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Overwatch voice actors panel with Michael Chu at AX2017, with Reinhardt and Junkrat watching from the side.

Chu demurred on a lot, but confirmed there is/will be another LGBTQ character (but no hints as to whom); that the kids in Reflections are Torbjorn’s grandkids; Lucio does have legs; and asked if there was support for a Lucio short, after Johnny C’s request (there was lots of support). Reaper may or may not feel fatherly towards Sombra, but has a “great eye for talent - Blackwatch was amazing” and has a lot of respect for Sombra and her abilities. D.va’s parents are “definitely” proud of her and her accomplishments.

The best part was when a person came up to the mic and (working on the confidence to speak) said how happy they were to have such an amazing universe and a positive view of the future, and Johnny C came and gave the person a hug.

All the VAs were happy that their characters (Symmetra with autism, Soldier76 with PTSD) showed that people who might be considered to have disabilities or limitations are able to do things nobody else can and provide a positive representation for people.

Charlet is super proud that D.va and her bunny logo have become a symbol for feminism in Korea; she’s seen the symbol appear in photos of protests and really likes seeing that.

Anjali would love to be able to do Reinhardt’s and Torbjorn’s voice lines because they sound so happy and positive; Johnny C likes that Lucio makes people feel so positive and upbeat.

All the voice actors said they like the fanart and headcanons that people give the Overwatch characters; Michael Chu was noncommittal but was wearing one of Twitter:@hanjosi’s pocket Ana T-shirts. Fred likes the idea of Soldier 76 being fatherly towards D.va; all are excited to discover more about their characters as they meet and interact in-universe (not in-game). Anjali wants to know more about Symmetra’s conundrum as she learns more about Vishkar and has to decide if they’re all she believed they were or if they’re more sinister or evil than she knew.

All the characters voice actors at the panel play Overwatch; most do it on PS4. Charlet started out maining someone else (I don’t remember! Junkrat maybe?) but now plays D.va; Anjali doesn’t feel she’s good at Symmetra but does play her; all the VAs seemed to like playing Junkrat; Keith asked if it was possible to give each voice actor their own personal skin they could equip so people would know who they’re playing against.

All in all a fun panel; nothing too earth shattering, but I’m glad I went. Next time I’ll take notes; this is what I remembered, and Tumblr’s app are ate my first post, so this is the second run through.

Roommates (M)

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╳ Pairing: Jimin x Reader 

╳ Genre: (one shot) smut and kinda fluff & angst ??

╳ Summary: Being roommates with your best friend can be fun until one day you look at him differently. 

(this is something that I found that I had written months ago and just decided to post it!!)

The day you looked at your best friend as more than a friend, you knew you were screwed. It happened out of nowhere. You just woke up one morning and looked at him differently. You were never going to tell anyone, you weren’t stupid. That would just lead to Jimin being freaked out and nothing being the same. Risking your friendship with Jimin was not worth the little crush you had on him.

Deciding that you couldn’t fall back asleep, you got up to start the morning. Walking into the kitchen to get some breakfast, you didn’t notice your best friend standing there.

“Holy shit! Jimin, you scared me!” You yelled, clutching your chest.

“What’s gotten you so jumpy?” Jimin asks, laughing while opening the refrigerator

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They embraced, then stood back from each other.

Finn studied him intently. “You look like you’re in one piece. I can hardly believe it. I thought you were dead. What happened to you?”

“I wasn’t dead, just momentarily out of it,” the pilot explained. “Came around long enough to see that you had got out. Pulled out of the dive just long enough to set down—hard. Impact threw me clear. Woke up at night; no you, no ship, no nothing. Went looking—in the wrong direction. Got picked up by some itinerant trader.” He grinned. “Tell you all about it sometime. Beebee-Ate says that you saved him.”

Finn eyed the droid. “It wasn’t just me.” A slow smile spread across his face and his eyes twinkled. “Tell you all about it sometime.”

The Unspoken Game

A/N: So like said before I wasn’t ever going to post this because this was orginally for Chloe who’s been a little ran down lately. So no judgements ! This is a Thomas fic WHO I’VE NEVER WRITTEN ABOUT EVER ! BE PROUD OF ME LOL ! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I know that Chloe did !

Dedicated to: @writing-obrien

Warning: God, the smut tho. I’m just be warned.

Word count: 2714

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Hubby and i were suppose to go to the beach with some friends of ours this past Saturday. Unfortunately, the husband fell ill so they couldn’t go with us. So hubby and I made it a beach date with just the two of us.

It was a Beautiful day.  We got there early as to avoid the long lines. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was a comfortable day, not too hot, although the water was freezing.

It didn’t take too long for the beach to pile up with other visitors. One couple that set up just off of us had a really cool four wheel cart that both hubby and I really liked. it would make life so much easier with having to card the cooler, umbrella’s and everything else you decide to take to the beach.  

Finally hubby got up off his chair and walked over to him. I heard him ask about the four wheel cart and ask where they got it. I got up and walked over to say hi. Allan, the husband was tall, probably in his late thirties, short dirty blonde hair, he medium built with a bit of a belly. Kelly, the wife was shorter, a bit bigger than he was , large tits and long black hair. One thing I noticed about her, was that Carly Simon type mouth and smile. Very sexy.

Anyway, we found out that they lived about 5 hours away and are in our area on vacation. They bought the cart at a Canadian Tire where they are from. After hubby and I said that we would have to look for one later on, we said it was nice to meet them and went back to sit out at our spot.

For a few hours, hubby and I sat at our spot, read and watched people on the beach. Finally it was hot enough to go into the water. But wow, the water was freezing! My nipples were very perky and evident through my bikini top.

The couple that we talk with earlier came into the water and made their way over to us. The husband was fine with the cold water and dove right in but Kelly wasn’t so convinced and was shivering as she slowly made her way over to us.

“I can’t believe how cold the water is!” She said shivering in front of us. Both arms across her large breasts. Her goosebumps were showing.

“ I know right.” I pointed to my erect nipples.

Just as I did that Allan came up out of his swim towards us and saw me pointing to my nipples and howled with laughter. “That’s something you don’t expect to see coming out of the water.”

I smiled back at him and Hubby piped up, “that’s nothing, you can hang your jacket up most days on those hard nipples.”

Allan Laughed again. We talked a while in the water about their life and how they were just married and this was pretty much their honeymoon vacation. I had my sunglasses on so neither of them saw me checking them out. Both Kelly and I got too cold so we all went back to our spots on the beach.  

A couple more hours passed, we read some more, hubby and I took a walk along the shore and I even got in a power nap. Time not surprisingly went fast. It was now almost 6 pm. People were starting to clear out of the beach. The beauty about having older kids is that we weren’t in a big hurry to get home. They can easily fend for themselves.  So Hubby and I made the decision to stay and watch the sunset. Kelly and Allan were still there as well. They eventually asked if they could bring some chairs to watch the sunset with us.

We all laughed and talked the evening away, all the while watching other people walking and playing out in the water. Commenting on other bathing suits and in some cases lack there of.

Sunset finally came and it was beautiful. We all managed to snap some amazing pics. Once the sun went down we all started to pack to leave for the night when Allan walked back to our spot.

“Are you guys hungry?” He asked. “We are heading out to a restaurant after we head to the hotel and clean up.”

Hubby and I looked at each other for a moment, “we would love to but were going to need to get cleaned up as well.” I said looking at hubby.

“Well, if you guys don’t mind, come back to out hotel and fresh’in up there.” Kelly said walking up to us. “We don’t think your murderers after all. “ She said with her Carly Simon smile.

