went back to school today

I don’t even need anyone to date me ever again, I just need teachers to keep saying I’m a joy to have in class

Another one of my favorite things about vet med is all of the ‘temporary pets’ I have.

Your dog who has to stay the night? They’re currently in my arms, huddled against my side as I read over their paperwork, being told frequently that they’re a good dog.

The cat you left for additional diagnostic testing? Consider them cuddled and kissed on the top of the head at least twice.

Why in my dreams I’m always losing shoes??? Is it my biggest fear or something, losing shoes? Just why, what’s the point???

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Do u know of any clace stories where they're secret agents or spies or something along the lines of partners in crime?

There’s a mini masterlist of Clace fics involving crime here and a fic similar to what you’re looking for here and also kind of this one! I’ll also make a list of fics below where one/both of them are secret agents that aren’t already on the other list!

AU-All Human. Clary Fray is one of the best secret agents the Clave has ever seen, but what happens when her mission is to get her target to fall in love with her and in order to complete her mission, she has to work with Jace Herondale, the bane of her existence. Will she risk what she has trained her whole life for in order to spare an innocent? M for language and lemons

Clary Fairchild is a secret FBI agent that get chosen to be in the FBI games. She will have to go through with a mission that could be deadly. And the worst part is, she has to do It with the cocky Jace Wayland. What will she do? Rated M for language. Lemons in later chapters.

When Clary and her brother are relocated for a mission, they meet Jace Herondale; the cocky, attractive, secret agent. when memories from the past come back to haunt Clary, will she let Jace heal her wounds, or create more scars that she can’t handle.

Clary Fairchild, Tessa Gray and Emma Carstairs are secret agents with a mission to kill Jace, Will and Julian. But when love gets in the way of this mission will they still carry it out? Read to find out! *maybe spoilers sorry* Wessa, clace and blackstairs. ON HOLD sorry

Upon returning to NY after 12 years, Clary meets Jace who she later finds is a high school student by day and secret agent by night. Why is her mother involved in his latest mission? What was it that forced them to flee twelve years ago? Rated M for language and lemons..

Jace is a badass MI5 agent in a group called the Shadowhunters. When he gets assigned to protect Clary after her father has escaped from prison, can he keep the secret from her or will her heart get broken AH

A world where downwolders and humans live in peace, but there are always those rebellious ones. A secret organization of spies keeping safe the innocent. But an old Upriser of Spy HQ is back. Jace and family are up for the task to stop him. T to be safe.

Clary Fray isn’t your average high school student. She has a secret job. Jace Lightwood also has a secret. What will happen when they find out that they are both assassins/spies? What will happen when they are each other’s next target? Could love really be possible in their messed up world? JacexClary - All Human! - COMPLETE

fact: random, little gestures of people letting you know they love you and are thinking of you are the sweetest things in the whole entire world

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So the other day I passed out several times in an exam and was taken away by ambulance and since it was in school it was embarrassing but I thought people would be sympathetic because it was pretty serious but today I went back to school and I found out one girl I don't really know (but uses ableist slurs regularly) filmed it and I'm really upset and idk what to do at all because she's really popular but that's an awful thing to do and just idk, any advice or anything?

thats so fucking awful, im honestly so sorry that happened, its nothing to be ashamed of, but you have to stand up for yourself.

go to your nurse or principal amd explain that you found out she filmed your medical emergency. have him handle it, get it taken away amd deleted, her doing.that is awful and deserves reprecussions

you deserve your illness to be taken seriously, not filmed like movie, its scary to stand up,but you have to.

let me know what happens, if thats okay with you.

Strange Friction

Pairing: Regulus Black x Lily Evans

AU: canon, Marauders-era AU

Word Count: 812

Written For: gueneviere-fics [because she completed a ritualistic writer’s block-crushing fire sacrifice for me, obv] + muclbloods [because she went back to school today and i love her eternally, also obv??] 

Lily has a secret.

Well, it’s less of a secret than it is a particularly unexpected hiding place, but it still counts, she thinks, because sometimes—sometimes, the Gryffindor common room is too loud, and the Hogwarts library is too stuffy, and the rest of the castle—the sweeping lawns and the crystal windows and the looming towers, the age-worn nooks and the centuries-old crannies—sometimes, it’s just all too magical.

And she loves magic, she does, she loves how it swirls and sings and saturates her blood with the loveliest, most extraordinary sense of warmth, how it fizzles and fits so seamlessly under the surface of her skin—but she also loves her family, her past, her sister, and Lily has never quite been able to forget that magic, magic, magic is the sole, bitterly inescapable reason that Petunia no longer loves her back.

Lily suspects that’ll always sting a bit.

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OMFG 💗 (5/19)

So I went back to my middle school today to give C a graduation invitation and he hugged me! He literally leaned in and held his arms out. So I went in and it was like a perfect fit ❤️ We put our arms around each other and I felt at home. I kind if dug my fingers into his back and ugh 😍 It was honestly so beautiful 💕 I can’t wait to see him again tomorrow! It’s crazy how him and W are so different with me…🙃🙄