went out the night before

eren, mikasa, and armin would be the kind of people to go to the beach at two in the morning just to see the stars above the ocean before the sun rises


Last night before we went out to dinner I surprised my girlfriend, (which is so hard to do!), with some flowers, lights, candles, and some wine I know she loves. I also had ice cream sundae ingredients waiting for us when we got back. What I hadn’t planned for was an even better view to unfold while we were gone… I couldn’t help but take a few pictures, it was truly a night to remember :) 

cropped this MOB-U out and colored him in to use as icon bc hes like the fav mob Ive ever drawn 

feel free to use if you want to

Cinderella - Jughead Jones

Request: Hi honey ! <3 I love all your imagines, you are such a good writer ! I was wondering, if you could write Juggy imagine, something like Cinderella story, where the reader is shy and clumsy girl, who doesn’t go out much often because of her stepmother and her daughters, but one night, with Veronica and Betty help (two fairygodmathers haha) she go to a school party, where she met Jughead, but when she was leaving in hurry, she left something, and Juggy is determined to find her ?

This was like, the cutest prompt I’ve ever read and I just had to do it! Let me know if you want a part 2 :)

Jughead x Reader + Beronica because I’m trash

Warnings: - Swearing / abusive step-family :c - if you deal with these kind of issues, please tell someone. Anyone. You deserve so much more <3 

Words: - 4,849

Cinderella, that was pretty much you in a nutshell.

You walked along the side of the hallway, lurking. You managed to pass through to the high school exit, unnoticed by anyone. Not that you were ever noticed. You could turn into a flying monkey and still no attention would be paid to you.

Not that you cared. You were a selfless girl, kind and virtuous. To everyone else you were the shy girl without friends, too perfect and studious to need anyone. Inside, you were longing for someone to talk too, because nothing and nobody in Riverdale is ever perfect. There’s always a layer of cracked stone hidden beneath the perfectly painted exterior.

The reason you didn’t have many friends was because you never really got out much, besides school. You weren’t used to much social interaction and all your spare time was spent in the library, doing your homework. You couldn’t do it at home, because you had to take care of your stepmother who would often come home high or drunk. Your stepsisters would blame you, and you would have to clean up all of the mess and damage that they left behind or your step-mother would beat you.

That was always another reason why you never let anyone know. You were too selfless and paranoid to make a fuss, you didn’t want people worrying over you or thinking that you were just seeking their attention. You had the bruises and the scars to prove your claims, but in your mind speaking out would just make everything worse.

Still, through all that you had bared, you wore a smile on your face and tried to stay positive. It was all for your Mother’s sake. She had died in a car accident when you were 9 and it had left you traumatised. Sadly you didn’t have much time to recover as your Father followed just 4 years later thanks to cancer. Your Mum always used to tell you to look on the bright side of life, to be kind and show love. All you wanted was to make her proud.

As you walked out into the parking lot to fetch your bike, you saw a group of people crowded around the racks engaged in conversation. You walked up to them gingerly, your body spiked with nerves. This was, as dubbed by Cheryl Blossom, the Sad Breakfast Club. You’d always admired them from afar. 

Archie Andrews was talented, in both music and sports. Betty Cooper was the typical girl next door, good grades and a strong mind. Kevin Keller was too fabulous for words, and you adored his confidence. Veronica Lodge was a powerful feminist, who stood up for herself, as well as standing up for her friends and fellow females. Then, there was Jughead Jones. You’d partnered up with him once in English class. He had a way with words, and you couldn’t help but ask him about his novel. His eyes had lit up with passion, a passion that didn’t die for the whole time the two of you conversed. His friends had been surprised at how talkative he was to you, how excited he was that you seemed to understand and respect his novel.

It felt great to finally have someone to talk to, about normal things. However, after that encounter you hadn’t really spoken to him, although he would sometimes acknowledge you with a small smile and a nod when you passed him in the hallway. You didn’t have the courage to interact with him more than you already did. Besides, you saw the look in his eyes. It was indescribable. The same look that clouded over your eyes daily, a look that nobody except those who possessed it would be able to see. The look of helplessness, that behind whatever perfect or basic exterior you had built up, was layered with secrets and scandal. You didn’t want to present yourself as another burden in his life when, without even talking to him properly, you could just tell he wasn’t going through the best of times.

You could hear that they were talking about Cheryl Blossom’s upcoming party. The party of the century. A masked party. Considering your status, you hadn’t received an invite so you weren’t going. The idea of taking on a whole new identity, the ability to let yourself loose without having to worry about how people saw you. It was thrilling, and sent anticipation and excitement coursing through your veins. How you would love to confidently dance at a party, socialise, do things that (Y/N) (Y/L/N) just wouldn’t do… couldn’t do. For once, after all the things you gave to the world, maybe taking something in return and having your fifteen minutes of fame was all you needed. 

Your daydreaming meant that you hadn’t been paying precise attention to where you were walking, and found yourself stumbling over a collection of bikes which had been carelessly placed in the middle of the pavement as there was no more space on the bike racks. Your felt your cheeks tint red with embarrassment as you collected the spilled contents of your bag, which you had forgotten to close. It was cliche and awkward, and what made it worse was that the SBC was right in front of you watching. They got down to help you pick stuff up and you muttered your thanks to each of them, keeping your head down. You felt someone touch your arm, and naturally you immediately leapt onto your feet away from the contact, jerking the touch away from you. Your eyes were wide and your heart was thumping. You were so skittish thanks to past trauma, and you felt your cheeks get redder as you realised it had only been a reassuring gesture from Jughead.

He was staring at you, bewildered, as he slowly walked closer and gave you your pencil case, one of the items that had fallen from your bag.

