why I hate our current society 101

so I was at this grocery store where you buy things in bulk and I needed to get some water. next to the water section was a demo for some kind of knife company and everyone was crowded around with their carts in front of the water I needed to get. no one was paying attention or decided to move their cart and I didn’t want to be rude so I didn’t touch anything. I picked up the first case I needed and a man standing to the side asked me: “you got all that?” and I said “yeah” as I was trying to maneuver around the maze of carts. he didn’t try to move any of the carts. he just looked at me struggling, trying to not disrupt any of the other shopper’s carts. he said “you sure?” and I said “yup”. as I got the second case of water I made sure to move everyone else’s carts so he would know that he was being super stereotypical and sexist and that I could in fact, as a 20 year old woman who had worked at this very store for over 2 years, could handle the weight of a freaking case of water and was not a weakling like he assumed me to be. women are not weak, they are strong and are just as capable of anything that anyone else can do. so the next time anyone wants to have a different opinion of women other than they are equal, go fuck yourself.

We need Equality

What is this world? Who are we people? What makes us different? Is it destiny or fate? Or is it our personality that we can alter? Or is it in our DNA, a genetic disease causing one person in a group of people to differ from the rest? Why are there stereotypes that one must follow to be liked? Just because you do not follow them, it does not mean you break the law. Or are stereotypes a new set of rules. Is it illegal to be unusual now? Why are we picked on and teased because of it? It is not our fault…well, it is, but it is nothing bad. Or is it? Why must we, the small group whose thoughts and preferences may not match one whom is titled Average, be punished? Why is it so wrong? We are judged. I’m not just talking about people who sing in class and have a fashion sense that doesn’t match the norm. I’m also talking about those people that find their own gender attractive but not the opposing. And those who find both just as attractive. And those who suffered a gender defect at birth, those that just know they were born the wrong gender, or maybe they just feel more comfortable as the other sex–they all have their stories and not one of them is less important. I’m talking about those people who lack in something that an average person would have, the disabled, the blind, the deaf, the dumb, those who have been, oh, so carelessly titled retarded. I’m talking about those guys that have another colour for skin that might not be within that Average group. I’m talking about everyone. Everyone that has been called weird or different or unusual or strange,  or crazy or stupid or a psycho even though they aren’t. We are all human. We are all people. We all share this Earth as a place for residence. We need equality. Don’t hate us. We are just like the Average. It’s just like one Average person’s favourite colour might be pink and another’s might be blue. One might love the opposite sex and one might love the same. One might be male and one might be female. One might be fair-skinned and one might be dark-skinned. Equality is really so important. Why isn’t it upon us already? We need equality!