated on when our slots are both free again for you to come in.”

           "And if you need any help from home…“ Red Mask whispered. ”…I don’t mind help out through the phone.“

           You covered your face, flustered. Fumbling into your purse, you eagerly grabbed the new personal phone you had just gotten for yourself to separate your work life, and handed it to them.

            "Do you guys always give away your work numbers?” you asked as you watched them type into your phone.

           "No.“ Black Mask smiled as he handed the phone over, "It’s cause you’re special.”

           Red Mask, on the other hand, chuckled and leaned down to whisper, “It’s so I could show you how riled up I can get you without needing to touch you.”

           You turned red immediately as he cackled while he finished typing in his number.

           "Those are our work phones, so feel free to text whenever.“ Black Mask grinned.

           "Who’s who?” you glanced down at the new names on your phone.

           "I’m J-Hope.“

           "I’m Chims. And you are…?”

           You smiled at them. “I guess… I can be whoever you guys want me to be.”

           "That’s bold, Silver girl.“ Black Mask tapped your silver mask playfully and sweetly kissed you on the cheek. "I like that.”

           "See ya baby girl.“ Red Mask patted your hip smugly before the two walked away to get back to work.

           Feeling lighthearted and giddy, you stepped out of Club Masquerade, transformed into a completely different person than when you had walked in. 

          As soon as you got home, you hopped into bed and edited the contacts on your phone so it was easier for you to remember who was who. Smiling contently to yourself, you stared at the two new names:

           ”Black Mask J-Hope“ and ”Red Mask Chims“.

Part 2

I can’t believe Stephanie Cordato Patrick accidentally ended up at a sketchy Halloween rave party in an abandoned warehouse without a floor.

I am incredibly interested in how she ended up there, especially considering she said you had to pay some guy on a street corner for a map.

[breaking Ravenclaw conventions] All Ravenclaws are nerds Aesthetic

No, y'all don't understand-

If Keith’s “original design” had WHITE HAIR he’s either a quintessence baby like Lotor or ALTEAN ROYALTY. Those are the only two aliens that canonically have white hair. Looking closely at the background, the only Alteans that have white hair are Altean royalty (Allura, Alfor, Allura’s unnamed mother) and Honerva after the quintessence experiments. Lotor only has white hair because, we can assume from how Allura didn’t know about Lotor’s existence and how busy Honerva was during that time, that Lotor is younger than Allura. It also explains why Lotor has white hair.

Back to the subject: Keith’s Mom had to have either been galratean royalty, a galratean child born under quintessence (like Lotor), or a galratean under quintessence, herself.
The only way that Keith could have white hair is if he had some Altean in him.

Theoretically, Keith’s dad could be an Altean royal with dyed hair to fit in. Or his mother could have been a halfbreed.

That would also explain why Keith looks so human. In one of my other headcanons I said that “galra” was a non-dominant gene, but it’s not invisible. Lotor looks like if a simulator literally combined Galra and Altean genes together, Zethrid’s ears look like Sendak’s if he went to a rave with that one person who loved dying hair, and Aucxa could almost fit right in with a galra crowd! Although, the Altean shapeshifting ability would cover it completely! We don’t know if Lotor has the ability to shift, and, obviously, we haven’t seen anything like shifting with Keith canonically, but, if he were doing it *unconsciously* of course he wouldn’t be able to do it on a whim. Plus he hasn’t even tried.

Bonus: Keith doesn’t have an official nationality in the paladin handbook. Am I the only one who thinks that’s weird? They put so much thought into where the other paladins were from, but Keith? “Half human, half galra” he’s just human? Granted, yes, they could just not want to fuel “Korean Keith” fans, or receive backlash from giving him another nationality and upsetting the fans, you could even say that they don’t want to be racist for giving a Korean character a Korean(/American) actor, but it’s still suspicious.

So I went to my first rave tonight!  I was expecting to see lots of weird things - candy necklaces, grown adults using pacifiers, the dropping of crazy sick beats.  But nothing could prepare me for what I saw in that warehouse - A TEENAGER SPLIT APART INTO TWO KIDS!!!