“Are you okay? -” He paused, as if trying to remember your name, not that you’d ever told him. He probably expected you to just give it to him there and then but you wanted to escape the awkward confrontation as quickly as possible. You weren’t sure why because to be honest, you would always prefer to be anywhere in the world that wasn’t home. However, if you got home late, you would just be making it worse for yourself.

“Yes, thank you. All of you,” You put on that charming smile of yours, before pulling out your vintage bike, which you had salvaged from a local junkyard. You’d manage to acquire mint green spray paint and the materials to make a small woven basket for the front, and the result wasn’t half bad. It wasn’t exactly the flashy modern bikes that lit up when they move, but you wouldn’t want it any other way. Finding the time to work for yourself was rewarding in its own sense.

You knew eyes were on you, something that you weren’t exactly used to, so you tried to get out of sight, as you rode down the street, as quickly as possible. You didn’t realise the curious spark mixed in with the helplessness in Jughead’s eyes, and you didn’t realise the suspicious glances that were exchanged between Betty and Veronica.

Home sweet home.

Home is where you feel safe, most wanted and most loved.

Your home was anything but sweet, and you felt like you were living in fear, that the hate your ‘family’ had for you was all you had going for your life.

You walked your bike up to the shed at the side of your house. It was infested with spiders and mice, and if your step-mother was in a particularly awful mood, the thickly coated, dusty floors would be your bed for the night. Lucifer, your step mother’s cat was perched on the door step. His name seemed appropriate considering his demonic demeanour and frequent attempts to claw your limbs out. His gaze followed you as you entered the house. 

Empty or smashed beer bottles clogged up the hallway, and you practically went en pointe to try and avoid the thick shards of glass that coated your path. You couldn’t hear the blaring noise of the TV, or the throwing of items coming from upstairs. This meant, it was one of those days where your stepmom went out the night before, drove to the next town over, got drunk and high and then proceeded to have a one night stand with some poor man. She wouldn’t be home until very late the following evening, and you couldn’t help but breathe out a soft sight of relief.

You had just gotten out of the shower, preparing to start on clearing up the glass when you heard the front door slam, followed by two whingey voices. Your step-sisters, Drew and Anna. Whereas your stepmom had physical abuse covered, your step-sisters preferred to hurt you verbally, to mock you and tease you, belittle you and reduce you to nothing but their own personal slave.

“(Y/N)!” You heard a screech from below your feet and you cringed inwardly, as you pulled on your comfort clothes. You knew you should have cleaned up first, but you just felt so stressed and uncomfortable from your fall earlier. Not that your own concerns were the priority in this household.

“(Y/N)!” Two simultaneous yells this time, sounding frustrated. The longer it took, the worse it would get, the more material they had to hurt you with. You hurriedly raced downstairs to their aid.

“Drew, Anna, how was your day?” You put on the nicest smile and sweetest voice you could muster. Anyone else would have snapped back at these sisters by this point, but you were an empathetic person and knew that deep down, these girls were suffering from their broken family just as much as you were. They just coped with it differently.

“Took you long enough, anyways, Cheryl invited us to her party and we need you to do our makeup like the… good sister that you are,” Anna gave a sickly sweet smirk. Your stepsisters had been sucking up to Cheryl for weeks in order to be invited to this party, and knew that you wouldn’t be going.

“She’s picking us up in her limo in about 2 hours, so hurry up. And don’t make further plans, you’re going to have to clean everything up before Mum gets home afterwards or she’ll kill you,” Drew snickered and Anna scoffed.

“Please Drew, we’re not that lucky.” The two sisters pushed past you, before walking up the stairs to their room. You felt your sensitivity levels topple over slightly, that remark was just a bit too far.

Somehow, you managed to slightly bond with your sisters over the makeup process. You tried things out on Drew, Anna would occasionally compliment how nice she looked and ask if you could do the same thing when it came to her. You almost felt like normal sisters. Until you were done. It could never last long could it? You just weren’t good enough.

Drew and Anna were wearing flamboyant dresses, with masks to matched. Their heels were higher than you thought was actually possible. As the two made their own final preparations, you were busy doing your own makeup and had laid out a pastel pink dress to wear. The dress was your mother’s, and you had managed to find it at the back of your closet from when you used to try and dress up in her clothes when you were younger. You wanted to go to this party. Why not? After all, you did everything for everyone else. For the first time, you deserved a little something back. Besides, you were sure Anna and Drew wouldn’t care, after all you had gotten on so well when you were doing their makeup. Well, better than usual at least. That had to mean something.

Cheryl wanted the party to be huge, so you were sure she wouldn’t mind if you tagged along with your sisters. It wasn’t as if you actually had any issues or rivalry with Cheryl, you just didn’t talk to her. You wouldn’t be surprised if your sisters had actually told people that they didn’t have any more siblings, and that you were just a loner only child.

You grabbed your ragged clutch, and made your way downstairs, after changing into the dress. You looked okay, but your mind was on the mask. You decided you were going to pick one up at the local costume shop on the way there, as you would travel on your bike rather than opting for the awkward journey in Cheryl’s limousine. 

You raced outside before Anna suddenly rushed up to you, shoving her iPhone into your hands.

“Ah! (Y/N) perfect, take a pic of me and Drew!” She exclaimed, before rushing back to Drew and posing, attempting to stick her chest out. You awkwardly tilted the camera to fit the both of them in it, before Anna raced back and snatched it off of you, flicking through the pictures you took. “Ugh this one’s blurry,” She muttered, as she paced back and forth.

“What are you wearing?” Drew bitterly scoffed as she circled you mockingly, like you were surrounded in shark infested waters. You suddenly felt intimidated as Anna’s attention snapped to you and she began to laugh and jeer at you.

