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Anything Arrow? — Jordan
The finale is going to bring the show full circle to what we saw in the pilot — and more! Here’s what EP Wendy Mericle tells me: “We’ve managed to hopefully stick the landing on it in a cool way that allows us to see both some of the moments right before we first met Oliver in the pilot, where he launched that flaming arrow and it lit up that signal fire, and also maybe a little bit after as well, some of the more emotional moments that we never got to see in the pilot.”

So that’s why Moira was on set the other day, they are going to show us more scenes of after Oliver was rescued.

I hope to watch Moira and Thea getting the news. Even if my heart is going to be broken I will like to see it.

I wished to watch Tommy getting the news too, just for the sake of seeing him on Arrow again.

And I guess now I have a theory about that Sara Grave in Starling City BTS pic. Either Quentin or LL after getting the news will go there.

Nevertheless this is completly unexpected and I’m loving it.

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Red: Lust and Wrath

Words: 10,300 (ballpark) 

Rating: M+ (nsfw at the end)

Ship: Natsu + Lucy

LIttle plot: Natsu has been Wrath for years, he controls that angry red fire inside of him, keeping it locked up for not only his safety but everyone that surrounds him. That’s before a newly awoken Lust comes crashing through his window. 

“Lord Dragneel!” Wendy burst into the doors, stunning Natsu who was behind his desk, looking at the scrolls that a servant had delivered a few hours ago. He looked up, his brow crinkling at her gasping breaths.

“What’s wrong?”

“Attacker. West. They’ve taken out the entire wing.” She informed him, her bright eyes wide in shock, her shoulders hunched as he stood, brow furrowing at her words.

“Attacker? As in singular?”

She nodded, “We can only spot one. They are approaching the main hall at an alarming velocity.”

A loud crash made Natsu’s head snap towards the windows that were covered by thick, heavy curtains. He walked over slowly, calmly, and pulled them open, raising one eyebrow at the smoke billowing through the courtyard, rubble falling from the surrounding structures surrounding the main part of his mansion.

His head tilted, observing the wreckage before a disruption in the air made him turn around swiftly, grabbing Wendy’s elbow and yanking her to the side. In the next few seconds, a large object crashed through the window, taking the walls along with it. Wendy let out a frightened yelp, huddling closer to Natsu who watched the large mass roll blankly - it happened to be one of the park benches that he had placed outside - a few times before thudding against the wall with a deafening crack.

Power swirled through the air, a threatening taste of his curious stranger and Natsu immediately knew that whoever had visited him, didn’t come here for a friendly chat.

Of course, from the wreckage they had already created, Natsu had deduced that already.

“Wendy. Leave the room. Go attend to the injured and evacuate to the tunnels.”

She didn’t argue, her blind, unyielding faith making her one of his smartest followers. She simply left and Natsu pushed his hands into his pockets, watching as a figure crawled through the hole.

Her hair was long, a shining pale blonde mass of waves, and she wore all black, which seemed to illuminate her pale, glossy skin.

“Welcome to my manor. I assume, by the path you created, you found what you were looking for.”

She turned to him slowly, the sunlight bouncing off her voluptuous curves. Her deep brown eyes gleamed with anger and a sweet, but threatening smile spread across her pink, supple lips.

“I must admit, the two, thick security walls gave me a little trouble but I managed.”

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With You {Part 5}

Mark x Reader x Jinyoung
Genre: Angst/fluff/ AU
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“Seriously Tuan,” Wendy complained as Mark leaned against her while she tried to help him through the door of his dorm. She scrunched up her face as he smelt heavily of alcohol. Mark had finally finished exams and had gone out to celebrate with his classmates.

 Wendy was his upper class man who had run into Mark and his friends at the bar. “You need to sober up. I thought you were going to see Y/N today.”

“Y/N…” his words slurred, “I’m such an idiot do you think she can forgive me?”

Wendy rolled her eyes, “If I were her I’d be pissed.”

 “I haven’t heard from her in days,” he sighed, knowing it was his fault. Now that exams were over he planned to go to you and beg on his knees.

 “Well go fix that,” Wendy rolled her eyes, “But first you need to go shower, I doubt she’d take you back when you smell like that.” She pinched her nose, Mark was like her little brother.

 Mark stumbled over to the bathroom to shower. Wendy walked around his room, noting the pictures he had of you on his desk. She smiled to herself, she knew how crazy Mark was about you. She heard his phone vibrating on his bed, walking over she picked it up, “Hello?” she paused listening to the voice on the other line, “Sorry Mark’s unavailable right now. He’s in the shower. May I ask who’s calling?” she waited but there was no answer. “Hello?” she called into the phone. The line was cut and she stared down at the phone, Mark came out of the bathroom changed and drying his hair with a towel.

 “Who was it?” he asked.

She turned and shrugged at him, “I’m not sure, they hung up.” She walked over to him, leaning over to sniff him, “Much better. Okay, go see Y/N and apologize. But I hope she doesn’t make it easy for you.” Wendy winked and patted his shoulder.

 “Thanks Wendy,” Mark said. He needed to make sure he stopped by the flower shop to pick up your favorite flowers before he groveled on his knees.

Mark remained there in silence as he looked down at your daughter who had drifted to sleep beside him. His daughter. His heart clenched, was he the father of this beautiful little girl that laid beside him. The drawing she showed him earlier still remained in his grasp. Slowly he crawled off the bed to not wake her. When he stood he could barely feel his legs underneath him. He quietly shut the door behind him, what was he supposed to do now? Mark made his way towards the stairs, pausing in front of a picture frame that hung on the wall. It was the three of you. Jinyoung, your daughter and you. Mark stared at the picture, focusing on your daughter.  “She looks like you,” the words the lady at the ice cream store replayed in his head. No, she looks likes Y/N, he thought; but the more he stared at her the more he saw himself too. 

