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What do you mean it’s not January/Stanuary anymore??

If you’ve ever seen Cheaper by the Dozen you’ll understand where this came from haha

As a last goodbye the Twins decided to show their appreciation for Stan. Ford, Soos and Wendy overheard their plans and decided to join :) 


I have been super excited to post these icons for awhile now, and now here they are !! they were super fun to make :’)
(didn’t forget about tweek and craig don’t worry)
feel free to use them, just please credit me!!

fandom tag thingy

I was tagged by @featherstudy, thanks, angel
Rules: list ten of your favourite people from ten different fandoms and then tag ten people!
1. Fred Weasley [Harry Potter]
2. Thalia Grace [Percy Jackson]
3. Chandler Bing [Friends]
4. Garnet [Steven Universe]
5. Peter Quill, a.k.a. Starlord [Guardians of the Galaxy]
6. Harley Quinn [DC]
7. Yato [Noragami]
8. Asuna Yuuki [Sword Art Online]
9. Gajeel Redfox [Fairy Tail]
10. Wendy Corduroy [Gravity Falls]

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The happy ending we’re all hoping for.  (Look, Ford’s glasses aren’t cracked anymore and Stan’s been busy making hats and apparently fixed the E on Mabel’s but the L just keeps falling off darn it…)  
Based on the end of The Legend of the Gobblewonker when Stan bet Mabel he could thread a fishhook with his eyes closed and she bet him he couldn’t do it with his eyes closed AND her singing at the top of her lungs.  
Also, this is my first try at something like lineless art.  
(I’ve been promising something happy after my last angsty few fanarts, just didn’t think it would take this long to get it finished.)