“And we won’t bite. Much.” Allan said with a laugh.

So hubby and I were driving behind this couple that we just met today. They were really friendly and felt very comfortable with them. You could tell that they felt the same way about us.

“Who knew that asking about a four wheeled cart would turn into this!?” Hubby said as he drove behind them.

We pulled into this Motel that was about 20 minutes away from the beach. It looked like one one those 60′s motels with a large lit up sign outside. Inside it confirmed my thought. shag carpet was all around and the bed even had one of those coin machines that made the bed vibrate.

“We found this place on line.” Kelly said as she put her stuff down by the closet. “The new owners of this place turned it into an authentic 60′s style motel.”

“It’s too cool. I wouldn’t mind staying here sometime myself.” I said looking around.

Kelly showered first as Allan, myself and hubby sat around talking. When she finished I went in for a shower then Allan and hubby. Once we were all cleaned up we took one vehicle (our Van) to the restaurant. For a couple of hours we sat, ate and drank wine. We all were laughing and had a great time. Hubby was driving so he only had one beer, then drank water for the rest of the evening.

By the time we left the restaurant, the three of us were feeling pretty good. The wine def had its effect on us. Hubby was getting a kick out of our silly behavior during the van ride home.

“Omg, I’m really glad we met you guys today.” Kelly said flashing the smile.

“Hubby said on our way to the Motel that its funny how this all started because he asked where you guys got your cart from.” I smiled back at her.

We pulled into the Motel and they asked if we wanted to come back up to their room to chat some more. We did, and what happened after that is a blur to me, but I’m sure hubby would be able to tell you.Could have been too much wine or something, But, sometime after that and a couple more drinks, I was licking Allan’s sizable cock head as he stood in front of me as I sat in the chair next to the bed.

His shirt was off and his belly was hitting the top of my head as I held his cock that was sticking up of his boxer shorts. He was moaning as he held my head with both hands thrusting in and out out my mouth.

“Christ, you have a fantastic mouth.” He moaned . His large balls hitting my chin. I didn’t know where hubby was at this time, but between the loud sucking sounds coming from my mouth, I did hear Kelly moaning. Allan took his cock out of my mouth and slapped my face with it a few times leaving wet marks on my cheek. I finally saw Kelly laying on the bed, her top was still on and hubby was between her legs eating her pussy. Both her hands were on his head as she thrusted up into him.

“You like seeing that?” Allan asked as he stroked his cock in front of my face.

“Yes!” was all I could respond with.

Hubby and i don’t swing very often because he has to be careful with  his job, but when we do, its so hot watching him. I know the pleasure Kelly was in because hubby can really eat a pussy good!

“Good.” Allan said standing me up and bending me over the bed beside where Kelly was laying. He lifted my sundress and pulled my bikini bottoms down. At first he started rubbing his fat cock up and down my ass, then I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks and his tongue rimmed my ass and pussy.

I reached out to Kelly and pulled her sundress open exposing her right breast and started tweaking her large brown nipple causing her to cry out. I felt Allan’s tongue enter my pussy from behind and I leaned down more and took her nipple in my warm mouth. She let out a yelp and came on hubby’s face causing him to moan.

It wasn’t long before I was moaning loudly and came on Allan’s face as well. He stood up and entered me from behind. That thick cock filling me. I braced myself on the bed sheets as he began fucking me hard. His hips slapping into me causing the bed to shake. Hubby came up to me and kissed me so I could taste Kelly on my lips.

“She tastes good, doesn’t she?” He smiled at me.

“Yes.” I moaned back as my hole body shook with pleasure. Allan didn’t slow down. He kept thrusting hard into me.

I came again.

Hubby climbed on top of Kelly missionary and slid his hard cock deep inside her causing another loud yelp. He held her legs up past his big shoulders and started fucking her with long steady thrusts.

The room was loud with moaning, yelping, slapping and the bed banging hard against the wall. I’m sure the people in the next room were getting an earful.

Allan had one hand on my hip and the other on the shoulder as he fucked me from behind. Hubby pulled out of Kelly and turned her over into the doggy position and entered her from behind. I swear I never heard anyone yelp during sex before, but that girl, was def a yelper.  

Allan announced that he was going to cum and I reached under and took his swinging balls in my hand. He let out a soft moan then a loud grunt as he pulled out and shot spurt after spurt of hot cum onto my ass. He sat down in the chair trying to catch his breath, I knelt down and took his semi soft cock into my mouth to suck him dry.

I heard hubby picking up the pace as Kelly’s yelps turned to mini screams. The bed was banging harder against the wall as hubby pulled out and came all over her ass and back.

We continued to sit around in the hotel room, each of us in a different form of semi undress.

How did this all start anyway!?” I finally asked.

Kelly broke out in laughter. “Omg, you don’t remember?”

I shook my head as all three of them looked at me.

“When we got back into the room.” Hubby began to explain. “ Allan asked so what do you guys want to do. You said , Lets fuck. It surprised us all.”

“ I thought you were just joking around, but I stood up in front of you and asked what you had in mind.” Allan said with a smile. “ Next thing you know, you were massaging my cock through my shorts.”

“oh.” I said sheepishly

“I didn’t even realized you to were swingers.” Kelly said handing us all a bottle of water.

“Occasionally.” Hubby replied.

“Were not.” she smiled back. “But we could very well be now.”

“ Oh look dear, we converted another one.” Hubby joked.

Another hour passed by and it was getting late so hubby and I announced that we were going to leave. I got up to use the washroom. Allan came in behind me, left the door open and began to kiss me. His hand reached down under my sundress and felt my wet pussy. I moaned as his lips touched mine. His tongue played with mine as he fingered me.

The bathroom faced away from the bed room so hubby couldn’t see, Allan lifted me up onto the bathroom counter and moved closer. His hard cock sticking straight out. He took it into his hands and we both watched as he moved it up and down my pussy lips.

I couldn’t hear anything in the next room so I didn’t know if hubby was getting ready or not. Allan moved forward and his hard cock slid straight into me. We kissed passionately as his hips slapped into me. I held his ass cheeks feeling them tighten with each hard thrust. Everything on the counter was moving as we moaned .

Allan took both my legs and widened them apart with both arms as he fucked me. It was so hot knowing our spouses were in the next room. Allan then pulled out, moved me forward a bit and put his cock head on my asshole.

“You think hubby will be angry?” He whispered in my ear as he slowly pushed his cock into my ass.

“He’s not in here.” I whispered back feeling his hard cock entering my ass.

“I couldn’t keep my eyes off this ass all day.” he breathlessly whispered into my ear. “I was imagining how fucking tight your ass must be.”

He was all the way in my tight ass. His arms wrapped around me and started kissing my neck as he fucked my ass.

“Your.” hard thrust in. “So” another hard thrust. :Fucking.” Tight!” his hard thrust shook the bathroom counter as he whispered into me ear.

I was so fucking wet and horny. It was so hot having my ass fucked t with hubby in the next room.

His hard cock filled my ass and the sensation was driving my crazy. I could feel my orgasm building so I reached down between us to rub my clit. That was enough to send me over the edge and I had a amazing orgasm. Crying out, scratching his shoulder with my finger nails.

“I’m going to cum, where do you want it?” he was way beyond breathless at this point.

“In my ass.” I replied back holding onto his naked ass.

He thrust a could more times and cried out with his own orgasm as his cock pulsed inside my ass as his warm cum filled me.