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“You have brought me flowers everyday for the last two weeks. You can stop. Take them to her.” You said trying to close the door
“Please take them.”
“I don’t want them anymore. They only remind me of the heartache. Don’t ruin flowers for me the way you have ruin my thought on love.”
“Damn it Y/N that’s not fair.” Jax said
“It’s. Not. Fair!”
“I don’t want to fight.”
“Well, I didn’t want you to leave me for her.”
“I made a huge mistake.”

You had started dating Jax about six months after Tara died. You knew when you started dating what had happen. You never asked him to love you more then her. You never tried to be her. But what you weren’t counting on was him to run to Wendy and cheat on you.

“Jax I can’t do this. I’ve always had Tara hanging over us and I never said anything because she was your true love and the mother of your boys. I can’t compete with a dead women, but you turned to Wendy instead of being with me. Between Tara and Wendy there is no room for me.” You said know crying.

“I was so wrong. I was scared. The way you loved me. It scared the fuck out of me Y/N. The thought that you could and were making me happy scared me. I’ve lost so much. Then I meet you and I didn’t think anything of it besides I enjoyed your company. Then it got where I thought of you before I went to bed. Then when I woke up you were on my mind. Then the boys asked about you. Then I realize I love you and this wasn’t a love I have felt before..” He paused for a second to see if you were still listening.

“I ran to Wendy in a impulse of trying to screw thus up. I don’t think I deserve happiness. I’m not a good man Y/N, but I love you. I love you so fucking much it physically hurts without you.”

“I love you to Jax, but you cheated on me. How can I trust you won’t again? I want all of you the good and the bad. I said yes to you. In so many ways. I’m not going to walk out when it gets tough. I know what I’m walking into.”

Walking up to you and shutting the front door.
Putting his hands on your face and wiping a way a tear with his thumb. When you didn’t move he leaned down to kiss you.

“I want to be happy Y/N. Once more chance is all I ask.”

“All I can do is try Jax, but I make no promises. Not yet.” You said kissing him back.

Online Fuckboy - Jaehyun

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Part Eight 

You and Wendy arrived into work that morning. You were feeling a little skeptical about seeing Jaehyun but then shook it off since he isn’t really that important to you anymore. You were feeling sort of confident walking into work until you kept seeing your coworkers giving you stares. You didn’t like feeling like the center of attention. You couldn’t understand why everyone was looking at you. Was there something on your face? Is your makeup smeared? Is your hair messy? You hurriedly walked to the locker rooms with Wendy avoiding everyone’s eyes. You looked at Wendy with a worried expression. “What was that about?”. “Is there something on my face?” Wendy happily looked at your face and tried to find something that seemed out of place. “Um nope! Nothing at all just a pretty face!” You rolled your eyes at Wendy. “Then how come our coworkers were looking at me… they were just staring at me”. “Oh yeah! Because they saw you with Taeyong last night”. Wendy said simply while searching for her work shirt in her locker. You stared at Wendy for a while and then went back to your locker. Opening it. You were wondering if your friendship with Taeyong might affect your relationships with your coworkers. You didn’t want them to think that the new girl is trying to get money the easy way by being with a rich guy. You didn’t want your coworkers thinking badly of you. 

Wendy noticed your sad expressions. “Y/N. It’s okay. People here talk all the time. They don’t know the whole story and they shouldn’t because it’s none of their business”. She rubbed your shoulder trying to reassure you. You smiled at her. “Thanks Wendy. It’s just I don’t want them to not like me you know? I want to show them a good first impression”. Wendy gave you a weird look. “Honey, you shouldn’t care what they think. Their opinion on you shouldn’t matter. Plus, you wouldn’t wanna be friends with all of them here. They are piece of shit friends, besides me of course!” Wendy laughed loudly showing you her eye smile. You laughed with her. “Well, I’m done and I’m off. See you~”. “See ya in a minute Wendy”, you said while putting on your work shirt. 


Today seemed like a busy day for it being a Monday. You were up and on your feet since eleven in the morning and it was now five in the afternoon. After finally cleaning almost all of the rooms on the seventh floor, you started going to the employee lounge that was on the same floor just to relax your eyes for a bit. You sat in one of the big comforters and rested your eyes.

“Y/N… Y/N. Y/N Wake up!“ 

You were disturbed by a distinctive voice. What felt like five minutes of being in heaven, you wanted to hit the person so hard that woke you up from your rest. You opened your eyes in annoyance. You looked out the door that was opened and found the person that called your name. You knew you should’ve closed the door. You gave them your meanest glare. “Don’t give me that look. What are you doing in there? Huh? Aren’t you supposed to be working? Why are you sleeping on the job?”. “Why do you ask so many questions”, you said while rubbing your eyes sleepily. You got up from the chair and walked slowly out of the lounge. “Y/N, you know you shouldn’t be sleeping especially when you’re working in my hotel”. You gave him an annoyed look. “Geez Jaehyun.. give me a break. I couldn’t sleep last night and I’ve been busy since this morning making sure your dumb hotel rooms are clean and proper to make you look good. Plus, it’s hard enough on me that I’m cleaning all these goddamn rooms by myself by a specific time so if you wanna fire me for sleeping on the job then go ahead I don’t really care anymore”. You gave him one last annoyed look and walked passed him. While trying to walk away from him as fast as you can but trying to not make it noticeable, Jaehyun called your name. “Y/N”. You ignored him the first time and kept walking further away from him. “Y/N! YAH! Y/N”. Jaehyun jogged up to you and held onto your shoulders. “What! Jaehyun I have to go back to work”, you yelled. “If you don’t want me to annoy you anymore then I suggest you should sleep early then.. it’s your fault that I’m even talking to you. This is your first warning so if I see you doing this again I’m really gonna fire you”, Jaehyun said trying to act extremely serious and intimidating. “Hooray”, you said sarcastically and walked away from him. 