“Goodness (Y/N), is that ugly piece of shit the best you could do?” She giggled uncontrollably and you felt tears crawl into your eyes.

“It was my mother’s” You whispered, not looking either of them in the eye.

“You keep dead people’s clothes? That’s weird, creepy, just like that Jughead kid,” Drew sighed, pulling on a loose lock of your hair. You jumped back from her and she rolled her eyes and scoffed at you.

“Wait… don’t tell me… that you thought you were coming to the party?” Anna stopped pacing, getting up close in your face and raising an eyebrow. You wanted the ground to swallow you whole right now.

“Well… I thought… m-maybe you would let me come with you? I just thought it was my turn to d-do something… for myself,” You stumbled clumsily, eyes trained to the ground. An awkward pause of silence skipped over you, before your stepsisters bursted into scathing hysterics. Pointing at you, taunting you. The tears freely flowed now. How could you be so stupid and naive to think somebody actually cared about you.

“You thought wrong you little bitch,” Anna’s voice sent chills down your spine as her tone turned menacing. She walked up to you, grabbed the frills of your dress and ripped them in two. You let out a strangled cry as Anna stepped back to admire her handy work. You fell to the ground, picking up the pieces that had come off of the dress and holding them close to your heart. You felt like Anna and Drew were destroying your whole world, taking it down brick by brick. When they learnt a weakness or a potential threat, they would eliminate it immediately.

You heard the clanging of metal, and turned your head to the left to see your bike which was being vandalised by Drew, who was madly hitting it with a large metal hammer. You crawled towards her, screaming at her to stop but Drew wouldn’t comply, not until the bike was damaged beyond repair.

One of the only things you’d ever been proud of, your spare time flushed down the drain in a matter of seconds. You stood up and bravely faced your two stepsisters in the eye, who were observing the surrounding chaos with satisfied looks on their faces. A black limo pulled up on your driveway, and the two walked off, only stopping when they heard you yell.

“Why me? Please! What did I ever do to you? All I’ve ever done is be nice to you, why do you hate me?!” Your voice was raw from the crying. The stepsisters looked back at each other, trying to come up with a response.

“Because you ruined our lives,” Anna spat at you, before grabbing Drew’s hand and pulling her away, leaving you to stand there and sob. Your knees collapsed beneath you with grief.

You sat in your bedroom, trying to collect yourself. Your mothers dress was placed under your sewing machine which you would have to fix later. You had managed to clean up the rest of the house which had helped in taking your mind off of the party momentarily. However, you now sat on the edge of your bed, reflecting on what could have been.

Maybe you should have reached out to someone, anyone who would listen. Like Jughead…

You just wished you had your own fairy godmother right now.

Suddenly, you heard a knock at your front door. This was strange, as nobody ever came to this house except the milkman and the postman. Your sisters were too embarrassed to share their address or invite anyone round, as you would likely be there. If it was your stepmom, she wouldn’t knock. She would barge in the door, yelling and shouting. 

Cautiously, you opened the front door, peeking out into the night. You were surprised to see two girls, two girls you recognised. Veronica Lodge and Betty  Cooper, who were both wearing matching black and white dresses, with perfect makeup and sympathetic smiles on their gorgeous faces. 

“We saw the bike, saw your sisters and put two and two together,” Veronica sighed. You bit your lip, not sure what to say, but Veronica had practically invited herself in and enveloped you in a hug, followed by Betty. 

“You don’t have to tell us anything, but we won’t sit here and let them get away with ruining your night,” Betty smiled, brandishing a box. Inside the box was a makeup bag, a pair of white embellished platform shoes, a black and white halter neck dress with black lace on the top, and the best parts, the accessories. A split down the middle, black and white mask. The white side was embezzled in sequins and feathers, whereas the black side was decorated with white swirls and fake flowers. Intricate floral patterns danced around the edges of both sides of the mask. On top of this all was the most beautiful necklace you had ever seen. A silver chain attached to what looked like a jewel encrusted ring, lined with a gold rim. More tears appeared in your eyes.

“Sorry if none of it’s really you, it’s all we had,” Veronica laughed nervously but you jumped on the two girls with another hug, except tighter.

“You didn’t have to do this, it’s all so beautiful….” You felt yourself choke on your words. 

“Honestly it’s-” Veronica began,

“Nothing” Betty finished, linking her arm with Veronica affectionately as they giggled at one another. 

“Don’t let these people ruin your fun, you gotta go out there and get your man!” Veronica beamed, resting her head on Betty’s shoulder as Betty nodded encouragingly. 

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and Betty and Veronica simultaneously rolled their eyes with a ‘tut tut’, exchanging glances.

“Jughead silly!” Betty spelt it out for you and you felt your face turn red all over again. “Yes! I knew it!” Betty exclaimed excitedly.

“I ship it!” Veronica and Betty squealed in a sing-song voice. You buried your face in your hands, but tried to laugh it off.

“I don’t even know if I can pull this stuff off guys. Honestly, it’s all so beautiful but it would probably look nicer on yo-” You began but the girls help up a finger in unison.

“Don’t even start with that crap. You are such a pretty, strong woman! You’ve been through all of this by yourself and you never even had to! You are going to own this party whether Cheryl Blossom gives a fuck or not,” Veronica retorted, and you grinned excitedly. 

The girls helped you redo your makeup, as you confided with them about your situation. It felt so good to get everything off your chest. They were so much more relatable than you expected and you honestly hoped that this wouldn’t be a one-off friendship. 

You were ready and dressed, hair done in a lace braid, necklace secured, feet comfy. All you needed now was to put your mask on. As you slipped it over your head, you felt a surge of confidence and power. This was finally your night, and you were going to earn it. 

