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it was something along the lines of: my problem isnt as big as the other anon but i want some advice too... my friend just started cursing at me and calling me stuff that really hurt my feelings like pointing out my insecurities and all of that ... "youre no good you are too obsessive and annoying you dont know when to quit or what boundries are you arent anything but a short piece of shit who wants nothing but attention because they're self conscious"and i dont know where i went wrong..

Yo, constructive criticism is one thing. They may think they are helping you but tbh as long as they are putting you in the spot and refusing to talk to you properly they are making a dick move. Is it possible to stay away from them?

Went to a gay bar for a drag show tonight and the queen was telling the audience to “make some noise if you’re _____”… Well my sister and I didn’t fit into those categories so she walks up and says “well what about pansexual people?”.. and of course the queen says something along the lines of not being able to keep up and those names being so extra or whatever. So then she proceeded to ask my sister what it was. And since my sis is hella shy so she pushed me up to the mic. So of course the queen does the basic introduction joke and then gives me the mic and I had to basically educate an entire club on what pansexuality actually is.

But I did walk out of the club with a number so tonight wasn’t all bad.

I am a dude with a boyfriend.

We’re both Asian.

We went on a bus and sat in front of two girls.

I kissed behind his ear (and then he punched me in the arm, he’s shy in public) and I heard one of them whisper to the other something along the lines of “We get to see close up yaoi on here!”.

(Neither of us are even Japanese)

I was kinda offended, so I took my boyfriend by the hand and left.

It made us feel very uncomfortable.

I just want to say:

Our love and relationship isn’t for your entertainment.

Nor is it here for you to fetishize and sexualize.

Please just keep your “yaoi xDD” to just fiction, and please do not call us “yaoi”.

Many dismiss this as not a problem, which I find rude as they have never experienced this so they don’t really have much to say against this.

Thank you for reading.

- Submitted by Anonymous

* ^^^ Sorry to hear that anon D: that’s pretty terrible.

LISTEN @ ALL MEN!! if a girl in ur life trusts you enough to tell u about a negative experience w men, like cat calling, stalking, harassment or abuse, and she says smth along the lines of ‘i hate men’ bc of it DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT reply w ‘so u hate me too??’ 'what about me?? not me right?’ 'oh I see I’ll leave you alone’….. get over your ego being hurt and actually support this person that sought out your help… they are your family/partner/friend and they (just) went tru something traumatic and need you! don’t make it about yourself!!!! stop being part of the problem

Remember that time when Sherlock discovered that the teammate Mary abandoned without so much as a backward glance, who endured six years of torture because of it, had some hard feelings and was trying to kill her, so Sherlock went to John with the information and the thumb drive to ask him what to do, and John said something along the lines of, “Yeah, if you offer to help her, she’ll definitely attack you like she did the last time you tried to help her, so we’d better just put a tracking device in the thumb drive now so that she doesn’t get too far when she runs after, because you know she will, Sherlock, that’s her pattern, and also maybe wear a bullet vest when you go meet her, yeah?” and Sherlock agreed to it and everything happened exactly the way they thought it would? Remember that? Just checking. 

It’s January 1st, the first morning of the new year, and Harry can’t imagine being more hungover than he currently is, right now, in this moment. His head is pounding, the Denver sun too bright even through the closed shades in the living room, and Louis will not stop fucking whining that he needs coffee, needs a sweatshirt, needs to unpeel his contacts from his eyeballs, needs something to throw up into.

“Lou, baby, for the love of God, shut the hell up,” Harry groans from his position behind the kitchen counter, wincing as the refrigerator door slams behind him.

“No, it’s your fault I feel so shitty. You forced me to drink.”

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More Than One Night

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Imagine:  Could you please write more Matt Murdock Smut? I have a mighty need and nobody really writes those kinds of things. A request I have in mind would be something along the lines of; Matt and Reader are good friends who had more than a few one-night stands so they don’t know their positions. Reader gets fed up and ends up with another dude and Matt gets angry thinking they had a thing. Just a bunch of angst and fluff

Warnings: Smut


You stumbled through the door of your friend Matt Murdock’s apartment, giggling loudly about something you saw at the bar.

