went back to school today

So I went back to physical school for the first time since late April earlier today (I’ve been doing online courses only while away, and today was for a single period block)

My speech teacher wanted to give me a fist bump when I completed an assignment, and I did that “SNAIL!!!” fist bump joke where you specifically hold up two fingers and fist bump with those

While explaining it to him since he didn’t know about it before, I wanted to say “the fingers make antennae” but I forgot the word for antennae

Instead I called them “snail antlers”

fact: random, little gestures of people letting you know they love you and are thinking of you are the sweetest things in the whole entire world

Strange Friction

Pairing: Regulus Black x Lily Evans

AU: canon, Marauders-era AU

Word Count: 812

Written For: gueneviere-fics [because she completed a ritualistic writer’s block-crushing fire sacrifice for me, obv] + muclbloods [because she went back to school today and i love her eternally, also obv??] 

Lily has a secret.

Well, it’s less of a secret than it is a particularly unexpected hiding place, but it still counts, she thinks, because sometimes—sometimes, the Gryffindor common room is too loud, and the Hogwarts library is too stuffy, and the rest of the castle—the sweeping lawns and the crystal windows and the looming towers, the age-worn nooks and the centuries-old crannies—sometimes, it’s just all too magical.

And she loves magic, she does, she loves how it swirls and sings and saturates her blood with the loveliest, most extraordinary sense of warmth, how it fizzles and fits so seamlessly under the surface of her skin—but she also loves her family, her past, her sister, and Lily has never quite been able to forget that magic, magic, magic is the sole, bitterly inescapable reason that Petunia no longer loves her back.

Lily suspects that’ll always sting a bit.

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The Child went back to school today (after a week of spring break + a day of “oops a heater caught fire at the school Sunday, we need Monday to clean up”) so I decided to try starting Dance Central again.  Yeah.  I was feeling things by the start of the ‘hard’ level of the very first, easiest song that I’ve done many times before.  I think I’ll try to do only Dance Central for a while, since it starts out easy ans advances slowly (Your Shape sessions are longer and offer fewer times for breaks than Dance Central, and the idea of doing the Zumba ‘game’ is just…no.  Not right now.)

So the trip my class went on today and we got back twenty minutes before school ended and I roll up to my terrible fourth period class and apparently they were talking about me and how I apparently cry and get offended easily when they are homophobic so the teacher was like maybe I’m bisexual and I have a right to be offended. But the girl who brought my name up is getting it tomorrow

The funniest thing was when they said my name is straight up opened the door and they all stared at me.

8.12.2015 [part 2] // seems like I’m back on track✨
Today I went to school and had a 3-hour English test; had a nice extra Bio class; did my homework; wrote my social studies essay 2 days before the deadline (the topic was awesome- it was about antisocial behavior); taught some English; wrote down some vocabulary from The Time Traveler’s Wife.📚

It’s probably one of the most effective ways of learning vocabulary, because you remember the context more vividly and automatically know how to use it! not to mention pleasant associations with the word!

23/100 days of productivity

Some days

Went back to school from spring break today. One of my homeless students had lost her shelter status right before the break, and I’d worried over her all week. Went to find her to check in, and they’re in a hotel again, so a roof, but no kitchen or space away from her father, so difficult. Talked a bit, reassured her as best I could. As she walked away, she stopped, looked back, and asked if the situation were different, would I consider adopting her. Told her it had crossed my mind more times than she’d ever know. She said good because she thinks about what that would be like a lot. Shakes you back to what really matters about this work.

Monday- I laid on the roof and tried to count the stars but oh my fucking god I got lost in them and I swear I saw your face.
Tuesday- I went back to school today. All my teachers got the news and they looked through me the whole day.
Wednesday- It’s been a week now and you tear through my thoughts still. Your name is the quickest thing to fall off my tongue. I don’t think I’m getting better.
Thursday- The cashiers at the store recognize the bags under my eyes and that you aren’t with me anymore. I buy more bandages and vodka now instead of flowers and wine.
Friday- Blood spilled all over the floor and it spelled out your name again. I sat down during my shower and let the water burn until it stopped. Maybe I could learn something from that.
—  It’s been over a week now.