“Holy fuck that was awesome.” He said breathing deeply. “ Kelly doesn’t even let me fuck her ass.” he confessed whispering in my ear.

He helped me off the bathroom counter and as we left the bathroom we could hear the bed banging up against the wall. As we made our way around the corner, all we saw was Kelly lying on the bed and hubby was on top of her, his bare ass thrusting in and out as he fucked her sexy mouth.

We stood there watching as she held onto his ass with both hands, Her mouth making wet gagging sounds. It wasn’t too long until he came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

When he climbed off they both looked at us and she smiled licking her lips. It was another couple hours before we left as we had another fuck session. Were hoping to see them again soon and make this a regular thing. I have messaged Allan back and forth a few times since then.

Fingers crossed.

Prodigy Lance Fic Part 12!!!!!

Lance could feel his palms becoming sweaty. He looked between his teammates nervously. They hadn’t said a word for five minutes. Lance was about to say something, anything, when Pidge started slowly.
“So, just so we’re all clear. You, Lance, are a genius once-in-a-lifetime prodigy, who has created these famous plans and strategies all by yourself?”
Lance wiped his palms across his jeans. “Um..yes?”
Pidge shook her head. “Something isn’t adding up here though. If you’re this amazing prodigy, then why weren’t you at the top of the class?”
The team looked at him, waiting for an answer. Lance let out a sigh.
“I could’ve have been if I really wanted to. I aced all my tests, excelled in all my classes, but I would always barely pass the flight simulators. Fail them even sometimes. Keith deserved that position. I didn’t want to be at the Garrison in the first place, so it wouldn’t be fair if I was the top of the class and didn’t even want it.”
That got Keith’s attention.
“Wait, Lance, what do you mean you never wanted to be at the Garrison in the first place? The Garrison is a prestigious flight school to get into, and people are very competitive to get in.” Lance gave them a small smile.
“Heh, well that my mullet is a long story.”

Lance slowly stood up, making his way to one of the castle’s windows. He gazed at the stars and planets that passed them by.
“I never applied to the Garrison. They recruited me. I have no idea how they even found out about me or my skills, but they did. And they wanted me.”
Lance nervously picked a string on the edge of his shirt, the team watching and waiting patiently.
“You guys all know that I come from a large family. And I love it, love all of them. But having such a large family comes at a price. Literally. My parents were struggling to get us by. We lived in an old house that needed major renovations, I shared rooms and even beds with my siblings. We never went hungry, but we ate tortillas and rice and beans almost everyday. We weren’t living. We were surviving.”
The team wore shocked expressions on their face, Allura’s eyes were slightly glistening from unshed tears.
“But we had each other as corny as that sound. And we’re were happy. But that didn’t stop the bills or bring in more money. Dad had just lost his job and mama was working on our farm, trying to sell produce and other products. I knew I had to go something. I couldn’t just watch my family suffer.”
Lance turned toward the team, ignoring their expressions.
“And that’s when a letter from the Garrison came. I almost threw it away because it was too expensive, and I never wanted to go in the first place. I never wanted to fight or hurt anybody. I just wanted to protect the ones I love. But then I read in the letter that they would offer me some sort of scholarship. They would pay for my schooling and even give me a huge amount of money if I worked with them. How could I refuse? So, I told my parents and accepted the Garrison’s proposal.”
Hunk gazed at his friend, standing up and reaching toward him. “Lance…”

“My family could finally live. We fixed our leaky roof, I was able to buy my sibling new shoes and clothes. Even bought them makeup and and paint and coloring books.”
Lance’s eyes turned glossy.
“I even bought mama a dress, one that she fell in love with the moment she saw it. She cried when I gave it to them. Everything was going smoothly. I did what the Garrison told me to do, didn’t ask questions, and got paid.”
His eyes suddenly turned dark.
“Then the Kerberos mission happened.”
Shiro inhaled sharply. “The Kerberos mission? What about that?”
Lance turned toward him, eyes still dark. “Something did add up. I helped set up that mission, I created flight strategies specifically for that. But then you all suddenly went missing, ship included. I reviewed everything, thinking it was my fault, but that’s when I noticed somebody tampered with the file, with my plans. It was like somebody tried to cover up their tracks, and put the blame on someone else. When I asked, they gave me some vague answer and told me not to ask about it again. That’s when I knew something was wrong…but I didn’t do anything about it. My main concern was providing for my family, and I didn’t want to risk losing that scholarship. I-I’m sorry Shiro. If I had just-”
Shiro quickly raised a hand, cutting him off. “There’s no need to apologize Lance. You were thinking about your family, and there’s no shame in that.”

The team stared at Lance, waiting. They were starting to become nervous, thinking they had said the wrong thing when Lance suddenly began to cry. Keith quickly leapt to him, taking him by the shoulders.
Lance just shook his head, not bothering to wipe the tears. “That’s just it, isn’t it?”
Keith looked at the others in confusion, who in response just frantically shrugged their shoulders. Keith turned back toward him.
“What do you mean Lance?”
Lance locked his watery gaze with Keith, starting to choke on his sobs.
“I-I’ve always though about my family, trying to do my best to take care of them. But look at me now! I’m in space, who knows how many fucking miles away from them! I left with no goodbye, no warning! I don’t know if they’re okay, if they have enough money. I don’t know if dad got another job, if the roof started leaking again, or if Tio needs new shoes! I-I just left them. And I know that I’m protecting them here, protecting the whole universe, but it’s just so hard sometimes. The guilt and sadness is too much to bear, and my mind just takes over and drives me crazy, trying to create a solution to this problem!”

Lance fell into Keith, throwing his arms around his neck, and tucking his face into his neck. “I-I just want to know if they’re okay. Let them know I’m okay. To see their faces. I’m sorry if I’m being selfish, but is that too much to ask?”
Keith just held Lance, tightening his arms around his waist. The others sadly looked amongst themselves, letting the new information sink. Allura then rose and walked over to Lance, gently resting a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. Lance sniffles loudly and with a quick squeeze, released Keith and turned toward Allura. Allura smiled softly at him, taking his face in between her hands, brushing away his tears.
“My dear Blue Paladin, you are the complete opposite of selfish. You put yourself before your family and all of us. You have showed us such bravery and respect, and we are so proud of you, just like I know your family is. Speaking of your family, I believe I have an arrangement. Zarkon and his followers have been quiet here recently, so I think we all deserve a quick break, a vacation if you will.”
Lance stared at her with wide eyes, disbelieving what she was implying. “Allura…?”
Allura gave him another smile and turned toward Coran.
“Coran, please set the fastest course to Earth. I would like to see these beaches Lance has told us all about.”

Request Reaction - You making a ahegao face during your orgasm

NSFW. Read at your own risk!


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How do you think H would react if he had been neglecting the missus throughout the week, so she decides to punish him by giving him the silent treatment, and making him watch her get off without his help xx

Haven’t necessrily gone down the NSFW route with this… I didn’t feel like it… but I thought this worked better instead… 

He’s been busy with work and planning his sets for the tour and already in talks about his second single, so really, he hadn’t meant to have neglected her during the week. And, quite frankly, he didn’t think he had been. After a long day at work, all he fancied was a dinner and a cuddle on the sofa before heading up to bed during the early evening, bidding her a goodnight with a kiss to her forehead. He didn’t think that that was neglecting her.