“I can’t believe that guy fell of the table,” you laughed, remembering how the drinks went flying as the wannabe dancer took a tumble. Matt chuckled along with you, his hand on your lower back, guiding you so you didn’t trip in your heels. 

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Sterek road trip AU 

After graduating from college Stiles and Derek, best friends who both wish they were something more, road trip from California where they went to school, to New York City, where they both have jobs lined up.

They take the long way across the country, stopping at all the cheesy roadside attractions along the way.  Every time they stop Derek sends a post card and Stiles buys a little trinket and writes a note to go with it.

By the time they make it to New York Stiles hands Derek a backpack full of little souvenir and notes about his feelings for him and Stiles has a mailbox full of postcards from Derek telling him about his feelings for him.

They spend their first 2 days in New York locked in Stiles’ bedroom.  

On their next cross country road trip they hold hands and make out at the same cheesy roadside attractions that they stopped at on their first trip.

Love Is Ludicrous; Wedding

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x Jimin feat Taehyung and Jungkook

x Mature, Fuckboy/Playboy Maknae Line

x 1846

Plot: Jimin Park was the ultimate definition of playboy along with his friends Taehyung Kim and Jungkook Jeon. Upon one of his best friends getting married, he’ll have to deal with consiquences also known as Y/N

x Next

Your name: submit What is this?

Music thumps in the ear drums of those using the excuse of dancing to grind upon random people and of those random people was infamous playboy Park Jimin.

It was normal to see Jimin grinding upon one girl with another in his arms while another is getting him a drink, it was a usual routine for people like him.

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Regina Mills:  A Purity of Heart

A meta on Regina’s childhood…

Regina was born a princess, one among many grand children of King Xavier, but among court life and riches.  Trained from a very young age to rule in preparation to be queen.  But not just any queen.  Cora wasn’t shopping around for the right kingdom.  She wasn’t sending her daughter to balls so that she could meet the right prince.  No she had a long game in mind.  One that fit both her revenge and her ambition.  

A young girl humiliated Cora, not once but twice, and it was her family that she would destroy in order to put her daughter on a throne.  But somewhere along the way something went wrong.  Cora’s family was no longer living in a castle.  But on an isolated country estate. There are two possibilities.  Henry and his ambitious and dangerous wife could have been banished to a country estate.  Henry was fifth in line ot the throne and Xavier certainly knew his daughter in law was dangerous.  Potentially to dangerous to keep around at court.

Another option is that Xavier’s family was displaced from their kingdom and castle.  There is some evidence in the show to suggest that Xavier’s family lost it’s kingdom to Prince Eric’s family.  They live in the came castle …





One could guess that Eric is one of Regina’s cousins, but given that all of Regian’s male relatives are played by Latinos and Prince Eric is white, along with the fact that the guards are wearing different heraldry the simpler explanation is that Henry’s family lost their kingdom.  Perhaps Xavier, and arrogant man, wages wars beyond his ability to fight and even Cora’s ability to influence with her magic.

There is actually a suggestive element in the games Regina and Zelena play in the brief time in which they are together.  Playing “princesses” for ten year old Regina meant combat.  She acted out the violence that she had seen at some point.  Magic was not yet something Regina was rejecting but there is every reason to believe even at that age she lived in a very unsettled world.

We already know from 5.19 that Cora has used her magic to hurt Regina before because she can’t use it to save her.

Henry Sr:  Can’t you heal her?
Cora:  My magic won’t work, not when it’s the cause of her pain.

And we have other evidence of parental abuse even at a young age.  It is not just that Cora will not play with her daughter but she also places the blame for her accident on Regina.

Regina:  Who’s that?
Cora:  The girl whose magic saved you from yourself.

