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More translation attempt. As usual, if you have low tolerance to bad probably not making sense writing, stay away from this entry for the sake of your sanity.
Original Japanese text was kindly typed out by Ushiwaka Okami (Sealer of Wenkamui in Tumblr here) 

Wenkamui  ___Evil God.

In Masinowa Legend it’s said to be the birth land of an Evil God and treated as forbidden land. However this is the interpretation from Yamaji’s side, while originally Wenkamui’s meaning is ‘The land of origin’

Because of big eruption of Mount Mifushi, people that lived on plain at the southern end was chased away from their residence and migrated even further south. Then the uncivilised wasteland was named “Wenkamui: The land of Origin” and they lived there. The one who named Wenkamui was the one who lead them all that time, Sonigi.Sonigi is a descendant of people that ‘bathed in mysterious light’ and has a unique ability/skill. However, it’s not the case that all in the lineage of people ‘bathed in mysterious light’ has a unique ability.

Everyone equally has snake like mark on their backs, however the first one who can ‘use’ Kagachi was Sonigi. Most likely, in human lineage the potential ability is being passed down without being developed. It’s also possible in Sonigi’s generation by some kind of chance it was being activated.

A lot of women are supported by Sonigi, Wenkamui is developed around the descendant of Sonigi. Sonigi’s descendants… in other words the Kagachin.

People ‘bathed in mysterious light’, brought back a crimson gem from ruin in Junaguni island. This gem became the heritage treasure of Kagachi, and for generations carrying the sword embed with this gem became the proof as Wenkamui’s leader.
This crimson gem brings tragedy to Wenkamui.

Around year 600 before history, the never seen before giant people came to Wenkamui. People of Wenkamui can’t comprehend what they were talking about, however by instinct they feel danger towards themselves.
Kunigi who was the leader at that time, pick up the crimson gem inserted sword and stand against the giants. The giants open their eyes and view the sword in doubt (?), while whispering something they went away.

Giant kind__Gadena.

They lived at EJIIKU(?)’s most southern border, Dalisian. Fundamentally they are different to Humina.

To begin with they were beast that has no wisdom, however as soon as they discovered the red jewel they evolute into a form of human beast to the point that they posses both strength and wisdom.

Red Jewel___crimson gem___ Ristaccia.

The Gadenas wished for further wonder. That desire was as strong as a hungry beast. The Gadenas came to Wenkamui once again, and painted the land with blood. They don’t care whether they resist or not, they forcibly attacked Wenkamui’s people one by one. They persistently chased after the ones ran away, slaughtered them and ate their flesh. Wenkamui was smeared in blood and it didn’t take much time for it to turn into ruins.

At Wenkamui, Kunigi that carried the crimson gem inserted sword fought well against each one of the Giants. However seeing his comrades fallen one by one, he felt a strong crisis towards the Kagachi race. Kunigi gathered the remaining comrades and gave an indication to get out and escape from Wenkamui. “The Giants are after this sword, I’ll draw them to me and you all can make an escape. Don’t let the Kagachi’s blood to be perished!” was something that Kunigi must have said. Kunigi directed his comrades toward Junabaru plain while he himself went towards the direction of Junaguni island. This way, not a single soul left in Wenkamui.

600 years later___

Over the long time being uninhabited land, once more a man visited Wenkamui.
Grasp tightly on his hand is the crimson gem inserted sword that once belong to Kunigi. That man name is Gijiri___ the descendant of Kagachi.
Thus Wenkamui belonged to Kagachi once more.

At Wenkamui, Gijiri deeply researched his ancestor, people ‘bathed in mysterious light’ and why Kagachi all has a mark on their backs and have a unique ability. E dispatched lot of people to ancient ruin at Junaguni island, excavated the relics and brought them all back to Wenkamui.

The one that excavated the ancient ruins together alongside Gijiri are called “Sazaragi” and became the infamous thieves (?) 

In the middle of excavation and research, Gijiri thought,”The ability that Kagachi posses is against (?) beyond human intellect. And then, this power, in this world no matter how, is sleeping(?)

Gijiri researched the connection between the relics from ancient ruin and Kagachi’s ability, and find a way to further enhance Kagachi’s enslavement (?) ability.

This way, what is produced/resulted is ‘Majin’** (please refer to my previous translation attempt note about ‘Majin’).‘Majin’ is thought by Gijiri, it is said to be the evolute form of Kagachi.

The advance ‘skill’ and illusion that Majin can utilise, is called sorcery and a very strong power. However to utilise a sorcery a lot of mental/spirit strength is needed. As compoesation Majin lifespan was short.

Gijiri produced a lot of Majin, and before time Wenkamui is called ‘Majin’s village’ (Devil’s Lair in other translation). The research at Devil’s Lair was done in secret between Gijiri and Sazaragi’s member. Therefore Kagachi and Yamaji at Junabaru’s plain don’t know the existence of Devil’s Lair at all.