“Look at what we’ve created Ronnie,” Betty danced around your room with Veronica excitedly. Your sisters had left to help set up the party earlier, so it’s not like you guys were even late yet, and the others were very excited. Suddenly, you felt the nerves rush back. What if they couldn’t get you in? If Anna and Drew knew you were there they would personally skin you alive. Veronica noticed you tense and she crouched beside you, resting her chin on your shoulder and sighing.

“In this mirror, I see a beautiful, young, independent woman who is currently discovering herself. You deserve this night (Y/N), it’s not enough just to dream these kind of things, you gotta finally step out of your comfort zone and live it up!” She shook you playfully and you laughed. This was your chance.

The ride had been fun, Ronnie had her own limo which she had managed to secure for the evening and you had picked up Kevin Keller on the way there, who played a huge part in settling your nerves with his gay humour. 

Veronica, being an influential person had also managed to get you into the party and you hadn’t even seen Anna and Drew so far.

Turns out that being anti-social for so long wasn’t a good trait to have in massive social events like parties where everyone knew each other and had plans for the evening. You felt out of place, and everything you dreamt of had faded. It was intimidating, all these masks practically trying to outshine each other. You lost your new friends in the sea of people and hadn’t found them since. You had managed to gain a lot of attention during the night though, which you were not used to. 

You currently stood pressed against the wall, drinking the non-spiked punch and avoiding the dance floor. Suddenly, you made eye contact with someone else pressed agains the wall. Probably someone that you would recognise in a festival crowd. No matter where you were you could pick him out. His crystal blue eyes and distinctive grey beanie which would not go off for any event. His raven haired curly locks which stood up at the back of his neck.

Your night (Y/N)

Feeling a surge of confidence, you kicked off of the wall and stood by him instead.

“Do I know you?” He asked almost instantly. Obviously everyone knew it was him from the beanie, and nobody would voluntarily come stand by him, it just wasn’t a thing people did.

“Not yet,” You let out a small chuckle, surprised at yourself. Your voice was deeper, perhaps even seductive. You sounded powerful but your stomach was whirling with butterflies as the boy gave a moment of silence to take you in.

“How mysterious,” He smirked back. Jughead’s mask covered a very thin surface area around his eyes, and was simply pitch black and made out of card.  He clearly tried very hard. “Student at Riverdale?”

“Are we playing a guessing game now?” 

“I guess,” You couldn’t really tell from the flashing strobe lights and intense atmosphere but you swore you could have saw him blushing.

“Yes, I am a student at Riverdale,” your heart thumped. There were obviously tons of students at Riverdale but you couldn’t help but get this overwhelming feeling that he knew it was you. Maybe Jughead felt the same way? You bit your lip, thinking about how you just wanted to be at a comfortable home with this boy right now. Like his house, because your house was simply hell.

This boy practically was your home, he made you feel safe and wanted. Although he didn’t even know this was you right now, you were just there for entertainment as he had nobody to speak to. If he knew who you really were, he would have left a long time ago. 

No (Y/N), your night! Have some faith in yourself!

“Have we talked before?” Jughead asked again, you paused deciding how you wanted to word this so that it was truthful but not too obvious.

“I expect so,” You played it off and you heard him grunt, causing you to let out another hearty chuckle.

God he loved that chuckle. It reminded him of (Y/N)

Hmm.. (Y/N)

Jughead looked up at the mysterious, elegant beauty behind the mask. He thought of (Y/N) and how suddenly an idea popped into his head. But she was so shy… it was just his biased mind because he had a cr- no, it was worth the ask.

Suddenly a slow song played over the speaker, and people paired off onto the dance floor. The two of you stayed against the wall until you were the only two left. You’d love to dance, but there wasn’t much space left and you wanted to dance freely with flowing motions. Jughead practically read your mind, as he bravely took your hand and lead you out onto a balcony, before placing his hands on your waist as you wrapped yours around the back of his neck, leaning into him and taking in his gentle scent. 

You slowly moved side to side, resting against him, only properly moving when he would twirl you around gracefully. 

“Do we have classes together?” Jughead murmured. You nodded your head dazily and he chuckled at your sudden tired mood, spinning you again. He let out a hmm in mock thought, causing you to weakly giggle. “Have we been project partners before?” His voice got quieter and more gentle. You paused, the swaying slowing. “Yes” you whispered against his jacket, clutching it tightly in your hands.

From inside, you could hear the song coming to an end but undisturbed, the two of you continued to dance. A comfortable silence swept over you as he twirled you one last time before stopping, his mouth coming closer to your ear and you felt Jughead’s hot breath on your neck. 

“Do you like English class?” He whispered gently into your ear and you felt yourself tense. Suddenly the loud chiming of a clock from above you caused you to break apart with a jump. He didn’t make it obvious that he knew, but it was the skittishness that made it clear who his mystery girl was. Your heavy breathing, turned into breathy laughing with Jughead before suddenly your whole body went rigid and your face paled.

“What’s the time?” You whispered, your face struck with horror. 

“Midnight, that’s what the chimes are for,” Jughead moved closer, his hand reached up to cup your cheek but you stumbled back, your hand flying to clasp over your mouth. You were trying to hold back sobs of fright.

Your stepmom would be home. She would kill you if you weren’t there and you didn’t exactly mean figuratively. She would beat you until you’re bloody, skin you alive and then eat your flesh in front of your own rotting carcass. 