There’s only one explanation - Steven and his friend were hiding in a specially fabricated bodysuit built by the Illuminati for the purposes of international espionage!

You might have heard of it before under the official name: Project L.I.L. R.A.S.C.A.L. 

Local Illuminati's Latest Really Attractive Spy Concealing Approximated Life-form

It’s a shame because I was totally gonna go ask them to dance… you know, until I learned it was Steven and his friend.

My co-worker, Makenna, is interested in cute boys online. If you’re an attractive dude, submit a pic of your FACE to @hit-me-with-a-truck with your snapchat or instagram. Maybe she’ll dm you idk. Her type is Asian dudes, Hispanic dudes, and bad boys. Also if you’re an Asian dude that went to a rave the other night and helped out a crying girl, that was her and she wants your contact info.

Pour One Out for Archie Sonic

Today, Sega announced the termination of its partnership with Archie Comics. After 25 years and over 500 issues total, Archie Sonic is over. It’s no real surprise; rumors to this effect were already swirling when I drafted this post months ago. It’s now been six months since any issues were released, and lately the creative team has been looking for other work, so this was pretty much a given, but…Dammit.

Now, I quit Sonic altogether after the one-two punch of the Penders lawsuit/forced reboot and Sonic Boom, but this still hurts. It hurts bad.

I grew up reading Archie Sonic. I had an uninterrupted subscription from fifth grade to college. I sent in letters and fan art, and for a while I even thought about working there someday. Hell, someone who worked there in a very high position once said that someday I could be doing his job. When the games were bad or nonexistent, when the cartoons were cancelled, when everything else looked grim, Archie Sonic was there. Archie Sonic kept the beloved cast of SatAm from vanishing into obscurity. It rescued ignored, unloved, and underused characters from oblivion, and gave us entirely new sides of existing ones. Yeah, there were times when it was terrible, and yes, it gave us Penders and a million bad fan recolors, but there were so many times that Archie Sonic was not only good, but the best, most consistently quality piece of official Sonic media out there.

And for a while, it really looked like things were turning around. Like I said, I bowed out because of the reboot, but plenty of people have told me that Ian Flynn worked another one of his goddamn miracles, and made it better than it’s ever been. This was the man who stepped in after Penders and Borllers made a humongous mess of everything and got themselves fired, and not only managed to save the series but drastically improve it, and make sense of the clusterfuck those two left behind. Miracles, nothing, that was practically an act of God.

Archie Sonic was part of my gateway to Internet fandom, for better or worse. I started out on fan forums, Yahoo groups, and RPs in my noob days, almost always as an Archie character. Hell, for a while, I touted myself as “The World’s #1 Fan of Mina Mongoose” (cringeworthy, I know, but we all have our pet causes and she was one of mine). I wrote rants when it went wrong, and raves when it went right. I followed dozens of fan artists based on Sonic stuff alone, and saw many of them actually work for Archie for real. Whether you liked it or not, there was genuine talent to be found there.

And now this. After six months of limbo, Sega pulls the plug. It’s an extremely dickish and sadly very Sega thing to do, leaving everyone hanging for so long only to give the series the axe.

I don’t know. Part of my childhood and adolescence is now gone. It’s a sad day.

Heartfelt thanks to Ian and everyone who worked on the comic (save Penders, who can go choke on a mountain of dicks). You guys had a hard job, but every once in a while, you worked miracles. You have my sympathies, and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Fluff Friday Rusted

(I’m super late and super sorry)

“I’ve never seen a synthetic rusted over before.”

Sakura drew up the bottom of her face scarf and narrowed her eyes over the edge. “That’s because they don’t. This one’s been damaged and parts have been replaced with subpar metal works.”

Kain didn’t draw up her face scarf but let it flap under her chin, unbothered by the grains of granting sand that occasionally would fly her way. It was windy in the Country of Wind, but not that windy. “He must have been terrible if someone chose to patch him up like that instead of take him to an Industry facility.”

Sakura looked over at her friends with tired eyes. “Don’t joke.”