After finished cleaning all of your rooms, you went into the employee lounge to meet with Wendy. You see your cousin enjoying her dinner. You sat next to her and let your head fall on her shoulder and let out a big sigh. “I hate Jaehyun so much,” you said eyes looking down. “What happened today”, Wendy nonchalantly said while eating. You raised your head up quickly, getting fired up. “Okay so I came in here to relax and such. Today’s been a busy day you know? And I’m the only one working on the seventh floor. So i’m cleaning the rooms all by myself which is stressful. I come in here to shut my eyes for five minutes and he wakes me up! Then he wanted to play twenty questions with me like I have the time. Then he blames me for sleeping on the job. I was ready to be fired because I was so sick of him but instead he gave me a warning”, you pouted. “Wait, wait. He only gave you a warning?”, Wendy said with a surprised expression. “Yes.. why”. “He never gave out warnings. From the time I’ve been here, he’d fire you for the smallest things ever”. “That means… he likes you~”, Wendy pointed her finger at you and raised her eyebrows. “No he does not”, throwing your napkin at her. “He likes you he likes youuu”. “Wendy shut up and eat your food”, you said while laughing at her childish act. 

“Knock knock”. You and Wendy turned your heads toward the door. Taeyong slowly walks in with a smile. “Taeyong! Hey!”, you said. “Hi, sorry if I’m interrupting. But I’d like to ask, Y/N are you busy?”. “Uhh no I’m not. Why?”. “I was wondering if you’d like to join us for dinner? I’m cooking and I want to show you my cooking skills”, he says confidently. You smiled at Taeyong’s offer then looked at Wendy. “Go!”, Wendy mouthed. “Ahh I would love to but, I don’t want to leave my cousin by herself”. “Y/N just go will ya”, Wendy nudged you. “Oh she can come too! I’m sure the boys would love to meet her”, Taeyong said showing his sweet smile. “Uh yeah, that doesn’t sound like a great idea either”, you said giving an awkward laugh. Wendy gets up from her chair and throws away her dinner. “If there’s gonna be free food and cute boys I’m going. Let’s go Y/N”, Wendy said while walking out the employee lounge. Taeyong laughs at your expression. You mentally slapped yourself. “Alright…” you finally said. 

You guys finally arrived to the familiar door to the penthouse. Taeyong unlocks the door with his keys and you could hear the loud music playing with the loud obnoxious laughs. “I’m back kids!” Taeyong yells. “And I brought company!” Everyone came towards the door and you could see all the familiar handsome faces again. “Oh! Taeyong brought his girlfriend again hi Y/N!”. “Hi Johnny”, you said shyly to him. “Yah… how many times do I have to say this. She is NOT my girlfriend”, Taeyong yelled. You could see his ears getting pink. Taeyong hurriedly went into the kitchen to prepare for dinner. “Y/N who’s your friend?”, Ten asked. “This is my cousin Wendy”. “Wendy, boys. Boys, Wendy”. “Hello”, Wendy said brightly. “Hello Wendy!” they all said in unison. Hansol brought you and Wendy water and gave you both a sweet smile.

“Make yourselves at home”. 

Wendy moved closer to you. Whispering in your ear. “My, my… no wonder our employees hate you. Look at them. They’re like anime characters in real life!!! So handsome..”. You rolled your eyes at Wendy while laughing at her weird personality. “Y/N, Wendy we’re about to watch our favorite show! Come watch with us” Yuta said. “Y/N come sit next to me!!- Ow!”. “Johnny, Y/N doesn’t want to sit next to you”. You and Wendy giggled at them. 

Wendy sat on a spot that was opened which was next to Doyoung. You sat next to Wendy. As you two were waiting for the tv to turn on, the boys were arguing about which show to watch. “Wait.. I thought we were gonna watch Ghost Adventures?”, Yuta asked with a confused look. “Noo, we can’t watch that. Ten gets nightmares from watching that show”, Johnny says. “Wait! We agreed on watching Cooking Mama..”, Doyoung pouted. “Doyoung nobody wants to watch some old hag cooking… if you want to watch a cooking show why don’t you go watch Taeyong?”, Yuta yelled. “Yuta, this is why nobody likes you”, Doyoung said pointing his finger at the other. “Hey! What’s wrong with Cooking Mama? Not only you get to learn how to cook, you learn a lot from her great mind and wisdom”, Wendy butted in, being on Doyoung’s side. “Wow.. guys it seems Doyoung finally found his soulmate. They could be that one boring couple we can make fun of”. Wendy gasped really loud. “I’ll have you know, I only like manly guys”. “Am I not manly?!”. Wendy looked at Doyoung apologetically. “I mean.. well.. you look like a bunny..”. You slowly started to excuse yourself from the living room once Wendy and Doyoung started arguing. And also you wanted to see if Taeyong wanted any company while making dinner. 

You walked in the kitchen and saw the sight of Taeyong jamming to music while cutting up some vegetables. The sight you saw was ethereal, you were a sucker for husband material guys. 

“Hey, did you want any help?”, you asked while watching Taeyong cut up the carrots precisely. Taeyong looked up at you and smiled. “Nope! I am just about done. But I don’t mind you staying in here to keep me company”. You grabbed a seat close to him and rest your chin in your hand. “A little risky inviting me to dinner knowing Jaehyun doesn’t like me”, you said. “Well, he won’t be here tonight. He’s out on a “date””, Taeyong said while giving air quotes. “Ahh..”. You were feeling a little heartbroken hearing that but, you knew that shouldn’t have any affect on you. Then why did it?