So when he arrives home on the Friday night, a bouquet of pink roses and a bottle of champagne under his arm to bring in his successful week of promo and incredibly productive meetings, he’s disheartened when she doesn’t come into the hallway to greet him with a kiss. He’s stunned when she refuses to take roses from his hand and he frowns when he offers to pop the cork of the bottle and gets silence in return. He’s confused when he goes to sit beside her on the sofa for a cuddle after dinner, two glasses of champagne set upon the coffee table, and she stands up to move to another seat in the room. And, he’s upset when she turns her face away from his kiss and ignores him when he asks her questions about her day. And he’s almost angry with her because she’s behaving poorly and he has no idea why he was getting the brunt of her bad side.

And he had no intentions of starting an argument with her. Especially after such a busy and successful week.

“Yeh gon’a have to talk to me at some point this evening, love.”

Eyes scanning her movements as she continues to keep an eye on the telly. The latest episode of Love Island seemingly catching her attention more than he did. 

“S’not fair that you’re treating me so poorly when I’ve not done anything. Haven’t been here all day so I don’t know what you’re upset over,” he hums, leaning forward in his sea and resting his forearms on his knees, “do you wan’a ta-”

“Now you know how it feels to be treated poorly,” she hisses towards him, refusing to glance in his direction as she continued to watch the screen mounted to the wall, “this whole week you’ve treated me poorly, Harry. I know you’re busy with promo and meetings and everything but you came home and paid the least amount of attention to me. Ate dinner, sat with me, and then went to bed. By the time I come and join you in the bedroom, you’re spark-out and snoring and I feel guilty for waking you!”

“Why didn’t you just say something?”

“Because it would have made me look clingy. I don’t want to be that kind of wife who clings to you all the time and demands for you to sit with me and cuddle me and kiss me. But, you sit with me for one hour after dinner and then go to bed because you’re tired. I barely see you all day,” she whispers with a voice that rose an octave, “you’re awake and out the house before I see you and then when you come home, I only sit with you for an hour before you sleep. That’s it. I’ve seen you for 4 hours this week, Harry!” And he can hear her voice cracking. His chest aching and his heart rapidly beating, eyes hooding over and his lips drooping. “I’m not being clingy. I’m not. But, you’ve treated me so badly this week.”

Before he can respond, she’s letting out a sob. And he’s shooting out of his place on the sofa and slotting into the tiny gap beside you, left in the armchair, with upset written all over his face.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, as she brings her knees to her chest and curls up on his lap. Head pushing into his neck as she covers her hands with the sleeves of her sweatshirt. “I’m so, so sorry. I sometime forget how my life at home has changed since you’ve come around. I forget that you have needs that only I can fulfil and I feel so guilty when you get upset because I’ve forgotten all of that,” he coos, cheek resting against her forehead and she snivels and clears her throat of the aching lump, “you’re about to become my wife. I should be making time for you and spending my down-time with you. I know I haven’t been the best boyfriend in the last week but I can make that up to you, can’t I?”

“Fiancé,” she mumbles into his collar-bone.

“I’m sorry,” he chuckles softly, “I know I haven’t been the best fiancé in the last week but I can make that up to you, can’t I?”

She nods silently, nudging her nose into his jawline before peppering kisses along his skin, softly whispering “thank you for the roses” against his lips before cupping his face in her hands.

“This weekend is ours. We can do whatever we like with it, okay? If you want to stay in bed, we can stay in bed. If you want to go for a trip to Cheshire, we can drive up there. If you want to fly all the way to Paris for a romantic getaway, we can catch a flight early-doors. If you want to take a trip to the treehouses, we can definitely do that,” he smiles, her thumbs running across his upper lip, the soft pads of her thumbs catching his stubble, “anything you want. It’s just me and you.”

“Can we just,” she pauses softly, bumping her nose to his, “can we just spend all day tomorrow in bed and all day Sunday in bed? Except Sunday morning. You can take me out for brekkie in that new café in the mid-Camden.” 

“Done deal,” he grins. xx

Worth The Risk {Part 13}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 14

Word Count: 3137
Warnings: none

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You and Sam lounged across the living room in your pajamas, eyes trained on the television flickering softly in front of you as the downpour continued on outside. Through the large windows you could see the dark grey clouds rolling across the sky, leaving everyone in a bitter and somewhat lethargic mood.

It was for that reason (and your aching and bruised bodies from training) that you and Sam had decided to spend the day in, rewatching all of the Harry Potter films together to pass the time. After all, he was one of the only people in the tower who could appreciate the series as much as you.

The clocks struck noon as you continued into the third movie, the rain outside falling harder than ever as you and Sam continued to sit in a daze. You stretched your body across the sofa, unwilling to share with the latter who was currently slouched back in the large armchair to your right.

There’d initially been bickering over the seats, but now silence hung over the room as you both zoned out. So absorbed in the film, neither of you noticed when your company was interrupted

Bucky entered the near empty living room, his hands shoved deep into his sweat pant pockets as he looked around the room groggily. Catching sight of your familiar figure, he began to approach. Without uttering a single word, he reached your side and lifted your legs gently before taking a seat on the sofa. You shifted your weight slightly when he rested your legs back on his lap, shooting Bucky a smile of acknowledgment before focusing back on the movie.

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Fun fair with the Family - Batmom x Batfam (REPOST please READ the explanation right under the summary :-( )

Summary : Batmom decides to take her family to the fun fair…She quickly realizes it might not be her best idea ever.

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)

Repost because, and this time I really don’t know how, the original post got erased…BUT I had it backed up for once. So here. FUCK. Hum. Sorry. But it had almost 100 notes, and comment people left I didn’t even had time to read because the story simply disappeared…I’m a bit bummed out right now…Is it too much to ask if you could like, reblog and comment again ? I kinda feel bad, it’s not my style to ask those things…I’m so sorry for that, but it’s a bit discouraging, to write something, and to see that apparently it was liked, but to not know who liked it, what were the comments etc etc, especially since this time, I didn’t do anything, the story simply disappeared…Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy, and re-enjoy if you already read it :’-(


Not even an hour in, and you know you made a huge mistake bringing them here. All at the same time. They were going to be the death of you, so much energy…But it was just so rare that you all had some free times at once…You just wanted to spend some time with them.

It all started so well though.


You woke up in the best way possible : with your Bruce’s lips trailing kisses on your neck, shoulders and back, his arms wrapped around you. You shifted around, and before you could say anything, he kissed your temple, the corner of your mouth, slowly putting butterfly kisses on your face, to finally kiss you on the lips.

You melted in the kiss, and squeezed his large frame against you, your arms struggling to wrap around him. Damn that man was big. When he pulls away, you can’t help but grin at him, and he gives you the smile he only reserved to you. A real, pure smile. You nuzzle his neck, and he let out a contended sigh.

-You’re alright ?

-More than alright my love, as always when you’re here.

-My sweet Broosh. You know what I mean.

-I am alright. Not even a single bruise or scratch. The boys are too. Calm night.

-I like those.

-I like you.

-I love you.

-Oh yeah, that too. I love you (Y/N).

-Well, here’s for our morning’s cheesy ritual…We probably should get up.

-I have the entire day off.

-Oh ? Well then, what’s the hurry right ?

He smiles once more at you, and you crash your lips on his, climbing on him to straddle him. One of his hand tangles itself in your (H/L) (H/C) hair, the other goes to your waist and his grip is almost bruising. He cannot stop himself, you always had a strong and immediate effect on him…He rolls on top of you, and you wrap your arms around his neck, your legs around his waist.

-What’s the hurry indeed.

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French Fries and Coffee

So a buddy of mine told me about a prompt she had for @doodledrawsthings’ Hell Studios and it was too funny for me to NOT write my own take one it! Per the norm, this is just a drabble.