Karin scratched at the corner of her skin. “They have to have something here they could use.”

“Not since their open rebellion against the Country of Fire. Here’s a bite of history for you if integrating is truly something you want, when our enemies tried to bring us down we made sure they couldn’t stand up again. In retaliation my father’s units raised the lands and destroyed all advanced technologies. It’s taken them years to scrape together this much.”

“I thought your teammate and the new Wind Leader are friends. Isn’t Naruto gonna do something about this then?”

Sakura didn’t answer right away. They were standing across the street in the market while the rest of the world flowed around them like fish in a current. She was still staring at the red haired synthetic unit with the one bad arm made out of metal and rust that likely wasn’t even connected to any rural circuitry. From the elbow down it was an ugly sight that reminded her a little too well of her own war scars.

The androids face found her and didn’t look away. Parts of him were ugly and rusted, but he had the face of an angel.

She was crossing the street before she knew what she was doing. The seller wrapped up in ugly tan rags smiled through the folds to see her approach and jumped in front of his unit to snag her attention. “Only the finest for exotic beauties such as yourself, pretty lady. Behold the sweet spices of a desert land.” He then went off of a rave about the different spices that would cure her love life, bring her fertility, stimulate her acuity, heal a sore throat, and keep her young. Suna was nothing if not sexist at its core.

The redhead watched her without blinking the entire time Either he lacked the emotional intelligence that synthetics were famous for, or he knew he was being unsettling and didn’t care. It was hard to place his year or model, since he seemed so customized.

“It smells.”

Karin’s voice broke into Sakura’s senses and she turned to see her friend working the seller with her usual routine. When bartering, Karin didn’t bother to try and hide the fact that she had money, but complimented it with a disdain that managed to middle prices down to suit her needs.

“Is there truly something here you might need?” Sakura sighed, walking over to stand behind Karin’s shoulder and look out to the market road.

“I’m looking, such,” Karin playfully hissed, smacking her friend lightly. Sakura let her. It was all part of the act. After a few minutes of haggling Karin managed to get a price she liked for the tea spices that was a deal to both parties.

The man was scooping the dried spices into a silk bag for her when he looked to Sakura and asked, “And what does your heart desire?”

Sakura was about to tell him goodbye or maybe just walk away, but the glint of light on gold metal made her stop. “I want that AMD chip around your neck.”

She had said it so casually he didn’t miss a beat tying up the silk bag, but once the words registered his hands stopped. Slowly, greedy little eyes looked up to her and she knew he was willing to sell.

“Oh, that will cost you.”

“I’m sure it will, but you’re over pricing the hunk of junk if he’s already missing visible parts. Do you even know his make and model?”

“He’s pre war, but not by much. He was part of the last line we ever put out, the most advanced!”

Sakura studied the synthetic carefully, tilting her head to one side and playing up her inspection. She let her eyes run over his form and then trail away as if she had seen all of him and found herself wanting. “That may be the case, but that was an entire generation ago. We’ve made leaps and bounds in technology since then. What was his designation?”

“He was a custom model.”

Karin snickered behind Sakura. “With a face like that he was probably a love model.”

Sakura wanted to roll her eyes. He had a pretty face, but he was way too stern and unnerving for such sensitive work.

“You don’t have a certificate of imprint?” Sakura asked, glancing to the chip on a chain around the man’s neck.

“Don’t need one. He needs this and it’s just as good if you’ve got it on you.” The old man grinned wide. “So, what’s he worth to you.”

“Probably not what you want or him considering the models we can get back in our country.”

Karin huffed, “You mean the models you can get. Some of us still don’t pass the bar exam yet.”

Owning synthetics in the Land of Fire was rare due to the fact that only specific, qualified individuals could keep them. Sakura was highly qualified in her position so close to the Hokage, but she had never taken one for herself.  Last she checked, she qualified for a total of four units, but that was many months ago. It might have gone up again.

“He’s not built with the silly safeguards you’re so insistent on. He’s from the golden age in the golden country,” the man went on. “He’s worth 1,000,000 ryō to me.”

