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Ako Nalang Ang Kulang

I would highly appreciate it if you would read this very fast, just so you know how hyper I was when I wrote this. I have a feeling this post will be my most unorganized post ever. 

I told my dad about the Nestea Beach thing in Boracay and that the national finals of the Nestea Beach Volleyball will also be there. Luckily, he was going to Boracay during the duration of the Nestea Beach, as well. So, I went with him (plus my mother and brother).

I wouldn’t let that opportunity get away. That’s one in a blue moon opportunity. That was my opportunity to see two of the Lady Spikers. Like, gaaaaaaaaaaaahd! It’s the Lady Spikers! The Lady Spikers will be there. Well, not really all of them, just Wensh Tiu and Kim Fajardo, but stil. Oh, and did I mention Cha Cruz, as well?

Anyways… After we checked in the hotel, we ate lunh at 928 then proceeded to Crystal Sands where the competition was held. I must say that the games were pretty intense. Maruja Banaticla, Judy Caballejo, Paulina Soriano, and Angela Benting were there watching the games. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures with them because I was too shy and whenever I’d try to go near them, they were talking to other people.

The team in white was really good. They ended up as champions. 

This kid was very kulit. There was this time that he hugged the ground. There was sand all over his mouth.

My brother is not really interested with volleyball so he made sandcastles instead.

Now look who’s short and fat. Hahahaha! I told them how I’ve been supporting the Lady Spikers ever since I was in 3rd grade and I was like smiling like a weirdo and kept saying, “Nakakahiya talaga ako.” I really do not know if they were laughing at me or with me, but they’re super nice. :“”>

This picture was taken by my mother. She really isn’t that good with gadgets. I was like super fangirling when I saw her. When I saw her enter the venue, I pinched my mother so hard. There were 3 people with her, one girl and two boys. If I’m not mistaken, the girl who she was with is her older sister. I told Ate Cha how sad I am that I will not be able to see her next season since she already used up all her playing years. When I said that, she sighed and said, “Tsk” but she managed to smile. Probably that saddened her. You know, not being able to play for DLSU anymore. I also told her that I read her testimony during the Crossworld Kalookan’s 20th Anniversary. She smiled and blush, afterwards.

We also went to the victory party of Nestea Beach at Club Paraw.  

We are Cha Cruz Fanatics. :D

A friend of mine who is a shirt seller and also a volleyball enthusiast (specifically/obviously a Lady Spikers fan) asked for a favor of helping her push through an idea she came up with for this coming Christmas.

She thought about selling Lady Spikers shirts while also being able to help a chosen charity through the funds we’ll be collecting from the sold shirts. This is an awesome idea since we fully support the Lady Spikers and we’d want to take the opportunity to help in supporting them, while at the same time, be able to bless the less fortunate.

We’re already open for pre-selling! Deadline of order and payment is on December 17, 2012. :)

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. -Matthew 5:16

Bending down to lift up another is good exercise for the heart. :)

God bless you!