Taeyong was giving the food one last taste. “Alright, dinner is ready”. “Great! I’ll go tell the others”. 

After telling Wendy and the guys’ that dinner was ready, they all came running to the dining room. You could still hear Doyoung and Wendy still arguing with each other. You then went back into the kitchen to help Taeyong put food onto the plate. Everyone was already sitting at the dining room table patiently waiting to eat. “Look at them”, you heard Taeil say. “Mom, dad. Hurry up with the food will ya”, Winwin said. You heard what Winwin had said and everyone laughed. You looked at Taeyong with wide eyes and blushed. “I swear if they keep making all these dumb remarks I’m gonna throw the food at them”, Taeyong said while looking flustered. You both laughed then went into the dining room. While handing out the food you could hear them snickering. You rolled your eyes and smiled at their childish, silly act. 

While having dinner with Taeyong and the guys’ for the first time, you were actually kind of glad you came. You guys were always laughing. The boys were always making jokes and there was never a dull moment. “Haha, there was this one time Ten tried getting at this girl, but he thought it was a girl!”. Doyoung laughed excitedly. “And he only saw the back of that persons’ head. He was like “bro! she has the most luscious hair I’ve ever seen” then he went up to her and was like “hey ma!” with full on confidence but then once he realized it was a guy with long hair he pretended he was looking for his mom. Haha, he’s so stupid”. Doyoung laughed hysterically.  Everyone laughed at the story Doyoung was telling. “He looked like a cute girl okay! Don’t judge me..”, Ten said while hiding his face. Everyone was laughing again at Ten’s embarrassed state. Just then everyone’s laugh died down and turned their heads to the person who walked into the dining room. You looked at the familiar person. You couldn’t keep your eyes away from him and unknowingly stared into his eyes. “Jaehyun you’re back! Are you hungry?”, Taeyong asked getting up, about to prepare a plate for him. “He probably already ate if you know what I mean”, Johnny said while laughing loudly with Ten. Jaehyun rolled his eyes and left the room. Wendy looked at your expression and you looked at Wendy. You then looked at Taeyong. He shrugged his shoulders at you.

”Okay, I think it’s time for Wendy and I to go now. Thank you so much Taeyong for the food”, you said and smiled at Taeyong and everyone else. The boys smiled at you and Wendy and bid goodbyes. “Wendy, if you’re every free we can watch Cooking Mama together”, Doyoung said as he winked at her. “Pft, yeah right. Like I said before. I like manly guys”. “Oooooh, damn Doyoung”. You laughed at Wendy and Doyoung. You followed Wendy towards the door. “Bye, Taeyong. Thank you for dinner tonight”, you said and gave him a sweet smile. Taeyong looked genuinely at you and smiled back. “Thank you for coming Y/N”. With that you and Wendy head towards the door. 

“I can’t believe Doyoung said that right before we left like, I said it before! I only like manly guys and yet he just went ahead and embarrassed himself in front of his friends”, Wendy sighed. “He got some balls..”. You looked weirdly at Wendy while you both walked towards her car. “It sounds like you got a little crush on him or something. Don’t worry, I don’t blame you, I mean he is pretty cute”, you said smirking at her. “Okay, nooo. Like I said before. I like manly guys..”. “Y/N, did you know he can sing! I mean I’m-”. Wendy stopped in her tracks and held onto your arm. You looked at her confusingly. “Uh oh..”. You look to the direction she was looking at and to your surprise, you see Jaehyun standing besides Wendy’s car. Jaehyun saw you both and started walking towards to you two. “You need something Jaehyun?”, Wendy asked, looking at him disgustingly. “I need to talk to Y/N”, Jaehyun monotonously said looking at you. Wendy paused before answering him. "Um, okay. Well, I’ll be in the car waiting for her”. “No need to wait. I’ll drop her off”, Jaehyun said in his same monotonous voice. Wendy gave Jaehyun a confused look then hesitantly walked to her car. You watched her as she got into her car and left the parking lot. Leaving you and Jaehyun alone. You looked at Jaehyun. You weren’t able to read his expression. “Lets go”, was all he said before walking ahead of you, expecting you to follow him. 

Jaehyun finally led you to his car. “Get in”. Without asking questions or hesitations, you got into the passenger seat of his car. Once you both got into the car, silence was all there was. You were slowly getting impatient as he didn’t say anything, finally you broke the silence. “What do you want Jaehyun”. “I want you to stop”. You looked at him and gave an annoyed look. You were extremely exhausted from work and you wanted to quickly get this done and over with. “Uh, stop what?”. “Stop being with Taeyong. You’re obviously playing his heart and I don’t want you to do that to my hyung, he’s a great guy. So stop leading him on, I know you’re still in love with me”. You scoffed at him. “This is what you want to talk about? Goodbye, Jaehyun I don’t have time for this”. You opened the car door and was ready to get out of his car. “Y/N, there’s more I need to talk to you about”, Jaehyun said as he grabbed onto your arm. You looked at Jaehyun and hesitantly closed the door. You clearly didn’t have a choice since he was your only ride home. “You know, your ego is as big as your hotel. If not, maybe bigger”. Jaehyun sighed not saying anything. “And you know, I don’t like you like that anymore after getting to know the real you. So you don’t have to worry about me anymore”. “Sorry you didn’t get to know the real Jaehyun”, he said carelessly. “Mmhm”. You both sat there again in silence. “You know what, I don’t feel like talking anymore”. Jaehyun turned on his car and put it in reverse. You looked at Jaehyun giving him an angry look for wasting your time. Before saying anything to him, your face suddenly became soft after seeing his expression. He looked stressed and a bit hurt. 