“I’m sure he is, but that’s what we get paid for S Class missions and you must think too highly of me for that. I’ll do…sixty for him.”

“You insult me.”

It begun and between the two of them the back and forth banter last a total of fifteen minutes with plenty of pro and cons being thrown out all while the unit sat, without speaking or moving. Finally Sakura got him down to 85 and that was only after she pulled out that much money and showed it to him. That was a lot of money to be carrying around in Suna and  it might have made him think her foolish for it, if not for the fact that she equated his price with an S Class Mission. That factoid had flavored the tone of negotiations favorably for her.

He took the money greedily and handed over the card. “Have fun.”

Sakura held onto the chip and looked up at the unit. He still didn’t blink. “What’s your name?” she asked.

It was a heartbeat later before he answered. “Sasori of the Red Sand.”

“Sasori, it’s nice to meet you. Will you come with me now?”


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Keep Holding On - Steve Rogers

request: oh! oh! can I request #26?!? This line: Can’t you see I’m so in love, that I’m terrified? @smilexcaptainx  

people: Steve x Reader / Avengers / ft. Fury

word count: 3.6k (ik, sorry it’s so long but I needed some FLUFF) 

warnings: swearing, fluffy-angst-fluFF

a/n: Another request I, unfortunately, neglected until now. I’m going to link this in with another imagine that’ll be part two for this one! So stay tuned for that one ;)

Enjoy - R.xx  

Every month got better. Every month I fell more and more in love with this insane man… this insane, kind, generous, altruistic man. We fit so perfectly together it was almost scary; how well we knew each other’s minds and emotions. I could detect a stressed out Steve Rogers from twenty miles away. Steve could feel my anger pulsate through my blood vessels whilst being twenty feet below me.

I would walk in the door, there he would be with dinner all set. Steve would stomp his way to the gym down in the basement area of Stark towers, and I would be there in a flash, sitting against the thick, cotton-padded walls, talking to him while he struck the bag as if it was all of Hydra’s men in one three hundred pound cylinder. We’d talk, he’d loosen his tension that laid within the muscles in his shoulders. Soon he would join me on the cold marble floor. There we’d talk for ages, letting all the stress of evil lurking around every corner of our lives all go free in the vast gym Stark had designed for all Avengers to train in. We made each other whole, we made each other happier than the other could ever believe.

We really were the perfect pair.

On nights like this, we would feel the summer wind dance in our bedroom, swirls of cool breezes and gusts of warm wind somehow danced together, waltzing together to produce a perfect temperature for these summer nights.

Nights when we would talk for hours in bed, just holding cuddling our exposed bodies together under the white silky covers.Listening to Steve’s record player. That shabby, old record player would spin Charlie Chaplin’s The Flower Girl all day long, leaving the tune to remain in my dreams as I drifted off to sleep in Steve’s arms.

It was never hard to talk to him about issues I had. I had never struggled to tell him I was anxious about a mission, or I had uneasy feelings about the building we may be inside. Scoping out any vital intel or sick human beings who we’re terrorizing a city, country, or nation. Avengers did not stop at intelligence missions. We went on manhunts, and manhunts always left us bruised and battered, physically and emotionally. Normally we’d get a couple days to go into our hiding places and recharge for a new task from the hands of Nick Fury.

Today, however, we hadn’t even put our heads to the pillows before FRIDAY’s voice was echoing off our bedroom walls.

“Why is he calling us in, I haven’t even showered yet…” I muttered to Steve. He perched on his knees as I sat on our downy comforter. He was trying to wash the stained blood off of my face with a warm washcloth, soothing me so greatly; until we got the call.

Pulling back, Steve looked at me and smiled to see my face hadn’t gotten a scratch on it, just someone else’s blood that he could remove. I had my eyes closed with a scowl now sketched on my face. Chuckling at my obvious annoyance, he leaned up and softly kissed my lips, surprising me with my eyes still closed. I could feel his large calloused hands go up and hold my aching head as he deepened our kiss.

