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I have always wanted to know how to tie scarves! I always see girls wearing their scarves effortlessly and wanted to know but have been too scared to ask! And not only does Wendy show you how to do the scarf pictured but 24 other types too! But I realise that all my scarves are too short so I need to buy myself a super long one!

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Things I like:
Goodness, I hope I’m not the only person who mentions Elfquest. I Leetah and the rest of her people are dark-skinned elves….not evil, either. THEY are the civilized ones! There’s Rayek (who’s more of an anti-hero), and Savah Mother of Memory, and Suntoucher and the Jackwolfriders. Elfquest, definitely, FTW.

Whoa, I’ve never even heard of this. Cool!


Elfquest is the longest-running independent fantasy series, with more than 15 million comics, graphic novels and other publications in print. The story of Cutter, chief of the Wolfriders, and his quest to find others of their own kind on the World of Two Moons, Elfquest was first published in 1978 by creators Wendy and Richard Pini. The latest cycle, The Final Quest, is being published by Dark Horse Comics.


Also looks like they have a 64-page one-shot prologue to the current storyline with a preview.



The creators of Elfquest are white, and have unfortunately caused great hurt to their fans of color by endorsing blackface and engaging in it.


10 Essential Closet Items By Wendy 


25 Ways To Wear A Scarf

This has got to be THE PERFECT video to watch around this time of season. 

I’m infamous for the “European look” but now I’m going to try AT LEAST 10 of these different looks. 

Enjoy the video!

CLEARLY you’ll be watching this everyday to pick out which style you want to rock each day!


I finally managed to finish my mini Peter Pan book! It focuses on how Peter met Wendy and it’s an introduction to two of the main characters of the story c:

I thought it would be a great gift for my little brother as well since both he and me have always loved this story, however I also hope I get a good mark on it ==‘



I want to go to Chicago.

So badly.