And there is this charming piece of dialogue right before she rips her screaming daughters apart and forces them to drink a forgetting potion because their bond is inconvenient to her social ambitions.

There is a lot of blank time between ten year old Regina’s brief encounter with her sister and eighteen year old Regina’s next appearance but there are some very notable changes over the course of that time.  The two most important being her rejection of magic and her outright fear of her mother.  I believe these are related.

We know that Cora used her magic freely to control and to punish and that she had done that since at least before Regina was ten years old.  

We know that Regina had seen some sort of magic combat before she was ten years old.

We know that not long after her marriage she has a very strong aversion to the idea of taking hearts.  That she sees it as evil.

And we know that Regina was able to hear the beating of her mother’s massive collection of magical hearts under the floor of her childhood home.

The logical conclusion is that at some point she began to recognize her mother’s evil and to reject it.  I think that it is logical to assume that she saw her mother rip out hearts, control people, and likely even kill.  Given Regina’s brave and heroic nature it’s even possible she tried to intervene with her mother on behalf of someone and paid the price.  It would not surprise me if Cora crushed a heart instead of simply taking it to teach Regina a lesson in sentimentality.

We know she was a lonely child but imagine if she forced herself not to try and make friends knowing that any friendship with her endangered the person who she might befriend.  Perhaps that is how the relationship with Daniel started.  A secret friendship that turned into a secret love.

We know that Regina was obsessed with horses.  Not simply being around them but reading about them and about horsemanship.  And she was very very good.  Let’s just appreciate this gif for a moment.  She is riding at speed and jumping without a saddle.

I think horses and the outdoors became an escape for her.  Anything that got her out of the house and away from her mother’s domain where violence, discipline reigned and where every action she took would be met with a sharp word.  Another suggestive element of this is her love of the apple tree transplanted from her home orchard.  Apple orchards are wonderful places to get lost in for a child and it is easy to imagine Regina running away from her lessons and spoiling her dress in the dirt under an apple tree day dreaming of a life she couldn’t have.

Of horses and freedom and a place that magic couldn’t touch her.  Perhaps that is where she made her first wish.  Her first of many wasted wishes.  Because the fairies weren’t coming to help her.  No matter how many times she begged at the blue star.

And the fairies weren’t the only ones who couldn’t or wouldn’t help.  There was her father.  She probably thought when she was a little girl he could do anything but no matter how much he loved her he was as trapped by Cora as she was.  And Cora’s demands on what was proper and lady like were constant [though one wonders if her particular insistence on a saddle at this point was less about being graceful and more about the fact that her rescue of Snow White would be much more difficult riding without a saddle.]

By this point in Regina’s life Cora was quite free with her use of magic to “correct” Regina and Regina’s responses conditioned to her abuser.

Conditioning so deep into her psyche as to manifest well into her adulthood decades later.  Enough that I wonder if one of the issues that was going on in the confrontation with the Snow Queen was that Regina was experiencing post traumatic stress.  That for a moment she was not a powerful sorceress but a young girl being corrected for her disobedience.  The fact that Regina says very little in this encounter suggests so.

But there is so much more to young Regina than being a victim.  Because let’s not forget that the defining trait of young Regina was that she was a hero.  That when a child cried for help she jumped on a horse and road out of her mind to save her life.  There was o magic.  There was no flashes of light.  Simple physical bravery.

And that heroism was teamed with a kind and nurturing soul.  Notice how after they dismount Regina carefully checks Snow to make sure she isn’t hurt and hasn’t broken anything.

And once she is sure she is physically safe she assures her that fear is to be faced and overcome.  This is a young woman who lives in a constant state of fear and she responds to it with love, compassion, and patience.

But let us take a step back from this and remember something else.

This entire incident was set up.  Snow’s horse did not just go wild.  It was spooked by Cora.  It was part of her plan to make her daughter the Queen.  But for that plan to work she had to be sure that Regina would do exactly what she needed her to do.  Cora had to be absolutely sure of her daughter would be a hero.

