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#NationalFossilDay: Interagency Team launches new paleo camp 

On August 7-11, BLM-UT and Salt Lake Center for Science Education teamed up to teach youth about BLM-Utah’s world-class paleontological resources and recreation sites.

When Regional Paleontologist Greg McDonald was hired at the Utah State Office last year, dino-sized projects immediately began to evolve. One of his first ideas was to create a week-long Paleo Camp for middle school students. He reached out to a STEM-based charter school in Salt Lake City that the BLM-Utah youth program was already familiar with: the Salt Lake Center for Science Education (SLCSE). The school’s outdoor exploration instructors, Cavett Eaton and Dr. Sydney Stringham, agreed to help pilot the new camp. 

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Did I Stutter?

A/N: Anon asked me to write Barba learning that his girlfriend has suffered from Stutter like almost all her life.
I hope I could do some justice to this request, as I have no personal experience to draw from, just my imagination I’m afraid.
As always, thank you @minidodds for your input!
Word count: 1,593 (it turned out longer than I was expecting!)

Sinking into the couch after a long day at work was a wonderful feeling. Especially when you had witnessed such horrific violence. You thought back to the interrogation you had witnessed that afternoon.

“You know something, Kyle? When I first saw Jack laid up in that hospital, I was pretty upset. I was angry at who did it. Because right away, Jack reminded me of of me,” Sonny said to the boy gently.

“You see, I was the scrawny kid, way back when. Guys in the neighborhood, they used to pick on me every day. The worst was this this kid, Bobby Bianchi. One day when we were at school, he grabbed me by the hair and he he shoved my face through a plate glass window.”

“Must have hurt.” Kyle seemed like a good kid.

“I was bleeding, I was all cut up. The principal asked what happened. Now I could have put an end to it. Right there, all I had to do was say Bobby’s name. But I didn’t. Because I didn’t want Bobby to get into trouble.”

“He got away with it?” Kyle asked.

“That’s right. Nobody ever knew what happened. You know where Bobby is now? He’s in Sing Sing for stabbing some poor sap to death during a bar fight. And I always think, what if I would have said something? What if I just would have said something? Maybe that guy would still be alive. I missed my shot, Kyle. Not a day goes by that I don’t regret it.

“But this is your shot. Right now.”

Rollins had been right, the story Sonny had told had been a true memory. You had wanted to comfort Sonny that day, but the case had taken up the detectives’ time and instead you had gone over to Rafael’s apartment to wait for him to finish up with his case. Sonny’s story had brought back some less than pleasant memories from your own childhood.

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Went kayaking, along one limestone bluff found a vein of pure blue clay that must have been uncovered by the recent heavy rains/flood. 

Luckily I, being a prepared bog witch, never leave home without half a dozen gallon sized ziploc bags shoved into my backpack. 

Anyway I now have about 20 pounds of blue clay straight from the vein in the limestone cliff. Will have to purify it to get the rock bits out, but then am going to have to try my hand at some coiled pots and open pit firing. 

Also found several chunks of chert the size of my fists together, in the same place. Brought that back too and will have to dust off the knapping tools and actually try them. 

anonymous asked:

13F A few weeks ago my parents and I went kayaking. At one point, my kayak got turned around. I saw this older man looking at me. I looked down and noticed that part of my bathing suit top had slipped to the side and on of my boobs was out. I was completely embarrassed at the time. But now when I think about that, I get wet and horny. In some ways I wish I could see that guy again.

Lots of younger girls lately have been interested in older men. Be careful though, they want one thing lol

(P)update 7-9-17

So we went kayaking. This time we just took two of the puppers with us, Tuna and Vic. Tuna is aptly named and loves to swim. He could not wait to get in the water. He’ll swim back and forth between boats until he decides he wants a break. Then he swims up alongside someone and lets them pull him aboard.

Vic is okay with water, but she prefers to perch on the end of the kayak. She’s like our own little figurehead. Her balance is much better than Tuna’s.

Mozzi and Vinny got left behind this time. I made sure to give Vinny lots of neck scratches, which he really loves.

Mozzi was okay with just laying around and napping. I love that his ears are so perky and the one sometimes folds over just a little. Such a cutie.


^^^ how not to Operation Jennifer Garner

Good News and Bad News. I’m making more workouts than I did two weeks ago. Bad news, I ate an order of fries as big as my face.