After what felt like years of an uncomfortable car ride, you both finally arrived to your house. Jaehyun put his car into park and unlocked the doors. Not saying a word. You looked at Jaehyun again before removing your seat belt. Just as you were about to open the door, Jaehyun finally spoke. “Try not to stay up too late. You don’t wanna sleep on the job again”. He sounded really different. His voice sounded sincere and caring. You gave one last look at his expression and got out of the car. A million thoughts were going through your head at the moment. Wondering why he suddenly started acting like that. I wish you could tell me what’s really on your mind, Jaehyun. 

Band romance.

Idol: Yeri.(Red velvet)

Prompt: can you do a yeri (red velvet) gxg romance one shot where you are a bassist on a band and she is one of your fans? ty ^^

Warnings: None?

A/N: When you run out of title ideas ^^^. Also I am musically talentless and have absolutely no idea how bands work (ples spare me).

Writer: Admin Kitty.

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Online Fuckboy - Jaehyun

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Part Six 

“Wendy… should I call him or not?”. “Well!! He didn’t give you his number for no reason!! CALL HIM”, Wendy yelled. Bouncing up and down on her bed. “Mm… I don’t know.. what if he’s busy? What if he doesn’t actually want to talk?”, you said while biting your nails nervously. “Ugh! Y/N!” Wendy grabbed your phone and punched in the number that was written on the crumpled up paper. “Wendy?! W-What are you doing stop! GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE”. After trying to get your phone from Wendy she pressed the phone close to her ear. Next thing you know, it was too late. “Hello?” You hear the familiar voice on the other line. “It’s for you!!”, Wendy whispered while putting your phone close to your ear. Without saying anything for a couple of seconds, you didn’t know whether to hang up or to actually talk to the attractive guy on the other line. Fortunately, you chose the latter. “H-hello?”, you finally said. “Y/N? Is this you?”. “Y-yes it’s me…”, you mentally slapped yourself for stuttering. Why is he making me nervous. Gahhh. “I knew it, I could never forget that sweet voice of yours”, he says cheekily. You could hear his smile forming. You swore your heart was about to burst out of your body. “Ah..it’s not..”, you cowardly said. You looked at Wendy not knowing what to do, hoping the conversation won’t turn awkward as hell. “I was beginning to think you weren’t going to call me, Y/N. How are you?”. “Oh I’m sorry.. I didn’t know whether to call you today… And I’m fine! How about you?” you chuckled. “I’m happy now that I’m talking to you”. Oh lord have mercy on my heart. Wendy gave you a confused look as she could see you were turning really red. 

You and Taeyong were talking on the phone for hours. You both had talked about every topic there is. “Mhmm..”, you said replying to Taeyong while yawning. You were getting a little tired but you did not want to get off the phone with him. “Y/N, are you tired?”, Taeyong asked his voice deep and husky. “No.. ”, you said as your eyes were beginning to give up on you. Taeyong laughed on the other line. You could just imagine his gorgeous face, his perfect smile, his melodic laugh. “Y/N.. I’ll let you go to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”, Taeyong says gently. You mentally pouted, not wanting the conversation to end. “Alright, Taeyong.. I’ll see you”, you said lovingly. With that you both hung up the phone. You set your phone on your nightstand. Turning off the light, you put the covers over you smiling as you couldn’t wait for the next day to come.


“Okay so a lot of guests called and booked the rooms on the seventh floor…”, Wendy said after checking the papers our manager gave to us. She looked a bit flabbergasted that at least two third of the guests requested the seventh floor. “You wanna know the reason why they requested the seventh floor?”, Wendy asked. “Whys that?”. “It’s because most of the people that stay here are girls who live off of their daddy’s money and try to get close to your boyfriend from upstairs”. Wendy explained playfully. You hit Wendy on her arm. “He’s not my boyfriend!”. Wendy laughed, then playfully hit you back. “Not yet at least”, Wendy said smirking. She started skipping toward the room we were assigned to clean. 

“Oh my goodness, how could someone who’s rich and powerful be so distrusting”, you explained wiping off the dirt that’s on the floor. Wendy laughed at your remark. “I swear we don’t get paid enough for this”, you said looking at her. While you were hardcore cleaning the dirt on the floor, you hear your walkie talkie start going off. “Y/N? Y/N. One of Mr. Jung’s friend is wanting to see you. Please attend to his service immediately”. You listened to the person on the other line of the walkie talkie. You looked at Wendy, then around the still messy room that Wendy will have to clean up by herself. “Go don’t worry about me. I’ve got this”, Wendy said smiling. “I’ll be right back Wendy”, you said while running out of the room. 

Getting out of the elevator, you walked up towards the door that led to the penthouse. You hesitantly knocked on the door. Butterflies suddenly forming in your stomach. The door opened and there the person that you longed to see was right in front of you. “Y/N. Hi, please come in”, Taeyong said excitedly while moving aside for you to get inside. You walked inside with a wide grin on your face. “I’ve got something for you”, Taeyong said. He grabbed your hand and led you to one of the rooms in the penthouse. “The guys are out today so it’s just me in this penthouse. I didn’t know when to give you this before the party so I was thinking why not now?”. Taeyong said handing you a big present. “Go on. Open it!”. Taeyong exclaimed. You looked at Taeyong who looked nervous then you looked at the box. Slowly opening the top and taking out the white tissue paper. Your eyes widen at the beautiful piece of clothing in front of you. You brought it out and looked at it in awe. “Oh my gosh…”, was all you could say. You were so mesmerized by the long red sparkly gown that would sure show your curves and wrapped tightly around your body. You looked at Taeyong who was still looking at your nervously. “I didn’t want you to stress over what to wear for the party, so I got you this dress. D-do you like it?”. “Do I like it? Taeyong, I love it! It’s so beautiful”, you unconsciously gave Taeyong a hug. Realizing what you’re doing, you slowly let go of him. You turned red at your action. Taeyong laughed and you could see he also turned slight red. “Anyways. The party is tomorrow and remember I’ll pick you up at eight. Okay? Don’t be late”, Taeyong said while touching your nose. You wrinkled your nose at his touch. “Don’t worry. I’ll be on time”, you said laughing. You took the present that Taeyong gave you and went out of the penthouse. 


