Sebaciel hate

 Sebaciel haters..calm the f down…. Sebaciel shippers (including me)  calm the f down…. We can ship whatever we want to…. haters can hate whatever they want to… Live and let live …. it’s all gettin ridiculous.. Just like we’ll never stop shipping Sebaciel ,haters won’t stop hatin…. We should just ignore eachother kaz this is never going to end…. And i don’t want some people that can’t tell differnce between reality and ficition to ruin what make us happy.
-TheLuceya out.-
*Is aggresively going to read some good S+C fanfic kaz I can…*

My life has been forever changed.....

Last night I watched Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth…  And boy, was it inconvenient! All night I wasn’t able to sleep. How did we humans let this happen?? It’s unbelievable that no one except Al Gore has drawn attention to this issue…. Let’s start making change NOW. 

And so begins the crusade of one loving mama to end global warming. 

  • Obsoletecat: could you ever imagine a world without pain? A world without death? A world that didn't hurt you? A world that didn't take a small piece of your heart every time it did something to you, so that after hundreds and hundreds of broken pieces being scattered, there's barely anything left?
  • Philosophercat: Imagine? No. Dream? Constantly. That's all humans want. We give somebody a piece of our heart and pray they don't break it. But time and time again they do. Some won't. Out family try not to, some of our more decent friends and lovers. But most will. I can't be changed. That's why people become cold and hard. Or, flimsy and unstable. A heart is like porcelain, once it breaks it's completely different. Every time something snaps a tiny piece is lost forever. Dead and gone, never to be found. Then one day someone is probably going to come along with all the missing pieces and make it all worthwhile. So we hope.