We’ve never seen the Mona Lisa’s arms, so who’s to say she didn’t have full sleeve tattoos? Paris-based art director Nicolas Amiard (previously featured here) adorns the subjects of classic paintings with modern tattoos for a mischievous digital art project entitled The Art of Tattoo.

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Alana Feral ( @lady-feral ) by Janet @bruesselbachoil on canvas, 36x60in, December 2015.

Our aesthetic concept was “Lisa Frank Frazetta” - Alana had pretty much everything she owned with her, and it was hard to narrow down a cohesive look from the Lolita gear and the dozens of blades. Plus I’ve never painted anything even close to a Valhalla-esque battle. But that is a Viking style sword she forged, same with the helm, and a fox skin, and a selection of her jewelry, and the skull and rainbow throne is my invention. I’m kind of a goofy painter, okay? @lady-feral is a former special forces medical sergeant, blacksmith, survivor, brilliant counselor, valkyrie, and precious nugget of humanity.

Pre-orders for a 2017 calendar and/or prints at daughtersofmercury.com; series of 22 so far.

meeting evelyne brochu in vancouver on the rememory set

Some of this might be out of order and this is all from memory so don’t take this all word for word. At the time I felt completely elated and rather overwhelmed from giddiness, however in retrospect, at each effort I made, I constantly worried that I was toeing the line between well-intentioned dedication and shameless intrusion. The line often felt blurred and it was difficult to know where I stood when the dust settled. I’ve never approached film sets before and I’ve always kept my distance as I’m aware that the crew have jobs to do and the actors need the mental/physical space to prepare/rest. I understand sharing fan encounters are exciting but I have omitted a few things out of respect and privacy.

Feb 8, 2016 1:30 PM British Columbia family day holiday

The set location was quite close to my relatives. I was aware that the venue they were shooting at had free admission on the holiday so I figured I’d go check out what the set had blocked off in the garden. Plus, it was on my way downtown. The traffic was crazy packed as tons of families were making their way in (plus it is Chinese New Year’s which is a big event in Vancouver). I walked towards the trailers (I had previously found the set on Saturday but they were not shooting that day) and was surprised to learn that they were shooting on a public holiday in a public venue that was hosting a free event!  In any case, I didn’t bring a gift that I had prepared as I thought they wouldn’t be shooting but as I was walking towards the trailers I noticed a familiar face. She probably saw me looking from afar and taking off my sunglasses I smiled and approached her.

Hi Evelyne! Nice to see you back in Vancouver! *shakes hands* I don’t know if you remember ….me…

Hi yes, from Whistler, yes…Georgina?

Wow I’m actually quite embarrassed about Whistler as I just kinda bursted your name out at the door. [Whistler post]

Oh no don’t be.

So how’s it going ? Did you have a good weekend? How are you enjoying Vancouver this time around?

It’s good just finished a big scene inside. It’s been nice this time around compared to last time where I was just driven in and out of Whistler. I’ve haven’t had the chance to go around yet and been a little cooped up at the hotel but it’ll be nice as we will have a few days off this week. I’d like to check out Stanley Park. I hear there’s a vegetarian restaurant that’s really good…it’s called Naoo??

Hmm not sure but there’s a really good Lebanese place…

Oh Lebanese!

Yea it’s called Nuba! The fried cauliflower there is so good! What else do you have in mind ? I’ll bring you my gift tomorrow and a list of some places! You’re on set tomorrow right like…8:30? Some guy told me…

I’m actually not sure …I think you know my call sheet more than me! haha

Haha alright I’ll bring the gift I had prepared for you and a list of recommendations tomorrow then. Were you surprised how fast people knew you were involved on this film?

Yea I had no idea how people knew just from the back of my head.

Haha yea I saw the picture and I figured since you said you were filming something in Vancouver on the radio show I checked out what was in production and out of everything this totally would be up your alley. I mean I don’t think you’d be doing the Fifty Shades

Was that what it was that I saw on Twitter! That makes sense now….

Haha yea I mean I’m sure some fans would like to see you in that but in any case I figured you weren’t lying about being in Vancouver …. some people thought it was some conspiracy act where people thought you’re actually in Toronto filming Orphan Black.


At this point some production assistant came by and told her she had to go this way. She also asked the PA something regarding her belongings. In any case, I figured I had to wrap it up and I told her I’d bring her gift tomorrow and to see her then. We said goodbye and that was it.