I haven’t gotten a chance to write about this weekend because
Tuesday= spin. He does these things called Russian Pyramids that make me love my bike a little less because at the end of the set I HATE my bike.
Monday= a run with Angela. 3.5 miles, my longest and fastest distance this year which resulted in me coughing, throwing up and busting my eardrum. WebMD says it will heal itself, until then- speak in my good ear.

The weekend consisted of
Friday= The Little Athlete’s Soccer game. She’s in the cryo chamber. We both believe in its healing powers for our backs. I was 19 when I had my first back spasms. She beat me and started at 15.
Saturday=2 hour spin class
Sunday = swimming and kayaking. I went kayaking in January.

It was the perfect amount of parenting, training and relaxing.

It’s a good life.

dest-writes  asked:

could you do camp counselor!jun where he and y/n are both camp counselors and he has a crush on her because she's so good with all the kids even the troublemakers the jun can NEVER get to obey him heehee thank you love

• omg yes this is so cute okay so you had been volunteering to be a counselor at this camp for the past five years after you had gotten too old to attend it as a camper so you were like why wouldn’t someone come back to this place??? you enjoyed like all the memories you had made of sitting around the campfire struggling to get your marshmallow off of the stick perfectly into the graham cracker or the time when you went kayaking for the first time and nearly flipped yourself over
• the camp was a place of happiness for you like whenever school got too hard or stressful you would motivate yourself to think like hey only a few more months/weeks until you can be back out in the wilderness air
• also you pretty much knew every single camp counselor that worked there and you were pretty much close with all of them there but when you arrive at the campsite and flip up the list of camp counselors you see wen junhui and youre like ??? who is this guy and so you’re like super focused when all the counselors pass into the main hall and so far everyones faces are familiar and you give a nod and a wave towards them but then an unfamiliar face passes through the entrance
• and oh my gosh your heartbeat just picked up and it’s so loud that you’re sure this new guy can hear it and you exhale a wow because he is the singlehandedly most handsome man you have ever seen and you’re pretty sure everyone else at this point is watching the color rise to your cheeks and your mouth slightly agape
• and you’re like this is wen junhui and oh gosh is he approaching you right now??? and he stops in front of you and wow he basically towers over you and he gives you a smile and oh wow his eyesmile is beautiful and he puts his hand out and he introduces himself as jun and that he’s your camp counselor partner in crime and your heartbeat must be insane at this point and then he takes your hand in his and brings it to his mouth and kisses it and you’re like I CANT WHO EVEN IS THIS MAN
• then he tells you that he will enjoy working with you this summer and part of you is like how am i going to deal with him this whole summer??? especially since you two are going to co-counsel your favorite cabin of counselors and oh boy here we go
• so on the first day of the job you had to visit juns cabin because it was ten minutes before the kids were supposed to meet in the clearing and jun was nowhere to be found so here you were knocking on the door to only be met with silence on the other end and you kind of just huffed because how has this boy slept through his alarms this late??? so there you are still furiously knocking on the door until he opens it and he’s pulling his shirt over his head and oh wow that’s his chest right there and wow he’s so close right now and you kind of just inhale because wow he’s handsome and toned and oh boy jun is watching the color rise to your cheeks and now you’re like oh uh we gotta go now and he’s like well alright and just continues walking as if you didn’t just see him shirtless???
• so you’re flustered walking with him all the way down to the gathering and jun and you decide to step back and let him try to wrangle up the kids attention at first because lets be honest you still need time to calm down from your experience five minutes ago
• so there is jun who keeps saying excuse me and waving his hands around and keeps huffing and stops his foot just like a little kid and youre having to stifle a laugh because wow this is so cute and so you move over to him and pat his chest and you’re like let me handle this one okay??? and so you just whistle once and clear your throat and all the kids turn around and a sheet of silence falls over on them and now it’s jun’s turn for his mouth to go agape and he’s seriously impressed at just how fast you got all the kids under control in less than five seconds and he feels a surge of admiration flow through him because how do you manage to do this???
• so you divulge into the instructions on making their own custom door handles for their bunks so you and jun pass out all the supplies and jun cant help but notice how once you pass out all the stuff the kids smile back at you with the widest toothy grin and so he tries his best to offer a smile to kids as his passes colored pencils out and a few of the kids just look at his forced smile and are like no but the second that one of then little girls finally returns a timid grin juns heart is like I DID IT
• you obviously pick up on him trying to be more friendly with the kids and you cant help but smile and your heart is so soft and especially the little girls are like tugging at his sleeve because this boy is a ladies man with all except one little girl
• and so jun comes over to you and whispers into your ear and oh boy here come the goosebumps again and hes asking how to handle that one little girl who just seems to be the troublemaker and wont listen to him and insists upon running around the grounds with scissors even though jun was pleading for her to stop and hes telling you how you’re just so good with the kids and he wants to be that good and wow he just cant understand how someone can handle all these kids the way you do
• face is just as flushed as it has ever been and you tell him you’ll show him how its done so you go down and perch next to the troublesome little girl who now is prying the other camper’s colored pencils from their hands and claiming them as her own and you whisper a few words to her before her eyes grow wide and she nods quickly and hands the pencils back to the other kids and mutters an apology and there is jun again in complete awe at the way you handled another one of these children and wow is jun thinking how good you would be with his children and how good of a mother youd be and he has to look away because wow his face is flushed now again
• that night when the camp counselors are all gathered around the fire and jun plops himself down next to you and playfully bumps your shoulder while giving you that cheesy little smile that he gave you this morning and his voice is kind of small but admiring when he tells you that he really admires how well you handled the situations today and that also he thinks you’re super pretty and with a small little wink he mentions how tomorrow he’ll try his best to meet you like he did this morning
• and thus begins the sweet summer camp counselor romance between you and wen junhui the cheesiest camp counselor to ever walk foot on these grounds and also your favorite one too but you wouldnt tell him that now would you

