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If Wendy found out her mom was pregnant again and is now getting another sibling.

Wendy’s dad: Wendy dear, we have wonderful news

Wendy’s mom: I’m Pregnant!

Wendy: Pregnant? You’re pregnant?!

Wendy’s mom: Yes, dear isn’t that amazing!?

Wendy: No, no that’s not amazing. What if the baby hates me? Where is the baby going to sleep? What if I’m a horrible older sister?! 

Wendy’s dad: Sweetheart listen,  I know it’s hard, Wendy. You’re going to  have a little brother or sister now, and that’s a big change. But sometimes little siblings, they aren’t everything you’d hoped they’d be.That’s why big brothers and sisters have got to have faith. And one day, you’ll see… he’ll change. After all, you’ve got responsibility now. I know I can trust that you’ll stick by the baby’s side and be a swell big sister.

Wendy: (Looks down) Responsibility


More Hogwarts AU stuff. Introducing classmates! Lucille is the bird-girl from OTGW (I just gave her a name) and Pat and Oliver are OCs of mine. Info on Dipper, Mabel, Wirt and Greg’s parents, hopefully the writing isn’t too small (more info on Pacifica will appear during the AU, as well as Wendy; Wirt’s dad does not make any appearance in the AU. He’s just there to be the reason to a problem XP

Also, Wirt’s Beast. Now ya know 8DD

  • Wendy: Thanks dad...
  • (Entire group goes silent)
  • Wendy: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Wickerbottom: You just called Wilson your father. You said “thanks dad.”
  • Wendy: What? No I didn’t, I said thanks man.
  • Wilson: Do you see me as a father figure, Wendy?
  • Wendy: No! If anything, I see you as a bother figure because you’re always bothering me!

I feel like Dipper’s way too hard on himself…. Whenever something goes wrong, Dipper always seems to find a way to blame himself and make it his responsibility.

Wendy: “And uh… after me and Ludwig got into a spat, I got real mad. I don’t remember much about what I tried to blast him with, but when I missed, he started teasing me about how I couldn’t do anything right and… I shoved him. But I guess the magic opened a hole or something. Next thing I know he’s floating away and I couldn’t hang onto him and… THIS guy came out instead. So… yeah. That’s it I guess…”

Roy: “Does King Dad know?”

Wendy: “…”

Wendy: “…Are you gonna tell him?”

Roy: “SHELL NO! If you get in trouble, then I get in trouble. This is getting kept between… I guess the six of us now, considering we all heard you freaking out and came running.”

Iggy: “Technically you texted me. I didn’t hear anything since I was busy-”

Roy: “Yeah alright, we get it, lover boy, you couldn’t hear anything on account of gettin’ some. Anyone ELSE got any ideas of what to do?”

Ludwig: “Please don’t touch me.”

“The reason that I love Peter Pan so much is because the relationship between Wendy and her dad is so similar to mine with my own dad. I just stopped talking to him last month, because I have a disease that has super strong symptoms that affect my body and he wasn’t able to understand that he should stop being so demanding with me and maybe support me. Today is his birthday and I feel so bad for not wishing him a happy birthday”