You muttered hurried apologies before racing towards the balcony door. You had to sneak back home somehow, you had to get away. This should have never have happened. People like you don’t deserve these special nights, these special people. Your heart was thumping out of your chest as the adrenalin pumped through your veins

You let out a yelp of pain as you realised your necklace was stuck in your hair. You ripped it out, not caring that it fell to the floor. You didn’t even bother to pick it up, kicking off you heels and chucking them at Veronica as you ran away from the dance floor, from the party, from the mansion… from Jughead.

“Got it,” Drew smirked nastily, as she hit the stop button on the recording of you. She’d filmed the last minute or so of your dance with Jughead and your sudden departure.

“Mom would totally believe she stole all of that crap, including the necklace. I mean she must have. There’s no way that street urchin can afford that shit,” Anna sighed, “Did she honestly think that someone like her would fit in here? We’ll show her,” She clicked her tongue in satisfaction, before dragging her sister with her out the door.

Little did they know that they weren’t the only ones snooping on conversations. 

“Not if I have anything to say about it,” Jughead clasped the necklace in his right hand, Veronica and Betty standing angrily behind him. 

It’s 2am I’m so dead. This was kind of rushed, I’m so sorry <3

Let me know if you want part 2!
ALSSSOOO: thank you to @mrs-jughead-jones for being there whilst I wrote this and getting annoyed at Apple autocorrect with me.

@satanwithstardust helped approve the ideeaaa because she’s bae. 

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Jughead & Reader: The Jacket

Summary: When Betty bails on Jughead after he’s given the Serpent jacket, you step up and try to figure out what’s going on with your best friend. The feelings you’ve had for him are hard to hide when you spend the night alone with him.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: Waves - Dean Lewis

Betty Cooper burst into the student lounge Monday morning looking more panicked than you had ever seen her. Her normally well-kept, slicked back hair was frizzy and out of place. She looked like she hadn’t sleep in days. 

“What’s going on?” You asked her as she paced back and forth behind the couch. She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed, making you and Kevin, who was sitting by your side, nervous.

She turned to the two of you. “It’s Jughead,” she started. 

Immediately you felt more alert at the sound of your best friend’s name. You sat up straight and gave Betty your full attention. “What about him?”

Betty shook her head. “He’s going… dark. He’s becoming a Serpent.”

Your eyes widened. “What? You’re not serious.”

“I was just at FP’s trailer with him and while we were…” She looked around nervously and decided to not continue. “The serpents came and knocked on the door. They offered him a jacket. The same kind of jacket all the Serpents wear.”

Kevin looked at you and Betty in surprise. “Would Jughead really do that?” He asked.

You shook your head. “Betty, I know Jughead better than anyone.” She gave you a slight glare because she was always jealous of your friendship with Jughead. “He’s not just going to turn to the group that almost pulled his family apart.”

“Well you weren’t there,” Betty said in a little bit of a snotty tone. “I saw it. He’s going to the dark side.” She sat on the chair opposite you and Kevin and crossed her arms. “I can’t even look at him. It makes me so angry that he would do that. That he would just turn on us.”

You didn’t reply. You just sat quietly as Betty and Kevin talked about Jughead’s “dark” future. Could he really be a Serpent?

Keep reading

I'm a Freak (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Connor Murphy x Reader

TW: swearing, yelling, Connor saying he doesn’t deserve to live, unedited and short. :(

(a/n; first published fic ever!! I hope y'all like it! Its unedited and horrible, but let me know if you would like more in the future!)

656 words (I think)

Connor tossed in his bed, grumbling and angrily yanking the sheets off of himself. He sat up and sighed, running his hands through his hair. The only thing he could hear was the giggling and whispers coming from his sisters room late at night. Connor shot up from his bed and stormed into the hallway, slamming his door open. He pounded on Zoe’s door angrily.

“Shut the fuck up, you guys! Seriously! I’m trying to sleep!” Connor shouted, twisting the door handle and trying to come in.

“Go away, Connor! We’re having fun!” Zoe shouted and giggled. Connor furrowed his eyebrows as he heard more than just y/n’s voice in Zoe’s room.

Connor slammed himself against the door until it burst open. Connor was panting slightly and red in the face with anger. His anger got worse as he noticed Evan Hansen sitting next to Zoe.

“What the fuck, Zoe!?! Mom and dad said y/n Hansen could come over, not her fucking brother!” Connor fumed, not noticing the scared look on Evan’s face. You weren’t startled since you had helped with Connors bipolar disorder before.

“You, you are SO lucky mom and dad went out for the night.” Connor turned around and slammed the door before anybody could say anything.

“I-I’m sorry, Zoe, I should-should go..” Evan turned red and started to shuffle until Zoe took hold of his hands and looked him in the eye. She was whispering comforting words until you got uncomfortable.

You shuffled out of the room while the lovers were making eye contact and sweet talk. You sighed, shuffling slowly downstairs into the kitchen in only a tank top and short shorts.

Connor was pacing the kitchen when you got down there, still frustrated and trying to cool down.

“Connor?” You called out, a sad smile on your face. You stepped forward and placed an arm on his bicep.

“I’m sorry.” Connors voice broke as he dove into your arms, tears welling up in his already red eyes.
“I can’t control my anger, I’m just a freak who doesnt deserve to live.”

You held Connor and ran your fingers through his slightly messy hair.

“Connor, please, come with me to get help.” You begged, trying to convince him to talk to someone with you for the hundredth time that year.

Nobody could convince Connor to do things like you could, he was head over heels for you. He never told you, but he had ways of showing it.

“Okay,” Connor broke, trembling in your arms. “Okay.”

Nobody had known you two were together for a fact, but many people guessed you were. People made fun of you for hanging around Connor Murphy, so Connor made you promise not to tell anyone you were dating. He didn’t want anyone to pick more fun at you.