Even amongst the Majin that Gijiri produced, a man named Ido is especially has a strong power. Not just the strength of his sorcery, he also has anti-sorcery ability to neutralize the sorcery of all other Majin. As Gijiri’s right hand man, he lead Wenkamui’s Majins together with other Majin, Miyagi and Yakumo.

Without stopping the research on Majin, the problem to push the power of Sorcery to the extreme, causing hinder to Human body, was gradually started to appear.

The manipulation of life is probably a taboo thing after all.
Majins who have lost its humanity have started to rampage. Because of the extreme sorcery of the Majins, the rampage didn’t stop. 
Ido used all of his life force to utilise an ultimate anti-sorcery and thus casted a seal on the whole land of Wenkamui.

Gijiri and the Sazaragi got away from Wenkamui and headed north, afterward they work behind the scene at the centre of Masinowa.

Wenkamui has once again became an inhibited land.
This way Wenkamui has disappear from history, but it left a big thing for Kagachi’s descendant.

 ______  A living body that surpassed time (immortal).

NOTE: The one with (?) mark is the one I’m not 100% sure how and what exactly to translate and I might be wrongly translate that part (not that I say the other ones are 100% most accurate translation either, it’s just the part with this mark is the part I’m most unsure)

The last line, I’m not sure if it’s actually indicating Gijiri’s immortality only or Kagachi descendant’s immortality after the sealing of Wenkamui as a whole. But seeing as how things go on in drama CD, I assume the last line is indicating to Gijiri’s immortality as no other Kagachi besides Gijiri has been indicated to be an immortal.   

I Just Translate "Wenkamui" lyrics to romaji

I haven’t see someone translate this lyrics, so I give a try.
Here you go :

Yushi gi akane no

ten wa murakumo-fū wa naku to zo

ma horoba to yobu

gyakuri tatsu hoko

ukeshi mitsurugi

kotomuke shi rei ayashiku naru ka na

tsuki no kagayai

hoshi mitsu oto ni banza-biraki

hebi kamiyo rai zo jingi no on reiryoku yadorishi hi

yorishiro wa sentsu ki sushiki rei ni ya tamaru



Diya firia la orphunn Ja wilika
Diya Mike'la gu erinn se KIKA!



Susabuisachiru Harekamiizanai



Ina ikamusaru




Susabuisachiru Harekamiizanai



Ina ikamusaru




Wazawaiki koto o

o ho tsuchi yori hanachi shinsen

ureu no shinmei o nao





Uga ta o ho tomi oide iya

kami no eikō o-ra vu ~eiyaede

Wenkamui eraisa

Kamui eraisaikana

Wenkamui eraisa

Kamui eraisaikana

(Hare-shin izanau Enkamui eraisa Kushiki yoriwara)



Susabuisachiru Harekamizanai







Susabuisachiru Harekamizanai






I know this song since the Masinowa album of Zektbach came out, and I still can’t stop listening to itttttt <3


25 Days of The Epic of Zektbach: Day 16 - Music you wish got its own PV

L'avide or Wenkamui

Wenkamui sounds pretty badass and seems like PV material. But usually Zektbach PVs seem to focus on main characters or arcs, so L'avide may strongly fit in that picture. O:

Either way, new PV should come this late summer or early fall, me thinks! ; 3 ;

Come faster, new PV!


25 Days of the Epic of Zektbach: Day 16 - Music you wish got its own PV


(God I finally can mobilise my body a bit after laying on bed 1 and half day from being sick =A=;;) 
Well, its actually between L'avide, The Sealer and Wenkamui. But 2 of the former ones are more likely to have its own pv seeing how L'avide region is not yet covered (that being said, Masinowa song didn’t get its own PV though instead it’s Kagachi that has its own PV so if L'avide is connected to A.Milia maybe we’ll only has one The Sealer PV? orz) and The Sealer already made appearance on Pop n’ music just like how Kagachi first made appearance on Pop n'music as Oriental Mythology. 
As they seems to be moving on from Masinowa arc already, Wenkamui is less likely to be made PV, but I do wish they make one ;3;

For fangirl in me, I wish they made PV of Trisagion~Purification Prayer just as how they made another PV for memento mori XD;


It’s me, Kristy, your sole source of Rosemary-related content!

Really, I love Rose so much. Raiden is my fave forever, but I love her at least much as I love the Boss. Dang. I’ll never understand all the hate for her. Misogyny at its finest,I suppose. :’o It doesn’t matter though! My love will shine through the darkness!

I love this cosplay though. I’d like to wear it to a con sometime, but I don’t know what kind of reaction it would get, ahahah……. Any thoughts?

Cosplay: @quitebrilliantindeed

Photos: @sealer-of-wenkamui

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As promised some more stuff I’ll try to get link to the respective tumblrs if I can up here soon (gotta hunt some of them down), but overall got a good mix of stuff as well as a couple highlights from a mini Kill La Kill shoot I took pics for.

As for the peoples:

Kill La Kill:
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Swimsuit Shion Uziki: quitebrilliantindeed
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