The only way she could be sure of that is that she’d done things like this before.  

And no I don’t mean that she’d rescued kittens from trees.  I mean that there must have been other incidents where Regina without hesitation or reservation performed acts of physical bravery in order for Cora to be sure that her plan would work.

And Cora took no chances.  They weren’t in her nature.

But there is something else that Cora had to be sure of.  She had to know that Regina was so well trained and so conditioned against rebellion that no matter how much she did not want this marriage proposal that Regina would remain silent and lady like.  The evidence of Cora’s hand here is not just in her acceptence of the proposal but in Regina’s stunned silence.

Cora had punished, trained, corrected, and molded her daughter and when she did rebel.  When she did resist Cora made sure to remind Regina that not even her life was her own.  That her mother owned her and every choice she would make.  [It’s also worth wondering as an aside what the revelation that the rescue of Snow was arranged by her mother did to adult Regina who then lost the one unambiguously good thing she’d done in her life.  Her one heroic act was part of her mother’s evil plans.  That even when she was a hero once upon a time not only was she not rewarded for that good but she wasn’t even really a hero.]

Cora’s abuse also left other scars that merged with other indignities.  Did Regina ever exist in a world where she wasn’t looking over her shoulder.  What does constant surveillance from such a young age do?  We know from 5.19 that Cora had a habit of spying (which continued later in life as this example from Wonderland shows).

How many layers of shields and masks and protection did Regina have to learn to put up to protect the real her from everyone who wanted to know her thoughts and feelings in order to use them as weapons against her.  But despite this dangerous world young Regina tried to hold on to the things she knew were true.

She had seen pain.  She had seen death.  She had seen magic.  And she wanted no part of it.  

She had been trained and bread to power.  She had seen her mother wield it.  It was being presented to her on a silver plate.  And she wanted no part of it.

She had seen magic.  She had seen it in it’s rawest form.  And she believed there was something more powerful than magic.  Something more valuable than magic.  That true love, pure, simple, something anyone could have and that no one could buy was the most powerful force in all the realms.

And then it was ripped from her.  In an act of cruelty in the face of a thousand acts of cruelty that were handed to her with her ladies lace and her morning tea and her lessons in how to rule.  In all the knife cuts delivered at her mother’s hand.  It was taken from her and there was no one not her father not a king not a fairy not a god to stand up for her.  For her bravery.  For her goodness.  For her purity of heart.

And it broke her.

Because who could have endured all of that and not broken.

But the test of a person’s character is not how they break.

It’s in how they heal.

A thing I noticed in the newest Star Vs comic

So in listing bad things that could come from changing the past, Star says “and you’ll still be hanging out with Ferguson and Alfonzo!

She seems pretty certain that this would be a bad thing, and Marco doesn’t correct her. Which seems weird, in season one they were certainly still Marco’s friends all the way to the end, and in season two them not being present has been mostly attributed to some sort of retcon.

But this line from the comic, along with Marco mentioning Ferguson in Naysaya, leads me to think there might be an in-universe explanation for why we haven’t seen them. And given how suddenly they vanished, and how Star states definitely that they are not hanging out anymore, I think it’s plausible to theorize that something went down between seasons that was more than just them gradually drifting apart.

So I’m rewatching skam and it’s interesting what little things you can pick up when you pay attention.

Like remember when Isak and Even first met after kose group? Well Even talked about how Vilde made them feel around and if you bumped into a dick you had to suck it.

It was a joke of course, but then Isak asked Eskild the characteristics of a gay guy and he said " a clue is talking about sucking cock with a stranger" or something along those lines and Isak seemed to really think about, and I didn’t realize until I watched again that he was thinking about the interaction with Even!

So he thought Even was gay! That’s why he went over to his house and was flirting, I mean did you see that look he gave him when they were smoking? That was the “fuck me” look. He looked down and up from under his lashes, I do it all the time lol.