Lunch breaks were only an hour, or an hour and a half if Joey wasn’t around or if Bendy allowed it. It was a time usually spent in quiet, with the staff alternating silently in the lunch room. They hardly ever sat together and shared a meal, given how different each department’s schedule was, but when they did get together it was usually quite the event-

This time around, it was Henry who brought the team together for lunch- or rather a snack.

“Henry, where did you even get all of these fries?” Sammy frowned, picking up one from its paper wrapper and inspecting it. “This isn’t even a proper lunch!”

“25 cents for a pack was a bargain! Besides, I thought it would be a nice treat-” Henry began but was cut off by the fry thumping his forehead.

While Sammy didn’t seem particularly annoyed or disgusted by the explanation, he certainly didn’t seem amused. Still, it wasn’t enough to make Henry actually feel bad for his selection. A bargain was a bargain and Sammy was the only one complaining.

“Henry, when we all get together, we usually have an actual lunch.”

“No one’s forcing them down your throat if you don’t want any, Sammy.” Susie giggled. “But I would suggest it. There IS quite a few of them here.”

“Well, then the rest of you better eat them fast. Joey isn’t going to be out of the studio forever and we’re already 10 minutes into our hour.” Sammy scoffed then popped a new fry into his mouth.

Before Henry or the others could reach for their fries, a streak of black raced between their hands, and a clump of the potatoey treat went missing in an instant. The sound of a certain little Devil’s giggles followed, then the Toon made himself known by hopping right on the lunch room table!

“Man, you guys sure get the worst snacks!” The demon darling cackled, mushed up fries lining the sides of his mouth. “Speaking of which, what are these things and why do you have so many?”

“They’re called fries, and I picked them up for lunch.” A nervous smile began to spread across the creator’s face. “I got them for everyone, but now I’m starting to thing I got too many…”

“I’ll say… But that’s okay! I ate about 12 of those things in a few seconds, so I’d say it shouldn’t be too hard to get rid of them all!” With that, Bendy scooped up another handful and swallowed them whole. “Or maybe. I could probably out eat you all any da-”

“Out eat ME!? I’m the pie eating contest CHAMP back in my town!” Susie exclaimed.

“Oh please, they’re just fries! Call this a contest when we eat something with substance and not carbs!” Sammy shot back.

“Sounds like this might be a contest in a few seconds…” Henry coughed gently. “Guys, let’s just enjoy our-”

“Can it, Ross! You brought this on!” The music director’s eyes flashed with a deadly flare to the voice actress and toon. “Ten minutes and my money is on you two tanking first! If I’m right, you owe me 5 dollars total!”

“You’ve got yourself a bet!”
When Joey returned to the studio, he expected to see his employees all hard at work. He expected the cartoons to be halfway done, with Bendy keeping things going like a well oiled Ink Machine.

What he hadn’t expected to find was Henry watching Boris finish a plate of fries in what looked to he horror, Bendy and Susie glaring at them both from the floor, and Sammy missing from the group.

“What the hell happened in here!? Why are you all still on lunch!?” He bellowed, but his voice barely seemed to phase anyone. “And where is Sammy!?”

“He went home sick after the first two minutes!” Bendy huffed.

“Boris don’t know when to quit… He just kept eating them…” Henry muttered, not once looking up at Joey. “He just walked in and out ate everyone…”

“… All of you, get back to work!”

  • Mako: You know that time when we went out after seeing your friend's terrible band and you ordered french fries, and I ate all of them because I was wasted? When I think of myself doing that I am… That was so selfish of me. And I'm sorry.
  • Asami: Wow, I'm really glad you reached out about that.
  • Mako: You are?
  • Asami: No, I don't remember that at all, but I will take your french fry apology and apply it to other stuff.
Late Nights

Requested By: @chocklit-shopppe

​ hi its still me, i also i have a request! could you possibly do an imagine for either archie or jughead (either is fine, i love them both) where they’re your best friend and your parents are out of town so they spend the night with you only to later admit their feelings for you. you spend the night with bunches of cuddles and soft kisses. (just fluff please, no smut) <3 thank you so much!

Pairing: Archie x Reader

Description: Your parents had gone out of town for a few days. This meant that your best friend Archie would be crashing with you each day. You loved hanging out with him, you two always had the best time together. You’d had a crush on Archie since you were little, but never expected anything in return due to your strong friendship. But things can change when least expected.

Warnings: Just fluff!!

Word Count: 1,609

A/N: Sorry this took so long to write, I hope you don’t mind that I chose to write it using Archie! Anyways, I hope you enjoy! :)

Originally posted by bettyarchiedaily

It was one day till spring break, meaning that your parents would be out of town for a good portion of the week.

This meant one thing and one thing only, your best friend to crash at your house.

You both did this whenever ones’ parents went out of town for a while, it was a tradition you both made up since you were younger.

This is also how you fell for your red haired friend, spending all this time together created a strong bond that people were jealous of.

They’d look at the both of you, wanting a kind of relationship like that.

However, others looked at you and saw how clueless you both were, amazed that you and Archie couldn’t see how in love you both were with each other.

Everyone around could tell, except you both.

People tried to convince you that you both would be great together, but you both brushed it off pulling the ‘we’re just best friends’ card.

This annoyed a good amount of people at school, they didn’t understand how you both couldn’t see your own true feelings.

The thing is, you could.

You knew how in love you were with your best friend, but you were afraid to tell him.

You didn’t want to ruin the relationship you both had.

You’d rather have Archie as a close friend rather than not have him as a friend at all.

“So, I’ll bring the usual snacks for later tonight?” Archie smiled, wrapping his arm around your shoulder.

“And I’ll have our usual movies to binge watch.” You replied, wrapping your arm around his torso.

“Sounds great.” He smiled, giving you a side hug before letting go of you to enter his class while you went to yours.

You saw people looking at the both of you, which made you roll your eyes.

They just didn’t understand the situation.

The day went on forever, everyone was eager to leave and have fun and start their spring break.

You on the other hand, you were nervous, you didn’t know why either.

You tried to come up with reasonable answers in your head but none came, making you frustrated.

You had zoned out for a good portion of class, only to hear the bell ring and everyone cheer and rush out the door.

Class was over. It was spring break now.

You met up with Betty and Veronica, who dragged you to Pop’s to have a celebratory food fest.

You all sat down in a booth, soon to be greeted by Kevin, Jughead, and Archie.

You all ate and had fun, doing the usual gossiping.

The day went by quick, and soon enough you were at your house, gathering the movies you and Archie always watched.

You made the room look presentable, satisfied with your work.

Soon enough the doorbell rang and Archie was standing before you, holding a bag of snacks and drinks.

“Who’s ready to binge movies for hours and hours?” He laughed, walking inside and setting down the bags on the counter.

“Um, me!” You replied sassily, laughing.

Archie laughed, shaking his head while unloading the bags, you helping him.

You decided to pop some popcorn, while he got a bag of chips.

You sat down on the couch, placing the bowl of popcorn in your lap, a blanket wrapped around you.

You had put in the movie Ghostbusters a classic movie you both loved.

After a few hours of binge watching movies, you decided to play a few games.

It was these moments that your inner feelings did their best to come out, whether you wanted them to or not.

“Uno!” Archie cheered, making you roll your eyes playfully.

“You always win at this game, I call rigged!” You claimed, making Archie scoff dramatically.

“What? You accuse me of rigging this game?” He gasped, placing his hand on his chest.

You nodded, a smile on your face.