Once he finally had the strength to pull his lips away from mine, Steve opened his eyes to see mine slowly opening up to meet his strong, loving look. “I wish I could let you just sleep but seeing as I’m captain, we should probably-”

“We gotta get the show on the road, I know, blah blah, I know Captain Perfectionist.” Getting up slowly, I felt a weird head rush but ignored the heat that suddenly flew into my head, temporarily blinding me for a moment. I stumbled a bit but luckily Steve was already changing into his suit again, unable to witness my unusual imbalance.

I didn’t have one signature suit, so I got to dress in whatever combat clothes I preferred. The heat today led me to a black quarter length top and slightly loosened black skinny jeans. I needed my legs to breath in case I had to go on a chase and I couldn’t be stopping to unzip my pants to let my thighs breath. Slipping my hair into a messy ponytail, I saw in the mirror that it was still tangled with crusted blood in it.

Steve picked me up and trotted over to the door before putting me down, “Let’s go lazy bug.” I slumped down and walked out the door, my arms were hunched over with a gray hoodie I was able to snatch before leaving our room. I used the hood to cover my fucked up hair. I glared up at my boyfriend who tugged me into the elevator, getting his professionalism on.

Slowly, though, a small smirk was forming on my lips, “Really? Lazy bug?”

Smiling down at me, Steve gave me a small shrug and kissed my shoulder while sneaking his arms down and around my waist. The elevator doors closed and we shot down to the Floor 11.

“I call you ladybug and your lazy today, I think it fits perfectly for you.” I didn’t argue from my excessive exhaustion and just held onto his arms tighter, feeling Steve’s soothing kisses on my head, protected by the hoodie. “You are a real nerd, Rogers, anyone ever tells you that?”

“Yeah, actually. Not so long ago, when I met this breathtaking woman, she smiled at me with these pearly white teeth and rosy red cheeks with speckles of freckles. I remember she said I was a giant nerd after I tried to explain to her that the laws of physics do not apply to vibranium because of it’s unnatural chemical makeup.” Okay, I had to smile at that one. The memories of our first time hearing each other’s voices speak, of our hands grasping each other’s, feeling that electricity between us. I saw it all like it was yesterday. A yesterday I wished to go back too.

The team filed in, all looking like they went to a rave that turned into a murder mystery party. Natasha had two cups of Starbucks, one for herself and one for me. Vision had just learned to make tea, and so Wanda quietly sipped on her Oolong Black Tea while I took a seat next to her, folding my legs underneath me, not caring about professionalism when half of us looked like hell. The only ones in track? Natasha, Steve, Vision, and Bucky. The rest of our sorry asses had to deal with ‘walk of shame/morning after’ look.

“Look, I know you’re all pissed we’re in here right now, I am too-”

An irritated Tony interrupted Fury, “Then why have you summoned us here?” he scratched the raven hair that was splayed all over his head.

“Believe me Stark, I wouldn’t be here unless it was for an urgent matter.” A stack of a case brief packets smacked down on the conference table. Taking a small peak over the title, I suddenly felt sick to my stomach and frozen all over.

I took peeks at everyone in the room and saw different yet, appropriate reactions to what they must’ve been seeing or reading about the case that I knew all too well about.

“We’ve received new information on case 27. Agent 11, this the first case you ever had. Even though.. we cut it off, because of unfortunate circumstances,” My pulse raced as all eyes shifted to my shrunken body in my chair, I was hiding in my sweater, trying to become a sort of chameleon and blend into the room. I was having no such luck.

“What… was the unfortunate circumstance?” Natasha, who was the only one with the balls in this room to ask the question that was lingering on everyone’s lips.

Everyone except; Tony, Steve, Fury, and I. We knew about the deadly case at hand far ago, and I had a feeling three out of the four were okay with finished the unsolved mission at hand.

Tony stepped up, helping me out by telling the team the deal with Case 27, so I didn’t have to. The words he spoke made everyone’s hair stand up, gathering goose bumps down their arms and legs.