“Oh my gosh Y/N the dress! And he gave you matching heels! HOW CUTE”, Wendy screamed. You both had gotten off work thirty minutes ago and had just arrived home. “I know.. isn’t it beautiful?”, you said looking at the dress. “Y/N! This dress is perfect for you! Have you tried it on yet?”. “Uh.. no”. You haven’t tried it on yet. Even though you want to, you just couldn’t. You didn’t want to ruin the dress. “Try it on Y/N! You’re gonna have to wear it anyways!”, Wendy said pushing you towards the bathroom and threw the dress at you. 

After putting on the dress, you looked at yourself in the mirror. You couldn’t recognize yourself, even if you didn’t have makeup on or your hair did you just looked different in the dress. You walked out the bathroom and showed Wendy. She glanced at you and gave you a loud gasp. “Oh. My. God. You are definitely gonna find a Prince Charming at this party”, Wendy said wiggling her brows and smirked at you. You laughed and walked back to the bathroom, taking off the dress. “Or maybe you already found him?”, Wendy said as you shut the door on her. 

After getting ready for bed, you decided to hang in Wendy’s room for a little bit before she drifted off to sleep. “So, what do you think of Korea so far?”, Wendy said fidgeting with her hands. “Hmm.. it has its ups and downs”, you chuckled a little. The ups referring to Taeyong and meeting your long lost cousin. The downs are referring to Jaehyun. As there was a long silence, you looked over at Wendy who finally fell asleep. You looked at your cousin lovingly, thinking what a hard worker she is. You got up carefully from her bed and went out of her room. Entering your room, you checked your phone. You crease your brows. You thought your eyes were playing tricks with you as you see Jaehyun’s unsaved number in your missed call section. You felt the need to call him back but remembered the rude remarks he said to you the other day. You decided to delete the number and laid in your bed. After closing your eyes you finally drifted off to sleep. 


*beep* *beep* 

You woke up to the sound of your alarm clock. You hesitantly got up from your bed. Still with your eyes closed, heading to the bathroom. “Y/N..? What are you doing up?”, Wendy said while fixing her hair into a bun. “I’m getting ready for work…?”, you said confusingly. “No, manager eonni gave you today off because Taeyong told her you were going to the party tonight”. You looked at Wendy dumbfounded. Wendy turned you around and led you back to your bed. “Go back to your bed princess, and get your beauty sleep”. Wendy closed your bedroom door. You didn’t complain as you were lacking sleep and still a little jet lagged. You fell back asleep with no problem. 


You woke up and looked at the clock that read 2:30 pm. You stretched your whole body and felt refreshed after practically sleeping the whole day. You got up from your bed and went to get ready for the day. After getting ready and made yourself brunch, you checked your phone for any notifications from Taeyong. 

Good morning Y/N^^ hope you have a great day off 


You smiled at his text. Your fingers quickly working themselves on the keyboard on your phone. 

I am actually, thank you Taeyong (: 


You looked at the clock. Four hours until Taeyong picks you up. You quickly went to to your room and laid out your red dress on your bed and put your matching heels next to the bed. You went into the bathroom and got out your makeup bag and curling iron. While doing your makeup, you went for dark smokey eye makeup to go with the dress. As you were satisfied with your look you quickly went to do your hair next. While jamming to your favorite music, you carefully curled your hair making sure not to burn yourself. You were thankful of countless YouTube videos you watched on makeup and hair tutorials. 

After you were done with your hair and makeup, you checked the time. 7:35pm. Perfect. You went to your room and put on the red gown and heels. You checked yourself in the mirror, making sure to tidy yourself up before Taeyong arrives. You went into the living room, patiently waited for Taeyong to arrive. 

At exactly eight you heard a knock on the front door. You quickly got up and tried calming yourself before opening the door. Turning the knob, you slowly opened the door. There stood Taeyong handsome as ever in a suit with a matching red tie. “Wow..”, was all he said. “Y/N, you look… amazing”, Taeyong says looking at you in awe. You blushed under his gaze and smiled. “Thank you Taeyong. You look very handsome. I mean not that you never look handsome, you’re always good looking it’s just tonight you look… never mind”, you said. Mentally slapping yourself. Taeyong laughed at you. He could tell you were nervous. “I’m sorry”, you said. “It’s fine Y/N. Come on, we’ve got a party to go to”, Taeyong said as he gave you his arm. 

As you both arrived at the hotel, it seemed as if you missed everything at work. You looked at the lobby and how everything looked clean and tidied up. You felt bad that you took today off while your coworkers worked hard. Still holding onto Taeyongs arms, you could feel your coworkers eyes on you. You could tell they were talking about you. You wanted to quickly get out of their sight as you were feeling uncomfortable. You did not like being the center of attention. 