Little did you both know, Evan and Zoe were standing at the top of the stairs, watching you two.

You rocked Connor back and forth as he sniffled into your neck. He was leaning on you with his arms wrapped tight around your waist. He was shirtless and in black shorts, what he normally slept in.

“I love you,” Connor began, using the L-word for the first time ever. “I love you so much, y/n.”

Your eyes widened as you pulled him closer. “I love you too, Connor. You mean the world to me.”

Connor looked up and pressed his forehead against yours, connecting your lips for a few seconds and still swaying back and forth.

“Wow..” Evan whispered to Zoe. “So, y/n and Connor, huh?

Zoe nodded with a small smile. “She’s good for him.”

Unforgettable - Choi Minho (M)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Pairing: Choi Minho x Reader
Word Count: 3.1k
Author’s note: Here it is, the part 2 to Unrequited! I highly recommend reading part 1 first so that you’ll understand what’s going on in this installment. Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who read Unrequited and to anyone who’s going to read this - you guys motivate me so much, you have no idea. Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think! :) ♡ (The GIF is mine)

You have gotten a little used to waking up to Taemin’s face during the morning because there were some nights that you would have an impromptu sleepover either at your place or his when one or both of you were really drunk and couldn’t get home but that morning, seeing his bare, lightly tanned torso and handsome face, you felt uncomfortable. And also because you were naked, which was completely unlike all the other mornings that you found him lying next to you.

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My faves on the cover of RS 🙌❤️

Merciless release

Sebastian Stan x reader

Notes: smut, fluff, (relentless) teasing, sexual frustration, punishment, swearing.

Summary: when Sebastian wakes up after a drunk-out-of-his-mind night out and finds his girl giving him the cold shoulder, he remembers what happened after he dragged his drunk ass home and knows he’s in trouble. Making it up to her is out of the question before he’s submitted to his punishment. 

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(I haven’t had a lot of time to get to work on Savages these past few days, so here’s a little something I had waiting for a time like this!)

Oh shit

Sebastian knew he was in trouble when he came up behind his girl in the kitchen, wanting to snuggle her body against his and kiss her cheek. You turned away, giving him the cold shoulder.

His mind began racing immediately; did he forget something? He went out the night before and got pretty hammered and it was already 2 in the afternoon when he rolled out of bed, but you usually didn’t give him any shit about that.

Oh god. Did he forget your birthday?! No, that’s not it, your birthday was a month ago. Did they have a fight? No, he would have remembered that..

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June 12, 2016
Became immortalized
In fifty tombstones
And in the hearts
Of far too many to count.

They thought
They were safe
That this was a safe space
That they had a space
That no one could take away this space.

Inside this space
They were laughing
They were among family
Inside this space
They were living.

Fingers curled around the trigger
Shots were fired
At the hand of a man
Who used the blanket of fear
To try and cover up his hatred.

Take a moment
To imagine
Receiving a text message
From your son, your daughter, your friend
“I’m gonna die”

“In club”
“They shooting”
“Trapp in bathroom”
“Call them mommy”
“He’s coming”

Get out of Pulse
Keep running”
Their blood splattered the streets
And soaked through carpets
And stained tiles
All this blood was lost
And yet, the FDA won’t let us donate.

It was Latin Night
Fue noche latina
Y fue la noche
Perdí a mis hermanos
Y hermanas para siempre.

Beautiful brown babies
Were taken from us
Forty nine
Lives were lost.

The irony is not lost
The place was called
And it’s where
So many stopped.

The words
“Mass shooting”
Won’t stop haunting me
I can’t close my eyes
Without being reminded.

I wasn’t there
But my heart was
And I’ll never forget
I can’t

I’ve cried so much
I swear I’m dehydrated
But, god,
If I don’t realize how lucky I am
To be crying at all.

At first all I can do is cry
For the mothers and fathers
Who aren’t parents anymore
For the lovers who lost
Their other half.

I cried for the brothers and sisters
Cousins and aunts and uncles
Who will look around the dinner table
And notice the empty chair.
I cried for the friends
Who wanted to go out that night, but didn’t
And had to wake up to the news that their last text
To their best friend really was
The last text.

I cried for the friends
Who went out that night and had to watch
Their friend fall before them
Who sat in their blood and hoped and prayed
That they would open their eyes.

It felt like forever
But the tears finally stopped
And then
All I saw
Was red.

And rage
They seep into my bones
And instead of weighing me down
I carry it with me everywhere I go.

Don’t tell me to calm down
Don’t tell me to get over it
Don’t tell me to stop talking about it
I can’t
And I won’t.

So what do we do now?
What happens now?
Where do we go from here?
Is there anywhere to go from here?
I don’t know.

I wish there were
For something like this
Maybe even a guide book
“How To Go On With Life After Losing 49 Members of Your Family”

I feel
And I wish
It had been

Is it possible
To feel survivor’s guilt
When you were never
On the other side
Of the gun?

I wish
I could do more
Than cry
Or donate
Or write this poem.

But what is there for me to do?
They can have all my money
I don’t need it
And funerals are expensive
But you can’t put a dollar on a human life.

What can I do?
I’ll retweet the tweets
And reblog all the posts
Just to raise awareness
But is anyone even listening?

What can I do?
I carry their names in my heart
I keep them alive
In all the ways I can think to
But I can’t bring them back.

I can’t
Turn back the clock
I can’t
Stop time
I can’t.

I feel
Scared .

I feel like
They won.

Being everyone who ever wanted
To see us fall
Being the ones who never stood up for us.

I can’t help it
I feel like they won
That they got what they wanted
And after all of this
I don’t even know what I want.