“So we found a very important target that would nail this case right on the bullseye. You’ll all be sent out to Italy, where the group will be residing. This man,” Fury pointed to the projector, and a nasty man I knew as Fredrik Vulrochiv, was shown. “We need to take out- but interrogate the bastard first.” Nick’s eye landed on Natasha, who rolled her eyes and eventually nodded in agreement of not shooting the guy the moment she would meet him face to face.

“Listen, this isn’t going to be easy. These are manipulators, they twist your words as hard as they will twist your bones, breaking them one by one.”

“Man, I am really loving this the more I hear it…” Sam grumbled, tossing his packet on the table, he sighed and rubbed his eyes. All I could do was just stare at my unopened packet. Blankets of fear for the journey down horror lane that I was going to go on covered my body, suffocating me.

“We all have assignments and different area to cover. I say we get ourselves familiarized with the area before we land in four hour-”

“No. I won’t allow it.” Everyone’s head slowly turned towards at a very tense, Steve. Along with him was a slightly irritated Bucky, sitting below Steve, at his side.

Tony’s eyes ignited in a slightly flaming annoyance at the ‘perfect’ soldier, Tony always carried a love of antagonizing Steve at any expense. “What’s got your knickers in a twist this time, Rogers?”

“I don’t want to start with you, today. Stark, I’m sorry, and Nick I’m sorry as well, but this case was closed for a reason. Besides we’d all need to know how to handle that kind of nuclear weaponry lying there, as well as the bodies ready to murder us the second they get a whiff of our scent.”

“That’s what an intelligence briefing is for Captain. Sorry to be the one that shits on your parade, but this is happening. I want this case down and finally burnt in hell, where it belongs…”  I could feel Nick’s stare at me but I refused to look anywhere but my shoelace that was untied, waiting to be redone by my quivering hands.

The room was silent for a few moments, Steve was aggravated and I was destroyed, but what broke my statue state was Wanda’s sniffles. She had tears running down her blotchy cheeks, ones that she tried to wipe away, “I’m sorry, sorry-”

She apologized to the group as she patted her cheeks with a tissue. I finally let my head rise and found her brown, glowing eyes, glittering with tears as she stared into my soul, seeing the horror that was The 27.  

“How much is the risk?” She asked me. No one understood except me because I knew she was reading my thoughts as well, and I was weighing the risks and the more this case became real to me, the more the scale tipped in the Devil’s favor.

So I just shrugged my shoulders, picking at my dirty, caked nails. I softly muttered to her, though, wanting to let the room leave me be in my little humble chair in the back of the room. “Around seventy.” Wanda let out a sob, shaking her head as she stood up, knocking her tea all over the table, “Please, YN! No!”

“No!” Steve suddenly roared. Stalking over to me, he leaned down to meet my scared, doe in headlights, eyes.

“You can’t sacrifice yourself, doll. I know that’s… this is y-your… your mission. I… I-I need you to stick around here for a long time, though, and so does everyone else,” The group nodded, even Fury who had a glint of guilt in his eye that watched me.

“Steve, this is my life and these are my decisions. I went in on Case 27. It’s my Hydra if that makes you understand any better. Just look,” Standing up, I gathered some courage from god knows where, and walked to the front where the pictures of Case 27’s last mission we’re shown. I clicked the right arrow and the team gasped when they finally were projected onto the screen.

The photos that appeared we’re of the gruesome aftermath. Men, all around… the good people and the terrible people, it didn’t matter because they all were just bodies now. No longer souls. In the middle of this mass murder mess, was a small woman, caked in dirt, blood, and scars that still littered her arms today, that woman was me.

After the secret war of 1999, I had gone on my first ever Captain-mission. The task was to end these warp-minding men who used the power of trickery into gaining more and more of an army. They wanted full control, of not just a country, or even a continent. No, they wanted the world to bow down at their feet. They use to be quite prominent in the papers, but the new died down of them when the group seemed to have ‘gone under’. I knew better than that. They’re probably lurking somewhere, in the shadows maybe. Or in plain sight, all I know is that they never left me. 

