Future Koopz Random Facts/Headcanons: Fave Foods Pt. 1

((The following is a headcanon list of favorite and least favorite Paper Mario recipes for Junior and the Koopalings. This list is currently a WIP, and a few things may change. Real world foods will still apply, but I thought about throwing in some canon Mario-verse recipes as well. The list is set up a la Harvest Moon.))

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亀さんまとめ2 by mako on pixiv

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Sharing more Mario doodles, this time it’s just a bunch of Koopaling high jinks and color practice!  Iggy was my childhood favorite and he’s still my #1 in my adulthood, close second is  unironically Waluigi. So pardon that I still prefer to draw Iggy with the mohawk he’s had forever… but I also give him extra accessories because I play by my own rules. One day I’ll draw his dumb radish hair.