And that’s why he was shook when he introduced Sonja as his girlfriend, he had to catch himself and take in what he said. He was under the impression he was gay, and was pissy the next episode because he thought basically “Of course he’s straight!” He thought he misread everything and didn’t have a shot.

Now that is excellent writing and continuation! God skam is amazing, I wish some of these other shows would take note (“cough” Shameless) But again it’s perfection!

I would die of happiness if, after the 100th episode, Oliver said to Felicity something along the lines of even though I went through hell during those 5 years I spent away, I will never regret jumping on that boat and everything that came with that decision because I met you and the others and found something that gives my life purpose and I’m a better man because I fell in love with you. 

Something like If I had to do it all over again, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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Wouldn’t it be the stuff dreams are made of?! I know, I know… I’ll just fanfic the sh*t out of those thoughts LOL

Here’s a fun story that sounds fake but isn’t: I went to a townhall meeting with my congressman a couple of years ago and asked him a question about military spending, since spending more on defense was one of the major positions of his listed on the literature his staffers gave us. It was something along the lines of “you say we should increase defence spending, but the threats you list aren’t really that significant and we’re already spending so much, when do we know it’s enough?” I asked in a probing way, but not a rude one.

I don’t remember what his response was but a couple of questions later a woman got the mic and stood up to say that, as the wife of a Vietnam veteran, she didn’t appreciate my disrespect, a comment that was met by some applause from other people in the audience.

That was a very instructive experience.

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pls tell us more about the renaissance artists!1!!!

here we go [ part one | leonardo ]

I’m seriously done with jikook.

if u check out the bangtan bomb today which is Jimin’s self cam and him interviewing the members abt the comeback and promotions (I think).

So Jimin interviewed Tae and fooled around since they r fucking adorable besties.

Then he went to Hobi, our cute sunshine-y ball of fluff.

And next, would be our maknae Jungkookie.

So this interview started with Jungkook talking abt the promotions and stuff.
Then, out of the blue, Jimin complimented him and said that he was handsome.

Jimin why u gotta be so obv?

Jungkook said no and then he complimented Jimin back, with the shy look on his faceu.

Jimin said something along the lines of “why u gotta be like that? Stop it.”

The both started giggling and laughing with Jungkook’s eye crinkle and shit. Like fuck the both of them for being cute.

After they calmed down from their couple giggling fest, Jimin commented on Jungkook’s sexines.

Immediately, Jungkook look so shy and embarrassed and he scratch his nose and kept cutting off his own speech like wut.

Jikook then ended their interview with a cute “hwaiting” from both of them.

. . . . . . . .

This is just my thoughts. What they said may not be accurate because I only learnt basic Korean. So pls keep ur thoughts to urself. Thanks

let me tell you the story of jacob and peter. i’ve blurred their faces because i have no way to get in contact with them to ask for permission to show their faces, i saw them on the He Will Not Divide Us stream and all i know is their first names. so anyways

this is jacob on the left and peter on the right. jacob was standing alone with his coffee cup when peter came up. peter greeted jacob nicely then started talking about the stream. he asked if the footage went to internet. jacob said yes then explained what the stream was. peter started making bad jokes about trump supporters then said something along the lines of “ya know, this stuff goes all the way to space before you see it anywhere else. isn’t that wild? imagine if aliens saw it.” jacob seemed uncomfortable and just kind of nodded politely while peter kept talking about how radio waves also go into space. then peter nodded, said “i’m gonna get a smoke, nice talking to you.”, and walked away leaving jacob.

jacob stood there for a long time tapping on his coffee cup. he seemed really thoughtful, like he had a lot on his mind. then he started slowly pacing back and forth, tapping on his cup, and every time he got close to the camera he’d almost whisper “he will not divide us.” at this point i was kind of moved and he gave me some hope. it was quiet and solemn, almost peaceful.

but not for long

some guys rolled up in there car and said “he will not divide us!” to jacob while playing presidential music from their car. jacob kind of smiled and bobbed his head while peter walked back up from getting his cigarette and went “ALL THE WAY TO SPACE, BABY!” it’s the most oddly inspiring thing i’ve ever seen.

here’s the last part of the story. 