There really wasn’t time for a selfie and I figured I could try again the next day. Evelyne was still wearing her set wardrobe which was a nice casual modern blazer and her hair was tied back like in S2 of Orphan Black

Anyhow, she was super sweet and I’m just glad I didn’t fangirl like I had previously in Whistler haha. It was a nice casual conversation and the weather was just perfect. Not a bad way to start the Chinese New Year? xD


Feb 9, 2016 - 5:15 PM

I had spoken to the set’s PA the day before asking if I could bring a gift to Evelyne and she kindly told me to return in the evening when she’s back on set. I got there and wasn’t sure if Evelyne was there yet so I wandered about. I asked this lady who was on patrol and she deflected my question asking if I was looking for an extra or someone else but I knew she was playing with me. She then told me to check her trailer. Nobody was around so I walked up to the door and I didn’t see anyone there.

I stood around for 20 minutes or so and saw the PA from the day before. I approached her and she asked, “you’re here to see Evelyne right? She’s actually in hair and make-up. She’s expecting you? What’s your name again?”

I told her and I waited for a bit and she popped out of the trailer and motioned me to go in.

PA: This is gonna have to be quick cos they’re getting ready to shoot.

This was a slightly awkward because there were 3 other people in this room. Evelyne was seated with her hair half curled. She saw me and greeted me with a “Hey come here you!” and greeted me with open arms. I gave her a quick hug and then she introduced me to her stylist while her hair was getting curled.

Haha yea I said I’d be back to bring you your gift! So I made you a list of a bunch of locations you can check out with restaurants/areas in Vancouver for you! [it’s a bit over 2 pages in case you’re wondering…]


I started explaining how the Chinese cuisine is a must here and that she’s probably noticed the asian population - I didn’t get the chance explain how the dim sum is even better than some places in Hong Kong as a lot of the master chefs moved here for better wages/quality of life - aka me being a nerd. Also, highly recommended a cambodian/vietnamese restaurant for her to try and I explained a few dishes to order. I also told her this place only does reservations for 6+ people otherwise you have to go early. She was like oh I can’t with 2? I replied sadly no reservations but if you go early like 5pm it should be fine.

Keep in mind that having 3 other people in the room listening in on your conversation makes it kind of ….awkward??? in any case it definitely changed the things I had in mind to say or the manner in which I spoke – I felt like I was speaking a little more dry than usual (and also cos I was pretty tired from being on edge all day xD)


Ah yes I hear that I have to try it [asian cuisine]. Wow there’s everything on here. I feel like I need to spend a whole month here and not two weeks. There’s even beers and desserts!

Haha yes I used to take guests around town a lot so this is really nothing. Did you get to go visit anywhere today the weather was gorgeous!

I went to Granville Island.

Oh did you see the artisan sake brewer? We have our own local rice farm now and everything is made here and the sake is really popular. It’s a great gift and they imported this plum wine that’s amazing.

Oh I saw it! But since I’m shooting tonight I couldn’t try any.

I also brought some chocolates from this local artisan store called Beta5. They make these really unique cream puffs that you have to check out.

You’re the best! Oh wow yea I’ll share this with the girls here!

Yea feel free! I also have a few vouchers for the theatre, feel free to share with the staff or crew. I brought a program guide so you can take a look what’s playing till the end of the month.

Oh I wonder if my friend’s film is in this!

Ah unfortunately, we aren’t but we had it during the festival. It’s playing at the francophone festival this week on Thursday. (She actually keeps saying it’s Wednesday like her friend said but I mentioned that it should be Thursday and she replied oh then my friend must have it wrong)

Do you live nearby?

My nephews do so I was just visiting and it’s on my way to and from work (but yes I am a 5 minute drive away from the set). I also got this Japanese lego puzzle for you. I knew you liked lions and figured you might want something to do while waiting on set.

Yes! That’s what I’ll do. I love this, I’ll take a picture and post it!

Haha nah you really don’t need to…it’s okay! I hear you would like to visit Japan one day.

Yeah I’d love to go

Yea it’s crazy there’s a flight deal right now that’s like under $600 and you can visit Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong…you can’t even fly across our own country for that price. [the stylist chimes in - yea it’s like $1200 to Edmonton…and nobody wants to go Edmonton]. Yea it’s a beautiful country with a mix of modern and tradition. Tokyo’s a crazy city but the countryside is the best, it’s gorgeous.  But yea actually speaking about travelling, I’m heading out to visit Montreal next month! I was going to catch your improv show….

Oh aww ……… I’m sorry I won’t be there in March. 

Ah I see, yea that’s totally fine. Things happen! I’m still pumped as it’ll be my first time visiting Montreal and plus I have a friend out there I was going to visit. I’m just excited to travel. (Somehow I ramble into this talking about Vancouver being a young city and not having as much of a “culture” etc.)