You and Taeyong arrived in the hotels party room. You looked at everyone who was dressed as elegant as you. Everything was beautiful and looked expensive. You followed Taeyong to where he was going. He was walking towards a group of familiar handsome men. You could tell they were the same guys you had met at the penthouse. “Taeyong!”, one of them called out. “Oh hey! He brought Y/N. Wow Y/N, I almost didn’t recognize you. You look sexy”, the purplish haired boy said. “Yah Yuta don’t say such things to her”, Taeyong said coldly. “I’m sorry Y/N, these guys.. are crazy”. “It’s okay Taeyong, it’s actually quite funny”, you said laughing. You chatted with Taeyong and the guys for a couple of minutes. You kept wondering to yourself where Jaehyun was. Since this was his party. “Hey, do you know where Jaehyun is?”, asked Taeyong. “Oh, Jaehyun had some drinks and met a girl. If you know what I mean”, Doyoung said winking. “Yep! That’s my boy! I taught him well”, Yuta exclaimed while giving Doyoung a hi five. You looked at them in disgust and excused yourself to try and find Wendy. “I’m gonna go get something to drink, you want anything?”, you asked Taeyong. “No, I’m okay. Hurry back”, Taeyong said smiling at you. You nodded at him and walked over to where the refreshments were. You skimmed through the crowd and tried finding Wendy. Once you spotted her you went towards her to talk to her. “Hey, girl”, you said touching her shoulder. “Oh hey. HEY!”, she said looking up and down at you. “Wow you cleaned up nice. I almost didn’t recognize you!”, Wendy said excitedly. “How’s the party so far?”, Wendy asked. “I thought it’d be fun but it’s actually quite boring”, you laughed. Wendy laughed with you. “Well at least you’re dressed up and looking all pretty. Gotta go Y/N. See you at home!”. You waved Wendy goodbye as you were watching her disappear into the crowd of people. 

You then walked back to Taeyong. “Hey, Taeyong I’m ba-”. “Why is she here?”. You were immediately interrupted by the person who you most certainly grew a lot of hate. “Taeyong invited her as his date, Jaehyun..”, a guy with brown hair said, if you could remember, his name was Taeil. “Hyung, why would you invite this whore to my party? Do you even know her?”, Jaehyun said looking at Taeyong. “Jaehyun.. don’t talk like that about her”, Yuta said getting in between Taeyong and Jaehyun. “Jaehyun, shut up. What do you know?”, Taeyong said coldly. “I know.. a lot. She’s a little hoe”, Jaehyun said. Jaehyun and Taeyong looked at each other coldly. You gulped not knowing what to do. Finally another guy intervened. “Jaehyun, you’re drunk. Let’s go get some fresh air”. The guy with the blonde hair patted Jaehyun on the back and led him out. “Thanks Hansol hyung..”, Taeyong said to the older guy. He looked back at you with a worried expression. “I’m sorry… Jaehyun gets really aggressive when he’s drunk and I don’t know what that’s about, honestly”, Taeyong said rubbing your forearm, reassuring you. You held his hand back in assurance. “It’s okay, Taeyong”. “I’m gonna go to the bathroom to freshen up”, you said to Taeyong. “Yeah, okay. I’ll be here”. 

You walked out of the party room and started walking to where the restroom was. As you were walking you felt someone grab your waist. You yelped in surprise only to find out who it was. Your eyes widen at his action. He reeked of alcohol. He put his forehead against yours, looking deeply in your eyes. “J-Jaehyun… what are you doing?”, you said quietly, but enough for him to hear. “I missed you Y/N. I missed you so much”.

Part Five

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Girlfriend Wendy

  • Being forever mesmerised by her award winning smile
  • Teasingly asking her if there’s something going on between her and Eric Nam – “Hmm, I dunno. That MV looked pretty convincing!”
  • Which would turn into her thinking you were actually serious so she gets nervous and worried because “I love you, only you!” which turns to a heated makeout session, her putting all her emotions into the kiss so that you can feel just how much she cares for you
  • Then you admit it was just a joke and she wacks you a couple times with a pillow
  • Going to Canada with her every so often; taking long walks around where she lived, meeting all her neighbours, playing with the kids on the street, petting random dogs …
  • imo she probably sings in the shower
  • And her powerhouse vocals always blow you away, leaving you unable to resist creeping into the bathroom to hear her better. Her singing is disrupted by loud shrieking and shouting when she finally notices you
  • “What the hell! Get out, out, out!”
  • You can’t help laughing at the kinds of expressions she can pull – many of them ending up as your screensaver
  • Wendy gets annoyed by this, taking cute selca’s on your phone and replacing them as the wallpaper, only to notice 2 hours later that it was back to a bad pic of her
  • Irene and Seulgi becoming really good friends with you because they share a room with Wendy and technically you too since you’re there so much
  • She loves snuggles, especially with you as the big spoon. It makes her feel warm and loved. What makes it even better is if you start to feather kisses just under her ear and along her neck. That always relaxes her after a hard day of training, her whole body untensing at the feel of your lips brushing her sensitive spots
  • “Love you,” she whispers, just before falling asleep
  • “I love you too, Olaf”
  • She’s still awake enough to groan
  • Not that she minds being called Olaf, she’s used to the nickname after all, but what a way to ruin the moment

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when u and the squad waits for the light to shine and it shines and u guys are like “yOOOOO…lets do it again”

85.Irene/The Flash crossover AU

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Summary: Irene’s biggest fear was turning into her Earth 2 doppelganger Killer Frost. Slowly she felt herself lose more and more of herself into her fear which only brought Killer Frost closer to being a reality on this Earth too. You try to help your girlfriend through it all but it doesn’t help that you’re always speeding off to save the day.

Note: Hope you like it! I love these really weird requests lmao. 

Note 2: Does include Wendy, Seulgi, Joy and Yeri.

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Best Friends For Never ; L. Taeyong



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➮ words: 1.2k

➮ genre: angst, heartbreak, friendship  

➮ summary: he had saved her from those who hurt her, and then he became one.

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Middle school was the high time to be fake and undesirable to everyone. Kids began to transform from children into teenagers; feeling the maturity right in their grasp, but letting it slip right past their fingertips. Y/N was lucky to find Taeyong at such a controversial moment in time, where finding oneself was so important. They met in the science hall when fake girls stood before her, starting to pick on Y/N’s looks and almost started to get physical.