Do I want an apology?
Do I want a time machine?
Do I want to know why this happened?
Do I want justice?
Do I want what I know I’ll never get?

In four hours
Was broken
And now all we can do
Is try to put the pieces back together.

We can
Turn it off
Then turn it back on
We can
Pull the cartridge out and blow on it.

We can
Unplug the wires
Count to ten
Then plug it back in

We can
But we can’t
We can’t fix
What has been broken
We can’t make it new again.

So what can we do?
We can’t go back
We can go forward
And we can fight.

We can
We will
Be heard
They will not silence us

We can
We will
Fight for ourselves
For our family
For our community.

We can
We will
Say their names
We won’t let them
Be forgotten.

We can
We will
Live for them
They did not die in vain
And god damn it, if we will let the memory of them wilt.

We will bloom
From the wounds
Where we once bled
They tried to bury us
But did not realize we were seeds.

They tried to drown us
But did not realize we could breathe underwater
They tried to clip our wings
But did not realize we had claws.

We are the children of tomorrow
We are the voices for the ones
Who lost theirs
We are not a force to be reckoned with
We are the future.

We are angry
And we are scared
But we are more
Than that
We are the forty-nine.

In a place
Called “Pulse”
So many stopped that night
But mine
Will keep beating for them.


49 things to know about the 49 || it’s been six months since the pulse shooting, please don’t stop talking about it. please don’t forget about it.
(cc, 2016)

you guys can check out this poem and so many more in my LGBT+ poetry anthology - Have Some Pride - coming soon!

Their Roles in High School: IKON

@hyamori There you have it, child.


The student council leader that can, and will, kick your ass if you’d get onto his nerves.


Happy go lucky senior that seems so very dumb, but passes all exams with flying colours and you’re just like “???


Looks intimidating but is actually the nicest of the bunch. Will literally do anything for you if he knows you well enough. He’s actually smart but too lazy to put in effort.


A pretentious bad-boy. Tries to act tough. Tries very hard. Gets a mark lower than what he expected because he went out to an arcade with Yo-Yo the night before exam. Blocks Yo-Yo from FB and phone and then cries self to sleep.


Has the negativity of the whole school. Always judging people in school. Always judging people in general. Never friends with anyone, but then all of a sudden is involved in some shit and there’s your friends.


Always tries too hard. Nice to teachers. Nice to students. Nice to that old-man you see while walking to school. Even nice to that evil teacher whom everyone hates. Tries to help friends getting higher marks. The angel.


That asshole best-friend that is always there to burn you and embarrass you, as well as to catch your embarrassing moments, but as soon as some other tried to do the same as he, he gets all protective.

I haven’t been able to go out as much during the night this winter after Tristan was born, but when the sky is full like this the sleep can wait! On this night Joe went to take the dogs out before bed. He said there was a tiny bit of aurora when he first got outside. Then he heard a whoosh sound and thought maybe an owl had flown over or something. When he looked up the ski was bursting with lights! By the time I had grabbed my camera and gotten geared up to take this picture it had already died down some. Tulit'a, Northwest Territories, Canada.

There's Still Happy Things

Just because you’re unhappy doesn’t mean you should bring it on others. I’ve been so down and upset lately I didn’t even notice all the good that was happening around me. My best friend got a boy that treats her the way she should be. It’s 70° in February. My mom and dad went out on a date night and they seem happier than ever before. Those are things that are just happening around me. Somewhere in the world someone fell in love. Someone got married. Someone had their first child. Someone just had the best day of the life. We need to just open our eyes and see all the good. Take a deep breath, walk outside, look around, see the smiles on people’s face. “Smiles are contagious” you just have to watch for that one happy, joyous moment you see someone else experience to put a smile on your face too.

Chapter 20

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Where she went Masterlist 

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Make Me - Zach Werenski

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YUUUPPPP I was absolutely feeling some Zach smut!  Also this got kind of lengthy but oh weelllll!  I loved how this turned out and I hope you do toooo!  Let me know what you think of it!  Much love pals! <3

Word count: 1296

Warnings: smuttttt, swearing, drinking

Request: “#1 and #71 with Zach!”- @brooke5bb

Prompt: “Come over here and make me.” & “Make out with me.”

Up next: Connor McDavid


You finally had finished your semester at university so you and some friends had decided to go out and celebrate.  You had spent the last couple hours prepping but also trying to convince your boyfriend Zach to join you.

“Babe, you have to come! It’s gunna be so much fun!” you yelled from the bathroom as you added the finishing touches to your makeup.

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Blushing and keeping your head down as you walked through the bridge, you smirked and tried to ignore the vivid set of eyes following your every move before grabbing at one of the many coffees Rip had set out and taking a seat on the floor near Leonard who immediately hunched over knees and brushed the tip of his foot against your leg in order to grasp at some form of contact now that you were awake…

“Good of you to join us…” Rip started as his dark eyes cut toward you in a way that let you know you and the rest of the team were about to get a nice sized lecture on how you’d all individually marred history with the shenanigans you pulled during your mid-nineties Vegas venture.

Pursing your lips and dropping your stare to your coffee, you buckled down and readied yourself for what was going to be the longest scolding of your life but before Rip could even draw in his first breath, you felt Leonard’s foot wedging itself under your thigh and without thinking, your eyes flicked toward him. There was a subtle smirk curling at the corner of his mouth before he finally leaned back in his seat and nodded his head toward the empty space between his legs.

With narrowed eyes, you briefly glanced toward Rip who was pretty busy tearing into Jax for some impulsive bullshit move he did at a casino before settling your stare back on Leonard and shaking your head. You were all in enough trouble as it was and it might have been bad form to cuddle up with Captain Cold while Rip Hunter was trying to get a point across…

And with that, he reached forward and wrapped a hand around your arm to coax you closer; his smirk widening into a full blown grin by the time you decided it was okay to scoot in, slot yourself between his knees, settle down and lean back to let him drop a firm grip around your shoulders.

