wendy's friends

  • Wendy: That’s a mean question! I’m not answering that!
  • Gajeel: Come on, it’s just a question. If you had to punch someone in the group - if you HAD to - who would you punch?
  • Wendy: I’m not answering that! We’re all friends, why would I punch anyone?
  • Gajeel:
  • Gajeel: It would be Natsu, wouldn’t it?
  • Wendy: Yeah but I don’t know why.

Drawthread: Santa Suits

- Judy Funnie (Doug)
- Wendy Corduroy (Gravity Falls)
- Courtney (Total Drama Island)
- Candace Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)
- Summer Smith (Rick & Morty)
- Frankie Foster and Imaginary Frankie (Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends)

MediBang Paint Pro

Merry Christmas.

  • Natsu steals Lucy's bath
  • Lucy: What do you think you’re doing?
  • Natsu: L-leaving my troubles behind?
  • Lucy: I know that you’re new at this, but this is completely unacceptable bath decorum.
  • Natsu: Oh, it’s so hard to care when you’re this relaxed.
  • Lucy: Fine, you can have the bath, but I am taking your boat. Now you’re just a girl in a tub!
  • (Cana enters the bathroom)
  • Natsu: Hey!
  • Cana: Hi, Bubbles. Manly.
  • Gray: (from outside the bathroom) Hello?
  • Lucy: We’re in the bathroom!
  • Gray: Why?
  • Natsu: (sarcastically) Because it’s a relaxing and enjoyable time!
  • Gray: (entering the bathroom) What are you guys doing in here?
  • (Looks down) Dude, you gotta rearrange your bubbles! Oh!
  • Cana: (checking for herself) (To Lucy) Mazel tov.
  • Wendy: (entering) Hey! Erza and I were looking for you! What are we all doing in here? (Looks at Natsu) Oh, my!
  • Lucy: Honey, cover it up with the boat!
  • Natsu: It's not an aircraft carrier...
  • Erza: (from outside the bathroom) Hello?
  • Natsu: (sarcastically) Yes we’re all in here and we would love for you to join us!


This morning while I was watching TV I suddenly switched to a channel that was showing a Gravity Falls episode (the one with the blind eye society) with finnish subtitles.

So, hear me out, when the Pines twins are going to the dumpster to meet McGucket to ask about the laptop, Wendy’s friends are spraying the words “MCSUCK IT” on McGucket’s house wall and the translator had translated it in finnish AND BOI DID I LAUGH!!!


“Mc old man”


“MCPENIS” !!!!!!!!!!

S eND HELP!!!!

a bunch of thoughts/things i keep thinking about

  • stan has an eyepatch/keeps an eyepatch because this old dope literally just wants to be a pirate 
  • stan is similar to/connected to bill because it took a con man to fuck up a con man
  • the transference of hats is so wonderful and so good (stan inheriting the fez, passing it on to soos, dipper pragmatically replacing his ruined hat with the closest thing on hand, but being given a hat with clear sentimental value by his dear friend (wendy’s hat is seen in AToTS as having originally belonged to her father)) there is a TORCH PASSING going on here and i dig it
  • i want to believe that wax larry king’s head became a permanent fixture in the shack
  • my mr. and mrs. mystery AU became canon except with soos and melody instead of stan and carla and i’m so happy
  • stan can officially swear like the sailor he was born to be
  • dipper and mabel getting packages from distant lands, full of trinkets and odds and ends the stans send them
  • mabel taking waddles for walks around the neighborhood and everyone is totally jealous of those pines kids and their massive pet pig
  • dipper thinking wearing wendy’s hat is going to make his fading crush come back, but it doesn’t. it smells like gravity falls, like the trees and the air and a little bit like the gnomes, and there’s that sort of musty smell on the outside that he’s pretty sure smells EXACTLY like the mystery shack. 
  • stan and ford staying up, late nights out in the open ocean, catching up on 40 years worth of life updates.
  • dipper and mabel with a shared calendar on the wall, ticking down days
  • so. many. skype calls. wendy to dipper. mabel to candy and grenda. the stans to soos. soos to the twins. the stans to the twins. SO MANY.
  • mabel prints out screenshots of stan’s face pressed way too close to the camera on the computer that fiddleford set up for him and ford. she hangs them from the wall. “this, dipper, is ART”
  • fiddleford becoming a grandpa (with a mansion full of raccoons, and his son)
  • a sailboat making port not too far from piedmont, and a very distinct red el diablo pulling up in front of the pines’ family home.

i was crossing my fingers while wildly taking bursts of screenshots like “please let me catch wendy’s rare, precious smile” and i think caught her smiling in ALL the shots i took… blessed…

she CLAIMS she didn’t like it, fled the first dance as soon as she could and gave the hat to webber, but the second dance she started on her own initiative

(…the apology we are all talking about is for… luring wilson into a sleep dart ambush… it’s a long story and it’s late so suffice to say Webber And Wendy Are In Big Trouble)

feat. @wayward-wendy (wendy), @itstheblob (wilson), @flowerchildgamer (wickerbottom), @tantum-tenebris (willow), and i don’t think @cameoappearance (wolfgang) or @inhumanrobot (WX-78) are in any of these screenshots but they were there too