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Alright guys, announcement time.

For a while I’ve wanted to branch out in cosplay. And I did that. And it was all leading up to this moment. As of today, I have officially sold all of my old costumes, including Final Fantasy ones, to make way for this, my dream cosplay.

I’ll be cosplaying Guy Fieri at every con now, and I’ll be making every outfit he’s ever worn in Triple D (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives). I know you think is just a joke or some stale, unfunny meme(me), but this is my cosplay life now.

Thank you guys, I hope you’ll join me in going to Flavortown!

Road to Recovery (Peter Pan and Henry Imagine)

Ok I mention the wood playground. I know they got rid of it but I’m just adding it back xD. Also Henry is gonna be 17 in this imagine :)

Might be a Henry x Reader moment <33

And this is considered a Peter Pan AND Henry Imagine :D because some Henry fluff o3o

Your Pov

I sit in my Storybrooke apartment, staring at my ceiling. Today was the day Pan was gonna come back from neverland. We have been best friends since how long, but at age 15, Pan left to stay at neverland. Now 3 years later, me now 17, since I was one year younger than Pan, he was coming back. I am so excited, I was gonna tell Pan that I was in love with him, I developed my crush on Pan when I first met him, and now I was finally gonna tell him.

I change into some more comfortable clothes, black leggings and a random band tee. I put on a black leather jacket and vans. I put on my dark-gray backpack and walk my way to Granny’s. I sit down at a the counter and order my usual breakfast, bacon and eggs with some hot chocolate.

My food comes and I begin to eat, then I hear the door open and close. I turn around to see Peter and give him a small smile, but my smile fades when I see Pan’s arm wrapped around a blonde girl.

She looked unfamiliar, I never met or saw her before. Pan and the mysterious girl walks towards me, and I continue to eat, trying to ignore them. “Hey (Y/n). It’s been a while (Y/n), you’ve changed love.” Pan says. I nod my head and take a sip of my hot chocolate. “Well (Y/n), I would like for you to meet, Wendy Darling, my girlfriend.” I hear Pan say.

I freeze for second and look up at Peter. Girlfriend, he has a girlfriend. I fake a smile and offers to shake Wendy’s hand. “Um Hi Wendy, I’m (Y/n). Nice to meet you.” I say nicely. She shakes my hand gives me nice smile. I take a sip of my hot chocolate and pay for my good and leave the diner, leaving Wendy and Pan confused.

I walk out the diner with tears forming in my eyes. I walk off to the playground near the dock. I sit down on the wrecked wood and take out my phone. I put on my headphones and listen to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I stare out at the dock till I hear footsteps behind me. I turn around and see Henry.

“Hey (Y/n). What are you doing here?” Henry asks me. I laugh softy, “I could ask you the same thing.” Henry laughs and sits down next to me. “What’s up (Y/n), why are you alone?” He asks, wrapping his arm around me pulling closer to him.

“Pan is back.” I say softly.

“I thought you would be happy he was back. You guys are best friends.”

“I know, he brought someone back. Apparently his new girlfriend.” I say softly and I begin to cry again. Henry pulls me into a hug and kisses the top of my head. “He’ll come around one day.” Henry says.

“I know, I have a heart too but I can feel mines breaking.” I say as I cry into Henry’s chest. “Is it even worth it Henry?” I ask him. “What do you mean (Y/n)?” I sigh and release from the hug. “Crying and feeling bad over someone that’ll never love you back. I just wish I’m good enough for someone.” I say to Henry. “You are good enough. You’re like one of the best people I know.” Henry says causing me to blush.

Henry sighs and he holds my hands, “I need to tell you something (y/n). I’m finally ready to tell you.” I look at Henry, my face probably as red as a tomato. “I love you (Y/n). I was always scared to talk to you because of Pan but now I just wanted to let you know that I love you.” Henry says, I stand up and Henry stands up as well. I jump off the playground and start to run towards the beach, Henry following behind.

I stand on the sand staring at the ocean, then I feel arms wrap around my waist and I turn my head and see Henry. I kiss the tip of his nose and he laughs. Then for the rest of the day, Henry and I just hang out and let’s just say I’m doing fine on my road to recovery and I couldn’t be happier,

I really liked this imagine because Peter and Henry. <333

I might have a lot of grammar mistakes, sorry. But I hoped you liked this imagine, Also sorry for not posting, I’m actually really busy and I have a new baby cousin!

AU in which Wendy and the Darlings don’t leave Storybrooke right away (also AU in which Hook stands on the darker side of morally grey - he tries so hard tho- and also AU in which Darling Pan is obviously a thing because how could it not be am i right)
also forgive me i don’t remember the episode very well so I’m gonna do what I do best
which is make stuff up *waves hands around* it’s magiiiic 
Warning : a bit of violence 

Of hooks and heroism

The town of Storybrooke is nothing extraordinary at first glance, but Killian Jones has spent enough time here to grow slightly attached to the place. There are some people he could admit to liking - the Savior and the Prince being among them.


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I Think She Looks Beautiful


 Written for The Power Of Mabel Week, day 5: Missed Moments. I always loved how passionately Mabel and Wendy defended Lazy Susan’s appearance in Society of the Blind Eye and wondered if there was a story behind it. So here’s a story.

“I’ll show you how a real man stirs his coffee! WITH HIS THUMB! Wouldn’t be caught dead using one of those sissy spoons!”

The three younger Corduroys erupted into cheers. Wendy took advantage of the noise to hide her groan. Sure, she could stir hot beverages with her fingers without getting burned, but what was the point? The cutlery vendetta was getting out of hand. If it went on for much longer she was going to have to start sneaking forks and spoons home from the Mystery Shack. Wouldn’t that be fun to explain if she got caught? “Sorry, Stan, I have to abscond with all your silverware because my Dad decided that having anything besides knives and cast-iron in the kitchen meant we were getting too soft.”

At least Greasy’s had forks. Plus there were higher ceilings than at home, and fewer axes. And, most importantly, pancakes.

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