Last day at Camp

A/N:This is a really sad imagine that is based off of an episode of criminal minds. It is a Stiles x Reader imagine. It is kind of long.                                                     Warnings: Super sad, shooting, character death, kidnapping.

Originally posted by stilesstilinskiandlydiamartin

Stiles and you have been waiting to go to summer camp, since you left last year. The only downside was that Scott couldn’t come with you this year. Nevertheless, you were excited. You had left at noon and were almost there. You and Stiles reminisced about past years at camp. One year the two of you had went kayaking and he managed to flip the kayak not once, not twice, but three times. Last year you entered the talent show and won first place. This camp was most definitely the highlight of your summer. This year more so than usual. You and Stiles were finally dating. And this would be a nice break from all of the supernatural mess you always had to deal with in Beacon Hills. When you arrived the two of you had went your separate ways to unpack. You had promised to meet up with him at dinner.

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au idea where John is a river guide for one of those wilderness camps and Sherlock is sent to a wilderness camp as a last resort. Sherlock hates rivers and the outdoors and John hates pretentious brats that are unwilling to help.

Sherlock’s falls into the icy river on his first trip over a class three rapid. He’s mad and cold and embarrassed when John pulls him out. John laughs and gives him a towel and a root beer. Sherlock rolls his eyes.

He doesn’t fall in again and finally learns to row. He likes to sit on the back of the raft, closest to John.

That night he finally learns how to set up his tent and asks John to help him drive in the stakes. (😏😏😏)

The next day on the river is much better and before long Sherlock and John are up before everyone else in the morning, and Sherlock is teaching John that instant coffee is the devil’s brew, and how to make a cup of real coffee with the coffee beans he smuggled on the trip.

John laughs deep and low thinking about Sherlock smuggling coffee beans; and from then on they start the day with a decent cup of coffee.

The first time Sherlock watches John kayak off a class five waterfall Sherlock almost stops breathing. He’s so scared. John thought Sherlock would be impressed and did it to show off. They’d been flirting on and off for days and John wanted to do this, almost to prove to himself that he’s brave enough to make the first move.

Sherlock is livid that John would take a risk like that and John doesn’t understand when Sherlock is cold and distant.

Finally they talk like adults, which is hard since they’re both screwed up teenagers (actually John is 20, but hates conversations about feelings). John decides he’s going to kiss him, it’s now or never.

The sexual tension is off the charts for the last three weeks of camp but John will not have a sexual relationship with a camper. FINALLY camp ends Sherlock invites John to England to stay with him.

And then they bang.

* try not to be jealous of my awesome writing ability 😂😂😂

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Hi everyone!
I’ve been on vacation for the past few days, so I didn’t draw much. I went Kayaking, swimming, biking, etc. at the beach which was SUCH a great time! ^_^

I can’t keep up with the 2 pages a week and still keep my sanity, so I’ll probably be posting as I can again, hopefully with relatively larger updates. It’ll help keep the story’s continuity and give me more time. I’ll also try to throw in some animations! (I’m sure I’ll get some hate mail about me not posting frequently, but I just wanna remind folks this is a hobby, not a job.)

Thanks guys!! I’ll answer some asks tonight!