Their words, knives, bullets, laughs… all haunted my dreams, my happy moments, my memories…I almost had those bastards,  I should’ve seen the mistake I had made instantly. I didn’t though because life isn’t happy endings. That moment in my life, that mistake I made, cost twenty members of SHIELD, their lives. I had just miscounted the men, I misjudged their defense force. I missed two vital things a Captain needs to be on top of.

I had been attending to a wounded fellow member when a bullet ripped right through my left lung, lodging itself in there quite painfully. The teammate I was trying to save just smiled at me, squeezing our bloody hands together, he laid his head back on the ground as I screamed in pain and sorrow for the fallen member. I took out my assailant and left the mission unfinished.

I knew that the enemies had called for backup and I was expecting them to arrive at any minute. So I saved myself that night, only myself. Leaving, I had twenty intelligent, determined SHIELD members at my side. I arrived back at SHIELD with carrying only one remaining body back into Headquarters; my own.

It was abnormal to hear Bucky’s voice boom during conference room meetings but I guess he found some spirit inside to rise on his feet and stomp on the ground like a fussy child, “Please, I’m begging no, Nick. She has a vendetta against that group! She’ll only go in as a suicide fighter and you know that!” 

Walking over to Fury casually with no threat in his movements, Bucky still managed to make Tony tense. Which I had caught in the corner of my eye. “Barnes-” “No. I went up again those band of…assholes, in 1990, Paris. Even they outsmarted me, that was before they even gained their mass weaponry that they possess now. I was with five other winter soldiers, trainee’s of mine, we all made it back. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing I don’t know!”

He glanced at Tony who had a snarl on his face from the mentioning of the extra Super Soldiers that were obviously now dead. “Yeah… I killed a few dozen of the dicks, but the rest… they are not human. They have no soul, no brain to logically think about anything but killing whoever gets in their way! We, do not have the power to get through this mission-”

“You’ll get this mission done. You’ll get it done with a smile on your face too, Barnes. All of you, I don’t care about vendettas. Frankly, we could use one at the sound of your weak asses.” Bucky squinted at Fury’s backhand words towards him.

“Listen, we gotta get them this time, guys. We don’t have that much time left.”

“Before?” Tony questioned.

“Before they…create something that would change the world for the worst. This needs to be carried out today, no exceptions. I’m sorry, Agent 11. I’m sorry, Steve, but this is final.”

Looking around the room, not one face was readable. I had no idea what they were thinking as they read over their briefings. Some gasped, some held their head in their hands.

I did, however, immediately detect anger in Steve’s eyes. I had to look away from him before I felt guilt build in my chest. Looking towards my best friend, I could see a small amount of pain peaking out of Bucky’s eyes.

As much as I’d like to say that I was brave and felt confident when I carried out those orders, I can not. Because, truthfully, I was shaken to my core the moment we had gotten ambushed. I was blinded by fear and past memories invading my mind I didn’t even realize that the conference room had emptied, leaving me and my brief packet… and a furious steve.

He kept his jaw locked as he saw down next to me. Normally, Steve would know what to do with missions where he felt my life was in peril. He’d come to my side and ask what to do, and that’s when we would go to the beach and sit on our blanket Wanda had knit for us for Christmas. 

That was our moment to think, get away from the walls of Stark towers and let our minds drift away by the sea’s breeze.

This time though…he had no words, nothing to tell me it would be okay, or that I needed to stay behind for my own safety. We knew everything about this mission. The good, the bad, and the evil that laid ahead. 

The only response I got was a warm hand wrapping over my icy, pale, bluish hand. I smiled at his large hand dominating mine, it gave me somewhat of a feeling of protection. Maybe not tomorrow, or even in 12 hours. But in this moment I felt his protection covering me like a forcefield.

“We’ll be okay, alright…we’ll make this out alive, YN, because we’ve got the whole team on our side. Okay?”

I left a small smile on my face when looking up at Steve’s panicked eyes, scanning mine for any trace of fear. He couldn’t find any, though because I didn’t have any. I knew what was to come, and he knew too. That was the most frightening thing of all, no fear meant no worries. No worries meant that being killed wasn’t one her mind anymore, it was fading in the background. She no longer was herself. YN was a soldier, ready a mission with no strings attached to her life anymore. 