Red Ropes

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Brian (Day6), for anon
Type: Smut

You ran your fingers along the soft, red ropes. You loved the way the braided fabric felt, the way the color stood out like a warning sign. The tousled fibers prickled along the pads of your fingers; you loved the way the smoothness heightened your senses.

And you loved the way your boyfriend looked when he was tied up by the thin red lines. You loved how desperate he looked, how his eyes just begged for you to do something, anything. You chuckled to yourself at the look he gave you, at how tired and fed up he looked. The two of you had been going at this for hours; you were sure that his mouth had to be sore from the gag that was tied around it.

You quickly went back to work, kissing along his stomach. Brian tilted his head back against the pillows he was laying on, eyes squeezed shut tight. You could practically see his thoughts tossing around in his head: this time, maybe this time. I probably wouldn’t be this time, or the next, but he wouldn’t know that until much later, until he was a whimpering mess underneath your ministrations.

Your soft lips met the skin of his chest, kissing along each peck. His skin broke out in goosebumps wherever you touched, causing him to shiver. You kissed along his left side, mouthing at the slight definition around his peck muscle. His side was ticklish, you knew, and he tried to shudder away from you as far as the ropes would allow. Smirking, you sucked his nipple into your mouth, tugging at it gently with your teeth. Both of his nipples were red and swollen from the many other times you’d done this over the past hour. You felt his moan reverberate through Brian’s chest rather than heard it, which only made you suck harder on his tender nipple.

You could tell Brian was getting more and more frustrated as this little game of yours wore on. You kept on sucking and licking his nipples, switching between each one every few minutes. Whenever you would tug particularly hard on one of them, his back would arch off the bed, followed by a low moan in the back of his throat. The gag muffled the sound, and you smirked against his chest.

“Does this feel good, baby?” you whispered against his chest. His breathing was ragged; his chest heaving with every breath. You moved away from his nipples, kissing a trail down his chest to his navel. You mouthed at the soft skin of his tummy, giggling as his breath hitched. Slowly, you kissed down his right thigh, biting down softly on his hip bone as you went. You followed the line all the way down to his foot, before moving to the other leg and kissing up it.

You bit down on his left hip bone, and slowly worked your way over to his member.

You heard his gasp, even with the gag, when you kissed the head. It was red and angry, fully hard against his stomach. You’d been teasing him for so long, and the results looked almost painful.

You licked his whole length, feeling the muscles in his thighs twitch under your touch. Finally, you grabbed him with your hand, pumping a few times before you slowly took his length in your mouth. Brian’s whimpers were like music to your ears. He arched off the bed, trying to force his length deeper into your mouth. In response, you pulled away just a bit, keeping only his head in your mouth. You sucked on it diligently, watching as his hands pulled threateningly at the bright red ropes against his creamy skin.

You bobbed your head up and down his length, watching the way he thrashed against the ropes. It was absolutely killing him, this slow teasing torture, and you absolutely loved it. With his length still in your mouth, you glanced up at him, meeting his eyes. He was pleading with you, his eyes blasted open and pupils dark.

After a few more bobs of your head, you leaned upwards towards his face, kissing along his jawline. You hovered over him, balancing on your left hand as you cupped his face with you right.

“One more time, babe?” You asked him cheekily, knowing how much he was suffering. His eyes narrowed threateningly, and you decided to be nice for once. You pulled down the gag so that his mouth was free, the white cloth circling his neck. You could hear his ragged breathing more clearly now.

“Please, god Y/N,” he rasped, his voice hoarse with arousal.

“Please what?” you blinked up at him innocently, leaning down to peck his lips lightly. He tried to deepen the kiss, but you pulled out of his reach.

“Untie me,” he growled, pulling against the red cords again.

“No,” you replied, leaning down to slowly work your hand up and down his length, just fast enough to keep him on edge. He groaned loudly, throwing his head back in defeat.

