Curator Series - Mike Young
This includes all four Awst Collections from Mike Young's series. These collections contain new work—and previously published work in some—from authors Rachael Katz, Gene Kwak, Ella Longpre, and Nalini Edwin. Artwork by LK James. Each collection is hand-sewn and printed with premium paper.

yodel yo my baby sparrows — — the lovely Awst Press asked me a few months ago to pick four outstanding up-and-coming writers for a chapbook series, and it was a lakefront honor for me to pick these four diamonds: Nalini Edwin, Ella Longpre, Rachael Emily Katz, and Gene Kwak.

in the world of filling up the world w/ words, it is [controversial opinion alert] always sort of more fun to help spread the words of others, and that’s why i am stoked about these chapbooks!!!!

Wendy M. Walker and her team at Awst did crazy good work featuring these four online over the months of May & June, and now you can snaggle their four handsewn chapbooks for basically the price of one cool book ($15): http://www.awst-press.com/shop/mike-young/series

peep that LK James cover art!! thanks so much to wendy and crew for making awesome stuff and inviting me to huff my curating huff // thanks to NE, EL, RK, and GK for writing awesome stuff, and thanks to you for maybe checking it out if you want to see who is the realest of dealests

why you should stop what you’re doing and watch this show:

  • Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari cross-dressing
  • Young Tom Hanks (aka Mr. Adorable)
  • Frequently uses improv
  • Only two seasons
  • Based on Some Like It Hot
  • A whole episode revolving around a plot to get revenge on some guy who dumped a girl in a very mean way
  • Telma Hopkins’s gorgeous voice
  • Very 80′s opening credits
  • So many awesome girl characters
  • Holland Taylor !!!
  • Two dorks cross-dressing 
  • Every episode is on YouTube!

But please, for the love of God, watch the original theme!