“I think you’re just a sore loser because you can’t ever beat me.” He taunted, a smirk on his face.

Now it was your turn to gasp dramatically.

“What? Me? A sore loser? Please!” You waved him off, laughing.

You both continued to play the game, Archie once again won, bragging about it while you glared at him playfully.

You decided to get a drink, while Archie put in another movie.

You couldn’t help but admire him from afar, he was the perfect guy you could ask for honestly.

He protected his friends no matter what, he was a gentlemen when needed, he always wanted people happy no matter the outcome for him.

You didn’t realize you were staring, as his eyes met yours.

You quickly looked away, a light blush creeping up on your cheeks.

You could hear Archie chuckle quietly to himself, making you internally scream at yourself for getting caught.

You hated having feelings, they messed things up all the time.

You walked back over, drink in your hand.

“So, what movie did you pick?” You asked, sitting down next to him.

He glanced at you then at the TV.

“I put in my favorite, The Avengers.” He grinned excitedly, making you laugh.

You both watched the movie, until you realized Archie was wrapping his arm around you.

You didn’t understand what was happening, or why it was happening.

“Um, Archie?” You questioned, looking up at him.

“Hmm?” He responded back, looking down at you.

“What are you doing?” You smiled slightly, making him smirk to himself.

“Trying to see if my predictions are true, which they are.” He grinned, messing up your hair.

You groaned and fixed your hair, sitting up so you could look at him.

“And what are your predictions?” You asked, crossing your arms.

“You like me.” He stated boldly, making your eyes widen.

He gave a cheeky smile, knowing he caught you in his trap.

“What would ever give you that idea? That’s ridiculous!” You fought back, trying to cover up the nervousness in your voice.

“Y/N, it’s okay, because honestly I like you too.” He smiled, making you freeze.

“What?” You asked, unsure if you heard him correctly.

“Y/N, I like you, I have since we became best friends, but overtime I realized it was more than that, I love you.” He smiled, rubbing the back of his neck.

You sat there, stunned, the boy you had loved since you were young finally admitted his feelings to you.

You smiled, biting your lip.

“I love you too Archie, I always have.” You admitted, making his eyes light up.

What happened next surprised you, Archie leaned in and kissed you, it was soft, full of passion.

You couldn’t have been happier.

“Who knew all these late nights together would actually bring us together.” You laughed, cuddling into his side.

He kissed your head, laughing along with you.

It’s funny how things can happen in a blink of an eye, and this was one of those moments.

Late nights together really can change everything.

Wayward Girl (StilesxReader) Part 1 {SPNXTW}

A/N: Okaay story time. I posted this ages ago on ao3 and then I found out that someone was posting it here??? Anyway I got my account suspended and the person who posted it here deleted. Eventually, I took it down from ao3 and pretty much gave up on the whole story but now there is *****inspiration***** and I can post it again.

Fandoms: Teen Wolf and Supernatural (Crossover)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: The reader is Dean’s daughter, and after his death, Sam sends her to take care of a werewolf problem in Beacon Hills.

Warnings: angsty, nudity, self harm.

Part 1 Part 2

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When EXO Wants Cuddles

This is my first EXO reaction that no one asked for!!  Please enjoy!

Contains: fluff / snuggling / kisses / warmness / cuddles

[  // Masterlist //  ]

//  Minseok

“There will be a “coffee of the week,” so I customers can try a new brew all the time,” Minseok said, continuing to dream about his future café as he held your hand.

“Hmmm, what else?” you asked, eyes half-opened, head resting on his shoulder.

“And there will be a tea of the week, for people like you,” he said looking down at you, referring to your distaste for coffee, even his.  “Do you want tea or bed?”

“Bed,” you said.

It had been a long day for you, and you passed out almost as soon as you hit the bed.  You felt Minseok get in next to you and pull you against him with an arm and a leg.

“Good night, Jagi,“ he whispered in your ear before placing a soft kiss on your neck.

You woke up feeling parched.  You were sure you could wriggle out of Minseok’s hold without waking him up, but you were wrong.

“Hn?  Stay,” he said, pulling you back with his leg.

“I’m really thirsty,” you said.

He sat up.  “Water or tea?“

“Just water.”

He came back with two glasses of water, and when you both were done drinking, he pulled you against him and stroked your hair as you lay on his chest.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

//  Junmyeon

EXO was about to tour in North America again, and Junmyeon came to you for help with his English vowel sounds.

“Not Chreestmas, it’s Christmas, with the short I sound.“


“Yeaaaaah, you got it!” you said with a long yawn.

“I think it’s time for bed.  You’ve been so helpful today, Jagi.”

You changed into the new silk pajamas he bought you and got into bed next to him.  Instead of the usual quick good night hug and kiss, Junmyeon pulled you close to him and placed his hand over your heart with a sad sigh.

“What’s the matter?” you asked.

“I was just thinking about how I’ll be leaving again soon… and Skype stopped working on my computer.”

“We can fix it by then… probably.”

“I can’t feel your heartbeat through Skype.”

At some point, you’d fallen asleep, and when you woke in the middle of the night, Junmyeon’s hand was still resting on you, and he was peacefully asleep until your stirring woke him.

“Jagiya?  What is it?”

“I’m getting a snack,” you said from the edge of the bed.

“No, no, you stay here, I’ll get it for you.  What do you want?”

He was back in a flash with a small bag of pretzel sticks.  Junmyeon kept trying to play the Pepero game with them, but you didn’t understand what he was doing.  He put his arm around you, took your chin, and guided you to bite the same pretzel that was in his mouth.

Originally posted by lullabyun

//  Yixing

You had already gone to bed when he came home from the studio.  Normally, he would let you get your rest, but he was a little less than quiet as he changed clothes and climbed into bed.


“Oh, you’re awake,” he said with a livelier tone than you expected as he lay on his side.

“Did you just get home?  It’s almost 2AM!”  You rolled on your side to face him.

“I finished the song!”  He grinned so big you could see it in the dark.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!  When do I get to hear it?”

“As soon as we get some rest,” he said, taking your hand and kissing it over and over.  You loved it when he did this, and you could have sworn he fell asleep in the middle of it.

When you woke up again, it was an hour later and Yixing still had a gentle grip on your hand.  You could feel his soft exhales on your palm.

You slowly inched away, trying not to wake him, and left the room to go to the kitchen.

When you got back, Yixing was sitting up in bed with the lamp turned on, looking like he’d lost you at a big mall.

“Baobei, where did you go?”

“I just got some water,” you said, sitting back down.

He turned off the light and reached for your hand again, interlacing your fingers with his.  “Take me with you next time.  If you’re gone, I can’t hold your hand.”

Originally posted by lullabyun

//  Baekhyun

“When will you be done?“ Baekhyun asked, sitting down next to you on the couch.

“I don’t know… it’s taking me way longer than I thought it would to get through this book.  Don’t wait for me, I’ll come to bed when I finish.”  It was going to be a long night.

“Orrr…” he began, scooting closer, “You could come read in bed?”

You sat up, still trying to tackle the tome from your reading list and Baekhyun slept soundly with his head in your lap.  He had fallen asleep shortly after you began petting his hair.

The book wasn’t interesting enough to keep you awake in the living room, much less in the bedroom.  It wasn’t long before you also fell asleep, sitting up, back against the headboard.

About an hour later, you woke up and realized you were still sitting upright and the lamp was on.  You put the book on the nightstand and reached to turn off the light, trying not to wake Baekhyun, but you had to move his head so you could lie down.

He looked at you with sleepy eyes as you replaced your lap with a pillow for him.

