Dipper Falls AU

Alright folks who happened to stumble across this post, this is a Gravity Falls AU idea that’s been eating away at my mind lately. Inspired slightly by Transcendence and various other AUs, I decided to make an AU of my own.

Imagine ‘Into the Bunker’ gone wrong. The whole group barely making out of the bunker alive from the grasp of the Shapeshifter, they rush Wendy to the hospital. From the wound inflicted upon her, she is near her death. Of course, Dipper is broken over this. 

Bill, carefully always watching afar, seizes his chance. He appears to Dipper, offering him a chance in the lifetime. Save Wendy and protect Dipper’s friends and family for the rest of their lives, in exchange Dipper becoming a vessel for Bill to walk the physical plane.

Dipper, overridden by his own guilt, desperation, and feelings for Wendy, accepts the deal. Bill takes ownership of Dipper’s soul and body. He then proceeds to tear a piece of his soul and energy, fusing it with Dipper’s. Thus, this creates an anchor for Bill to walk the physical plane. And Dipper Pines dies that very day. 

But here’s a catch that Bill was not able to suspect. Instead of a lifeless puppet that only would only serve for Bill to walk the physical plane, the fusion of Bill and Dipper’s souls creates a new being. This being calls himself Lazurus Code, reborn from what used to be Dipper Pines and a mixture of Bill. 

Confused by his human memories and emotions, Lazurus recalls the feelings he once holds for Wendy in his past life (not to mention that Lazurus was created solely from the guilt and intense feelings that Dipper held for Wendy in the first place), he pursues Wendy and his former family and friends. 

AU is basically dedicated to Lazurus all confused over his identity, impending romance between Wendy and Lazurus (yes, the AU is dedicated to WendyxDipper. Technically kinda), and all of them fighting against Bill.

So what do you folks think? My ask box is open, and I will accept anything for it to be part of this AU!