“What are you doing?” his deep voice asked, the girls spun to grin awkwardly with bright pink lipstick against their yellow teeth.

Taeyong was popular within the school’s walls, even if he didn’t want to be. He rolled his eyes at their screeching ‘hello’s’. “I asked you a question.”

“We were just having a nice chat with brace face.”

Y/N slumped into herself, her fingers reaching up to touch the metal inside her mouth, twitching at the pain they caused. She had only recently gotten them, and it started to attract more bullies to her.

“You’re a joke,” he sighed, looking down at the group as he stuffed his hands into his pockets. He stepped towards Y/N, pushing past the girls, and set a firm hand on her shoulder. “Come on,” he nodded, leading her out of the hallway and to the roof.

“Wha-What are you doing?” she asked, looking up into the dead eyes the boy held.

“Helping you out. You want to go back?” he asked, shooting his narrowing gaze towards her.

“No,” Y/N whispered.

On the roof, a friendship blossomed. She had never gone to the roof, mostly because she didn’t think there was any access to it. Taeyong pulled out a smoke, and was surprised when she held out her hand to take a puff. He smiled lightly at the sight of such a clumsy, awkward girl pulling a drag. Most girls were uncomfortable around the smoke pulling some lame excuse, but she was different. Her interests were similar too.

So, when she continued to go to that roof for lunch, she didn’t expect to see him up there.

“Hello, again,” he grinned, handing her a lunch. “My mom makes the best, truse me,” he laughed, opening his own and digging in.

That friendship over time grew as the two of them watered it, into a beautiful friendship, and then a passionate relationship.

The years overturned that the two of them were together. Inseparable was the term a few of their friends used, especially when they started going steady. Time to time an argument would ensue, but by the next day they’d kiss and make up.

Then, it happened. Things were flying, drinks were split and tears slipped. The two had gotten into the most heated argument of the year, of the century. Taeyong had walked in on Y/N and one of their old friends from high school talking. Everything was fine until he made a move on her. His lips quickly took held of hers and before she could explain, Taeyong had left.

It was innocent on her part, she hadn’t told him she was taken, but he also hadn’t asked, and now everything was ruined.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he screamed.

“Tell you what?!”

“That you… you and him were still talking, that you wanted him instead of me!”

“I never said that!“

He slammed his hands on the counter top, his eyes full of dark fury for once, an emotion she had never seen in him. “You kissed him!”

“He kissed me! I had no part in that,” she argued, taking a step forward, but he stopped her.

“Don’t. Get near me.”

“Oh, what? Now you don’t even want to work this out?”

“You… you know that’s not it, but you going behind my ba-”

“I have done nothing wrong! If you’d just li… where the Hell are you going?” she asked suddenly as he moved into their bedroom.

“Out,” was all he said, grabbing his clothes.

“This isn’t just going out,” she seethed taking his wrist in her hand. He glared down at her, ripping his wrist from her and shoving the clothes into his bag.

“I need to fucking think, so if you need me,” he turned to look her in the eyes. “Don’t!”

With that he stomped out of the room, slamming the front door shut. She picked up her friend, messaging the only one he would go to.

“Take care of him,“

She messaged Taeil before falling onto her bed, curling up with the sheets.

A few days after the horrid moment of their relationship, her close friend and neighbor, Wendy, burst into her room seeing Y/N watching Netflix with a big tub of ice cream that she had left at her door the day before.

"Alright, I’ve let you mope. Now, it’s time to get out!” she called, clapping her hands.

“Wha-?” Y/N asked pathetically. She looked down at her, and rolled her eyes, taking the ice cream out of her hands softly.

“This will be here when she gets back, now, put this on,” she commanded, walking into the kitchen to put the ice cream in the freezer.

She had the plastic bag in her hands to find a maroon dress. “What is this for?” she asked softly, shuffling into the kitchen.

“Johnny Seo is having a party, and we’ve been invited. By we, I mean me, but you’re coming with anyways.”

“Isn’t that-”

“No questions, get in that room and change, I’ll help with your hair and makeup, alright?”

She nodded, shuffling into the room and pulling on the dress with a sigh, trusting Wendy with what she was going to do with her. The dress fit nicely, a small opening underneath her breasts to see a peek of skin. She smiled lightly at her reflection, but felt disgusted by the fakeness and exited the room.


“Yes? Are you ready?” she asked poking her head out with a small smile. She nodded, and set you on a chair in the kitchen so she could have easy access to Y/N. Once she was finished the two of them left the apartments, and to the party. Hesitantly, Y/N opened the door to Johnny’s party and stepped inside.

All was going well and good, Wendy stuck to Y/N’s her side the whole time, like a good friend. She understood this was not the time to try and set her up. She was sweet and a true friend, unlike those who ditched the moment a cute boy stepped by.

As the two of them were moving to the kitchen for a drink when the sight of white hair struck her attention. She turned to see Taeyong leaning on the wall as he bent down to capture the girl’s lips. Wendy stopped beside Y/N and looked. She gasped loudly, the firl being her friend Seulgi.

Taeyong removed his lips from Seulgi’s, a thin string of saliva connevting their lips until it broke. Taeyong smirked down at Seulgi before turning to see Y/N standing there in total shock.

“How does it feel?” he asked, taking Seulgi’s thin hand and pulling her along. She couldn’t watch the scene as he brought her upstairs. Holding in a sob, she gave Wendy the sign she wanted to be alone, and rushed out of  the main event. Just as she was about to exit to the backyard, she bumped into someone’s chest and fell back onto her butt.

“Hey, are you alright?” a deep voice asked, holding a hand for her.