Peter Pan is not Disney. Disney DID a Peter Pan, but the story did not originate from Disney.

So ppl on DevArt, why why WHY do you gotta add my comic to your “disney” folder. That’s awesome that you like it, it really is, but when you do that, you ignore the origin of the story and it’s hard enough getting out from under the Disney shadow as it is. I already get harangued by people who are confused that I’m not doing it like Disney, or that I’m “stealing” b/c it’s Disney’s story. PLEASE.

They also did it with Little Mermaid stuff, so I assume that they just think either all the stuff Disney does is originally Disney OR they’re just shoving all fairy tale ish stuff under their Disney folder. Either way, it’s still shoving us all back under the shadow that we try so hard to escape from >_< 

On the other hand, this does make me more determined to get the original story out there, and hope people will learn that yes, there is actually a book. That no, Disney didn’t write.

Why I've been so MIA..

Hey y'all! 

Some of you may have realized I’ve been quite MIA lately. Unfortunately, there’s not a crazy awesome story or a pregnancy announcement.. No.. It’s just pure unadulterated exhaustion on my end. 

What started with staying up late to vote for Ship of the Year, morphed into staying up VERY late for SDCC. Which I can honestly say.. Was 100% worth it. Have I mentioned how much I love Stephen and Emily? Or Wendy? Because I LOVE HER. 

However, SDCC wiped me out. Completely. I’m dealing with some personal matters which doesn’t make social media life any easier. So aside from exhaustion.. Life has been chaotic to say the least. Then enter Trashgate last week and I can honestly say I was ready to delete accounts. I cant deal with the drama that’s going on, and truthfully? It’s turned me off to social media (with the exception of my little bubble of DM friends on Twitter). I grew up with drama, and I’m too old for it now. I certainly don’t want to see it on my dash or TL. I graduated HS 10 years ago, I’m not going back. 

Anyway… Tomorrow is not only my husbands birthday but also the 5 year anniversary of my grandpa passing. He raised me. My dad was never around, and my grandpa took on the role of dad and he means more to me than words could express. Tomorrow is going to be a rough day, but I know I’ll get through it, with the help of my friends <3. 

Other than tomorrow… Life seems to be leveling off, as does Trashgate, and I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things. I promise, if you stick around with me, just a little longer, you will be handsomely rewarded. I’m working on a multi chapter fic and some more one shots that I will debut to my tumblr/Twitter followers a day before I throw them on Ao3. 

So.. Thank you. Thank you sticking through with me, I can’t explain how blessed I’ve been with amazing people I’ve met through tumblr and Twitter. I truly can’t express my gratitude. Alrighty, wishing everyone a fantastic Monday and a beautiful week. I love you all so much. You truly don’t know how much y'all mean to me <3