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OTP Extravaganza: Wendip (Dipper Pines x Wendy Corduroy)

As one who can read a man, I say Dipper has what it takes. However, the show has made the passion a short stack. Then again, the majority believes the ship can sail on the coming of age, ya dig?

I’ll admit, even though I’m totally on board the idea that Dipper gets taller than Wendy once he grows up as it’s how I draw them 99% of the time, I also really love the idea that Dipper is still just a little bit shorter than Wendy even when he’s older. It’s really cute and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it might be the most accurate seeing how he’s very small for a 12 year old child compared to Wendy. XD So here they are, with Dipper feeling rather embarrassed that he’s still shorter.

Also, I know that I can’t draw people holding hands, I swear I’ll get better at it one day. ; A ;


This is the song for every OTP in which Person A or Person B is greiving for the loss or regretting his decision.

If this fucked up for you, I am sorry.

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