Tilting your head back, you shot him a bright smile before hooking your arms around his calves and relishing in the feel of his hands as he palmed his way up your neck… The truth was, whatever happened between you and Leonard in Vegas, wasn’t going to stay there. Not when you’d spent evenings watching the sunset dip below the Vegas skyline, hustled card players in multiple games of poker, jumped barefoot into fountains just to play in the water like a couple of kids, and even stayed up all through the night to listen to the sound of each other’s breathing as you snuggled up in giant bed and watched the sunrise.

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Spending the Week in Vegas with Leonard*

(1) @capscanary​: Leonard request: the morning after you and Leonard went out the night before

(2) capscanary: Imagine spending a week in Las Vegas with Leonard

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I might be a bit slow today but what does Bobby's soul have to do with the Gavin situation..?

Hooboy! Okay, buckle up for some Wild Canon Fuckery. Seriously, this is one of the few Truly Effed Up Retcons this show has ever pulled, and by far the one that makes me the most *keysmash rageydoodles*

Let’s start out on a little Background Refresher on the State of Bobby’s Soul, just so we all understand what’s at stake here…

In 5.20, The Devil You Know, Bobby agrees to a ~shady deal~ with Crowley, in which he ~loans~ his soul to Crowley in exchange for the location of the horseman Death. In 5.21, we learn the terms of their agreement– that Bobby will theoretically be given his soul BACK after they stop the apocalypse… and Crowley even threw in the use of Bobby’s legs as a bonus (he’d been paralyzed since stabbing himself in 5.01 while possessed by a demon who was about to kill Dean…)

Anyhoodle, the apocalypse was stopped, Sam was soulless, Dean had “gotten out” and then gotten dragged back in… The world was going wacky in a whole new way, monsters acting weird, far outside their usual patterns, and most of s6 seemed like it was trying to deal with this strange upsurge of Monster Problems. Cas was busy off in Heaven trying to gather power to stop Raphael from restarting the apocalypse… And Crowley still hadn’t given Bobby his soul back…

So that brings us to 6.04, Weekend at Bobby’s. (written by Andrew Dabb, btw, who’s probably just as bitter about this timeline fuckery as I am) Bobby was mustering all of his resources trying to get enough leverage on Crowley to force him to return his soul. That took some doing.

Bobby tortured a demon into revealing Crowley’s human name (Fergus Roderick MacLeod), combined with Crowley having told Bobby that his favorite whiskey was Craig, narrowing down where in Scotland Crowley had hailed from. Bobby dug into his past (with the help of Rufus) and discovered Crowley had a son, Gavin MacLeod, who’d perished when his ship went down. The wreck of the ship had been discovered, and a ring belonging to Gavin had been recovered.

Rufus then went and stole the ring from a museum where it had been on display, and Bobby used it TO SUMMON THE GHOST OF GAVIN, in order to learn the location of Crowley’s bones. Sam and Dean then FLEW TO SCOTLAND TO DIG UP CROWLEY’S BONES BASED ON THE INFORMATION THEY GLEANED FROM GAVIN’S GHOST. BECAUSE BOBBY HAD BEEN ABLE TO TRACK GAVIN’S RING TO THAT SHIPWRECK.

This was the leverage Bobby needed to compel Crowley to return his soul. Sam and Dean standing over his grave, flicking a zippo open and closed, threatening to burn his bones… which is death for a demon.

So in 9.21 when Abaddon went back in time to pull Gavin out of his timeline the night before he was supposed to embark on that fateful sea voyage, thereby BORKING THE ENTIRE TIMELINE AND EFFECTIVELY RENDERING THE EVENTS OF 6.04 IMPOSSIBLE.

If Gavin stayed in the current timeline, there was no way for him to have died on that ship. There was no way Bobby could’ve retrieved his ring, or summoned his ghost. There was no way for Sam and Dean to have gone to Scotland to dig up Crowley’s bones, because without Gavin’s information, they wouldn’t have known where to dig.

There’s an argument that it was because of this “timeline borking” that allowed Crowley to bring Bobby’s soul to Hell in the first place (as we learned in 8.19, Taxi Driver, when Sam’s Hell Tablet Trial to free an innocent soul from Hell involved rescuing Bobby and returning his soul to Heaven). And on the surface that seems like at least a head-scratchingly plausible theory.

I mean, Bucklemming were responsible for 8.19, 9.21, and now 12.13 as well… but 6.04 and Gavin’s original inception were on Andrew Dabb. He’s likely been pissed off for years about this fuckery, and now that he’s showrunner he actually gets a say in fixing it. I’m really happy for him… :D

Because while the “Bobby’s soul” part of this equation is sort of handwaved by this theory, it doesn’t cover ~every other damned thing~ that was utterly borked by having Gavin yanked out of his timeline, INCLUDING the fact that this began the “saga of Crowley’s bones” that became a legit plot point later in s6…

It’s just… infuriating, because if the events of 6.04 were rendered impossible and never set to rights, it just leaves this gaping hole through which the rest of subsequent canon is built on a non-existent foundation. And that really, REALLY grinds my gears.

I hate paradoxes, basically.

They really need to fix this.

Second Chances

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warning(s): none :) there’s some fluffy cuteness at the end to lighten the mood (lordie will you be happy about that)

theme: After a night full of drinking, a mistake is made that almost ruins your relationship with Jaebum

word count: 2.1k

“The man standing before you wasn’t the one you fell in love with.”

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