“Listen, YN. Please, do not do this, and leave me here. I let love slip away once, and I can not have that happen again, not when I’m so in love with you, I’m fucking terrified…”

A small gap was on YN’s face when he spoke, he never even said shit, and he jumped all the way to number two on the scale of swears! Looking at Steve, YN could help herself, she couldn’t let the tugging of his heart grasping hers, go. She loved it, honestly, YN loved the feeling of his love. He made sure to show it, whenever he could. If this mission went south, and YN was going to spend the rest of the summer in the hospital, she knew that it would kill her to have Steve in pain that whole time.

As much as it was easier going her way, she swerved towards Steve’s heart, letting it take her own heart, prisoner.  

Grasping his shoulders, she hugged him to her body. Steve wrapped his arms around YN, letting her cry on his suited shoulder. He couldn’t tell whether these sobs were of pain or relief. He couldn’t tell whether YN was crying from relief or from the pain of having to stay alive. Her nails dug into Steve’s suit, but it was no matter. He knew that YN wasn’t leaving this base as a woman with a death warrant. She was leaving with a reason to live.

“I’ll make this out alive, Steve. I promise. I’m not going to leave the man I’m madly in love with alone. If I did, I’d be hurting us both because leaving you, is like having to rip out part of my soul and leave it with you until I return. I want my soul, Steve. You are my heart and soul, don’t forget that. Ever.”

A tear strayed from his eyes that looked like a cloudless sky, glossed over with water that he wanted to be kept inside, but couldn’t seem to control. Steve kissed my wet, salty lips that smiled against his. A feeling of relief washed over me once I realized I wasn’t going to be gone within hours, I was going to be here, fighting with my wonderful, courageous man that would stop at nothing to end all evil, but more importantly, would not sleep, eat, or think, until he had his heart and soul back in his arms again.

“Why do you have to be so damn perfect, Steve Rogers?”

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again and again [michael m. x reader]

hey!! do you think you could do a michael mell x reader where the reader works at a record store and they bump into each other there?? idk why but i’m completely obsessed with this idea and your writing is so good you’d legit do it so much justice. thanks!! )

that’s adorable and i love it omg <33


warnings: none!

     For the fourth time that week, Jeremy followed Michael into the same exact record store. The first time Michael had went on his own and raved about how cool and nice the place was, and somehow managed to drag Jeremy into the store the next four times - and it was pretty obvious why Michael was crazy about this store.

    “Michael!” He had heard a voice chirp, and there stood you, dressed in a t-shirt of your favorite band with a name-tag reading off [Y/N] in bold print. You smiled and immediately Michael walked over to the counter and began talking about some album he must have bought the day before, rambling on and on - as if he forgot Jeremy was even with him.

     It was blatantly obvious why Michael kept coming back. Something about you seemed familiar - did you go to Middleborough? Fuck if Jeremy knew - sometimes he didn’t know some of the kids in his own classes. But you kept on talking to Michael, and Michael was fully entranced in everything you had to say, so he just stood there awkwardly as he watched the two of you.

     The next day, Michael was talking about you to everyone at lunch.

    “I don’t know, they’re just so interesting!” He said, “I thought I knew a lot about music but they just…” He paused, “they’re cool.”

     It was kinda sweet.

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My future brother in law has made me ashamed of him today.

He wrote an entire Facebook post about every single celebrity who made a donation to Texas Relief efforts for Harvey, complaining about how they didn’t give enough. He went on a rant, raving about how much money they have and how they aren’t being Christian examples because what they donated in charity “is like pennies to them”

Well, on behalf of all ungrateful, judgmental Christians like this I want to apologize. And I would also like to say that it is not our place as Christians to criticize the CHARITY of others or decide how much they should be giving based on our limited view of their earnings. It is our job to be charitable and give without ceasing, but it is not our responsibility to crack the whip in judgment just because of the surface view we have that goes no deeper.

I am so sorry about those “Christians” who are ungrateful. And thank you, everyone who gave, no matter the amount.