“No more,” he gasped, thrusting up into your hand subconsciously. “Just stop teasing.”

And it was in that moment, with Brian looking so ruggedly distressed and exhausted, that you knew he had hit his limit. You hovered over him, taking his member in your hand and slowly, slowly easing yourself down on to him.

It didn’t take him long to reach his climax. You rode him quickly, knowing how badly he needed this. He was loud when he came, moaning your name over and over again. You rode out his high, and then found your own, before collapsing on the bed beside him. After a moment, you reached up to untie the ropes around his wrist.

Almost immediately, Brian scooped you up in an embrace, cuddling you into him. He nuzzled against your neck, breathing heavily. “You’re the worst.”

“I love you, too,” you giggled back, pulling him against you as he fell asleep with you in his arms.


Request by Anonymous: A Barry x reader where he erases you in the time line. You were still alive, but now you died 3 years before Barry even got his powers.


Fandom: The Flash

Gifs aren’t mine.

Barry walked into S.T.A.R. Labs with a smile on his face seeing as when he created this new timeline everything seemed to be perfect and the way it originally had been. He greeted everyone until realized something. (y/n) wasn’t here. Was (she/he) sick today? Something was pulling at his gut to ask where (y/n) was, but just pushed it away and went along with the day like he usually would.

After going through his routine for a few days Barry couldn’t take it anymore he had to ask. Were they not together anymore? Had he never met (her/him) before? Or worse was (she/he)…? Barry quickly shook his head getting rid of the thought not wanting to think it would even be a possibility for it to be true.

“Hey guys,” Cisco and Iris looked over towards Barry while Caitlin was busy with something in the lab and Harrison also looked towards Barry with a questioning look.

“Where is (y/n)? I’ve been trying to call (her/him) and…” Barry stopped when he looked up. Everyone had a different expression on their face. Cisco’s was full of confusion, Iris had a sad look in her eyes, and Harrison’s face went from confusion to anger towards Barry.

“Barry (he’s/she’s) been..dead, for years now.” Iris said wiping away a few tears that had fallen from her eyes from the memory of her best friends death.

“What? No, no (she/he) can’t be,” Barry started to tear up, “I need to go back, I need to reverse the time line.”

“So you did reverse the timeline, again?” Wells asked Barry who nodded in shame. “Barry I told you the consequences of creating a new time line and you did it anyway?” 

“But if I didn’t (y/n) would be dead,” Barry protested, “I need to get (her/him) back.”

Harrison stopped Barry from bolting of by saying, “Barry if you reset the time line again (she/he) might still be dead or she might not even exist. I told you, you that reseting the time line has its consequences and you can’t reset the time line to the way it was before, you will just make a new one.”

“But I can’t… I can’t lose (her/him) again!” Barry sobbed as Iris hugged him trying to comfort Barry. “I don’t want to lose (her/him) Iris. I love (her/him).”

okay i have so many things to stay so bear with me

1) the teacher is pulling a Theo move,acting buddy buddy with the pack and will probably stab them all in the back. (or should i say brain?! HA, kay I’m done, sorry). 

2) This almost verifies everyone’s theory about Claudia actually being part of the wild hunt. (or the wild hunt brought her back like the little boy). Because she was SUPER against Lydia moving the wallpaper back and now we know it’s Stiles’ room back there. Which means that she already knew what was back there. ( BAM!). 

3) Theo didn’t seem to realize that the teacher was the Nazi werewolf from the tank, (which makes sense cause he was gross and wrinkly in there compared to how he is now). ANYWAYS, I think he’s going to be the one to end up finding it out. Just a feeling (ALSO I WANNA KNOW WHAT HE WENT THROUGH WHEN HE WAS WITH HIS SISTER IN THE GROUND) 

4) Lydia saying, “I don’t want to be safe. I wanna save Stiles.” END GAME CONFIRMED. STYDIA IS ENDGAME, CASE CLOSED. GOODBYE ANTIS.