“Jaaagi, you need your rest,” he said groggily.

“I know, I’m resting now.”

“Good.”  Baekhyun kissed your cheek as you got comfortable and pulled your head to the crook of his neck.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

//  Jongdae 

Jongdae came home with sore legs from dance practice and he said was discouraged that he wasn’t learning the choreography as quickly as he wanted to.

“Aww, I’m sure you’re doing the best you can.  You’ve been improving so much, don’t think everyone hasn’t noticed.“

“We don’t have to talk about it, I just want to snuggle,” he said, reaching out for you.

“Wait, wait, shower first!” you laughed.

He took a quick shower and came out wearing a singlet and boxers, smelling like shampoo.

You gave him a short thigh massage to ease his soreness (literally can’t get over Jongdae’s thighs omg) and climbed under the covers.

“Thank you for the massage, Jagi,” he said into your hair as he pulled your back into his chest.

“Ahh waee~” Jongdae whined.

You had barely begun to get out of bed, and you found yourself being forced back against his chest.  He held you tightly around your waist with his strong arms (literally can’t get over his Jongdae’s omg).

“Don’t squeeze me, I need to pee!” you said.

Jongdae pushed you out of bed and said a little too loudly, “Hurry up!”

When you came back, he resumed aggressively cuddling you, squeezing you from behind, as if he couldn’t get close enough to you.  He gave you a few kisses behind your ear before he fell back asleep.

Originally posted by daenso

//  Chanyeol

You sat in the living room, half asleep, waiting for him.  He’d promised he would come home early so you two could watch something before bed, but here you were, texting him to remind him to leave the studio.

By the time he got home, it was way too late to start a movie or even watch an episode of a show.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Jagi, it’s just I got so into the music, and got the harmonies just right, and I was on a roll with the lyrics and–”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, let’s just go to bed,” you told him, eyes half open.

Chanyeol felt very guilty since you wasted your evening waiting for him.  You could tell, because instead of just letting you sleep like normal, he sat on the bed, pulled you against his chest, and quietly hummed a song you’d never heard, probably the one he’d been working on for the past seven hours.

His soothing, deep voice combined with your exhaustion put you to sleep.

You didn’t remember falling asleep, but you had forgotten to change into your pajamas and now you felt uncomfortable.

When you lifted your head from the pillow, you were startled when you were engulfed from behind by four long limbs.

Kajima.  Mianhae.” Chanyeol whispered into your ear.  “Don’t go.  I’m sorry.”

“I’m literally coming right back.  I don’t want to sleep in jeans.”

Even after explaining, it took him a moment to release you.  And as soon as you were back on the bed, he had you in a tight hold with his arms and legs that couldn’t possibly be comfortable for him.

“Chan, don’t worry, I’m not upset.”

Chanyeol let out a sigh of relief and adjusted so you were both more comfortable.

Originally posted by exofetish

//  Kyungsoo

You came home to find the house smelling like your favorite food.  You went into the kitchen where Kyungsoo was turning off the stove.

“I didn’t expect you to be home!” you said and kissed his cheek.

He explained that he was ready to go earlier, but his schedule got all mixed up and his appointments would all be delayed to tomorrow and later in the week.

“So, I decided to take my frustration out on this,” he said with a small smile, and you smiled back.

The meal was delicious, and instead of saving some for later, you both ate everything he had made.

“Soo, you’ve given me the itis!” you said holding your tummy.

“The itis?”

“It’s when you get really sleepy after a big meal,” you explained with a yawn.

Kyungsoo nodded and led you to the bedroom.  You both quickly changed into pajamas and climbed into bed, Kyungsoo opening his arms to invite you to lie on his chest.

In the middle of the night, you realized with a jolt that you’d forgotten to do something.  You tried to get up without waking Kyungsoo, but he reached for your hand and put it back over his heart.

“We forgot to set an alarm,” you whispered.

He gave you a sleepy nod and you got your phone.  He told you what time his first appointment was and you set an alarm early enough for him to have enough time to get ready, have breakfast, and cuddle some more, if he wanted.

You set the phone on the dresser so you’d have to get out of bed to turn it off and walked back to the bed.  As soon as you sat back down, Kyungsoo pulled you back against his chest, rubbed your back, and kissed your forehead.

Originally posted by blissful-reveries

//  Jongin

You and Jongin walked into the house feeling exhausted after the multiple adrenaline rushes you had while playing with the dogs at the animal shelter.

He flopped down on the couch and let you shower first.  While he was in the shower, you made ramyeon for both of you and you ate it together.

Jongin looked at the clock.  It was 10PM.  “…Want to just go to bed?”

The two of you sat holding your phones, going through each other’s photos of the dogs, comparing to find the best shots of each one.  He giggled nonstop at all the funny poses and faces that you two had captured.  At some point, Jongin had put his arm around you and left it there.

When your yawns became more frequent, you turned off the lamp.  “Let’s sleep.”  He put his other arm around you and pulled you backward onto the pillows.  You fell asleep in his gentle embrace.

Sometime around 4AM, you had a craving for something salty, and figured you could leave the bed without stirring Jongin.  You were right, and tiptoed to the kitchen.

But when you came back, he immediately said, startling you, “Come back!”

“I just went to get a snack.”

“…Did you get me any?”

You shared your bag of crackers with him, feeding yourself one, then feeding him one until they were all gone.

Jongin pulled you back down against him, kissed you, and patted your back until he fell back asleep.

Originally posted by oh-prankster

//  Sehun

You found Sehun in the bathroom, clothes soaked through as he bathed Vivi in the tub.

“Do you need help?” you asked with a laugh.

“No, he’s clean now…” Sehun sighed.  “I don’t know what’s got him so bothered… it’s been a long day.”

“Yeah, it has.  Come to bed when you’re done.”

You were half asleep when you heard Sehun open the bedroom door, shuffle out of his wet clothes, and climb into bed.  He reached over you and pulled himself closer to you, causing you to wake up a bit.  You leaned into his embrace and rested your head against his.

Several hours later, you woke up with his arm still over you, and you tried to move without disturbing him, but he clutched your side when he felt you rolling away.

“Nooo,” he groaned.

“I’m just going to the bathroom.”

“Can you take Vivi outside too then?”

You hadn’t planned on it, but you said, “Fine.”

“And make sure he stays away from the mud.”

You sighed.  “Of course.”

“Thank you, Jagi~ ♡“ he said, kissing your cheek before you left the room.

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Breakfast / Cody Christian series

Pairing: Cody Christian x reader

Plot: After that sleepover things between you two got a little steamy. More and more by every passing minute.

Word count: 1 132

Warning: a little kissing and flirting

A/N: This is the third part of my Cody Christian series. I think that I should call it something else so if you have any recommandations then feel free to send them to me. Also y’all I’m so fucking sorry I just read the second part of my series and honestly. Idk how you guys understand, what I’m saying. I need to start proofreading my things #fat_fingers. Sorry. Enjoy x

Listen to me, when they’re in the car

Part 1

Part 2

He smiles at me and says: “Good night, y/n!” I smile wish him good night as well. This was the perfect moment for him to kiss me, but he didn’t. Is he not into me or he’s just being a gentleman? He must be a gentleman, because just a few seconds ago he asked me if he was in my friendzone. Enough for today, I should get some sleep.

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Anyone else sometimes not true to themselves about what they eat and how little they workout and still expect to be dropping pounds every week?
Yes! SAME!