It’s your first time! Oh I need to write down some recommendations.


I could tell the PA was wanting to rush this….so I pulled out some things for her to write on/sign - XCompany leather notebook, and two older issues of ELLE Quebec she’s featured in.


I actually won this a few days ago from CBC!

I have this too! It’s sitting at home on my desk. It’s nice with the leather

Yea it’s probably the best part of the prize.

[She opens the leather notebook and finds an extra stash of paper in it….and I totally forgot that I had a copy of the Orphan Black script that was shared by Helen Shaver from a while back and I had put it in there]

Oh what’s this?

Uhhh….actually ahha that was a script from Orphan Black….

Wait how did you get this?

Ah Helen Shaver was speaking at a conference and she handed this out

Oh Helen she’s great! She’s one of my favourites. Hahaha I thought for a sec you had a copy of a script ?

Yea she was super nice! And oh no no I know nothing about what’s going on with Orphan Black haha…but I’ll say that with Season 3…I’ve never felt so destroyed before watching something hahha…

Hahaha I’ve never heard it that way before

Well I mean I’ve never felt that invested before and yea you were so great as Delphine!

Should I write on this page? [first page is a blank, next page is the lined paper]

Haha it doesn’t matter!

[She flips between the pages and decides on the lined side] Ah I want to recommend you a restaurant…but where should I write it….

Anywhere is fine..in the note book? (The stylist offers a Post-it)

This place is my absolute favourite. It’s where I just feel happy. Go sit at the bar and they have a great collection of wines. My friend is the chef there. She’s amazing. Just go there….

Oh wow cool….wow yes! I’ll definitely go! Thank you so much.


Hands magazines one by one - and struggles to find where I put my sharpies.  

I pass the 2012 ELLE Quebec magazine and explain…


So I have a friend who is a huge fan of yours from Serbia. She actually wanted to visit you while you were shooting XCompany in Hungary. It’d be awesome if you could sign this for her. Her name is Andrea. She’s a huge fan of yours and she runs a little Facebook fan group for you. Because it’s expensive for her to get Canadian goods over, I help her buy a few things and I’ll be shipping this to her.

Oh wow yea we were in Serbia only one day - the bridge scene…what was her name?

[Evelyne gets totally distracted by her own photos and flips through the magazine and calls the other lady over]

Wow when was this? 3 years ago? no 2012! Guys look I had brown hair before. Oh this is my favourite photo [flips to the page]. These were press on nails and y’know the kind where you press and they’d just break!

[Everyone’s commenting like wow and the stylist says she looks like Rose Bryne! It’s your big eyes! – I’ll note that breaking out the magazines really helped break that awkward feeling with the 3 others in the room ha]

I chuckle and said yea I’ve heard that too haha. [the gold sharpie doesn’t work too well but she signs the best she can, and I pass her the next one].

Oh here’s the other one! I don’t even have these. [She continues to look through the magazine again. She points to a page with her in the white dress] Oh you know, this dress…I wish I kept it. I’m so upset cos the designer _____ had closed up his shop as he felt that Montreal didn’t have enough of a fashion culture and left. It’s a gorgeous dress.


I noticed that she was trying to avoid signing directly on photos of herself haha…she would find the white space where main title of the article would be and autograph there. This was cute. I also asked her to sign a Delphine DYAD badge I had made for Comic-Con and she couldn’t decide where to sign and ended up signing the back for my friend. (Unfortunately, I LOST THE SMALL BADGE…in the hair and makeup trailer somewhere…along the way…-__-).


Thanks so much for signing all this. Oh but yea um…I’ll actually be catching your friend’s Felix’s show in Montreal that same night of the improv.

Felix! You are! You’re gonna love it.

Yea! I enjoyed his music so thanks for the recommendation. I also threw in a USB of some tunes that you might enjoy in the bag too.

Oh wow you’ve thought of everything. You’re the best! Thank you! [she offers another hug]

Naah thanks (I’m horrible at taking compliments….). Thank you so much and everyone here for letting me …disturb you guys? haha


I was super lucky that Evelyne had just walked out of the trailer when I was walking towards it. She’s a real gem and I’m still in awe that she remembered my name from a year ago!  I didn’t get the chance to ask for a photo with the first encounter as the PA pulled her aside. I had originally hoped to have taken one the following day but she was literally in her hair getting her hair curled….so that was not happening ha. But hey I think I was in the trailer for a good 10-15 minutes….I was surprised they let me in! Anyway, she has a few days off this week and I hope she gets the chance to relax and try a few things off this list!