Flocks - Photography by Nir Arieli

Nir Arieli is an award winning photographer from Israel. His photos are beautiful and challenging. While most art is focused on the beauty of women and the female form, Nir focuses on and prominently features the male form in his work. His current work Flocks uses dancers in a loose interpretation of flocking birds. See more of Nir Arieli’s work on our previous post.

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Posted by Lisa.

“I love washing my hair everyday, I know it’s terrible and you shouldn’t do it, but I still do. But in 2007, I was in Kenya for a missions trip working with medical missionaries and orphanages and I didn’t wash my hair for a good four to five weeks. I had it in a bun and pretty much wore a bandana. Your glands stop producing oil after a week or two. It’s pretty gross. But there was no running water so no one was showering, it was just like, we were all dirty together. I finally washed it when we were visiting someone in Nyrobi who had running water so we all had a minute shower—it was the best feeling ever. I literally want to start rubbing my scalp right now just thinking of how amazing it felt.”

Fairy Tail 495
  • Erza:If we want to fight with them we must have a plan... So yeah let's try to beat as many as we can
  • Juvia:*is cute as always*
  • Gray:Natsu watch me as I take down Zeref
  • Natsu:*is hungry*
  • Happy:Natsu is gonna do something stupid and kill himself...Not while I'm here
  • Lucy:*kicks ass with style*
  • Wendy and Charle:*back from the dead and ready to fight*
  • God Serena:Time to shine
  • Everyone:What the...
  • Gildarts:Came back to the guild to have a good time and I discover that the world is ending. Gonna finish this fast so I can finally eat.