I’ve put on 4lbs the past two weeks and have been so disappointed yet I haven’t worked out once and have eaten chocolates, crisps, cakes all lots of other bad things! I didn’t log them and when I went back to look at my log it was all heathy foods I had eaten but then actually thinking back I ate rubbish but didn’t log it!

I can’t be annoyed at myself at all because I was not true to myself.
Weight loss is hard. VERY HARD. EXTREMELY HARD.
If it was easy then no one would be posting about their journeys and everyone would be skinny!!

I bought a weight loss diary and I am going to track everything I eat everyday! I am also going to make a weight loss board with pictures and also pegs so I can move the pegs down when I lose weight! I am so motivated to stick at it for the next 10 weeks and see what I can lose! 10 weeks from today hopefully I will lose about 18-20lbs 🏃🏽

It’s like Hannah Montana but better.

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: Fluff

Request: Omg i just had this thought. So reader always wears baggy clothes, nothing that showed off her curves or anything. And then theres a party and she wears this beautiful tight dress, it was still slightly modest, but it hugs her curves, and no one realized that it was her at first. (Also, reader is best friends with bts, but has feelings for one of them and then they get together?) Thank ya!!!!!!

(Credit to Original owner of gif)

You don’t really recall the exact that you became friends with all of Bts but you don’t regret it for a single momen- “Y/N! Is eating your food again! He’s straying from the diet and will blame you!” You heard the all to familiar voice of Jin yell down the corridor to you.

You sighed and finished pulling your jumper over your shoulders and hurried to the kitchen to see Jungkook with a mouth full of crisps and the most guilty look on his face “Aish! Stop eating my food you pig!” You yelled and grabbed the now empty can of Pringle’s from the boy.

You shoved three boys out of your kitchen and found another one in your pantry so you pulled him out as well and you all moved into the living room, you all sat and watched a movie and noticed all the boys were side eyeing you and each other and you knew straight away you had been stuck in the middle of either a prank or some dumb competition that they always did. An arm draping around your shoulder disrupted your thoughts as Taehyung nonchalantly glanced at you then back at the TV “What do you want?” You asked suspiciously.

“Oh nothing, there’s just this part-” “Y/N come I need water!” Jungkook yelled suddenly interrupting the other boy from speaking.

You looked at Jungkook and used the opportunity to move away from Taehyung, as much as you loved their hugs you knew something sinister was going on. “Go get it yourself, you know how a tap works.” You teased and moved away from Tae to a different couch.

The boys chuckled and all went back to normal but for like five minutes before your phone pinged and you were going to grab it but upon seeing the sly look on Yoongi’s face you ignored it. “Ugh this is killing me, Y/N We want to invite you to a party, nothing to fancy, the boys were making a game out of it to see who could get you to be their date.” Namjoon finally said being the first to crack.

Seven loud groans echoed around the room and they all began telling off Namjoon for spoiling their game. “Sure I’ll go, I didn’t know it was a competition though, Kookie asked me yesterday and I said yes.” You said and then laughed as all the yelling was suddenly turned on the youngest.

Once all the chatter died down you all went and ate some dinner and enjoyed a movie. You had slyly stolen Yoongi’s jumper and added your final addition to your baggy jumper collection as now you had one from every boy. It made you proud and you didn’t feel any guilt, they always took your stuff and ate your food. It’s probably why they never complain about their missing clothes. You fell asleep with them in the living room and your head was resting quite comfortably on Jungkook’s shoulder.

You woke up in the morning to an almost empty living room, the boys were up and about gathering all their stuff and getting ready to go to work with the exception of Jungkook who was still quite comfortably asleep and you still had your head on his shoulder. You moved away and shook the boy awake, to which he groaned as he had the most pleasant dream about you. His eyes shout open and realized how close you were and jumped away, you laughed at his odd behavior as he went about his morning before all the boys bid you goodbye and Jungkook told you what time he would pick you up.

After they had left you went upstairs to go see what nice clothes you did have and found one dress tucked away at the back, you weren’t one for going all out and making yourself up but if it was something to do with work for the group you wanted to make sure you looked your absolute best. The dress was simple, that reached just above your knees and hugged your waist before becoming like skater skirt. It was long sleeved and had slightly wider than normal neckline and you knew it was the dress to wear. You picked out a pair of nice small heels and set your outfit to the side and tried to contain your excitement.

When the time came you began getting ready and dolled yourself up and even did your hair before putting on your outfit for the night and stared at yourself in your full length mirror. Admiring how the dress and shoes made your legs appear longer and how the dress accentuated your curves without being to sexy. You walked down the stairs expecting to see Jungkook but only saw a driver and you couldn’t deny how upset you were, to be arriving on your own. 

The driver informed you that the group would meet you there as they ran behind schedule. You didn’t mind in all real honesty, you knew their work was important and would usually take up a little time, so you were thankful enough for the moments you did get with them.

You showed up the party and told yourself to beat up Namjoon for lying, there was paparazzi everywhere and their presence made this party seem a lot bigger than expected, the driver handed you an invitation on a small piece of paper and you exited the car and you were immediately blinded by the flashes of cameras. You did your best to smile as people loudly chatted about who you were.

You entered the party and skimmed the area and spotted the boys and made a beeline for them and jumped up next to Jimin who stared at you in surprise “Hello there,” He purred “My name is Jimin and you?” He asked surprise turning to something more flirty.

You let out a laugh and leaned close “Jimin its me! Y/N! You’re kidding right? I’m not that hard to notice.” You laughed in his ear over the music.

You pulled away to see shock settled back on his face and ignored him and went around greeting the boys and saved Jungkook for last “Kookie!” You yelled to catch his attention.

He turned quickly, knowing your voice from anywhere but when he saw you, he felt everything around him slow down. He loved it when you wore his clothes, He loved it when you wore anything really but this was the first time you had ever worn something like this in the time you had known him and he couldn’t stop the literal shock to spread across his features. “Yoohoo earth To Kook!” You called, rapping your fist against his head.

He dragged you away after snapping out of it. He pulled you onto the balcony and away from the thumping music “So some small, non-fancy party huh?” You joked looking back into the room to see Yoongi a thumbs up but he wasn’t looking at you.

You followed his gaze to Jungkook and saw the boy staring at the floor blushing madly. “Jungkook, are you okay?” You asked placing a hand on his shoulder.

He looked up and met your gaze. His mouth opened and shut a few times “You look beautiful tonight!” He blurted out finally, reverting away from his fishlike state.

You were about to thank him when you noticed him take a deep breath and step forward and wrapped an arm around your waist and the other rested on your chin as he brought his lips close to yours. “In fact you are the most beautiful person at this entire party.” He breathed.

You let your eyes flutter shut as your best friend kissed you. You wrapped your arms around him and got completely lost in the moment but eventually you had to pull away “So Kookie finally stopped being my blushy boy and became my manly man.” You teased.

It brought a grin to his face as you kept teasing him but all he did was just watch your face light up as you animatedly joked about him before getting distracted by your lips and kissing you again right in the middle of your insult and silencing you. 


Probably could have come up with a better ending I’m sorry!! This was actually really fun to write as I relate 100%. I hope you enjoyed it!!

One Last Time

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Request: Would you like please make a Imagine Chekov properly saying goodbye to the ship’s crew? Because I need that - @putthephaserdownplease

A/N: I deleted the playlist a made to make my friend cry when I moved like a week before getting the request and it would have been such perfect mood music for this. I feel like that karma for making a playlist of song that would make my friend cry. Also Keenser’s totally find; you guys don’t have to worry. Little guy just got all tuckered out. 

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