went clubbin

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moni this dumb as hell but i always think of how id prob feel so safe w zayn.... like i went clubbin n this guy wouldnt leave me alone n in my head i was hella buzzed but i was thinking abt if zayn was here he would defend me n stuff and like wow like idc about public events or premieres but i always think abt how zayn would make me feel so safe and secure.. like i wanna do domesticated shit w/ him and stuff like i want him to make me waffles n ill make him coffee D': what the fuckstagram

when i wanna fuck myself up i think of how we’d spend all day inside cuddling on a couch being with each other was enough there would be no need for the tv to be on it would just be him and i in that bubble where we could pretend no one else exists nothing else matters, only each other and thatd be just fine bc our whole worlds in each others arms :(